Star Trek Fleet Command Jumps Into The Delta Quadrant With New ‘Voyager’ Arc

Star Trek Fleet Command has jumped into the Delta Quadrant, adding Star Trek: Voyager content to the real-time multiplayer strategy and role-play mobile game.

Fleet Command’s Voyager arc begins

From now until August 2023, players will find major new features and content tied into the series. Fleet Command now includes 25 new missions spanning the Voyager story, adding the Delta Quadrant itself as a new location.

Here is the new narrative for the latest update:

“According to markings on the probe’s outer casing, it appears to originate from a Starfleet vessel bearing the registry NCC-74656…”

The discovery of a lost Federation probe marks the beginning of a journey almost 70,000 light years in the making. Adrift in the farthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Voyager have spent the last several years on a steady course for home, all the while searching for a means to expedite their perilous journey. When a chance encounter with Progenitor technology creates a gateway back to the Alpha Quadrant, a potential way back home makes itself known. However, this discovery will pull Voyager and her crew into the midst of a conflict stoked by foes old and new…

Although fraught with countless unfathomable dangers, the uncharted regions of the Delta Quadrant also present boundless opportunities for exploration. Aspiring pathfinders and collectors daring enough to venture into this strange, new place will find the rarest treasures and artifacts. Nonetheless, for those foolish enough to venture where they do not belong, this place may be their tomb.

“Captain… How interesting that our paths should cross again. I never would have anticipated that such an imperfect being would give rise to such a perfect opportunity.”

Voyager characters and assets

The first Voyager update adds two new officers players can add to their fleets: The Doctor and B’Elanna Torres.

New game features include a new artifact hall that enables players to acquire artifacts that increase combat and economic abilities. There are also new Voyager-themed artifacts.

More Voyager content will be added to Fleet Command throughout the summer. The Voyager content follows the addition of Star Trek: Picard content to the game in April that included the USS Titan-A. Last year, Fleet Commanded added content from Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, and Deep Space Nine.

Available now

You can check out the new Voyager content galactic adventure by downloading Star Trek Fleet Command for free on mobile platforms, PC, and now Mac. For more info visit

Here is their latest promo…

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Get the Doctor on Prodigy already! But man this looks great too. Support anything that expands more Voyager. 🖖

It’s fun. I wasn’t level locked out of most of it, (have to be level 25 and over to do a lot of the missions) and it’s just been fun so far.

If anyone reading this does want to play, level 25 isn’t too hard to reach. How long it’ll take you depends on your personal playing style. I started playing in December and just reached level 26 but I tend to take my time leveling. My best friend started playing in April and she’s already almost to level 20. They also give you ways to go back and do arcs that you missed.

Heard some mixed things about this game in general but I would love to try this though. I wish they had better MMO games. I used to play STO way back in the day but lost interest.

What were the best levels?

ngl it can be buggy and while you can progress in it while being free to play, it’s not that easy after a certain level. But I honestly don’t mind that because 🤷 gotta make money to keep the game going.

As for best levels, there’s really no best levels. You just do missions and upgrade your base of operations and recruit people to crew your ships. The missions, events and crew is what makes the game fun. And sometimes the ships. And on the missions it’s subjective. The trouble with Tribbles but with the Kelvin universe crew is fun but for people who don’t like the Kelvin universe crew it won’t be. The mission where the captain of the Enterprise D was Quark was a lot of fun but I like that kind of what if things. (You get that one at level 15 when you unlock the holodeck for your station.)

Also you’re not gonna be a member of Starfleet, you’re an independent ship captain who can choose to ally with the Federation, Klingons or Romulans. I chose the Federation but that’s because I like them the most while I do love all three.

I’m looking forward to reaching level 35 when I can start the Deep Space Nine arc. Weyoun is a character that you can recruit to join your crew and that’s why I started playing it, won’t even lie there. 😂

Also every crewmember you can recruit does different things so it helps to recruit all of them for that. Quark for example makes it easier to mine raw latinum. Weyoun makes fighting things easier on a certain type of ship. Kelvin universe Scotty increases the warp range of your ship. I’ll stop examples there.

Yeah that does interesting. It sounds very creative.

Wow thanks for all the info bro! 👍

Yeah no interest in anything JJ verse but if it’s fun I’ll give it a shot. But I get sick of being nickeled and dime on a lot of these ‘free to play’ games today. The DS9 arc sounds cool too. I don’t want to think how much money it would take to get there though. 😆🙄

I like the independent ship idea as well.

Just curious do you play STO? If so which is better? I do miss having my Voyager but I haven’t played for years.

I did play STO. I tried to play it for Weyoun but I could never get into it. Also I really didn’t like what STO did with him. So I never made it past the very beginning of the game. I like STFC a lot better.

And tbqh with you. I’m level 26, I’m just 9 levels away from the recommended level for the arc. And the only money I have spent on the game was just to unlock a second building upgrade slot. So you can reach it without paying, it’ll just take you a while. The only things that are completely locked behind a pay wall are stuff like second slots to upgrade buildings and research slots. Otherwise you can just build or upgrade one building at a time and research one thing at a time. Everything else you can get for free but it takes a lot of patience. Or you can pay to get so many shards for different characters but they also give you a lot of different ways to get them. I’m currently waiting for the next time the Dominion Diplomat event rolls around so I can get more Weyoun shards.

And the DS9 arc itself is based off the start of DS9 season 6 which is fun. So it’s not telling new stories but taking some creative liberties with the war arc but in a way that works for me.

Every arc they do a month with an event store where you can earn event currency and then use that currency in the event store to get shards for characters and for ships. And you don’t have to pay for the event currency either. You just earn them by completing the events, usually something like defeat so many hostiles (occasionally just of a specific type), answering trivia questions, mining resources (my favorite thing to do in the whole game), and so on. That’s also how you can earn character shards.

Wow I didn’t know any of this but this game hasn’t been on my radar much at all.

This sounds a lot better than I was assuming.

Yeah I played STO tons when it first came online, around 2010. But a lot of the missions started to feel a bit too repetitive and not really that much fun. I basically dropped playing around 2015. I played a few times here and there since but just to check out some of the new additions. But when it first started I was addicted because it was really the inly thing that felt like old school Trek again.

But most Trek games have been aub par IMO ans why I haven’t jumped on Fleet Command. But it sounds a little better than I thought talking to you about it. That’s impressive you got so far and haven’t had to spend a lot of money.

For me it would definitely be the VOY and DS9 arcs. I love the idea it’s based directly on a season. STO uses whatever is in canon but has gone way beyond the movies and shows as you probably know although I like they always change things up whenever new canon is revealed.

One of the DS9 arc missions that I can’t wait to get to is where you get called in to a meeting with someone super important that’s impatient to talk to you and when you get there, it’s Weyoun. He starts trying to convince you to ally with the Dominion while Damar and Gor are the third and fourth wheel. So they’ve added in the Breen already but it honestly works.

And that’s the thing about this one being set in the Kelvin universe after Beyond. It can then do whatever it want without having to adjust for canon. All of the show based content it has added has just been because they crossed over and time traveled. I’m looking forward to getting to the start of the lower decks arc when I get the materials I need for it. That one looks funny from the mission summaries. (Still mad that agimus is not one of the characters you can recruit when he was in this arc. But then Gor isn’t either which is like nooo give me the Breen guy. Brunt isn’t either although he gets referenced when you first build your station’s treasury [that’s about monthly thing where you fill it up every month and there’s character shards and you can either not open it or can open it for 20 to 100 dollars or by collecting pieces to complete the desealing rod, and it gives you two days to open it before Brunt comes and empties it and doesn’t like harass you about it unlike other free to play games.])

You will burn thousands of euros and end up with a very buggy game that crashes all the time the more you go higher in game. It gets worse as they introduce new stuff in game. So bad that now I can not even get in game to play… so all that money its for nothing now..
Dont get into it. Waste of time and money