Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Clip Of Number One’s Trial; New Images Reveal Season 2 Clues

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 arrives on June 15, and today Paramount + released a brand new clip. In addition to the trailer and poster released earlier this week, Paramount+ has also released a few new accompanying images. The showrunner is also out talking to the press about how the show can mesh with TOS.

Clip: Una’s trial

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger when Captain Batel arrived on the Enterprise to arrest Number One for hiding her genetically engineered background. The brand-new clip features moments from Una’s Starfleet trial along with a look at the SNW take on dress uniforms.

The clip was first shown during a panel on Friday at MCM London Comic Con. Stars Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Peck, Celia Rose Gooding, and Melissa Navia also beamed in via a first-of-its-kind hologram to deliver the exclusive clip and discuss the upcoming season.

New season 2 photos offer some clues

There are 8 new preview images from season 2. They are identified with their episode number, so we can start putting some of the clues together in the context of previous trailers and clips.

Spock in the chair in the season premiere

There are a few trailer moments from the season 2 premiere, including Spock in command as well as M’Benga and Chapel on an away mission.

Ethan Peck as Spock (Paramount+)

Jess Bush as Chapel and Babs Olusanmokun as M’Benga (Paramount+)

Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura (Paramount+)

Return to Rigel VII in episode 4

A clip released last year revealed Pike will be returning to Rigel VII (from “The Cage”), and the new images indicate this will be from episode 4. That clip also showed that Ortegas had to stay behind on the Enterprise, which we can also see in the new images.

Anson Mount as Capt. Pike  (Paramount+)

Melissa Navia as Ortegas  (Paramount+)

“Lower Decks” crosses over in episode 7

Paramount already released an image of Tawny Newsome and Jack Quaid as live-action versions of their characters from the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. The image reveals this crossover will happen in episode 7. There are also a couple of other episode 7 shots of things looking a bit more serious on the bridge.

Tawny Newsome as Mariner and Jack Quaid as Boimler (Paramount+)

Anson Mount as Pike (Paramount+)

Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Una (Paramount+)

Pelia in the S2 finale

A new cast member for season 2 is Oscar-nominee Carol Kane, playing the new chief engineer Pelia. The photos released this week include a shot of her from the season 2 finale.

Carol Kane as Pelia (Paramount+)

This image offers a bit of a better look at Pelia’s unique pin.

Pelia’s pin

Showrunner on fitting together with TOS

In a new interview with Den of Geek Magazine, co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman talked more about how the show deals with established canon as the series moves closer to the time of Star Trek: The Original Series:

“The closer we get to that moment, just after ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before,’ we have to acknowledge canon. And the closer we get, we have to start to resemble The Original Series.” Why after “Where No Man Has Gone Before?” Well, for Goldsman, The Original Series as we know it doesn’t really start until we get the core cast (including Dr. McCoy) and everybody else in their “correct” uniform colors, which wasn’t really the case until a few episodes into the show’s production run.

That said, Goldsman knows not everything can stay in this nebulous in-between stage forever, and firmly believes the series could safely continue for seven years before hitting real TOS problems.

“If we were so lucky as to continue, I think we could even overlap. I think that would really be interesting to actually rub up against The Original Series.”

The Den of Geek piece also includes another new photo, this time of Kirk and La’an, who appear in a contemporary-looking setting, which hints at some time travel.

Christina Chong as La’an and Paul Wesley as Kirk (Paramount+)

Animated promo

Finally, there is a fun new promo featuring different artists animating the SNW logo.

Season 2 will premiere Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+ in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second season will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in South Korea, with premiere dates to be announced at a later date. Following the premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe. The series is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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Spock: She was hiding her singing skills…her voice is…fascinating.

LOL, true. She could give the Doctor a run for his money. ;)


Duets with Uhura and Una. Pike could promote their holo-quadrant-tour and call them …
“The Double U’s”
(sounds more like a horse ranch, but then again, he probably has one of those too.)

LOL, don’t give them any more ideas Kmart. ;)

TNG didn’t buy the good ideas when I pitched them, so I think I’d be offended if somebody now who was demonstrably far less competent than the folks were back then ripped off a hokey joke notion.

Correction: Carol Kane’s character is named Pelia, not Pella (as repeatedly referred to in this article).

I hope that she shows up quite a few times throughout, and not just around the end of the season. What else is known about her character so far, ’cause I think I detected Kane playing her with an accent, in the brief snippet from the new trailer… or am I just hearing things that aren’t there? 😅

(Thanks for correcting her name! 🙂👍)

About the accent: With how obsessed the creators apart to be about connecting everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a Chekov, or family of Pavel’s! 🤔

That “apart” was supposed to be “appear”… razzafrazzin’ autocorrect!

Pelia is a Greek and Hebrew name, though, not a Russian one, which makes me doubt that. Cool idea, though.

After cenuries tho I doubt Khan’s lineage stayed entirely Sikh

It is not even clear that Khan was fully Sikh, although he identified as such. Perhaps he was part Latin American, since the actor who played him was Latin American. Or perhaps he was part Muslim (hence “Khan”). The latter might make sense, since he could have portrayed himself as transcending the religious cleavages in the subcontinent, and thus a unifying figure.

Yes that is totally true too.

I’ve done a lot of analysis on this, and I’ve come to conclusion that he’s white and British

Yes, I did get the sense she was hiding something.
What was she hiding, Mr. Spock?
A fondness for Gilbert and Sullivan.

Indeed!! My eyes are fully open to her awful situation…

An Illyrian’s lot is not a happy one.

That would be the SNW-Simpsons crossover with Bart Simpson and Sideshow Bob. ;-)

Canonistas rejoice! The primary colored computer chips are back!!!

Two counts of sedition? That’s some serious s**t…

Absolutely loved that they gave a wink and a nod to those big blocky chips…

And the witness chair has the same round, lit hand pad as seen in TOS “Court Martial”.

Not to mention the dinging of the bell for the court martial hearing. TOS showed that tradition during “Space Seed” I believe, when Khan had a trial.

It’s funny tho. Using the bell is more of a court tradition. The computerf chip is a total technology thing that even today we are wayyyyyy past! I’m not complaining mind you, I’m thrilled they brought both back!

I’m actually totally impressed they are back! Even in this day in age I can fit 2 terabytes on a microSD card a 100th of that size!

Honestly those things are very small and while it’s nice they are doing it I do not consider that sort of thing to be all that important when compared to the much bigger cannon transgressions like the appearance of the Gorn and everyone knows about T’Pring.

What he is doing here is buffing out a tiny smudge on the fender but ignoring the shattered windshield and the doors so mangled they don’t even work.

Well. This almost comes-off as a beat-for-beat replay of “Court Martial” in some ways, an episode not well thought-of by the TOS production staff at the time it originally aired. But I always kinda enjoyed it as one of the few shows that actually built out the universe, and as an homage thought this looked pretty good. We’ll see.

I really just see this as another Starfleet officer on trial episode. It obviously started with TOS first but it’s been done in nearly every Trek show since making it a fun trope. I really love these and miss them. It’s also why I was slightly disappointed in the season opener of LDS last season because I thought we were going to get a Freeman on trial episode but it wasn’t really what the episode was about.

Now I want to make a list of all the Starfleet officers whose been on trial lol. This is off the top of my head but the ones I can recall are:


I’m sure I missed a few, but from what I can remember. Chin-Riley will now take her honored place!

That’s pretty good! These days I can barely remember what I had for breakfast.


And I just remembered two more:

-The Doctor (although a bit more unusual than the others)

But they are fun to watch and while the outcome is usually what we expect, there have been a few curve balls here and there.I’m guessing Number One will be found not guilty considering she’s in all the other episodes. ;)

Considering that Worf has threatened to kill most everyone where they stand, ‘Perry Mason and the Bloodthirsty Lieutenant’ should be a regular series…

NCIS: Starfleet, anyone?

I would LOVE that show! I’ve seen people mention this idea before and you just have Starfleet lawyers going around different planets or colonies defending officers. They can even do a season long court case since it will most likely be serialized.

It needs an alliterative title: “The Case of the Lying Lieutenant” or such…

Ya Worf really lucked out in that ep that he was framed. That was the ONLY way he was going to get out of this.

Good list. But yeah, you forgot O’Brien — in the fairest of all trials, on Cardassia Prime! (The episode is literally called “Tribunal.” 😉)

Yeah I just remembered it. And The Doctor too from Author, Author although he wasn’t on trial himself but his holo story was.

Guilty till proven guilty. Great theatre, though…

Definitely one of the funner O’Brien-has-to-suffer episodes for me; loved the courtroom ending (paraphrasing here):

😨 Kovat: “What just happened?”
😒 Odo: “You won.”
😱 Kovat: “They’ll kill me!”

Picard and Wesley too.

I can’t recall Picard? Which episode? I remember him being involved with several of them but I can’t remember one he was directly on trial for.

With Wesley are you thinking of Justice? Was there an actual trial in that one? I can’t recall but yeah it basically counts.

First episode….tried for the savagery of humanity. The trial never ends….unfortunately.

Stomping on some flowers on the planet of near naked white people….but, yeah, I don’t think there was a trial.

LOL how could I forget THAT one?

I don’t know if that really counts though but when the Q puts you on trial, I guess jurisdiction doesn’t matter.

Remember “The Drumhead”? He’s on trial for treason!

That was a hearing. Had the Admiral not had a breakdown charges and a trial would have followed.

If there was court action about Ensign Ro it could have been called HEARING FOR AN EARRING.

Picard himself wasn’t on trial though, it was one of his crewman being under suspicion. But he was definitely questioned when he sided with him and his response gave us one of the best speeches ever in Star Trek! :)

Right up there with Measure of a Man.

“Your honor Starfleet was founded to seek out new life WELL THERE IT SITS!”

This is why TNG isn’t just a great Star Trek show but one of the greatest TV shows period.

Which, if people complained about it enough, could be parodied as THE DISPLEASURE OF A FAN.

I love that ep just for the Picard/Guinan exchange about slavery, but the whole thing hinges on something that should have been a non-issue by that time.

I still think Snodgrass wrote that spec after reading Gerrold’s STARLOG musings about Data’s legal status and alivedness …

I always feel like Picard should have addressed the slavery issue better/more directly in his closing, frankly.

Agreed, It could be a moment that could have echoed Shatner’s summation in THE ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL when his Civil War-era prosecutor character pretty much lays out the worst of the 20th century as the future they face if they don’t convict, talking about a Worldful of andersonvilles.

Between Farpoint, Coming of Age, and The Drumhead, I’d say Picard’s been through a full trial by now.

Wesley I was thinking The First Duty.

Yes, The First Duty! I completely forgot about that one. Thanks as usual Ian! :)

Sisko’s trial would have come after the tribble episode. More Trials and Tribbleations.

(man, can you tell I’m back on coffee after many months? the puns and bad jokes are just erupting out of me today. Also relief over how it currently seems likely my wife’s cancer got caught and removed while at stage 1A — the only reason it got caught so early was because a previous surgeon forgot to remove a polyp, and so concern over what that polyp might be doing triggered explorations that instead revealed the cancer, so for once I’m happy that some Kaiser doctors are hacks. Kinda makes up for all those years when I was falling asleep in afternoons at work while begging the doctors for diabetic testing and being blown off and getting told it was all in my mind and that I should instead read HOW TO GET CONTROL OF THE TIME IN YOUR LIFE — all this by Kaiser primaries who I would still today happily run over slowly with a steamroller.)

Not quite a trial, but the TNG episode where Remmick is investigating Picard and crew also comes to mind. We get to see them answering his very prosecutorial questions, and if memory serves it’s even cut together like this clip of SNW.

Worf gets the best line of course.

“You don’t like me very much, do you?”
“Is it required? Sir?”

Yeah that’s still a good example though. I forgot all about that episode as well.

Well in ST IV technically all of TOS was on trial except for the end when it wsas just Admiral/Captain Kirk.

Edit, except Spock in that instance.

Well, it only got as far as the pleading, but Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Scott, Chekov, Sulu for theft and destruction of federation property and disobeying orders.

What is she hiding?
Spock: She’s just so f’n awesome!

I think this is going to be a fun season. As much as I loved Picard, I’m really excited about this show returning because it will mostly be fun and episodic stories again that doesn’t involve the galaxy or Starfleet being wiped out. I’ve said 100 times now I’m most excited about the crossover episode but they all sound interesting and fun. I’m really happy that we’re (most likely) getting two time travel episodes this season which btw the Kirk and La’an episode will be called Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow and supposed to happen in episode 3. So it’s definitely time travel related with that title lol.

Also excited for the Rigel VII episode which will probably be quite emotional for Pike. And while the possible musical episode hasn’t been hinted at yet (and it may not be one at all of course) I think there will be a musical and will happen in episode 9 since that’s one titled Subspace Rhapsody. Could be something else but sounds like a giveaway to me. ;)

I think it’s going to be another great season. Can’t wait!

Going to guess that the musical episode will ripoff a lot of the Buffy musical episode.

I’ve never seen Buffy or that episode but certainly aware of it. Everyone seems to love it so maybe this one will be really good too.

It’s the only good musical episode of TV. I know the other shows that have done that have their fans because they love the shows, but the Buffy one, by virtue of being first but also by trying to be the most creative, is still the best.

I’ve only seen a few musical episodes in places but for the most part I liked them. But yeah you could also be right and it’s because I happen to like the shows as well. I’m not a musical person at all and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Star Trek doing one if this is indeed a musical. But I’m open minded to it and it could be a lot of fun.

Whedon may have turned out to be a terrible human being, but no one can deny the man has talent.

The Scrubs musical episode is the best musical episode.

What was that series though where the whole cast broke into Footloose? That was amazingly well done.

I cut that bit in my initial comment because, yes, let us never speak of him again, but yeah, you’re totally right about JW. The intentionality behind the episode itself was clever and the different musical styles really fit and the fact that they were making sure to build in as much time as possible to get it right also helped. Genuinely moving in parts and did the thing musicals are best at: giving characters a platform to express complex emotions that are difficult to dramatize.

I used to watch Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog over and over again. Because that soundtrack was amazing, Neil Patrick Harris was excellent in it. Parts of the writing absolutely sucked but the soundtrack sure didn’t. I don’t watch it anymore after he turned out to be a horrible person but I do still listen to a few of the songs sometimes.

Technically, Ally McBeal was first (May 22, 2000), but Buffy (November 6, 2001) certainly did it better!

“They GOT… the MUSTARD… OUUUT!” 👕🎶

Oh, you’re totally right! I think I blocked that out for some reason – mainly because that show had a musical component in every episode (wouldn’t they go watch Vonda Shepherd perform at a bar?).

Yeah, Shepard was basically the musical soundtrack from start to finish. And they usually worked in their main characters singing way too often for the musical episode to really stand out.

Xena’s musical episode also predated Buffy.

And all of these were predated by Fame and Cop Rock.

Those were musical series by design though, not regular series with a special musical ep.

Xena was the first in 1998. Unless you want to count a British show from 1996.

 by virtue of being first

…which it wasn’t.

Correct. You are right and I am wrong.

Why? Joss Whedon didn’t invent musical episodes.

Something tells me it won’t be nearly as good as but Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling”.

I love musicals so I’m looking forward to it. Half of me wishes it was also the crossover episode but that was probably too much in one episode. I just wanna hear Jack Quaid sing for, uh, gay reasons. Plus knowing that Mariner saves the day there would make that even funnier. Beckett Mariner did it, she has defeated musicals.

It’s actually surprising it’s not LDS doing a musical lol. But it’s why I love both of these shows because they are just having FUN again. Some people take Star Trek waaaaay too seriously lol and it definitely can be very serious at times. But I really enjoy when it can be a little goofy and have fun with it’s premise. It’s why I love the holodeck stories too. So while I’m cautious about the musical idea, it could be a really great episode if done right. Certainly a memorable one. ;)

I have to admit, I really do want a Lower Decks musical episode. With agimus in it. Again for gay reasons.

I enjoy it when it can be goofy too. Who Mourns for Morn is one of my favorite episodes, along with a few of the more silly DS9 episodes. If the episode is goofy and it has Jeffrey Combs in it, it’s a guaranteed favorite of mine.

Half of me hopes it works so we can get a LD musical episode after all.

I think if both the crossover and musical episode is deemed a hit by fans it will open all kinds of possibilities going forward. I will be open to a LDS musical as well if this one is good.

DS9 had some of the goofiest episodes around and yet a very dark and serious show, so it’s been proven long ago you can certainly do both if you have great writers and actors. Who Mourns for Morn is top tier silly and I love it lol. I think we’re going to get a lot more comedy on the show this season too which I’m all for.

C’mon… a single musical episode is amateurish!

How could anyone forget the great idea by the legendary Steven Bochco to do an entire police procedural series as a musical? Certainly “Cop Rock” (1990) has to be seen a the weird grandfather to all those other series’ musical episode inspirations!

Yeah… I’m old and watched too much TV!

I remember that lol. I don’t know if I watched it but I do remember it because it was such a big deal at the time and I remember one of my teachers talking about it in class. Did you at least like it?

Let’s just say having your main characters break into song to deliver the exposition is a neat idea for a single episode, or something like a feature film or Broadway play. But having it happen every, single episode gets old rather fast!

If memory serves, our own Admiral Jelico (Ronny Cox) was the police chief on the show and got to show off his singing chops!

And the signing jobs piled up for him afterwards…lol.

That was truly awful TV though.

I never heard of this show until now and just looked it up but WTF!?! 😂

That actually got made? Wow.

I watched “Cop Rock” during its brief run and remember thinking at the time that the overall plot was actually pretty engaging, but that it just had too much music. Which I know sounds like a missing-the-point joke, but five musical numbers per episode really was a bridge too far, when maybe two or three would have done just fine.

I like the show. It has an incredible cast, but I don’t understand why they need to bump into TOS canon at all. I’m worried about this season. It looks wonderful in the trailer but parts of it keeps me at Yellow Alert.

To me, I knew SNW was basically going to be nothing more than a TOS prequel the day it was announced. And that was made more clear once they replaced all the Cage characters with basically just more TOS characters because they know that’s what most fans wanted anyway.

I don’t mind it too much but yeah they can probably do it a lot less considering we’re still years away from TOS. But that idea ended once it was revealed Kirk was showing up lol. But I do love the fact we’re going back to Rigel VII. I think that will really center on the Cage and maybe we’ll get a Boyce shout out. ;)

True! I will probably end up enjoying the season. It was the Spock/Chapel kiss that irked me. However, I think I should wait for the context before I get bent out of shape.

Boyce would be a great character to revisit. I bet we will get a “previously on” like on Disco.

Agreed on all of that as well, especially the Spock and Chapel kiss. Again, not surprised, it was obvious that was going to be the focus in season 2, but still could’ve done without it. It just feels so out of place compared to what we got in TOS, but I’ll live lol.

As for Boyce, this is a reason why the show feels much more like a TOS prequel than an actual Pike show because half the episodes last season was foreshadowing TOS episodes (the finale literally remade one lol) but not a SINGLE reference to any of the Cage characters. I know the Cage was just one episode but it would’ve been nice if they referenced at least one of those characters, even in passing. But maybe that will happen this season.

Tiberius Mudd has talked about a ‘House Brand’ in Secret Hideout era Trek that includes an insistence on familial linkages to or inclusion of legacy characters.

It has to have been written into the strategy and requirements laid down by, or at least signed off by the top CBS now Paramount executives. It’s baked into every show, although Lower Decks has had the lightest touch.

We saw it first with Burnham having been fostered by Sarek and Amanda and raised as a sister to Spock.

Many of us thought that was unnecessary. We don’t need new characters to a family tie to be interesting. More we find these links make the universe smaller, pull the franchise into small-world syndrome.

But let’s face it, Discovery wasn’t the most extreme case. And now it’s moved to the 32nd century is the least dependent on legacy stuff of all the shows.

Starfleet Academy might turn out to be the show to break the mould with all new characters, but even if we get some descendants of 22nd, 23rd or 24th century characters, the relationships will be 10s generations down the line.

SNW’s legacy ties with Khan grate in some fans because it’s a prequel but so far it’s been a light touch. I’m just accepting that someone who signs off on strategy seems to think it’s essential for some niche of fans they want to draw in.

The greatest offender though is Picard S3 absolutely.

I feel as though Matalas saw the requirement and decided to lean in and give us a set of familial-tie dependant characters on steroids. By doing so it’s risked undermining the aspirational principles of Federation society and Starfleet – normalizing influence and nepotism over merit.

For me undercutting better future for humanity by reverting to a society where inherited privilege dominates is a much more profound violation of canon than anything on offer in SNW.

I’m fine with the light touch of Khan thus far but I admit I am worried about the possible clothing store time travel ep that could intro him for real.

I been saying literally since the beginning of Discovery season 2 that all the legacy characters is not just because the producers want to bring back these characters but I really do feel that’s part of the mandate from the studio itself. It actually goes back to Burnham being Spock’s sister. That was clearly something Fuller wanted. But they also said we would never see Spock either on the show (so why the hell are you making him a sibling to a random new character IF YOU NEVER PLAN TO SHOW HIM??? That show is so bonkers at times).

But of course they reneged on that and not only did Spock appear the guy was in half the season lol. My guess has always been they saw people complaining DIS didn’t feel TOS enough and the solution to that was just put some big TOS characters on the show. And now that they made Spock literally part of the family, it made that job even easier.

And then Picard was announced as coming back and it’s all been a litany full of legacy characters since. As I have said many times, I don’t have a single issue with bringing them back, as long as there is a real story reason to do it, that’s all. I would welcome every single one of them back if they come up with a great way to put them there. I’m not a hypocrite, I fully love seeing them as everyone else. I just wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if we never saw them again either. Again, it’s not an either/or situation. None of this is binary, simply relative. And I have been accepting of nearly every legacy character brought back so far. But I actually DIDN’T love the idea of having Pike and Spock being brought back at first, at least the level they were introducing them. But not because I didn’t want to see them, I simply felt it was unfair to the new DIS characters to have them be so prominent in the show. One or two episodes, great, but a whole season just felt more like pandering to fans and admitting that the DIS characters can’t carry their own show. Now later, I admit I was wrong (I’m constantly being told I can’t admit to being wrong but I admit to it all the time lol. This is a great example).

I think with the TOS characters appearing on SNW, it’s starting to feel a bit too much too soon, not that they don’t want to see them of course. Kirk makes absolutely no sense why he’s there, but we all know why he’s there. ;) But that’s the problem with prequels. And it’s all been said about La’an. Again, most people seem to like her and the Khan thing has been a light touch, I just feel it doesn’t need to be touched at all but yeah. I really just think it was completely unnecessary to do. It actually would’ve made since IF it was something that came from canon itself. This just feels like more pandering in the worst way possible but it is what it is. But maybe I will proven wrong o that as well.

As far as Matalas, the funny thing is I ran into another interview of his somewhere where he talked about his idea of bringing back the TNG character and he said the studio was actually a little reluctant about it at first. One because of all the extra money they would have to pay to get them lol, but also because they just spent two seasons introducing all the new characters on the show and was worried maybe some fans will be upset they are getting replaced.

Well as we now saw, that ended up being much ado about nothing as there was total fanfare having them all back and probably worth every penny too. In fact I think the success of S3 along with SNW only tells Paramount that fans get more motivated when you bring back old characters in such a splashy way. It’s exactly why I think the Legacy show is now just a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’ anymore. You would be crazy not to capitalize on that success as they did with SNW when it was obvious how many wanted that show next. I feel even more people are begging for the Legacy show than they were SNW. And Paramount knows they are sitting on a goldmine now if it gets made.

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. The Spock adoptive sister thing was quite obvious meant to be a “safety net”. If Star Trek Discovery worked then they would never have needed to bring in Spock or go down the legacy character path. It didn’t. It was an obvious failure and so they broke the glass and pulled that fire alarm of bringing in Spock the very next season. Pike as well. They did the same thing with Picard. They started trying something new but the show was a failure in that it was not well received. In fact the one thing most liked was the Riker & Troi episode. That was enough. At that point every show had to have their fair share of member berries or legacy characters or references as it has become clear to them that is the only thing that revs the fans engines.

Of course it never occurred to them that if they just wrote better shows and characters there would be no need to do ANY of that.

Can’t really disagree with much of this. I do think both DIS and PIC were meant to stand alone but as I have also said when you put these shows in the same era as all the old shows, of course fans are going to want to see the other characters too, so it was really only a matter of time more were going to show up no matter what due to to fans begging to see more.

But I think they originally wanted PIC to be more TNG from the start. I do believe DIS wasn’t ever meant to be a TOS show the way SNW is turning into one but have more TOS characters would show up in time if they didn’t throw the show 900 years into the future. But I think they wanted it to stand on its own for the most part. And the fact they put it in the 32nd century and not the 25th century also proves that.

But Picard didn’t have more TNG characters from day one because Stewart was adamant he didn’t want to do a reunion show…only to do it in season 3 lol. But that’s what everyone else wanted anyway, certainly the fans.

And what’s more funny I saw an interview where he said after shooting season 3, he now admits he was wrong and said it should’ve been a TNG based show from the start. Oh well, better late than never I guess. ;)

I don’t think Star Trek Discovery was ever meant to dip into the legacy character bin. I REALLY think they were hoping it would stand on its own without it. Hence the “Spock will never show up” stuff. Again, obvious safety net. One the deployed almost immediately. But then the show was such an abject failure they shoved it into the future. It really was the only way to save the show. I do not think that was ever the intent. It was done by necessity.

I cannot speak for Picard. All I read was the intent was to be a stand alone whether that decision was Stewart’s or not. But yes, I did understand it was Stewarts desire but the producers did go along with it so they are just as much to blame. Although I don’t think Stewart has really earned the right to have a lot of say in what happens to Picard. His personal decisions have been… Questionable I think.

Pretty much agree with all of this. DIS was obviously trying to do its own thing but still remind people the period it was in and why we got Sarek, Mudd and Amanda in the first season. But it wasn’t done in the way SNW is using old TOS characters which is mainly for nostalgia bait. Once Spock and Pike showed up, then yeah it definitely went more the nostalgia route from there, at least for a season.

PIC leaned more into nostalgia from the start, but not over do it either. It was called Picard, how could it not be. ;) But like DIS and TOS, it was obvious fans wanted more TNG because all the episodes people liked had the TNG characters in it lol. And once season one didn’t hit as they hoped, it made it easier to go full on TNG in season 3.

I think we are on the same page here. If there were still the thumbs up thing I would have just clicked it. :)

As you well know by now I am a Canon purist LOL. But I try not to go full force on it. After what we saw with the Kelvin-verse, this is balls to the wall brilliant by comparison. Other than maybe meeting Khan too soon I have no complaints thus far. The ship, the bridge, the uniforms, everything perfect.

The only question I keep asking myself is how PIC S3 did an actually TOS connie so well but SNW didn’t want too,

I definitely know that my friend and you know canon issues bother me too but not at the level as you. 😁

And you’re right compared to JJ verse amd even Discovery dire canon issues, SNW feels almost perfect.

And you know I’m not really a big TOS/23rd century fan like most of you guys are here and TC. It’s really the big stuff I notice and bothers me like when super hack JJ Abrams couldn’t even be bothered to get Khan’s nationality right. 🙄

And the reason why the Connie is an exact match in Picard season 3 is because you had a dyed in the wool Trekkie who cared about every detail and knew how important it was for fans to get everything right as much as possible. It’s exactly why even the NuTrek haters loves Terry so much.

Hey TG1701, I don’t think you’re intent is to gatekeep what a ‘died in the wool Trekkie’ might be, but when you equate that with visual canon focused fans, you come across as supporting a view that those of us who are more flexible aren’t true Trekkies.

And that’s not only unpleasant, but it’s not in any way the case.

Take me. I have watched every single episode of every show in first run. Started watching in 1966 when Devil in the Dark was first broadcast and haven’t turned back.

Had friends running a local chapter of an official club in the 80s and attended, subscribed to the mimeoed fanzines back in the day, had all the technical manuals, did trivia quizzes, was in a wedding party at a Trekkie wedding, attended cons regularly etc.

I loathe it when we get into I’m more of a true Trekkie show downs here, but comments about ‘true’ or ‘dyed in the wool’ fans just always gets us there.

It’s discouraging to new folks no matter how much it makes the fans in whatever subniche feel validated – whether they put priority on visual canon, dialogue canon, Starfleet principles, meritocracy, apirational/optimistic tone etc.

I get that there’s a niche of fans for whom continuity of ship models is paramount, it’s just not me. For me, the freshness of production design, the awe and wow factor is more important than making the models look like they came out of the old shipyard close to where I lived as a child in the 60s.

So, again, Terry Matalas addressed some visual continuity issues that were very important to some fans while leaving others of us, who put importance on other things, dissatisfied. That’s okay because the franchise needs to serve different audiences with different preferences.

No, wasn’t doing that.🙂

And I don’t consider myself a hardcore Trekkie in the least. I haven’t even watched all the TOS episodes and I been a fan for over 20 years. 🤣

My best friend here, Amirami, can tell you a story I told him last year on another site when someone got on my case because I had no idea who T’Pau was from Amok Time.


So I can’t pretend I have some major geek cred. You and most people here would probably do circles around me. I was only saying Matalas is someone like that too, that’s all. I’m not saying he’s the only one or anyone who doesn’t like what he did is a traitor to all things Star Trek.

That only applies to Kurtzman. No I’m kidding bro…kind of? 😄

And I hear you, it’s why I love LDS so much because it is different! So not against that at all. Everything about it is so different in how comedic and loose it is. But McMahon like Matalas is tight with his canon shit though! 👍

I’m just curious and NOT getting on your case about it, but why haven’t you watched all of TOS?

As far as T’Pau, she was actually on Enterprise as well. I didn’t know this until maybe a few years ago but they originally wanted the character to be on the ship and be the first officer but they realized they would have to pay royalties for using the name and created T’Pol instead, which frankly I’m so happy they did. It goes back to the discussion about using the legacy characters which is fine at times, but I think you should try and make new characters first unless it’s about a legacy character specifically like Picard and Pike in the modern shows. If they decided to make a T’Pau prequel show, that would’ve been different.

But she is very different than using Riker or Seven and more like Pike since she she showed up in just an episode. So I definitely would’ve been curious if she was on the NX-01 since we knew so little about her.

For TOS it’s mostly just season 3 I never watched outside of a few episodes because everyone used to tell me how bad it was. I always planned to watch it just to say a I did but obviously not very motivate to start. 🤣

But that’s why I never considered myself a hard core fan, closer to a casual one until the last 12 years or so. I really only cared about TNG/DS9/VOY and I didn’t get into DS9 until years later when it was already off the air. Same with Enterprise and TOS which I didn’t watch both until 2009. DS9 was in 2004.

Today I watch it religiously but the first five years I just watched the stuff that interested me. If it didn’t I never bothered.

I hear you. As someone who grew up watching TOS all their lives, season 3 is definitely a big step down. As a kid, I didn’t notice it too much until I got older. But I rewatched the entire franchise back in 2021 and I watched every episode of season 3, many I haven’t seen in decades. I have to say for the most part it wasn’t as bad as I remembered them. Some were definitely downright awful lol, but overall OK. But that’s me speaking as a long time TOS fan and lots of nostalgia. I would say there are about a half dozen solid episodes to watch, but you probably seen most of those already.

And just watch what you want to watch. I actually talked to a poster on Reddit the other day who said she was a big Star Trek fan but don’t like the animated shows. I told her she doesn’t have to,because they are just TV shows. The point is to enjoy them. If you gave them a shot and it’s not your thing, why force it other than being a fan of the franchise? But no one is keeping score but you. No one in the real world remotely cares what Star Trek show you watch lol, so don’t beat yourself up over it. You should be watching them because you like them even if you still issues with them. But if you’re just not feeling a show, then move on.

Agreed and that’s exactly how I was for a long time. The old me would’ve stopped watching dreck like Discovery and Picard at the end of the first season. Maybe tried again later but not force myself into watching. I’m not even sure I would’ve even watched Lower Decks. Maybe wouldn’t have watched SNW either because I don’t like prequels or going backwards which is why I gave up on Enterprise so soon.

But will say I’m happy I stuck with all of them…except Discovery! 😆😒

I still may watch the rest of season 3 some day though. I don’t know how many I already seen but around 3 or 4 I think. The Enterprise Incident was easily the best and Spock’s Brain the worst lol.

Still better than Threshold though. 😉

Oh and I knew T’Pau being on Enterprise, that’s what triggered that exchange at the time.

This was years ago on another site and a thread was discussing the Vulcan trilogy story on Enterprise in season four. I love that story. But anyway someone brought up T’Pau in it and casually talked about how different her views had probably changed about humans when she was seen on TOS. I was so confused because I had no idea the character was on TOS and asked where did she appear?

And then some weirdo TOS super fan jumped in the conversation with BiG CAPS asking me gow could I not know who T’Pau was and how ‘important’ she was in the franchise? This person was angry. 😂🙄

I explained to them I’ve seen Amok Time once, maybe twice tops over a decade ago. I just didn’t realize the lady who showed up for half an episode, spoke 5 lines and hit a gong was up there with the likes of Q, Khan and the Borg Queen. 😅

Most people side with me of course anf said she was a fan favorite and why people remembered her so well but only if you watched TOS which I didn’t.

It is funny how fans take to a character and immortalize them like this character when it was a just a bit role and she was never even mentioned again until she showed up on Enterprise 30 years later. But she’s sooo important lol.

LOL that is funny!

The irony is I had the opposite issue and I didn’t realize when I first watched those episodes on Enterprise that it was T’Pau. I completely blanked on it at the time and I was obviously well aware of the character. When I saw them again the second time, I was like ‘wait, is that suppose to be THE T’Pau?’ ;D

And definitely a fan favorite. Actually it would be cool if she showed up on SNW and fill in her back story a little more. And with all the other known Vulcans in this period now showing up,, maybe we will see her too.

BTW… Shifting gears a bit don’t know if this has been brought up somewhere else but I noticed that Todd Stashwick (Captain Shaw) appeared as a Vulcan in “Kir’Shara” the final episode of the Vulcan arc in Season 4. He was the Vulcan who ordered to go into the Forge to retrieve Archer. He fought fought T’Pol and told her he served with her in some engagement.

Just a fun side bit.

Oh yeah it’s been brought up in a few interviews he’s been doing for Picard. But I had no recollection he was in it until I heard him talk about it. But he was a life long Trek fan and said he pushed hard to get the role because of it and a dream to be doing Star Trek. Ironically the Shaw role just fell into his lap due to be friends with Matalas.

Those fans overaction to your position not withstanding, TOS is an interesting animal in that there are aliens and characters that appeared once or even partially in episodes that have resonated with fans for decades after. T’Pau is one of them. Pike was another. The Gorn are an example of a one shot alien that resonated with fans for ages. Manny Coto said he loved the Gorn so much he wanted to use them on Enterprise but knew he couldn’t. Sadly, SNW people liked the Gorn so much they decided to ignore TOS and use them anyway. I find it interesting that phenomena didn’t happen on TNG. I cannot think of a one shot character or alien that resonated so much it permeated into the Trek fandom to the extent the TOS examples did. Of course this could be deemed an invitation for others to bring up some TNG one shot-er I do not recall. And yes, there could be one or two I’ve missed.

There has been a few examples from TNG.

Hugh was one and of course he came back in season 7 and obviously later in Picard. But there were plenty of calls to see him again when he first appeared.

OK, Shelby was in two episodes but fans have been wanting her back for decades. Well they finally got it before they killed her lol. But Matalas has said she’s not actually dead and could come back.

I can’t think of any aliens though. But like Coto and the Gorn, McMahan said he was always a huge fan of both the Pakleds and the Tamarans and why both showed up on the show. Both of those only showed up in an episode in TNG.

The Pakleds are a good call. Forgot all about them. I thought there would be some. I just feel like TOS had more. Perhaps that was more a function of having fewer episodes, though.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I can’t get into TOS like the other classic shows because of its lack of recurring characters and aliens. There is no Gul Dukat or Q or Borg Queen or Shran or Gowron. It’s basically new characters every week. Even most of the aliens are one offs. That’s why I love DS9 because there were so many supporting characters and returning alens to fall in love with.

But I know TOS was just a different time…but not my time. 😉

Fair enough. TOS was made at a time when continuing story lines just weren’t a think beyond the occasional two parter. Although Harry Mudd showed up once more it was a rare thing back then.

As a fan of Enterprise I am actually happy they were not able to use T’Pau. I think what we got from T’Pol ended up being pretty good. The show was fairly competent so I have no doubt using T’Pau as a regular still would have worked. But even back then I preferred the show to stand more on its own.

Agreed. That’s why I like Enterprise, they didn’t have a choice BUT to mainly have original characters. But that wasn’t an issue on the old shows like it is today in general.

Understand. I have only seen most TNG episodes twice. Once when they aired and once when I did my first rewatch some 6-7 years ago. I still do not know the bulk of the episode titles or names of characters who appeared once. There are a few episodes I have seen more of. The Best of Both Worlds I have seen the most. Apart from that I think the most I have seen any single episode was 4 times. When it comes to canon I know more about TOS and prefer to follow more of what I saw there but when it comes to TNG I honestly don’t know tons and do not hold anything accountable to it. I tend to rely on TNG fans who know that show far better than I when it comes to canon violations from it. That is my admitted bias when it comes to Trek.

It took me a long time to remember so many TNG, DS9 and VOY episodes because how many there are. Even now I forget a title at times and I watched them a dozen times. It’s a lot lol.

I’m a huge fan of these shows but I still need to be reminded of things too. TOS would be easier because it’s a lot less episodes so I envy you. 😂

Yeah… Fewer episodes combined with watching the reruns in the 70’s as a child over and over and over again helps. I just never had the desire to watch new Trek over and over again like that. Even my favorite of the spin offs, DS9 I just haven’t done it. I’d like to own the series but I really want it transferred to HD before I buy. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Forgot one more thing, the irony is I was telling Amirami I’m super cool that Enterprise in SNW doesn’t look like the original as we saw in Picard. I don’t have any issues with any of the visual changes in SNW because it still looks and feel like Star Trek to me at least. As much as I roast JJ verse for being awful movies, I never had an issue with those visual changes either because its in another universe.

I hate JJprize, but that’s mostly my personal taste, not because it doesn’t align with the TOS ship. Never once cared about that.

And I don’t think they should change the SNW Enterprise back to the original look of the old show when SNW is over either as I seen others suggest. That would seem weird and confusing to me.

I just liked how close Terry kept it old school, that’s all. But I have respect for both approaches. So, we’re not even disagreeing. 😎

My 2 quatloos… I get and appreciate the need to upgrade the old looks. But the caveat is whatever modern aesthetic change you make it must at the very least evoke the FEEL of what came before. I’m just not seeing that anywhere on the SNW Enterprise apart from the bridge. Part of it is that irritating dark lighting. But it’s primarily the new “cruise ship” like appearance of everything else. From the spacious Captain’s quarters to the luxury restaurant for the crew. The TOS Enterprise was very spartan. Yes, much of that was the TV budget of the time but still it is what it is. SNW Enterprise evokes none of it. Sorry. It bugs me.

I agree with you that the SNW Enterprise definitely has a cruise ship feel lol. I think they took the philosophy of the E-D and wanted to make the ship feel like a place you want to feel inviting to live in. Look at Pike’s quarters, who wouldn’t want to live there lol.

I don’t really disagree with anything you said here TG47. I agree I have no issues with seeing different visual canon at all. It’s another reason I didn’t have an issue with the Kelvin movies like others did.. HOWEVER, we know how fickle people are and when you make any real changes it really bothers a lot of fans out there. That’s why I think, and you heard me say this many times now, it probably would’ve made sense you just call it a reboot and you can do whatever you want.

Sure, I definitely believe they can reshape how the universe looks. But again, when you’re trying to attach it to 50+ year old universe and tell people it may look different but it belongs in that universe, you’re going to get LOTS of push back. That can be said for every franchise out there, not just Star Trek. If Christopher Nolan told everyone his Batman movies belonged in the Tim Burton Batman universe, people would’ve freaked out. But by making his own separate universe with their own design language, no one cared. And it also helped he made fantastic movies too.

But I want to make this clear before people start typing, I totally accept every show as being part of the prime universe. I had a ton of issues with Discovery as you know, but I never implied it shouldn’t be canon or not part of the Prime universe. I did think it was an idiotc decision for doing it lol, but I completely accepted it even if I thought it should be in its own universe and a lot of their problems would’ve went away.

As for SNW, and I’m not trying to speak for all fans, but I do think the overwhelming majority doesn’t have any issues with the way the show looks. There are certainly people who thinks it should be in its own universe too, but I think that’s more about it’s story cannon issues than the visual ones like La’an for example. I think most accept it looks a bit different from TOS but that’s mainly due to it not being in the 60s. And yeah, when you compare it to Discovery, it’s almost night and day. Not bringing back the DIS Klingons was definitely the right call. ;)

As far as the DIS Klingons, I never liked them, but I accepted them just the same. But if DIS was a reboot from day one, I do think more fans would’ve warmed up to them. But that’s ultimately the issue IMO. It’s not that people cant accept new stuff, they just can’t accept it when they are being told its suppose to align with the the old stuff.

I don’t think I would’ve ever warmed up to them. They almost felt like a totally different species and looked ridiculous. They should’ve just stayed with the Klingons they had for over 30 years.

People have gotten upset when others say this but how come the Vulcans looked exactly the same? Or the Romulans? Cardassians, Bajorans, Andorians, Ferengi, Borg and on and on. They changed some of them a little but like an update, not a complete makeover like those freaks looked like.

It made no sense you change them but everyone else basically stayed the same. Like why? It was just stupid.

Oh yeah, I know for others, everything about them was just bad and probably would never like them. But I do think people who were on the fence with them probably would’ve at least accepted them if they were told it was a reboot. But they were always going to be a big contention, not just for being different, just for being a bad design overall.

And it’s funny, we have five new shows, but we only seen them on Discovery while all the others went back to the TNG/TOS film era Klingons. Maybe SNW will surprise us and we’ll see a few in the background somewhere. But considering the show has avoided every major DIS element so far, not holding my breath.

For the record the Romulans were given a forehead for some weird reason on TNG. I get changing things up but the lore is they were Vulcans who emigrated so to me whatever changes you make to Romulans should have been made to the Vulcans as well.

Yeah but that’s just an upgrade, not a complete redesign. They still looked like Romulans. The DIS Klingons could’ve been another species entirely.

But I agree as well, it never made sense they updated the look of the Romulans but kept Vulcans the same. I guess that was some weird Roddenberry quirk he wanted at the time, but still odd.

If getting the Constitution Class New Jersey right was evidence Matalas is a dyed in the wool Trek fan then it only makes me wish he was running SNW. Perhaps the episodes still might not be that good but if he is what you say is is then at least the show would have gotten the really big canonical elements RIGHT. For example, if Matalas is the fan you claim there is no way in hell he would have used the Gorn. Just as I have reason to believe Manny Coto would not have. That reason was because Coto loved the Gorn and publicly said he would have loved to use the Gorn on Enterprise when he ran it but could not because he knew their first encounter was in the TOS episode Arena. He got around that by using them in the MU episodes. THAT is someone who knows his Trek. Not Goldsman or any of those others running SNW.

Man you’re never going to get over the Gorn thing are you lol.

Nope. Only if they completely drop them and pretend those episodes never happened. At least when Enterprise made a mistake they didn’t keep doing it again and again.

They already made clear the Gorn are the main villains in the show, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

The best way to handle this is like others and just pretend the show takes place in another universe.

I am aware. I find the decision such an obvious misstep that those who came up with the concept as well as every person in authority to stop it who didn’t should be fired and never allowed anywhere near a Star Trek production ever again. It’s THAT bad a decision. It doesn’t help when they mishandled the T’Pring situation as well. I know there are some who get around it by pretending the show is a reboot but honestly I just have a difficult time with that. Perhaps I shouldn’t? Others don’t seem to. Either way that’s my issue.

Really? I’m not a “100% of everything needs to line up with canon” person myself. Nevertheless there are still some things that MUST be followed and just cannot bend. The major events in the fictional history are one of them. The mere presence of the Gorn is such an obvious blunder it makes me question the integrity of anything the producers say. As is everyone knows about T’Pring. To a lesser extent is the major character change in Chapel. Those are things that probably should be adhered to and small things like the computer “tapes”, glowing hand rest thing and the court martial bell don’t rate all that high on my canon radar. I can even forgive the awful darkness and Enterprise design that barely evokes what is to come if those other HUGE things lined up.

At least the KU films were essentially reboots with gets them off the hook for every single change they made. But even if SNW was officially a reboot I still would have enjoyed the KU films more than what they have done on SNW. Creatively it’s just not that good even on its own.

Agreed. If I want to watch canon bending silliness, I already have LDS

They need to keep the show in line if they want their show to fall in line with what is to come. If they have no intention for the show to ever line up with TOS, for it to be its own thing separate from TOS then it’s a reboot and there is no need to line up with anything else. What I have seen is everything about this show screams “REBOOT”. Yet they keep telling us how it does indeed line up with TOS when it’s quite obvious it does not in nearly every way.

And for the record, it’s not even good as a reboot. JJ’s KU version, as flawed as it was, was a far better version.

How exactly would charges of “sedition” be valid?

She was serving the state. She did everything to conceal her nature. So how is it even conceivable that she was inciting rebellion against the established order of the Federation?

That’s a good question.

That one’s a head scratcher. We’ll find out soon enough.

Agreed. But it’s not so much about who she is as it was she didn’t reveal it. Like what if she had an actual criminal past that she didn’t reveal that would barr her from service? I know it’s not the same and not fair and kinda racist of the Federation but from a (admittedly layman) legal stand point I can kinda see it.

What if it’s not time travel, but an alien world that looks like 21st Century Earth like those seen in Orville?

I hope not! I loOOOove The Orville, but I’ve never been a fan of almost identically developed “parallel Earths” in any franchise. It usually seems extremely lazy from a production standpoint alone.

With TOS it was a way to save money by using standing period sets. Piece of the Action I think works pretty well. Bread and Circuses not quite as much.

I don’t mind it when they give a legitimate excuse like in Piece of the Action and Patterns of Force. It bugs me when it is basically just a huge coincidence like in Bread and Circuses or The Omega Glory.

Don’t forgot “Miri” where the planet itself is a 1:1 copy of Earth and it isn’t even a thing on that episode, which should have been THE plot of the episode.

Yeah, and the reaction of the Enterprise crew is, basically “well how about that” and then they just move on.

I actually thought they explained it pretty well with the Preservers. and then TNG doubled down on that.

I understand it in TOS. They just didn’t have the production value. But now they should be able to do more.

They had plenty of production value. What they got for their buck was pretty darn good. As was said before the “parallel” Earth thing was mainly a money saving ploy more than anything else. I find it very easy to look past such things.

It’s possible but one of the episodes this season is titled Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow which is a Shakespeare/Macbeth reference which is about second chances and running out of time. I suspect that’s the name of this episode.

It also hints to a couple TOS episode titles, like “Tomorrow is Yesterday” and “Return to Tomorrow”. The former was a time travel episode with the Enterprise going back to 1960’s Earth.

As well as your Shakespeare reference, I’m wondering if this episode will be something like a serious Star Trek take on “Groundhog Day” with Kirk and La’an stuck in some kind of “time loop” where they keep repeating the same day over and over again. If done right, that could be an interesting spin on the time travel trope. What is you got thrown into the past and whatever took you there keeps resetting you to the same point in time, over and over again?

That’s what I was thinking too. It could be another version of ‘Cause and Effect’ or “Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad’. That’s actually one of my favorite Discovery episodes, but TNG still did it better…and 25 years earlier. ;)

But I love all the time travel stories in Trek and would definitely be up for another version of it even if it’s been down twice already.

I just rewatched Cause and Effect a week ago. It’s still one of my favorite episodes and I never been a big time travel fan although I enjoy most of Trek’s stories.

Would be fun if they did another time loop story.

LOL poor Frasier Crane!

Lol, but Frasier helped proved Captain Freeman’s innocence with Tuvok so he did a great thing for Starfleet, the Federation and the galaxy. 😄

Then ideally Carrey/Kirk would spent all his time in the past just stuck in the revolving door. He comes out at the end and says, wow, that certainly does wonders for keeping my gut from getting the upper hand.

Who is Carrey? I don’t think there are any new (or existing) characters with that name.

Jim Carrey/Kirk/akaNew Guy

Jim Carrey?? Huh? I don’t get it.

That’s okay, other folks have and do.

So why don’t you explain it to me because I don’t see any correlation.

I’ve long since tired of doing other people’s homework to correct for their own apparent laziness.

If you were sincerely curious, you could have spent a couple minutes looking at past Kirk/SNW threads for yourself instead of only offering nuisance value in this one.

How is explaining “your joke” doing other people’s homework??? It is YOUR joke. I am going right to the source. This has nothing to do with researching Jim Carrey in Star Trek because he has nothing to do with it.
Just admit that whatever you were trying to say fell flat and move on. No need to be rude about it.

I don’t know if you are an old poster sneaking back in to act like a troll or a new one taking up that mantle, but I’m done interacting with you.
(and yeah, that’s me being ultra-polite about it, so get lost.)

What is wrong with you dude? How is asking you… politely… what you were referring to being a troll??? I’ve been on here for a few years so I’m not some one “sneaking” back in. If I hurt your feelings by asking you to explain a joke, you don’t have to be so rude about it. Wow.

He thinks he looks like Jim Carrey.

Ahhh… okay. I guess that was difficult for him to say that simple thing himself. Thank you for that. I appreciate the response! I personally don’t see it, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.

We certainly do sadly.

THat’s what I am hoping. But in either case they really shouldn’t be in uniform.

Okay it is Rigel VII. Whew. Glad to be wrong.

Were you thinking Talos?

No I was thinking something else entirely

Ahh ok

Rigel must be some trippy system, since at least one other world is habitated in MUDD’S WOMEN.

in-system, I mean.

Huh, judging from the clip, I guess so much for the argument that Noonien Singh could be a common name in the future. Still strikes me as unneeded. The Gorn backstory was enough for her character. But what’s done is done.

Anyway, I’m happy to see a trial episode on the horizon. I’m always a sucker for those.

Sadly agreed, although they made it clear in season one she was Khan’s descendant. The episode where we learn Chin Riley was an augment. I still hate the idea though. Just feels so unnecessary.

Agreed. It seems gratuitous.

Ive said this before but no need for “noonien”. I don’t have my Father’s middle name and he is my direct desendant.

That’s kind of anecdotally meaningless though. My middle name is the same as my fathers, which also my uncle, and many years back, a great uncle share.

Well sure. It totally depends on family preference. I just think it would have kept the secret better and kept people from freaking so much.

What they should have done was have he last name be Singh, but have it revealed at some point in the series that she does not use here birth middle name of Noonian for obvious reasons.

Do we think Noonian Soong and/all his predecessor bought a vowel and changed their last name to avoid all the inevitable comparisons and questions regarding Khan Noonian Singh?

To be fair I have my dad’s middle name. But it’s not my great grandfathers….

But musical eps and animated crossover eps, no problem. Lol, some of the reasoning here about what we need to be concerned about regarding Trek canon just kills me.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We got bigger problems

Though not a dealbreaker or anything, I think this is a little more important to the overall series because she’s a regular and they keep making an issue of her ancestor and tying it into the genetic enhancement story with Una, whereas the animated crossover and musical episodes are presumably one-offs. (Fingers crossed that they are.)

Hmm, maybe.

I agree with everyone here, I like her as a character, but being a Khan relative is just bizarre and unneeded. Pretty sure that was another stupid idea from hack Goldsman.🙄

I suspect all the bad canon and creative decisions were shared among the entire producing and writing staff.

Indeed. But to clarify I was referring to the argument I’d seen that Kirk and Spock wouldn’t make anything of the Khan and La’an connection because it might be a common last name, that they wouldn’t immediately think of her in Space Seed. Pretty flimsy, I thought, and apparently so might the prosecutor here, ha. She jumped right to Khan.

Oh gotcha.

And that’s why it’s so ridiculous to have her aboard. Not only that, but it looks like her and Kirk will be dating this season lol. I have to make clear I LOVE the show, but I really wish they did less of this stuff because it makes all of it extra messy no matter what the showrunners pretends otherwise. These guys just can’t help themselves.

Right, might as well have Spock help young Carol Marcus start work on Project Genesis. Because it’s how he gets reborn later! Get it? Get it? See the connection?!


Season 3! ;)

HA!!! Michael’s Mom goes back in time (again) and drops him a hint? Lord joking aside I really hope not.

I hope not either man. No more appearances from dead mom.

Or maybe Pike knows because of the S1 finale?

If we want Kirk hooking up or on the show at all while doing the TomCatting thing, why not with Helen Noel? I’d love to see them find somebody as flat-out sexy as Marianna Hill in this day and age who wasn’t obviousy ‘augmented/bionic’ like so many actresses (am thinking of the Vulcan woman on ENT and Ms. Ryan, to name but two.)

I can’t wait for them to throw Q on the show.

You know they want to.

I mean it’s pretty easy to do. Especially if Q makes them forget they met or something.

I agree making her a Khan descendant is unnecessary, but I don’t think it really violates canon. Once Kirk and Spock learned Khan’s last name, they knew exactly who he was. They probably thought of La’an at that point, but didn’t feel it was worth mentioning.

If only SNW felt it wasn’t worth mentioning.


And the real shock of Space Seed isn’t because they didn’t know who Khan was, but because they had no idea he’d escaped into space and had been frozen for 200 years. (Spock figures that out later.) If you bumped into a man today who said his name was Washington, would your mind really start thinking, “hey that could be George Washington!” No.

You probably get this a lot, but you do look like the guy on the one dollar bill.

Queue up the special LDS homage episode to The Jeffersons sitcom.

I love it how we got animated sitcom characters showing up in a live action Trek series, plus many, many fans calling for a musical episode, yet there is this bizarre outrage for a character having a middle name that connects her to a character in Trek history.

Talk about a lack of perspective from some fans about what’s important regarding canon in Star Trek…lol

No, lack of perspective is not focusing on the issue at hand and bringing in strawman arguments. We can talk about why an animated crossover is a goofy idea too, which I agree with, but that wasn’t the subject.

No, the middle name of a character that connects with a famous Trek character is “in the weeds” as compared to a Trek bridge crew suddenly breaking out in a tap dance number, or animated cartoon sitcom characters suddenly coming to life and talking with Captain Pike on SNW. This is big stupid stuff versus relatively minor stupid stuff. So yes, perspective is needed.

So it’s silly to sweat the small stuff when we got major dumbass things that we really should be concerned about as fans here.

“This is big stupid stuff versus relatively minor stupid stuff“

That just about sums up all of post-2009 Star Trek in a single sentence.

That’s a solid observation

Sooo true about NuTrek man! 😂👍

Yes exactly. Singh is a quite common name in India and Pakistan.

But they don’t know the Singh name till halfway through the ep, all they know is ‘Khan’ — which should be a flag like ‘Hitler’ given both are remembered centuries hence.

That’s weird tho cause “Khan” is the one name not part of La’an’s name.

I think that is kmart’s point — in history he is primary known by Khan, not his last name of Singh.

It’s a little known fact that Khan himself faced this issue when he was in high school as he was bullied by upper classmen who would say shit like, “how can you such a pus*y when your ancestors Genghis and Kublai were so powerful?”

It’d be funnier if this happened at the beach and somebody kicked sand in his face. Then Khan volunteered for a secret US program (sponsored by an uber-conservative cabal) to create supersoldiers and became the 21st Century version of Captain America.

LOL, “Make Eugenics Great Again”

Make Eugenics Terrific Again – how META!


Well, at least he was more consequential than Imran.

I’d say a better analogy would be “Adolph”.

I used Hitler because it was referenced in TUC as something everybody would seem to know.

Very much agreed, Tiger.

I’m trying to think of a time Danpaine where we have ever disagreed on something here lol. I would say we could be brothers but I have a brother and we don’t hardly agree on anything lol.

I’m an only child, Tiger, so I’ll consider us Brothers-In-Trek, if that’s cool with you!

A relationship with a brother is a bond that is unbreakable and forever. Having a brother who is caring and loving is one of the biggest blessings. Brothers fill your heart with a light of billion suns. They are your best friends to whom you can share your heart out. Having them in your life gives you wings to fly higher. They bring you joy and make your life special. They always keep praying for you silently. No matter where life throws you, your brothers are there to protect you from every hardship. 

— Rashed Miah

Would happily accept that Danpaine! :)

It’s crazy how we are so in sync with nearly everything about Star Trek.

That just piles on to the problems with this show. In addition to the universe bending canon issues like the Gorn’s mere presence and everyone knowing about T’Pring, you get things that aren’t canon mistakes but very questionable creative decisions. La’an being a blood relative of Khan is one of those. I can’t help but wonder WHY? They didn’t touch on the one thing you’d think they would in season 1. So that’s not it. Thus far it hasn’t been relevant. And then there is the #1 being a secret alien thing. Which I find abhorrent and sends a really bad message. It’s as if they decided they can’t have an actual HUMAN woman be cold and calculated like the #1 character originally was. Nope. They decided those characteristics MUSH belong to an alien. The whole thing just has me shaking my damn head.

I’m not bothered with Una being an alien but agree with everything else.

But yes, I wouldn’t have a problem if she was just human but augmented like Bashir. was.

She doesn’t even need to be augmented. Just better at her job than most others.

True. I’m only saying I’m not bothered she’s an augment.

The sneak-peek clip is now available on the site without geoblock.

It is at least a visual reboot. I don’t expect by the series end for the Discoprise to become the original 1960s version. With some ridiculous in universe thing like a refit. In my opinion the new shows are a approximation of canon for the current era. They aren’t representative of the past. Not in the way and how slavishly Picard season 3 was.

“Visual reboot” doesn’t explain the historical inaccuracies or the character ones.

It shouldn’t bug me this much that they keep giving Una costumes with full commander stripes but always drop her down a rank in dialog.

I find it really questionable that she hasn’t be advanced to full commander as the first officer of the Enterprise.

Yes, was lieutenant commander in The Cage, but that was a pilot in a time when having a woman in even a lieutenant commander role was groundbreaking.

In-universe, it’s been years. She should be a commander now.

I might be wong but wasn’t Spock also a Lt Cmdr under Kirk?

No, he was a full Commander as was Scott.

Hmm ok. Spock doesn’t surprise me but Scotty does!

Spock was ‘promoted’ at some point first season, as he was addressed as Lt. Comm Spock in some of the first shows, probably before Coon came on to produce.

And Scotty was ALWAYS a Lt. Commander, never a full one till the movies.

I recall that either in TOS or TAS a big deal was made of command rings.

Only Spock, Scot and Kirk had them and it was a plot point.

I don’t think we’ve heard of the rings since then.

In TMOST, it is mentioned someplace they decided to deemphasize the ring braids on TOS, holding a captain to just 2-1/2 braids instead of what, 4? Don’t know how that broke down for the lower ranks (2 for full comm, 1-1/2 for, 1 for lt, 1/2 for ensign is my blue-sky guess, but I never really took note … wonder if Windom’s Decker had three?)

Making of ST-TMP book mentioned how they went back up for that feature, I think.

Scotty is very much mentioned as lt comm in Kirk’s commendations in THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME, an ep I have half-memorized. I think he describes himself that way to Marvick in IS THERE IN TRUTH, but I haven’t seen that one a 100 times, so I’m just recollectin’ …

1/2 for Lt. JG (rarely used, but there. They liked to sneak it in on redshirts), Ensign had no stripe (see Chekov)

Actually, she was a Lieutenant in The Cage.
ONE: She’s replacing your former yeoman, sir.
PIKE: She does a good job, all right. It’s just that I can’t get used to having a woman on the bridge. No offence, Lieutenant. You’re different, of course.

Ironically, he and Spock are the only male main characters on the bridge in SNW.

They screw up quite a bit. Ortega has Lt.Commander stripes but is addressed as a Lt. Same with Spock.
Chapel wears commanders stripes which is weird.

Apologies if anyone has already brought this up but I can’t help but wonder: if the scene with Kirk and La’an is indeed from some kind of time travel incident/episode, I wonder if the writers will end up making her Khan’s ancestor, possibly using her genetic code to help create the augments that then caused the eugenics wars.

Depends on what exact year. If it’s 2023/2024. No. They can try to say it hasn’t happened yet but nah it has already happened.

They could top that by Kirk having an affair with her and being Khan’s Ancestor too…

He is also wearing full Captain braids on his arm in that shot as opposed to the Lieutenant braids in other shots from the upcoming season.

Something is afoot…

So in TOS when Khan is memorizing all the records of the ship, he also had a heretofore redacted scene with Kirk that goes down something like:

Kirk: reading anything interesting.
Khan: Not really.
Kirk: That’s not what I heard.
Khan: you f’d my mother.
Kirk: Sshe wasn’t your mother…. yet.

Skip forward to why Khan targets David Marcus… his brother?

I really hope this isn’t whats happening.

Geez, you’re talking contrivance on a level I’ve only seen in SPECTRE with the DrEvil/Bro thing and in the LETHAL WEAPON 2 reveal that this baddie is the one who killed the lead’s wife before the first movie.

sure hope that this isn’t the case, but if it is so, then here’s one more heretofore redacted exchange, inspired by one version or other of BLADE RUNNER, during the Kirk/Khan fight in engineering:

Khan: I have five times your physical strength … Father.

Kirk hits him with the plastic thing: Go to your quarters or I’ll pick you up and carry you there.

Her sensayuma.

May I remind people that the original point of Khan Noonien-Singh is not that augments are evil and should be feared, it’s that humanity’s search for perfection is a stupid idea and the rejection of other people for being different hurts everyone. Something I hope that SNW will get back to here with Una Chin-Riley.

Yes the eugenics wars was bad! It was bad and taking over the planet was bad! But at the same time, humanity at the time brought it upon themselves, taking the people that they had rejected for stupid reasons and changing them to try to make the perfect humans because nobody would care if they died, they were mostly poor people and orphans, nobody would notice they were gone. Then they succeeded and realized they didn’t like what they made and rejected them again. And again and again and again until they broke and everyone reaped what they had sown. Was that right? No, absolutely not.

Noonien-Singh could have been rehabilitated when he was found in Space Seed. Once upon a time he was a caring man, with a strong sense of wrong and right, who never left any of his friends behind. That never really left after everything, he could have returned to being that. Wrath of Khan could have been avoided but instead the Federation, with all of its talk about being better, did the same thing that had happened before and history repeated itself.

And it keeps repeating itself. Over and over and over again. Una Chin-Riley, who had nothing to do with human augments, who isn’t even actually human. Julian Bashir, who was so scared of being rejected again for who he was, pretending he isn’t one and trying to resign when he’s found out to avoid whatever was going to come his way just because his parents didn’t like who he was and had him changed. Dal R’el.

And their descendants… It had been two or three? centuries since then. La’an Noonien-Singh has absolutely nothing to do with her ancestor and his actions. And instead she also gets rejected because of everyone still fears them.

Should we be feared? Should we be disliked? Yes, absolutely. But also keep in mind exactly what situation we came from and how unfair it is to others to assume that just because they were genetically enhanced or changed in some way that they’d just be the same as us.

RE: Noonien-Singh could have been rehabilitated… NO WAY. Not by a long shot.

He said himself in the ep the world needed order. Those are scary words. And technically Khan was offered rehabilitation. He wasn’t sent to a rehab colony like Una is being threatened with, he was given what he always wanted, to conquor a new world.

Which is no different from like. The Changelings. Absolutely no different at all. More could have been done after that but instead history repeated itself.

Fair enough

“Once upon a time he was a caring man, with a strong sense of wrong and right, who never left any of his friends behind.”
This is what we get thanks to the terribly written “Into Darkness” which was so obsessed with making Admiral George W Bush, cough, Marcus the bad guy using drones that we get Kahn as the poor guy with a strong sense of right and wrong. Ugh.
Kahn was a bad guy who thought because he was intellectually and physically superior that he should rule and bring order. This is like every other tyrant in the world. Look at Communist China, they too believe that only the elite can rule.
It always ends bad.
Maybe you are intellectually and physically superior, in many ways the Borg unimind is, but that isn’t all that counts. Plus your priorities can be different from others. Maybe you want order, some may want freedom. Maybe you think you deserve unlimited cash because you are oh so elite, but hey, maybe said real economy doesn’t support that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, etc.
Also drones are saving Ukraine now so that whole beam from Earth to Qo’nos plot was also dumb.
How the Kelvinverse should have went… Starfleet Command in a panic because they lost Vulcan and almost lost Earth. The Klingons on the rise. Then they find Kahn, a genetic strategic genius, and “rehabilitate him” and use him to do strategy at command. Then you find out that starships are being asked to violate the prime directive, Kahn is secretly preparing a coup not only in the Federation but with the cooperation of extremists in the Klingon Empire that will lead to intergalactic war. Kahn’s plan, a new galactic order!
The real reason for the ban should be, if you can genetically engineer anything, then where is the limit to the enhancements. Lifting 300lbs? Photographic memory? Do you allow engineering people that can live in zero G? Do you make it where they can remember everything? Do you make it where they aren’t even human or known alien anymore with superior everything?!?! And if you ban it, why, aren’t you making the perfect organism? With robo-Picard technology you can even have them live and breath in space and live forever transferring their minds, etc. And then why not network them that they are all in sync like the Borg?!?

Augments were not evil. But Khan was. Sure humanity took an over reaction after the Eugenics Wars. Unfortunately it always does. Just look at the world we live in today. But I think eventually with ppl like Bashir they started to learn from their mistakes.

On point and agree! 👍

The way I saw it Bashir had AN enhancement. A small one. And was the exception rather than the rule. The way the Augments were presented was the bulk of them felt they were superior and should rule over everyone else. We saw this even on the Enterprise Augments arc. Soong was even trying to work the DNA of the embryos to see if it was an aspect of them he could alter. Even he knew it was a flaw.

I’ve played it a few times now…. the Vulcan Judge is named Chip?

Sounds like.

Just why?

That’s C’ip to you.
Sincerely… F’il

The only thing I can think of is that it could be an homage to Samuel Delany.

Then if Delany were from Russian affiliated states, he’d be a chip off the old bloc.


IG subtitles say “Chiv”

So much time traveling in all Star Trek shows to almost the same time period and almost the same place.
Shouldn’t all crews bump into each other? Just like in Back to the future II? Would have been a big big anniversary plot. Would be fun to have the Bell riots, Picard S2 and the next time travel episode into one…

No they shouldn’t. For them to bump into each other they’d have to LITERALLY travel to the EXACT SAME time and place, not “almost.”

If I go to “almost” the same place as you on “almost” the same day, I’ll be at the post office on Wednesday while you’re at the arby’s drive thru on Thursday,

See how that works?

Sisko was at the bell riots in San Francisco in September of 2024, Picard S2 took place in April of 2024 in Los Angeles, which is like, 6 hours away and five months apart.

Likewise, SNW is likely to see Kirk and La’an in 2023, a year before both of them.

Plus… considering how the time travel worked in both previous stories,, Sisko and Picard may not be there even if they waited around for them (note how the photo of Gabriel Bell changed).

Fun little fact. In the 90s I was talking with Mike Okuda on teh Paramount lot and he told me that when Kira and O’Brien are beaming down to Earth to try and find Sisko and Dax, that in the attempt where they beam down in the 30s he put a reproduction of the boxing match poster that was in the alley on a wall that Spock and Kirk jumped into from the Guardian of Forever in the background of the shot of Kira and Miles. So maybe people do run into each other… remember the punk on the bus ran into Starfleet people twice ;)

If only they could say, “Nothing is different, it’s a ‘visual refresh’ just like they said before DISCO aired,” they wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that here in a couple of years the ship has to look like it was made out of plywood and plastic resin. :D

And is a different ship – AGAIN.

Few bought that line regarding Star Trek Discovery. I doubt many are buying it with SNW.

Looks great. I like that the Telerite has make-up (and 3 fingers) like TOS. Not super happy with the odd re-use of Disco’s 32nd century starfleet HQ set. Its an odd shape for a courtroom.

Why should everything be boxlike. Somewhat humanocentric way of thinking.

There’s a classic sensibility to traditional courtrooms, much akin in my mind to the TOS bridge layout in that there seems to purpose, function and aesthetics all at play in concert with one another. From what I could tell, this courtroom looks more like an Abrams-style mezzanine, wholly without functionality. Like most 21st Century Trek, I often find SNW lacking in the design effort, with way too much flash.

And what is it with the deck sizing? Do they have 16-foot ceilings In Pike’s quarters and in the hallways? Not much in the way of a submarine feel here, and they don’t have the excuses that TOS might trot out, like no money to build a ceiling or having to light down vertically through the open sets.

On the courtroom, we’re going to have to agree to disagree. Different cultures develop different norms on such things and this is a good indication that the Federation is not dominated by human norms.

Here’s a practical example: as someone brought up in country with a Westminster parliamentary tradition, big semi-circle legislative chambers don’t look serious to me. Yes, many other countries have adopted them since the US did. To me however the classic oppositional box format that goes back to renaissance parlements across Europe, is what any legislature should look like. No reason courtrooms might evolve outside your sensibility or comfort zone too.

On the big spaces on ship, larger rooms with high ceilings are the least ridiculous thing given that we have always known that the huge internal volumes of those ships don’t match the small quarters and other spaces we see on screen.

As we’ve learned in the pandemic, when you can’t get out, having generous internal spaces is important.

I would also point out that an 8 or 9 foot ceiling on a deck of a ship may not make much sense, especially on a ship that serves crew of various species, but it’s low even by human standards.

In much of the current Earth, ceiling heights are higher. Even old Soviet-era apartments had higher ceilings than North American standards. It’s one of the first things that stands out when you travel in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union, if you’re fortunate enough to be invited into people’s homes. The rise to run of stairways is quite different in the former Soviet Union too, much shallower. I can always tell when a show is actually filmed in those countries due to the high ceilings and the shallow stairways with many turns and landings between floors. (Check out the Tetris movie for example.)

Also, I can’t speak for the US, but here in Canada, people like to have high ceilings in their main floor public rooms of their homes and seem to sacrifice a great deal of internal volume for that in homes built since the 80s.

What I find unacceptable though is that the Kurtzman-era shows have given us ships where a hierarchy of access to personal space is so rigidly maintained in an egalitarian post scarcity society. Having ensigns in bunk rooms says unpleasant things about social status in Starfleet and doesn’t align with Roddenberry’s views. I just don’t think Starfleet would be miserly and mean with space allocated to crew quarters.

Some good points, especially with respect to personal space issues in post scarcity society.

I guess the counter-argument would be that Starfleet — outside of GR’s purview, that is — has chosen to maintain a certain military bent/mindset as tradition, but that probably blows with the winds be they the taut nautical winds of Meyer or the crazed BILL&TED-looking turbolift I remember seeing in youtube clip from DSC, I think.

I think I’ve always been influenced by the Gerrold statement in TWOST (first edition, not sure about later ones) saying lifesupport shouldn’t ever be an issue in a ship that has got such high ceilings and wasted space. I’ve always cut TOS main engineering some slack just because it looked cool to have THAT big open space, but never liked it anywhere else. Plus, cinematically, I think lower ceilings makes for better framing, and a suggestion of ‘reality’ that may not fit with Trek futurism but still works for visual credibility, a la ALIEN.

Having lived my life mostly in apartments, I always figured the one good use of empty overhead space would be periscope like arrangements for deploying as needed items, like fold down TVs, perhaps even furniture and seating (see an odd little movie called MOON 44 for some ceiling mounted chair and consoles that I really like — EVENT HORIZON also had the dangle chairs — but avoid MOON 44’s content for a lot of unappetizing story stuff and wholly unnecessary use of smoke.) I’d prefer a cluttered overhead to the kind that just has pebby looking ceilings and that terrible spray-on crud, but realize that is probably a super-atypical take on things.

I think your point about seeing a non-human or non-western-human take on settings is valid for Starfleet, but probably moreso for what is described in the novels, where there is much more a nonhuman perspective, as in the Diane Duane novels. Aired Trek seems to have a prononunced human bent that probably isn’t going away till animation takes full hold.

The reuse of the disco set is one of my favorite elements of the trailer, after I saw someone point it out.

Reusing sets, props, and even costuming between different eras is Trek tradition.

The Refit E bridge became the TNG battle bridge, the Enterprise-D sets were used for the Enterprise-A, Ten Forward became the Federation President’s office in Star Trek 6, and that doesn’t even touch on alien sets which were used from TNG through Enterprise.

So Japanese Trek fans can’t get access to SNW?

Many of the new shows are geoblocked in Japan.

Paramount+ has rolled out in South Korea but Japan is somewhat over saturated with streamers. It will be interesting to see whether they partner as they have with Sky in some parts of Europe.

That’s surprising given Trek has been so big in Japan in past decades. Maybe the disc sales are large there then for the recent series?

Paramount won’t give an exclusive licence to another streamer for one of its major franchises, but the Japanese market is so over saturated with a multitude of streamers just now that rolling out P+ there likely doesn’t make sense.

Earlier today I was watching the DS9 episode “Dr. Bashir, I presume”. During the episode Miles and Julian are discussing that genetically enhanced humans are banned from serving in Starfleet. Miles says to his friend, there hasn’t been a case like this for about 100 years. I guess we now know one of the cases they are talking about and it should be a good episode of SNW.

Wow great catch man! I don’t remember that line at all. That’s pretty cool and fits in perfectly.

Oh wow, it is looking great!!! Can’t wait to meet Pelia, the bridge looks awesome and love the dress uniforms! Reminds me of Court Marshall
Damn, finally back to feeling like we’re in the final frontier with the fate of the galaxy resting on what the crew of a single starship does, nothing here is a dime a dozen. Hit it!!!

I’m also excited about a return to Rigel VIII. Always seemed to be an important mission that cost Enterprise crew members.

I really hope Rigel 7 is somewhere they are returning to and that somehow we’re not going to be shown the events that took place BEFORE The Cage out of time, unless as flashbacks.

I’m concerned that the media messaging, used by Goldsman in the SFX interview and Romjin for the UK panel, talks about knowing where Una will be in future.

There’s definitely a WTF? element to this which is generating questions on a number of platforms about whether they’ve muddled their own timelines. Yikes.

Una is the only continuing character in SNW from the original pilot that a canonical future isn’t locked down for.

That is, the only time and place we know Una has been canonically before Discovery and SNW are the events of The Cage. The Menagerie offers flashbacks only. So there’s nothing in canon that reveals Number One’s future or constrains her to be held back from promotion beyond Lieutenant Commander.

More, The Cage has been confirmed to be in the past in relation to SNW with the call back in ‘If Memory Serves’ in Discovery S2 which Goldsman was deeply involved in mapping out.

Anyway, there’s something off in the media lines they’re citing and it’s not a one-off mistake if both Romjin and Goldsman are both quoting or repeating it.

Can’t anyone draw up a timeline and post it on the wall of that writers room and share it with whoever is writing and signing off the media lines?

If you’re locking in EPs and talent with NDAs, then at least make sure the approved media messages make sense within your own continuity.

Chief Justice Marshall was indeed a man before his time.

(Come to think of it, Marbury v Madison was actually somewhat in the mold of Roddenberrian politics, though.)

This totally looks great. Can’t wait! 😎

Not a fan of the courtroom uniforms …

The silly gorget patch at the throat needs to go. That goes for Discovery, too.

Could they try any less for that set redress? Literally Starfleet 3100s looks like Starfleet 2200s. You can even see the USS Federation plaque!

Please come back, Team Matalas!

LOL, this is the kind of redress error that fans love to go back to find when rewatching in future decades (assuming that it won’t be vfx’d out before it’s released).

They’ve certainly happened before.

Usually it’s because a director chooses to do a side from an angle that hadn’t originally been planned to be in the frame.

Seriously though, I find the design on SNW fresh and gorgeous.

When I think how much design language changed decade by decade in the 20th century, or differs across geographic regions, I become completely exasperated with fans who want to lock things into 60s or 90s American style. It’s really a way to ensure franchise doesn’t have a future in a global streaming market.

Last thought, this may be one of the last appearances of this particular with any redressing in any show as it’s built in one of the Pinewood Toronto Studios that CBS Studios leased for Discovery. We’ll surely see it in Discovery S5 but that would be it once the lease runs out. (SNW has its sets on CBS own soundstages that opened across the city in 2019.)

That’s a very strange attitude. He is saying it is not necessary for the show to line up with TOS at all until WNMHGB? So does this mean everyone everywhere is going to just magically forget the Gorn exist? Does this mean Chapel & Uhura are similarly going to completely fortet T’Pring exists? And that Chapel undergoes a MAJOR personality change? Or to a much lesser extent in importance the ship magically transforms into something less luxurious?

Does he really believe this is going to get him off the hook for all his egregious canon problems? It certainly doesn’t solve the other character and writing problems the show suffers from….

Looks like Kirk is definitely a captain in that picture.

I’m rooting for Paul Wesley as Kirk. He looks the part. I wasn’t blown away from the very little I saw (I haven’t watched Season 1 of SNW yet, but I saw a bit of his first appearance on youtube). I hope his rendition works. No one can ever replace Shatner (I believe Chris Pine admitted that), but I hope Wesley comes close to evoking one of my three childhood heroes (along with Spock and McCoy of course!).