‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Arriving On Blu-ray/DVD In September; Picard ‘Legacy Collection’ In October

Happy Captain Picard Day! The third and final season of Star Trek: Picard is coming home in September to DVD and Blu-ray, with over 2 1/2 hours of special features. There will also be a special box set for the full series and a “Legacy Collection” for the full Jean-Luc Picard saga on TV and movies.

Picard Season 3 on Blu-ray/DVD in September

The home release for season three of Picard was just announced by Paramount Home Entertainment. Star Trek: Picard – The Final Season arrives on September 5th (just in time for Star Trek Day) on DVD, Blu-ray, and a limited-edition Blu-ray SteelBook. Special features include behind-the-scenes featurettes with the cast and crew, a gag reel, never-before-seen deleted scenes, and audio commentary.

Packaging for season 3 DVD

Most of the special features are exclusive to the home media release. Here is the full list…

  • The Gang’s All Here – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • The Making of the Last Generation – Featurette (Exclusive)
  • Audio Commentary on select episodes (Exclusive)
  • Deleted Scenes (Exclusive)
  • Gag Reel (Exclusive)
  • Rebuilding the Enterprise-D – Featurette
  • Villainous Vadic – Featurette
  • Picard: The Final Season Q&A panel with cast and crew

Steelbook packaging for season 3

There is no word yet on if the season will be released on 4K Blu-ray.

Also available on September 5th will be Star Trek: Picard – The Complete Series which includes all three seasons and over 7 hours of special features. The series set will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Box art for Blu-ray for the complete series

Picard Legacy Collection in October

Coming October 17th will be Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection described as “the definitive release for Next Generation fans.” The limited edition set includes 54 individually numbered Blu-ray discs and unique packaging that houses every TV series and film featuring Jean-Luc Picard. That includes 7 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, 3 seasons of Picard, and the 4 TNG feature films along with over 35 hours of special features. This limited set also includes an exclusive edition of The Wisdom of Picard featuring brand new artwork and quotes, along with a one-of-a-kind deck of playing cards, a magnet sheet featuring all of Captain Picard’s badges and four custom Chateau Picard drink coasters.

Picard Legacy Collection

Here is what’s included…

  •  All Series and Films Featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation – Seasons 1-7
    • Star Trek: Picard – Seasons 1-3
    • Star Trek: Generations
    • Star Trek: First Contact
    • Star Trek: Insurrection
    • Star Trek: Nemesis
  • 35 hours of bonus features
  • Premium Packaging Containing 54 Blu-ray Discs, 154 Episodes and Exclusive Collectables
  • Exclusive Collectables:
    • Magnetic Captain Picard Badges
    • 4 Custom Chateau Picard Drink Coasters
    • Custom Deck of Playing Cards
    • Exclusive Version of The Wisdom of Picard, The Wisdom of Picard: The Legacy Collection Edition
      • Featuring New Cover Art
      • Including quotes from the latest seasons of Star Trek: Picard

Pricing is not yet available for this set or the other releases but check back for an update when they become available for pre-order.

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Love the look of the steel book. I’ll happily purchase it and have it along side my steel book copies of S1-S2. I do hope they release S1-3 on 4K disc and hopefully they will release Discovery The Complete Series on 4K disc after S5 airs next year too.

The mediocre special effects in Pic S3 would be even more pronounced in a 4K UHD BR, so it’s probably for the best that they are only giving us a standard BR — the viewer experience will be better at that lower quality resolution.

I still don’t have a 4K TV set, so I hadn’t even considered that the VFX on these shows could actually look worse. Then again, the only TREK TV I would consider re-buying in HD — already have TOS on blu and TAS on DVD — would be DS9, and I ain’t holding my breath on HD for that.

I’d gladly buy DS9 in HD but given how poorly the TNG sets sold and the decline in sales of physical product, it ain’t ever happening.

I like my 4K SNW S1 steel book well enough, but Picard S3 chose quality over quality to tell its story.

Whatever my concerns about plot, characters, grimdark values etc., I can respect Matalas had to make choices to tell the story he wanted within budget and within industry capacity constraints.

It’s the trade-off inherent in the current state of the technology and industry development.It won’t however make the 4k steel book a good decision for physical media.

* quantity over quality ; )

The bit rate on season 1 & 2 were horrible in low lit scenes on blu ray and would had improved to perfection on a 4K disc. Also vfx will IMPROVE because of HDR dolby vision!

HDR can boost apparent contrast by making light sources much brighter, but that doesn’t necessarily jive with artistic intent (assuming there is any of the latter on current trek shows.) The classic example with HDR is boosting windows of distant building in night scenes, which only distracts away from the foreground subjects of said scene. I guess the space equivalent would be to have super-bright stars and windows … but if you still have a mushy image and blacks thats are more grey or blue, the image will still suck.

HDR also has a greatly enhance colour gamut than SDR. Colours look much more natural also.We are talking about going from about 16 million visual colours to over a billion with HDR.

I don’t watch and worship movies to get an experience that is akin to human-eye perception.

With HDR, that’s actually one of the things I consider a mixed blessing — stuff originated on film with extreme contrast, like desert scenes, isn’t supposed to have that kind of detail in the fall-off. Let the shadows stay black! Rather than subtlety, there’s a deliberate stark quality to such scenes (and space stuff too for that part), and squeezing more detail out isn’t necessarily helping the drama. Although I wasn’t always a fan of his work, I do lovce Lazlos Kovacs’ response when some colorist offered to bring up the detail in the shadow on EASY RIDER: if I’d wanted to see that area (it was like the underside of a rock or something like that), I’d have exposed for it.

Part of what made movies work for a century was what remained in shadow, along with the richness of said shadow. I still consider Kodachrome to be the film to end all film, for the richness and saturation it brought, even when shooting reversal film, which had no margin for error with exposure. I even shot Kodachrome asa 40 on interiors most of the time, despite needing more light, because the results were so superior.

The trend now seems to be a digital equivalent to the old ‘movies without movie lights’ ad gimmickry for home amateur shooters 50 years back, and that feels very anti-cinematography to me in most instances, where you’re just recording rather than shaping the image. And these image manipulation tools wielded by colorists can often distort thing when the DP actually has taken the time to get things right in the first place. I talked to the WRINKLE IN TIME DP and when he saw a commercial or trailer for the film, he didn’t at first even realize it was a project of his, the look had been so utterly subverted in post (by not just the colorist but also the VFX house, which stripped his live-action characters out of their ‘real’ locales and plopped them down into virtual ones that didn’t respect the light direction or intensity. But hey, there were all sorts of color subtleties to be seen — enough to make the finished film look like a TELETUBBIES episode!

4K UHD is more about HDR than just a higher resolution which when done well and on a good quality TV is a huge difference than SDR on a standard blu ray disc. I would say HDR would greatly enhance Picard’s cheaper visual effects rather than make it look worse.

Absurd that plastic landfill trash is still being sold like it’s 1998 or something. Primitive. Digital streaming or download doesn’t create plastic waste that will not even have begun to degrade by the time we actually are in the real 25th century. Let’s all pretend like the planet is disposable… that’s the way to get to the future that Star Trek represents! (sarcasm alert)

aaaaaaand here we go again.

He’s being sarcastic.

In terms of a life cycle assessment on energy use, It’s close to a break-even scenario with 1080P streaming vs standard BR, but when you get to 4K streaming, the energy used for streaming well exceeds that of the 4K UHD BR use.

His pain runs deep brother.

I’ve never thought it was terribly effective to always try to enact positive change by shaming people for everything they do and making them feel miserable. There’s real value however in remaining aware and taking at least a moment every once in awhile to consider what we can do to do less harm.

Personally I think if you are sure you are going to hold onto a piece of physical media for years and years then the impact of buying it is nothing on the way most of us consume single use plastics to this day. A huge percentage of those don’t get recycled even if that’s our intention. In the US so much of our recyclables are shipped to third world countries where they wind up in landfills or are burned. And then you have what are called “wastrepeneurs” who are paid low wages to sift through rising mountains of waste to find valuable materials. Not an easy job, but it’s a steady livelihood. So getting rid of the landfills also affects others. You tug at one string and it has all sorts of consequences.

There are no easy answers, so again I say just do what you can when you can.

I say just do what you can when you can.” is a recipe for disaster and a safe haven for inaction. The planet is literally dying. But sure, play nice with people so you have low social friction and all feel good until the biosphere collapses. #Basic

A “haven” is s safe place. So saying “safe haven” is repeating yourself.

Turning a discussion on physical media into an environmental concern is………interesting. Discs are a drop in the bucket as far as that goes. Some insist on signaling their superior virtues to everyone else. I wonder if they actually practice what they preach?

We need a 4k release.

Ever considered that approaching every problem from a position of only trying to make people feel bad can also be a recipe for inaction? It can easily lead to intransigence and resentment in response.

It’s easier to be kind than cruel, and people respond better to kindness and questions than they do lectures and nagging. It’s as simple as taking a problem and asking of people, “What can we do to help fix this?” versus rubbing their noses in their misdeeds, screaming about how massive and daunting the issue they are contributing to is, pointing out hypocrisy, and then not giving them a positive hook on which they can hang a plan of action.

People should be trying to improve this planet from a place of altruism, not brow-beaten guilt.

Especially given this dude is always posting here on Trekmovie — if he’s that serious, then he needs to walk the walk and drop his discretionary internet usage given it’s using energy and creating CO2 for every discretionary minute he spends online.

I am surprised that you are using the energy to be online and posting here then. If you are that serious, you should be trying to eliminate all of your discretionary energy usage. The average person participating on the internet consumes on average 1 kWh electricity per day, with15.36 kg of CO2 created every year by that person.

I’ve always enjoyed corresponding with you here, but I will totally understand if, now that you have learned the consequences, you need to drop completely your discretionary internet usage effective immediately, so that you can live by your own set of rules here.

^ This. I keep all my discs in large zippered books with sleeves to save on space – I don’t need a wall of films to admire – so I put the plastic cases in my recycle bin when they arrive. Where they go from there is anyone’s guess, but I try to do my part.

do you have any issues with dvd or blu rays somehow getting damaged in those sleeves? I never had any issue with music cds in the sleeves, but I’ve had a signficant percentage of my movies start fouling up after discarding nearly all of my non-Criterion and box-set cases.

Honestly no I haven’t, kmart, which is kind of surprising given that I bring them camping all the time – sand, dirt present – we have a motorhome and I keep them inside of course, zippered up, but all those harmful elements are still present. They’ve proven to be quite durable.

Part of the problem is that I buy nearly all my media used, so I imagine time and attrition pre-purchase takes it toll … then again, I have my MEDIUM COOL from Criterion still in its case, and it started screwing up on the third viewing. Maybe it is climate or something.

Same here about purchasing, it’s very rare I buy a disc new. Usually EBay, thrift stores, Amazon sales. PIC s3 I will probably buy new though.


Hope you will be happy some day.

“… streaming or download doesn’t create plastic waste …” Do you know of which material your tv, fire stick, your car interior, or the device you use to write this text was made? But I’m sure you’ll say there’s no alternative of having a tv, a car, or a fire stick.

The Legacy set is a monster, wow. Already have most of that on disc, though. They can keep seasons one and two of PIC, but I will be picking up a copy of season 3.


when will it be available to download?

of course, if you want to get technical, there’s one glaring oversight to this “every episode/film featuring Jean-Luc Picard” set….. where’s “Emissary,” the DS9 pilot that Picard and Locutus featured heavily in?

No DS9 pilot? No deal.

And the sad joke is:

Here is your Star Trek Legacy series! You thought it would be something in the future, but no, Star Trek Picard was Star Trek Legacy all along.


4k please!

Well, they completely overlooked DS9’s “Emissary.” So much for it being complete.

Do you think they might include it as an Easter egg, even in lowdef, sort of like the laserdisc transfers of the original versions of STAR WARS that got loaded as the ‘extra’ disk on one batch of OT SW DVD releases? Naah, that’d be thoughtful.

Good point that the DS9 pilot may have been left off because it is only available in SD.
Of course they could have upgraded it to HD but that would cost extra. This is probably just a repressing of existing disk masters although the total number of disks mentioned in the article does not match that. But then, the article also mentions 154 episodes which cannot be true.

Can’t wait for season three. I already have season one, won’t touch season two and already have TNG on blue ray so they can keep the rest. The new TNG and movie release are just to milk it for all its worth.

4K Please S3 Picard!

The discs for seasons 1 and 2 of Picard can also be used as coasters.

Right, like my copy of STID.

Head on over to TheDigitalBits .com

There’s a petition to get season 3 in 4k. As the show was finished in 2k, it would be an upscale.

NO 4K DISC???? I’m aware that it’s finished in 1080p BUT that doesn’t matter because of HDR and bit rate compression benefit and with todays upscalers it’s possible to have an awesome 4k picture! They also upscaled the first kelvin films..

Apparently it was finished in 2k to save money but it could be upscaled to 4k and still have a decent result.

If it’s in 2K, then it’s a marginal upgrade to 4K UHD. Yes, we would get HDR, but that’s overated a bit — I’d rather have ATMOS than HDR any day.

Picard season 3 is all I want, and I’ll be buying it.
S1 and S2 join Disco in the only live action Trek I don’t have discs of.

Picard was also in the series premiere of Deep Space Nine. That’s an omission.

Maybe they felt since “Emissary” would be the only episode in standard definition, it would seem out of place? However, they could have run it through a few upgrade filters (is that a thing lol?) and slapped it on as bonus content.

So the entire 45 minutes of poker they shot for the last episode was not included? Matalas said they were thinking about it.

My only concern with the large boxed set is how the discs are packaged. The ENT complete series blu ray had horrible packing for the discs, sometimes it felt like they would snap in half removing them. Same for the 2016 TOS/TAS/I-VI film collection. Hanging on to my individual season Blu Rays seems like a safer bet. Maybe once the giant box is released and we see pictures of the interior boxes, I might change my mind.

LOVING the cover of the S3 PIC Steelbook!

Also curious if the Blu-Ray pressings for the four films will be the recently upgraded ones from the 4K/Blu Ray sets? That might be an incentive for a collection completist who doesn’t already have those.

If there’s a deep enough pre-order discount for the Legacy set at Amazon, we might pick go for it. My gf would like to get TNG on blu-ray (I’ve mostly just got the fan compilations for the episodes I really love), so might be worth it then. Otherwise, nah. I’ve already got the first two seasons of PIC, FC is the only TNG movie I ever rewatch, and PIC S3 doesn’t have enough rewatch value for me to pick it up on disk.

Have you seen TNG in HD? It’s fantastic. And if you’re interested in such things, the Blu Rays also have some fantastic behind the scenes documentaries.

4K Steelbook PLEASE!!!

@Trekmovie: Do you have information if the TNG episodes will be the fixed ones (for example the missing blue screen in ten forward in “Imaginary friend” … )?

I wouldn’t count on it. These are basically a way for CBS to recycle the same discs they already have.

Agreed. I don’t think they will be any different from what has already been out.

I’d like to see a list of those badges. I’m thinking the “monster maroon” one as a cadet, the round TNG, the trapezoidal movie, the Picard family one, La Sirena, the hollow one from the beginning of the last season, the long one from the last season, and…am I missing any?

The magnetic badges are in the picture:
– 2360s Combadge
– 2370s Combadge
– 2390s Combadge
– Picard Admiral’s Combadge
– Confederation Combadge

Oh, man! I totally missed that. Thanks!

Forgot about the Confederation. And I guess they left off the non-combadges and the non-Starfleet.

Note that they are carefully saying “All Series and Films Featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard,” not “All Episodes and Films Featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard.” That slightly awkward phrasing is clearly intended to account for the omission of “Emissary.” (The TOS Season 2 Blu-ray set included “Trials and Tribble-ations” in SD, but presumably in this case they’re just reissuing existing discs.)

Thankfully I can purchase just Season 3 by itself – the first two seasons I never want to watch again!

Wow. I will definitely get the steelbook! Glad it also features the rather amazing group artwork. Since I haven’t yet upgraded to a 4K TV yet, I also don’t mind it not being on 4K, either, but understand the frustration, especially since SNW was released on that format recently.
The Picard Legacy box looks gorgeous. However, since I already own most of the content and am struggling for shelf space, I think I will pass on this… or rather pass this on to a birthday or Christmas wish list.

Side note: how do they come up with 154 Episodes? I count 178 TNG (often Encounter at Farpoint and All Good Things Are counted as 1 episode each, so 176 Eps.) + 30 Episode Picard = 208 Eps. (Or 206 Eps.). Did they just miscount? Or do they leave out 50 Episodes that don’t feature Picard? (Are there even that many?) Odd.

Yeah, not sure how they come up with 154 total episodes for the big “legacy box.” An obvious miscount. I cannot think of one TNG episode that Patrick Stewart did not appear in, even if just a scene or two.

Insta-buy! I loved Picard Season 3 so much I’m so buying this on Blue Ray.

Will happily buy Picard Season 3. I never bother with Season 1 and 2 since I didn’t enjoy them but this will sit on my shelf.

There’s a change.org petition to drum up support for a 4K release. Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits says that Paramount is paying close attention to fan demand to determine whether there’s enough support to warrant a 4K release.