‘Star Trek: Strange New World’ Cast Says “Big Swings” In Season 2 Take Show Into “Uncharted Territory”


At the end of May, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds actors Celia Rose Gooding (Uhura), Melissa Navia (Ortegas), Rebecca Romijn (Number One), and Ethan Peck (Spock) “beamed” in as “holograms” to the MCM Comic Con in London to talk about season 2. The full panel is available to watch at Popverse, and we have some of the highlights, plus details on the technology behind the hologram panel.

Big genre swings may test some fans

The cast used the often repeated phrase “big swings” a lot to describe how the show takes on multiple genres in season 2 as it did in season 1. Rebecca Romijn noted that the new season really leaned into it…

Rebecca Romijn: We really took some very big swings with genre in season 2. And not everybody–it might not completely be embraced by all fans, but we tried a lot of things. And we’re very proud of it, and very excited to share it with fans.

Melissa Navia agreed and offered some context about how the cast approached the season:

Melissa Navia: Pretty much around when we started filming season 2, season 1 was coming out. So we had definitive proof that what we were doing was working and the fans embraced it and the world was as excited to get it as we had been to make it the year prior. So it just really energized the set. We were like, ‘Yeah, they like this, let’s do more of it.’ And so it kind of gave us the push to take big swings and to go all out and say the fans have our backs.

Celia Rose Gooding explained how this approach had a particular impact on her character:

Celia Rose Gooding: I think what we’ve done with season 2 was really take some big genre swings. I think pretty much everyone is trying something that we weren’t expecting to do, myself included. Especially with [Uhura], we’re charting some uncharted territory.

Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Una in season 2 (Paramount+)

More Ortegas… and more Hemmer?

The cast went out of their way to avoid spoilers, but they did give some hints. Melissa Navia revealed that we should be expecting to learn more about her character:

Melissa Navia: I think what the fans want and what the fans are going to get is to to see what that [Ortegas] backstory is that that made her so capable, so skilled, so professional. Why she is so loyal to her crewmates. Why they’re loyal to her. Her relationship with Pike, and the rapport that they have… I’m excited to show fans where she comes from and why she fits and why she belongs on the Enterprise.

Melissa Navia as Ortegas in season 2 (Paramount+)

Uhura’s storyline in season 1 was tied closely to her mentoring relationship with Hemmer (Bruce Horak), culminating in Hemmer’s sacrifice and death in episode 9. Celia talked about how there is more to learn about how much Hemmer impacted her character:

Celia Rose Gooding: [Bruce Horak] is such a light and for Uhura to have that, especially given her past and her history with family and community, to have someone so near and dear to her in those moments of newness and trying to figure out who she is in Starfleet and what Starfleet means to her—to have that was so beautiful. And then to lose it was so heartbreaking but also so yummy for reasons I can’t explain just yet. I think that there’s a lot more to learn about their relationship even in Hemmer’s passing. And yeah, I’m just really excited for fans to get to know the layers of Uhura through her relationship with Hemmer and also her relationship with herself after Hemmer’s gone.

Producers have said that they will look to find ways to bring Horak back, potentially in a different role, but it’s also possible he could also appear in flashbacks based on the above hints from Gooding.

Celia Rose Gooding in season 2 (Paramount+)

As for Ethan Peck, he didn’t get into any specifics about season 2 beyond pointing to episode 5 as his favorite. He did talk a bit about working with Carol Kane, who is joining the series in a recurring role as Pelia, the ship’s new engineer:

Ethan Peck: One thing I loved so much was being able to work with and become friends with Carol Kane. She is such an amazing person, actor, cohort. And so that was super-fun and exciting.

Carol Kane as Pelia (Paramount+)

You can watch the full panel now at Popverse with premium access. They will be making the panel available for free at Popverse later this month.

Holographic panel

While the MCM Comic Con event functioned just like any other panel with a moderator and fans asking questions, it was quite different from a technical perspective. All four panelists appeared as live holograms using “capsule displays” from ARHT, a Canadian hologram company. In fact Gooding and Navia were in New York while Romijn and Peck were in Los Angeles, but by using ARHT’s technology they all appeared together on stage, live in London. During the panel, Romjin said, “…we have just literally been beamed in its another example of technology existing in Star Trek 40 or 50 years before it existed in real life, much like the flip phone and tricorders we’ve just been beamed in. Wild.”

The following video takes you behind the scenes for the panel…

Next week

Season 2 will premiere Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+ in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second season will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in South Korea, with premiere dates to be announced at a later date. Following the premiere, new episodes of the 10-episode season will drop weekly on Thursdays.

Season 1 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is currently available to stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the U.K., Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave in Canada and on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Can we please stop calling things like these “holograms”?

A hologram is something that will change its perspective based on the viewer’s viewpoint. It would provide an actual 3 dimensional image, not a projection of a flat image that gives the impression of 3d.

It’s the Jedi Council!

You mean:

The Jedi Council, it is


Why is anything we don’t understand always called a thi-hologram.

I totally get your reference!

…..permission to come aboard?

<slow clap>
well done!

We occasionally use “something” or “whatever.”

Your point illustrates two-dimensional thinking

I was just thinking the same thing. These are not holograms, and it always kind of irks me when writers make that mistake.

To be fair to the writers. It’s what the website for the company called them.

Are you like a Hologram Public Defender? Lol

Ha! They were using Apple Vision Pro!

Is the Enterprise on its first five-year mission or second? If the first, how many years into it was it in prior to the start of Strange New Worlds?

Second five year mission under pike the first one ended around the time of the Klingon federation war in dsc season 1 but ordered to stay out on it instead of returning when it ended
And in total this makes this the enterprise’s third 5 year mission as it had one under command of captain Robert April after it was launched in 2245 so kirk’s five year mission as captain of the enterprise would be the 4th five year mission the ship had

Awesome. Thanks.

You mean the Enterprise didn’t just blow up after 7 years like every other one? LOL

So excited for the new season of SNW! Can’t wait!

The exploration of genre within the format of an episodic show doesn’t bother fans at all? or does it? On one hand they went for it because fans liked it and they got positive feedback, then they say, it’s probably not going to be liked by many fans? Which is it? I like playing with genre.. that’s much more interesting to me than what Discovery does. But it has to come with a good story.. not something trumped up to be able to play within the genre they want to. This writing staff has such a superficial view of what Trek is. Just make it good, make it unique and fresh. Quit explaining and trying to qualify what you’re doing, just make it good.

Strange New Worlds playing around with different genres is the same as a holodeck malfunction but without the holodeck. That’s what the fantasy episode in season one ultimately was.

And doing one out of ten shows that way is pushing things for me. One out of twenty sounds about right. There’s a whole universe of stories to delve into, many of which would have potential for spinning off continuations or meriting a multi-episode dive, so choosing to riff on genre standards seems like it should place pretty low on ‘things we gotta do!’

For example, seeing a gangster show on TREK — and I mean something more on the nose than the bits we saw in Ps3 — would be about as unwelcome as yet another take on THE NAKED TIME, or yet another callback to contemporary times. Oops, looks like we already have the latter in this pipeline …

How many episodes with holodeck malfunctions did TNG do in a 26-episode season, though?

If it’s just two, then SNW doing one each ten episodes is no different.

It’s still just one per season.

In bad seasons a lot, in good seasons, hardly at all (I think one of the writers was enthusiastic about the ship systems not breaking down at all in one later season.)

I’m kind of with you, but I’m ok with one out of 10, honestly. Just make it good, and tell a larger story within it. This show lacks some good, hard sci-fi.

TNG S1: The Big Goodbye
TNG S1: 11001001
TNG S2: Elementary, Dear Data
TNG S2 (honorable mention): The Royale
TNG S3: Hollow Pursuits
TNG S4: (honorable mention): Remember Me
TNG S4 (honorable mention): Future Imperfect
TNG S6: A Fistful of Datas
TNG S6: Ship in a Bottle
TNG S7: (dis-honorable mention): Masks
TNG S7: (honorable mention): Emergence

Too Short a List (tng s1 humor, such as it is)

Actually, that list reminds me that there are several TNG eps I’ve still never seen all the way through. Including EMERGENCE, there’s LOUD AS A WHISPER, some show with Mrs Troi and Worf’s kid, the WorfParalyzed ep, SHADES OF CLIPSHOW, the Data’s Mom show, the Worf’s Brother show, the Geordi’s Folks show and the ep that was a mashup of Dixon Hill and Mrs Troi.

Now if you want Too Long a List, it would be the TNG eps I sat all the way through only once and still regretted doing so. With a bullet, at the top there’s TIME SQUARED (though why they didn’t reuse those terrific background VFX for some good show, I’ll never know.) Am pretty sure that would be at least 50 or 60 episodes long.

Loud as a Whisper is a S2 standout

Didn’t speak to me (or at least, I didn’t hear it.) The mediator character had no charm at all, it was like he was playing a TOS ambassador (I guess that waa Too Early a Season for Marlee Matlin, who was just wonderful years later on PICKET FENCES.)

aww, I thought Howie was great. There was a recent production of Richard III on PBS Great Performance that included some signing and it was amazing, and it reminded me that he did Shakespeare in sign and I bet it was fantastic

it’s hard to expect a small writer’s room to churm out compelling or thoughtful hard sci-fi at the level that TOS and TNG did. TOS was getting scripts from various great sci-fi writers at the time, and TNG’s open door policy with polishes from the writers room led to some all timers. The structure now just doesn’t afford that level of diverse thought

So change the damn structure.

I don’t disagree :)

I’m good with that.

I don’t think TNG’s vaunted “open door” policy actually resulted in that many sales. Ronald Moore was a huge success story of course, but that wasn’t the reason he got in — his then-girlfriend, who worked for Paramount, got him an on-set tour, and Moore, who was a TOS fan, made damn sure that he had a script under his arm to show the producers when he showed up. Other than him, the only non-pros who made a sale IIRC were Sally Caves, who wrote “Hollow Pursuits;” the guy who pitched the story that became “Silicon Avatar;” and some dude who did receive compensation (but not screen credit) for suggesting the transporter trick used to bring Scotty into the 24th century in “Relics.” Maybe there are a couple more, but I think that’s pretty much it.

Agreed on the non-use of SF writers, a mis-judgement that has cost the franchise dearly over the years IMO. They did bring in author Dan Simmons to pitch on VGR at one point, but no sale there either.

The poster here sometimes called VOKAR had a mailman in Arizona who pitched and sold the story for one of the amnesia episodes, I think from season 5. THE OFFSPRING was a spec sale too as I recall. Maybe the Jack Crusher part of FAMILY was also from a spec, not sure, but I seem to remember some kind of onscreen end-credit that may have related to that notion.

I think that the show may have bought premises based on specs and then totally reworked them, so I don’t know if those would count … am also wondering about some of the scripts that they had in the works that never made it to air (I remember a particular WTF premise they had in s4 called WALK A LIGHT YEAR IN MY SHOES that sounded so hokey I laughed aloud reading it in the bunch of material they sent to those coming in to pitch … anyway, the premise line for LIGHT YEAR, bits of which got shoehorned into DISASTER, was something along the lines of everybody’s stuck where they don’t need to be, like ‘Worf is stuck is the ship’s nursery, Troi is on the bridge, Riker is in hydroponics — and then the Romulans attack. It was the only logline in the batch that sounded utterly like fanfic.)

Some people who pitched to TNG also got invited to pitch for DS9 (and I think DS9 actually used pitches bought for TNG during its first couple seasons.)

The trick with Moore was that he had additional material ready to go at the right time, because I’m pretty sure the Rom defector episode story of his — the one that I really like, but have always been troubled by owing to some points of similarity with one of Diane Duane’s early STAR TREK novels — is what got him onto the staff, after the one-off of selling THE BONDING.

I still remember that distant summer when my then-best friend and I came up with our surefire winner: a tale where Deanna Troi temporarily loses her empathic powers and must learn to cope with her disability. . . before reading in TV Guide that an episode with the same plot was on the menu for the upcoming season. It’s easy now to laugh at our naïveté and Maxwell Smart’s maddening whisper that we had missed it by that much, but at the time it felt like the worst possible luck, the crushing of every hope and dream I’d ever had. It was only much later, after reading Michael Piller’s claim that half the people who came in to pitch had some variation on the Troi-loses-her-powers story, that I was able to put the whole thing in perspective.

iirc – listening to Mission Log in the TNG days, it seemed like many stories were pitched and bought. Then often changed a lot by the core writers room certainly

Well, with only 10 episodes, they could still do better than they have.

just be thankful Tarantino is out, you could have gotten an entire gangster movie with a revisit to Sigma Iota II

That would hopefully have been exception-that-proves-the-rule, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

I thank Kahless every day for that. ;)

Although that’s not quite what the story was about. It was originally reported to be a remake of A Piece of the Action, but according to the writer, it was actually a past Earth time travel story where the crew actually arrived in 1930s Chicago and basically fight the mob/gangsters.

It just sounded like a very niche (and violent) TOS episode only hardcore fans would ever bother to watch in a theater and why it probably never went farther than the script stage; especially when you add it being rated R as well. It doesn’t sound like any of it was going to fly. But I’ve said in the past I think it would make a great graphic novel and something I would definitely read since the movie itself will never happen.

That is my complaint. With only 10 episodes can you really afford to do take multiple chances? IMHO, it was rare when Trek took big chances to successful results. I appreciate that they tried and since there were more than 24 episodes in a season so an episode fail here and there wasn’t that big a deal. But with only 10? With this current group of writers? The risk reward of that is terrible. TOS had really good writers but even they turned out some dog episodes. And they had some 26-29 episodes a season. What hope does SNW have?

I assume that they’re doing their best to “make it good,” though for the actors much of that is out of their hands. They’re just trying to please a fractious fanbase — almost an impossible task at this point — by pre-selling the upcoming season. Technically part of their job, perhaps, but not exactly what they trained for as actors, either. Why not cut them a little slack?

As to ‘superficial,’ well, that’s in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? SNW may be mostly light and superficial, but it’s also fun and occasionally even has something of value to say. That’s definitely more than I ever got out of PIC S3, for all the gushing.

When I say I think it’s superficial, I’m talking about the story. It’s almost a meta view of Trek. Instead of taking the principles of what Trek is, and launching for there, they’re so focused on things that don’t matter, to the detriment of the overall story. It suffers from a lack of originality. I don’t mind nostalgia, but use it organically, not as a prop.

And I would make *precisely* the same critique of PIC S3. Direct comparisons are problematic as it’s only a ten episode season, but SNW S1 reminded me of TOS S2 — not nearly as good as the SF “anthology with continuing characters” of its first year, but still quality, fun space opera with some standout moments. Not everything I’d like to see in my Trek, by any stretch, but I’ll take it any day over a dark slog that purported to bid a meaningful farewell to beloved characters but ultimately amounted, with the exception of two episodes, to little more than glorified fan service.

I’m not biting on the Picard S3 comparison. Both shows are trying to do different things is all I will say. Whether one thinks one is better or the other is immaterial to me. The tone for SNW is about right, and I think that is why most people like it (including me). I like the episodic format a lot. I want to be hopeful that the show will get better. I find it very uneven. Some episodes are great, and some are not. Most of my canon beefs is where the nostalgia components contradict or invalidate the previous iteration, not that they’re trying… they’re threading needles and need to do better. I think staying away from these canon intersections would be better for this creative team, because their approach to it is off.

In that case, we don’t much disagree. I’ve written elsewhere on this site that in my teens I had copies of the “Star Trek Technical Manual” and the Enterprise blueprints, and no doubt would have been a stickler for canon were any new Trek being produced at that time, but the decades have rolled by and my priorities in life now are considerably different. I love the chemistry between Gia Sandhu’s T’Pring and Ethan Peck’s Spock, and thus have no problem putting aside the unlikelihood of the relationship given the events of “Amok Time.” That said, I’m not sure why the producers had to go with the Gorn, which are so different from their portrayal on TOS that they are for all intents and purposes an all-new species. Why not just go with that, give them a new name, and avoid the canon issue (and the potential to piss fans off) altogether?

Agreed, too, on the variable quality. You have an Ursula Le Guin pastiche and a wonderful body-swap comedy on the high end, and a pirate (AARGH!) show and an ALIEN/PREDATOR ripoff on the other. I, too, hope they up their game this year. But then, TOS S2 had its real highs and lows as well. If “fun, thoughtful space opera” is the tone they’re going after, for my money they nailed that, at least.

I don’t doubt they are “trying”. And agree it is obvious they have learned a little from past Secret Hideout failures. And they can be forgiven for mistakes here and there. But the big problem is they don’t learn from their mistakes. They used the Gorn. Huge mistake. But instead of not returning to them again they are re-using them. They haven’t learned a thing. The arrogance of the people making this knows no bounds. They think that because it was the best received show SH has ever made they can do no wrong. Sorry but nothing can be further from the truth. It was indeed the best received nu-Trek show this far. But basically it rose to the level of “not sucking”. That shouldn’t make them feel like they are free to do anything now.

Failing to learn from one’s mistakes is an all too human failing that we all suffer from, to varying degrees. Whether that applies to SNW and those are actually “mistakes” is, of course, a subjective judgement based on one’s personal aesthetics and if a given production is in accord with this franchise perceived “values” (as if there was some kind of consensus about that now, as opposed to the previous century, when there actually was). But in any case, this criticism is a little rich coming from someone who posts the same complaints about canon, the Gorn, etc. on an endless loop, ignoring the long-established fact that many others share his concerns but nevertheless still manage to enjoy the show anyway, or simply just don’t care.

That was a lot of words that didn’t say very much. And what little that was said wasn’t all that relevant to the post at hand.

TOS explored different genres all the time. This is returning to those roots.

And as I said.. I’m good with that… if it’s good.

Here too. The pressure for those departures from the norm to be good are much higher in 10 episode seasons than 24+ episode seasons. It is possible they could still hit one out of the park. Episode 10 from S1 was the best they did and that was fairly good. But given what we’ve seen in S1 as well as the history of Secret Hideout altogether makes the this sort of thing a very bad risk.

“Quit explaining and trying to qualify what you’re doing, just make it good”

They were in an interview event, what do you expected ?

they are also just actors. If the check cashes and the show gets renewed…

Well, most of the 2nd season had already been filmed (and all of it had been written) before Season One began streaming. So the writers had zero feedback from the fans during production of the first two seasons.

That’s not what they said in the interview.

I personally think they should do a mixture of episodic and serial plots… works great for comic series. That way you get the best of both worlds, self enclosed plots and interesting missions and occasionally the epic “special” too long to resolve in one episode arcs. And of course some development is somewhere in between.

I”m totally down for that.

So something more along the lines of S4 of Enterprise.

That would work better if they had 22+ episodes. With 10? I guess. One 3 episode arc, 3 stand alones and a two 2-parters…

This is a double edge sword in my mind. I think it good to play with the genre for different episodes. But that works better when you have a full season of 22+ episodes. When there are 10 there is far less room for errors. So what you do had BETTER work or you just wasted a good hunk of the season.

And again, in general there are decent thoughts and ideas. But the problem will likely be, and this is true of ALL of Secret Hideout, the actual implementation of those ideas.

Just can’t wait for them to encounter a Horta or a nifty seemingly magical imp called Trelane.

I’m okay with Trek challenging my perception of the franchise.

Ethan Peck is a stud, BTW…

Wow took the words right outta my brain. 😂

I would like to ride that Stallion…throw in Anson Mount too. That’s another thing I like about SNW, for the first time beside Trip in ENT we actually have attractive male actors.

Attractive varies by person. Jack Quaid is attractive. Jeffrey Combs wasn’t bad looking either. Garrett Wang is attractive too. Todd Stashwick isn’t bad to look at either.

Didn’t Garrett Wang win one of People’s 50 most beautiful ppl or something during VOY’s run?

Yes he did.

It was always rumored that saved him his job, but now we know how people were trying to be discreet about Jennifer Lien’s struggles at the time.

Yikes, that top image is a little unsettling. I’m glad the logo is there, because without it I don’t think I could tell if they want us to watch their TV show or join some weird, utopian, California-based cult.

But then… to-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

Hehe. I hadn’t seen it that way and now I can’t *unsee* it that way!

Mount has a kinduva “look into my eyes as I make this ancient folded hands gesture with my thumbs touching, and together we will discover our shared spiritual journey” vibe… if you start from the cult framework. Again, not the first way I saw the image but I see that now (for me it is more humorous than unsettling).

I’m really looking forward to this season.

Thanks. I meant that with tongue firmly in cheek.

Is the shuttlepod crew going to discuss the season 2 trailer of SNW, like they did with PIC season 3, and run down what their hopes(and fears?) are? That would be nice.

I get a bad feeling when they keep warning us about the season.

Yeah “not everyone will like it,” “big swings,” this all tells me that they’re playing fast and loose with established Trek history and character backstory. But I’m interested to see what they do with it and how the fans will react – hopefully without too much consequence to the established Star Trek stuff that we all know and love.

Yeah, I’m expecting a huge mess when it comes to canon. ;)

But if it’s good and interesting on its own, I think most will be fine.

OBV Kirk and La’an will be the big swing of the season that is going to be the make or break from what I can see.

Since it’s Romjin and Mount talking about this, I don’t think that it’s obvious that they’re referring to La’an and Kirk.

I suspect it’s the play with tone and genre rather than canon that the actors are focusing on when they say things like that. They are focused on performance.

It’s usually some of the other kinds of risks in visual, character and plot continuity that catch the actors off guard.

Well, I hope so!

…tells me the exact same thing.

And how is that any different from what they have already done? This show is so far off the Prime universe it should officially be classified as a reboot.

I do too. It can’t be a good sign when they keep saying not all fans are going to be happy.. I keep getting a pit in my stomach that they won’t just be bending canon they will flat out be snapping it in 1/2 and throwing it out the window.

I don’t know. In the past all they did was blow up their shows and tell us all how great they were going to be and it ended up being garbage. Perhaps they are just lowering expectations so it ends up being better received than it should this time? Or since they have been so very wrong perhaps this season will indeed end up being an improvement? Them saying that might turn out to be a good sign.

Nope, just going to expand my Trek boundaries a bit. The story for Picard S3 was a train wreck, and everyone loved it. SNW’s will be fine.

I suspect it will be wonderful, but I won’t love all of it.

That said, if they keep to advancing Starfleet as positive, aspirational, merit based and built on ‘radical empathy’ (as Mount has it), I will be happier than I was at the end of that other offering.

I don’t mind them pushing genres but the story needs to be great! I would love more episodes like S1 ep.6. I like cerebral stories over goofiness.

I’m tired of the two words big swings. Yikes! Ok! I’ll watch it. Lol!

Well this is from a different interview but obviously relevant enough to post it. But this is what Anson Mount said about episode 9 of season 2 which he also said was his favorite:

And what’s cool about taking big risks, which are at the same time maybe things that Star Trek has never done before, is that the level of excitement it brings to the cast is amazing. When we were doing that episode that we’ve been talking about, Episode 9, obviously that was towards the end of the season’s shoot when everybody is tired. Because when you do the final episode, everybody is like, “Oh, okay, we’re almost done!” But a penultimate episode can be tough to get through. But because of the nature of the episode and what we were doing, we had to rehearse on weekends, and when people were coming in, everyone was genuinely excited to be there.

I posted in another thread last week episode 9 is also titled ‘Subspace Rhapsody’. So it sounds like we’re really getting a musical kids. ;)

Caaan anybody…..
Find meeee…..
Someway to Warp….drive

Rehearsing on weekends…

It’s got to be song or dance or both.

The fact that it’s Rebecca Romjin’s favourite episode too – knowing that she started out in a Gilbert & Sullivan troupe – says it all.

The title of the episode seem to have confirmed it, but once they said the episode they all been glowing about was also episode 9, then yeah at this point I don’t know what else it could be.

I even looked up the word ‘rhapsody’ to see if there was any other possible meanings or connection to the word I’m missing outside of music and that’s its most basic meaning.

Can’t wait!

Yeah I know you are man! :)

I’m cautiously optimistic about it. It’s hard to say until we see something of it but if it’s Mounts and Romjins favorite episode then it must be really good! And on other sites fans seem most excited about this and the LDS crossover!

But overall I think we’re going to have 20 fun weeks of Trek overall with this and LDS after it! Two great shows back to back!

ikr! I can’t wait for LD S4 either. (please have agimus since peanut hamper is there.)

I’m more than sure Agimus will show up now that we know Peanut Hamper is coming back. They will probably break out of Daystrom Institute together.

That source, is dribbling out its ‘press junket’ interviews one per day.

The one with Celia and Melissa went up this morning. It looks like the ‘Which is your favourite episode?’ question was posed to everyone.

Celia also said #9, but also #6.

So, more confirmation.

Haven’t read it yet but thanks for the heads up. And while I understand why so many are skeptical of the idea since I include myself in that regard, the one big positive is that so many of the actors seem to love the episode. Now of course it could just be because they were allowed to do something different and be more creative but it’s still a huge positive.

I’m convinced you’re either going to love it or hate it, there won’t be a middle ground. ;)

I recall hearing that Buffy was going to do a musical episode. That news filled me with dread. But they way they approached it worked. So it can be done.

That said, this show is hardly on par with BTVS. Far from it in fact.

Oh in today’s STFC update they added the Voyager as a ship and three new officers: Kathryn Janeway, Tom Paris and Harry Kim. I’m so glad we got Harry Kim in this update. Happy pride to me, thank you STFC.

Next I just need the events for the SNW officers to roll around again so I can collect them, especially Hemmer. I wonder if they’ll add Pelia. I hope they do.

It took me a minute to figure out what STFC meant (I know practically nothing about Star Trek gaming or ever played one) but I’m glad you’re happy over it my friend.

And I’m hoping Tom and Harry show up on Prodigy next season, even if just for an episode. Not, holding my breath, but crossing my fingers. ;)