Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo With First Glimpse Of ‘Lower Decks’ Crossover [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Crave has removed the videos from YouTube without explanation.  You can read our original report below.

The second season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in just under a month and one of the most anticipated episodes will feature a crossover with Star Trek: Lower Decks. A new promo gives us our first glimpse.

Mariner and Boimler beam in

The first look at the crossover comes via Crave, which streams all the Star Trek shows in Canada. They released a very brief teaser that features two Lower Decks characters on Strange New Worlds.


It is sort of a blink-and-you-miss-it situation, but the short teaser shows Jack Quaid (Brad Boimler) and Tawny Newsome (Beckett Mariner) in live-action, on the USS Enterprise transporter pad along with Captain Pike and Lt. La’an Noonien-Singh. Spock is also there, offering the traditional Vulcan greeting. Beckett and Boimler are wearing live-action versions of their Lower Decks uniforms. The crossover episode was directed by TNG vet Jonathan Frakes who recently told TrekMovie it is a “flat-out comic” episode.

Time travel attack

Crave actually released two promos: The second shows the Enterprise flying over an alien world along with more shots from the teaser trailer released last month. It also shows La’an with James T. Kirk witnessing an explosion, which appears to be part of their time travel adventure to the 21st century (see previous trailer analysis).


Carol Kane promo

Paramount+ celebrated the one-month countdown to season 2 with a new social media promo highlighting Carol Kane, who joins the show in a recurring role playing the new engineer Pelia.

Season 2 of Strange New Worlds will premiere Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+ in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second season will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in South Korea, with premiere dates to be announced at a later date. Following the premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly on Thursdays. Strange New Worlds airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Does Beckett even have her sleeves rolled up? If so, nice touch.

I believe Tawny said that, yes, they are rolled up. That the SNW costume designer pre-rolled them and sewed them in place that way. Probably to maintain shot continuity. Tawny said something like “You get me,” to the costumer. LOL!

See I was wondering if live action Boimler was going to actually have purple hair, and based on that fraction of a second clip, I’m going to say he definitely does.

I can only see the image (not the video), but in the image it doesn’t look purple to me. I sure hope it will be though.

It’s hard to tell from a screencap.

It certainly looks like a wig, definitely not Jack Quaid’s natural hair. It could just be a darker purple than the violet of the animated version.

Aw cool, thanks.

I guess I should’ve read this post first! 😆

Yeah great to know, thanks!

If Boims doesn’t have purple hair we bleeping riot!!!!! 😡

As a Boimler lover, chill, he can dye his hair different colors. But also when Jack Quaid was dressed up as him when they announced this episode was happening, he did have on a purple wig so his hair is gonna be purple.

I’m just messing around!

I’ll take Boims in any color hair. As you said I’m sure hair color is pretty easy to change in the 24th century like now. 😉

I want to see him with blue hair. But I also just pictured him with green hair and that was nice.

I’m kinda disappointed that the crossover wasn’t dealt with a’la “Who framed Roger Rabbit” – combining live action (SNW) and animation (LD). Might have been fun.

I checked with Benny Russell and he insisted they were rrrreeeeaaalllllllll. He’s a good guy so I trust him.

Probably expensive for a TV show, even today.

There still could yet be something like this, I wouldn’t rule it out from this clip. I did hear somewhere that the episode starts off fully animated in the LD world.

there’s no real reason for it though – LD already showed Kirk and Spock in TAS form so that would probably be a bridge too far for an already tenuous crossover

Yeah I guess it wouldn’t make sense really that they’d have live action characters interacting with animated ones as they’ve already established Spock and Kirk as animated in LD, but I’m sure they could’ve found some reason for it; SNW crew accidentally jumping to an fully animated universe for example.

BTW It was Frakes who said that it was fully animated in parts; he is directing this one. As well as calling it the all-out comedy episode of the season, he said that the episode starts and finishes as an animation. He said it in an interview here from November 2022 (here) and with SFX magazine in January. I couldn’t remember previously but I just did some checking around.

He also said in the Trek Movie interview that Anson Mount gets the animated treatment too at one point. So maybe it won’t be Roger Rabbit style exactly with animated and live action characters mixed together, but there will definitely be fully animated parts which I’m interested to see how they explain within the setting of the live action show.

I think thar would’ve been confusing because why would the legacy characters like Kirk, Riker and Janeway also be both animated and live action? Wouldn’t they just be one or the other?

The live action version of the Lower Decks uniforms looks amazing my god

So they do!

Tawny and Jack are tall and really make those uniforms look like some of the best ever for the 24th century.

It looks like they’re wearing the cool Fluevog boots that the SNW cast got.

Yeah they do! :)

I hope if this episode goes over well we’ll see them in live action again!

Video switched to private??

“This video is private”

Out of all movies/tv shows that are coming out this year, the crossover episode is the thing I think I’m looking forward to most.

Yep, Boims and Mariner showing up on the Enterprise is the thing I can’t stop thinking about. Definitely looking forward to this the most out of everything.

I expect it will be the most-watched episode of the season.

Not sure why Paramount made BellMedia take down their promo.

That blink-and-you-miss it image has done more to boost the enthusiasm for SNW season two than any dull character posters.

Bring on the leaks!

Bring on the preseason interviews and featurettes!

Since Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks take place in different time periods, that means there will be at least two episodes with time travel in it (the crossover and the one showing La’an and Kirk in the past).

Curious. Might there be more episodes with time travel in them this season? Is that going to be a running theme/plot?

or it could be the same episode?

No definitely not the same episode.


Because Kirk and La’an’s time travel episode comes earlier in the season, around episode 3. This one will be around episode 7 if the rumors are true.

We saw La’an on the transporter pad with Mariner and Boimler, but not Kirk .

Too bad those videos are private. Would be REALLY nice to see them.

I saw them in the French version on crave yesterday.

It looks like the BellMedia communications team got ahead of what Paramount wanted shared.

But really, if they want to maintain control, then they shouldn’t be region/geo-locking the Paramount+ promotional materials.

If they’re not sharing, why wouldn’t BellMedia make their own promos. The show premieres in a month and BellMedia usually promote all new Star Trek shows on all its channels.

I have posted the screen caps Doug. But in case they get erased for some reason it’s on Reddit at the Strange New World page and will be duplicated everywhere soon anyway. It will probably be a half a dozen YouTube videos on it soon now lol.

EDIT: LOL that didn’t take long either. Look what I found. It’s at 1:00 minute mark:

Thanks Tiger2 – Got it!

Thanks Tiger2. I went to check it out and it is literally a second of video, but Boimler and Mariner looked great!! We dont usually complement our telecomms up here, but thanks to Bell media for the look ahead haha!

It’s nice to see Bell Media not taking viewers for granted and getting the promotions up, I agree.

Lots of people out there who are pretty quick on the screen shot trigger finger.

yeap, there are someones that even look frame for frame trough trailers to find things :)


Btw, the title of the episode is appropriately named Those Old Scientists. I hope this is even better than the DS9 crossover. It sounds like we’re getting two time travel episodes this season. Star Trek has been on fire lately.

No one has screen grabs of the video showing what they look like?

Never lose faith in the internet Luke, it always has you covered!

Yeah, they look amazing! :)

Bro I had no idea there was a SNW reddit sub until you posted this! ,🤣

Reading the comments everyone is very excited about the episode! 👍

Screen cap for people thanks to someone on Reddit! I imagine it will be everywhere soon though:

You can also blow up the image as well.

OMG, this image of Boimler and Mariner with Pike and La’an looks amazing!! Like so many people, this is what I was excited to see most after Picard season 3! And I’m happy it’s going to be a real meet up episode and not a holodeck situation some fans have theorized.

If so this will be the fifth time we have gotten a story of the 23rd and 24th century crossing over. The others:

-Star Trek O9
Trials and Tribble-ations

SNW sounds like it’s going to be so much fun next season, especially with possibly two time travel episodes as well.

Ahhhhh he looks so cute I’m so happy. Mariner looks good too.

Yeah, both look great!

Do we know for sure that Kirk and La’an travel to 21st century Earth, or could it be like TOS where they find a planet that has developed to be similar to 21st century Earth?

Most anticipated episode of the season. It should be the premiere.

The excitement can build towards it though, and increase viewership.

Not looking forward to the Lower Decks cross over or more time travel. Couldn’t they have left these for Legacy, lets leave the TNG uh “comedy” for Orville and Legacy? I mean, I guess we could have done time travel and saved say Earth space dock, everyone in WW3 but ha ha, Kirk has to open a door. Hard pass.
Let’s get some wagon train to the stars space exploration and colonization while we can!!!