Star Trek Shows Exiting Crave Streaming In Canada, Will Continue Broadcasting On CTV Sci-Fi

Things are about to change for how fans watch in Canada as Star Trek shows will be leaving the Crave streaming service over the coming months. However, CTV Sci-Fi will continue to broadcast Star Trek in Canada.

Star Trek leaving Crave in Canada

Since the launch of Star Trek: Discovery in 2017, CBS (now Paramount) has partnered with Bell Media to distribute all of the new Star Trek shows in Canada, both live-action and animated. On the same day as they appear on Paramount+ in the USA, they are broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly the Space Channel) and become available on Bell’s Crave streaming service the next day. Crave maintains a library of the new Star Trek shows along with the legacy shows; however, that will all come to an end this summer.

Crave has confirmed with TrekMovie that it will “phase out” Star Trek content as of August 1st, including the legacy shows. In fact, subscribers can already see warnings within Crave about the different shows leaving between July 24 and July 31. The one exception is Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which is currently running its second season. Bell Media has confirmed that Strange New Worlds will be available to stream on Crave until the fall.

It isn’t known where Canadians will be able to go to stream Star Trek content after they exit Crave, but the shows will likely become available on Paramount+ in Canada, which is currently the only international instance of Paramount+ without original Star Trek content. However, Paramount+ has not yet commented on these changes in Canada, but it would fit a pattern that began earlier this year when a number of Showtime series exited Crave only to become available on Paramouint+ Canada.

So Strange New Worlds season 2 will be the end of Star Trek on Crave. Here is a Crave promo for season 2 from the spring.

Trek still broadcasting on CTV Sci-Fi

Even though Crave will no longer stream Star Trek shows, Bell Media will still broadcast them in Canada. According to a spokesperson from Bell:

Our licensing agreement to deliver Star Trek titles on Crave has changed. However, CTV Sci-Fi continues to be the exclusive Canadian broadcast home of Star Trek, and this content will continue to live on and the CTV app.

Bell Media also confirmed CTV Sci-Fi subscribers will continue to have access to all episodes of Strange New Worlds, Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and Prodigy via and the CTV app.

You can see a promo from CTV Sci-Fi for Strange New Worlds below.

TrekMovie will provide an update when more is known about what’s next for streaming Star Trek in Canada.

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I am one sad Canadian Trekkie. I will say however that Netflix Canada still has all the legacy Trek shows (minus TAS). So there is that.

This is probably fallout fom the bridge incident. There’s a lot of media pressure on Paramount right now to protest your lack of security up there.

What bridge incident?

Jeez, that was a softball over the plate. :-))

Exactly, I was expecting a curve ball… I was caught looking.

Said no one in the Padres bullpen this year.

Those dastardly Romulans are always messing up our streaming options up here

Ah. Just got it. Never mind, move along, nothing to see here…

Paramount is such an absolute mess of a company.

They must be relieved Warner Bros Discovery are an even bigger one to deflect attention!

Is CTV Sci-fi commercial free?


Other than for Discovery, Star Trek never left Netflix in Latinoamerica. Given how it’s vanishing from Paramount+ and other services in other countries, hopefully it never will.

It does not matter to me because I always PVR the new Star Trek shows.

Physical media FTW

Shenanigans like this are why I swear by physical media.


In this case, for tv shows, you’ll have to wait for the physical media to be released and hope in the mean time nothing is spoiled. I liked seeing it each week when a new episode is released.
At the moment I don’t have Crave, but was really considering it, but I think this nixed it. :-/

It was only ever a matter of time before the streaming rights reverted to Paramount+ plus here in Canada — so this is no surprise. I’ve expected it for a long time. It sucks, though. Crave isn’t a great app, but it has a lot of other stuff that I watch…

Man, this is disappointing. Even though Crave has pretty much the worst app/interface, I won’t be getting Paramount+ just for new Star Trek. Canadian streaming options are such a mess. At least Netflix still has classic Trek shows for a quick watch.

Looks like I’ll be canceling Crave when this season of SNW ends. Star Trek is the only reason I have Crave at this point.

Trek was originally on Paramount+ Canada then Bell threatened legal action and it was gone. I was about to cancel my P+ but if Star Trek is finally coming back home I’m keeping it. Crave is overpriced garbage.

I dislike Crave and detest Bell, so will be happy if it all moves to P+ (which I have for all the Yellowstone stuff).

I pay my crave only for thetreks :(

Weird since paramount just removed all the trek movie 2-3 months ago so very inconsistant

The message on the show pages that said the shows were leaving Crave in July is now gone.
This is very confusing.

I never subscribed to Crave and always watch on the CTV Sci-Fi channel so this does not immediately affect my viewing of Star Trek.
That said, I am concerned that this the first step to making it available only on Paramount+ in Canada instead of Bell media’s cable specialty Sci-Fi channel. We shall see!

There is an over-saturation of streaming services out there. After you pay for Disney+, Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, etc… it ends up costing you so much money. I don’t subscribe to Crave, I am watching on CTV Sci-Fi. I cancelled my Netflix and just have Amazon Prime. It is the same thing that happened in the 90s with all the specialty channels. Remember when TLC was actually the Learning Channel?

I will seriously consider Paramount+ if they add the Star Trek content. Crave is garbage for the cost and Bell is a horrible company.

I was on Crave pretty much because of ST… now i’m 10 episode from DS9 end and it’s gone, so will Crave at the end of this month…

Yeah me too for the new series. I watch DS9, Voy, and the other older ones on Netflix.
Once this season of SNW is over so is my crave subscription.