All 10 TOS And TNG Star Trek Movies Returning To Paramount+ In June

Paramount+ is the exclusive home of Star Trek TV in the USA, but since late 2022 the first 10 Star Trek feature films have only been available on HBO Max (now Max). Next month that will change.

Star Trek movies back home on Paramount in June

Paramount+ has announced that the 10 Star Trek movies that exited the streaming service last October will be back starting June 1. This includes the six movies featuring the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series, including both the theatrical and new 4K edition of the Directors’ Cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Also coming back are the four movies featuring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The full list arriving on June 1:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek VIII: First Contact

Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek Nemesis

From Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 

Max has also confirmed this same set of movies are exiting on May 31, making Paramount+ the exclusive home for the movies, at least in the short term. Paramount+ currently features the three Kelvin-verse movies (Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond). June will mark the first time all thirteen movies have been available on the service at the same time in over a year.

From Star Trek: First Contact

Paramount+ first had the full Trek movie collection back in 2021. Unlike how Paramount Global has made a point of holding the exclusive streaming rights of Star Trek television shows, both legacy and Paramount Plus originals, they have continued to licence the feature films to other streaming services. Throughout 2022 various Trek films would exit the service for months at a time until the mass move to HBO Max at the end of 2022. It isn’t known if there are any deals in place that will see any Star Trek movies exit Paramount+ again in the coming months or if the streaming service will finally become home to the full franchise, as Disney has done with the Star Wars movies and television series.

From Star Trek (2009)

First 4 movies coming to Comet

The first 4 Star Trek movies will also be airing on Comet the broadcast and cable sci-fi channel in the USA. They are kicking things off on June 16 with a 32-hour Star Trek marathon of movies and documentaries. They are also giving away T-shirts and there is a costume contest. Find out more at


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Streaming is convenient for sure, but I’m happy I own the films in physical formats.

I use the streaming if I want to watch random episodes, but I treasure my Trek physical media. The upgraded Blu Ray discs on the 4K film releases even deliver above and beyond the 2009 Blu ray discs.

Any true Star Trek fan should already own physical copies of these.

While I value physical media for myself, I take exception to gatekeeping definitions of what makes a ‘true Star Trek’ fan.

Any true Star Trek fan should not gatekeep the definition of a “true Star Trek fan.”

Was I being ironic or a hypocrite? Sorry either way.

If you don’t value the same format as I do, you’re not only NOT a Star Trek Fan, you are a TERRIBLE human being. You need to have the incredibly inconvenient, space filling, easily damaged discs to watch MY shows the way I want you to.

With what money and what space

I’m happy having all trek I want on disc because of the noticeable better quality. The only downside is that the TNG episodes on the blu ray discs (for example S4E3, S5E22, S6E4) are NOT the fixed versions! The streaming versions are fixed.

What were the issues with those episodes on the discs?

S4E3 the blue alert is red in one scene, S5E22 you can see the blue screen in the ten forward windows when troi and the girl leaving ten forward (2 times, also a few sec later when they passing the second doors) S6E4 you see a starfield INSIDE of the dyson sphere next to the sun…

I think these a minor issues. What is a bit annoying is that sometimes double-episodes are distributed on differect discs. Also a minor issue, but it would be nice to have them on one disc as single-episodes in movie length. Remember the TNG-movie-DVD-Box? (Yes, that box, which started to dissolve…) It would be nice to have it on blu-ray as part of the series box, not separately.

Yes, I want all 2-parter in feature length presentation as well since very long now!!

I’m intrigued to hear more about the dissolving box now, please :)

In an ideal world, if a specific studio has a streaming service, people would be able to expect that it would be the forever home of that studio’s libraries and original content. With stuff like this where the studio’s catalog movies are very transient, and Disney and Warner now removing their own new content produced specifically for their services, it really makes the whole streaming thing a bummer. We’ll see how long all these services all last, but when you are both removing content and increasing prices it isn’t a great combo.

I’m looking forward to picking up the remastered UHDs sometime this year to own the best versions of these physically.

Exactly this was kind of the promise of these streaming services that anything owned by that studio would be exclusive to that site. That was part of the appeal to subscribing to know something will always be there.

But you as mentioned, that is turning out not to be the case as the studios have all recognized that idea is actually costing them money in the end when they can’t spread their IPs out to other services and make money that way. But it’s really annoying for people subscribed to these sites. And I notice there are now tons of Paramount+ properties on other services, mainly on Amazon. None of the original shows (ie, made exclusively for the site) has gone anywhere else yet, so far, but a lot of Paramount movies and shows have made it to other places now.

I won’t be shocked though if the classic shows, TOS-ENT, ends up back on other streamers again. I don’t think Paramount+ will ever lose them again, especially since the TV library is what they are focused on and building on, but they probably see how much money they can make putting them back on sites instead of just being exclusive to one.

I won’t be shocked though if the classic shows, TOS-ENT, ends up back on other streamers again. I don’t think Paramount+ will ever lose them again, especially since the TV library is what they are focused on and building on, but they probably see how much money they can make putting them back on sites instead of just being exclusive to one.

It would be nice to have them ALL HD-remastered.

This news doesn’t affect anyone who owns the physical media.

I own most of the Trek movies on physical media (only missing two). However, if I can easily find it on streaming, I’d rather do that. It’s so convenient!

I don’t find the streaming all that convenient. It’s far more of a hassle to go and select the service then deal with their irritating menus than it is to just grab my disc and pop it in the player. And I get the high quality sound that streaming doesn’t deliver. I find the discs are still superior in every useful way.

I guess you’re right. I only have a basic Blu Ray player and TV speakers, so maybe that’s why it’s basically the same for me.

I hope this means we’ll also get the Director’s Cuts of Star Trek II & VI on P+, as those were on (HBO) Max.

And on the special DVD-Edition 20 years ago…

I slowllly worked my way through the TOS-TNG movies on my Paramount Plus Canada sub all year and I just noticed this month that TOS 1, 3-6 and all 4 TNG movies are gone (I finished TNG Nemesis about a week before Picard S3 hit). Right now it has the Kelvin movies and Wrath of Khan on Paramount Plus Canada. I’m so confused. But right now only got Beyond to go to have a full movie series rewatch but it’s weird that 9 of the movies just evaporated and I can’t find them streaming anywhere else in Canada.

Feels like they did this just for the press. One set of press stories for them being removed & another for them coming baclpk.

I’ve seen them. Even the TNG efforts.

So I realize I’m just spitballing here, but if Paramount+ does decide to let another streaming service have access to Star Trek again, perhaps it should come with a condition. If you want to carry Trek, help fund future shows or remastering efforts for existing Trek.

More realistic I think to come at it from the angle of, “We’ve remastered the SD shows, pay us more for them.”