Watch: All Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 1 Available For Free On YouTube In USA

Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in two weeks, and Paramount+ is building momentum by making the entire first season available to stream for free on YouTube for a limited time. This is part of a broader promotion that includes full free seasons of other Paramount+ original series like iCarly, Queen of the Universe, and Joe Picket.

UPDATE: Paramount+ has also made season 1 available for free in the USA on Amazon Prime Video and Pluto TV.

Season 1 of Strange New Worlds on YouTube

Watch the whole season for free. They will be available on YouTube until Friday, June 30th at midnight (PT).

Episode 1  “Strange New Worlds”

Episode 2 “Children of the Comet”

Episode 3 “Ghosts of Illyria”

Episode 4 “Memento Mori”

Episode 5 “Spock Amok”

Episode 6  “Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach”

Episode 7 “The Serene Squall”

Episode 8 “The Elysian Kingdom”

Episode 9 “All Those Who Wander”

Episode 10 “A Quality of Mercy”

Season 2 coming soon

Season 2 will premiere Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+ in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second season will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in South Korea, with premiere dates to be announced at a later date. Following the premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Dang. Why the heck did I pay for this stuff?

Because it was fabulous, and you got to see it a year ago. :-)

And because subscribing tells Paramount that Star Trek earns them money, so they should make more of it.

And it’s still great!

Yes, it certainly was! I’m keeping my sub.

Paramount knows Star Trek makes money, and it seems that they don’t actually have enough Trek ready to release this year.

Star Trek and the Yellowstone franchise accounted for about half of Paramount+ demand in 2022 (according to Parrot Analytics).

So, yes that are going to want to maximize the potential for SNW to pull in subscribers in this financial quarter. They’ve already put it on PlutoTV as a feature for the past few weeks, this will boost exposure further.

Paramount is in a sticky wicket in terms of its release schedule given their next Yellowstone release is far away.

(Bass Reeves was in production last winter but doesn’t sound as though it’s wrapped, Tulsa King S2 production is reportedly on hold.)

They’re adding in a lot of great movie content with 4 Mission Impossible movies coming back in the US and the rest of the Trek movies too, but that’s the kind of content that holds subscribers more than motivates sign ups.

Merging in Showtime on the premium subscription gives added Yellowjackets S2 and a bigger catalogue, but it’s still thin in terms of new content to come.

Can you imagine what the popularity of a Yellowstone-Star Trek crossover would be?

Star Trek: Yellowstone

Huge…I’d love to see Taylor Sheridan’s take on Trek…

So would I, actually.

Actually all the Mission Impossible movies have been there for over a year now. A few just disappear every now and again like the Star Trek movies.

I honestly think P+ is a great site today, but it doesn’t have the pull like the big boys, at least not yet.

Wait, they’re making a Bass Reeves series? Cool!

Peculiar question indeed ….

Eventually everything makes it’s way to being available to viewable free in some form or another. Tho I will admit this was rather quick given how successful Picard Season 3 was. Maybe the Writer’s Strike has them spooked?


I wish you had waited — because then we would not have had to read this rather asinine post of yours today since you would not have seen it yet. ;-)

Paramount+ is desperate for more viewers and has to do what it takes to get more people on board. It’s obviously smart. They used to just show the first Trek show in a season on YT. Now they are showing the entire season.

If they want more paying subscribers, they should not have started using DRM. That lost them our business, and we’ve been paying for the top tier since a week before Discovery premiered. I’ll sign up again the moment they ditch the horrid practise.

What’s DRM

It’s an acronym for Digital Rights Management. It’s a way of encrypting data so that it can’t be copied and passed around (except that people usually find a way to break it).

Ohhh okay. Thank you.

I mean, you don’t give the crowing jewel away like this for free in my book. Lower Decks and Picard, sure, but not SNW, Prodigy and DSC

It’s just a short-lived promotion to drive subscriptions.

Not a permanent give away.

It’s the same reason why it’s been running as a special promotion this month on PlutoTV in several markets.

As well as the reason why Into Darkness was the CBS Friday feature movie last weekend.

If Paramount+ is dependent on the Trek and Yellowstone franchises for its base subscribers, growing the Trek audience is existential.

SNW is a great entry into a franchise that’s got an intimidatingly deep catalogue at this point – based on the number of ‘Where do I start?’ posts on other platforms.

Makes sense to do whatever they can to pull in new viewers, and YouTube draws a younger demographic while PlutoTV and linear pull older.

This is such a weird troll. There’s nothing original about Strange New Worlds. It just has fantastic visuals including Anson Mount’s magnificent hair. It’s the most expensive James Cawley fan film ever made.

They want to get people hooked for Season two I assume.

This is more proof Paramount+ is probably not in a great spot. But whatever drives more interest. And it will be great for the Trek fans who has not watched SNW yet because they don’t want to pay to watch it, at least in America. Maybe it will convince a few to subscribe for season 2.

All that said, why not just make certain seasons free on the site itself and not just YT? A way for people to check out the site and see what else is there?

I should make clear for fans who simply can’t afford to pay for it as well. Why it’s nice to see some of the new shows air on Pluto too.

I watched the first season twice, and enjoyed it much more the second time. The only hang-ups for me are the way they play fast and loose with canon (which I’m basically disregarding so it won’t bother me), the current-day phrases and language they use (‘you got this,’ etc.) and the casting of JTK, which to me is abysmal. It’s a fun show to watch, but to me it doesn’t jibe with the prime timeline. Just one (old) guy’s opinion.