Paramount+ Comic-Con 2023 Star Trek Panel To Focus On ‘Discovery,’ ‘Lower Decks,’ And ‘Strange New Worlds’

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 kicks off in less than two weeks and there are going to be a few highlights of interest to Star Trek fans, including a Star Trek Universe panel on Saturday. We have details on that plus an official panel about Star Trek animation and more official Star Trek activations in and around the convention.

Star Trek Universe panel on Saturday

The full Saturday schedule for SDCC 2023 was released today and it includes a panel to be held on Saturday, July 22 at 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM in Hall H. Here is the official description.

The fan-favorite Star Trek universe panel returns to Comic-Con, featuring exclusive content from Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

There are no details yet on who Paramount is bringing to San Diego, but it should be a mix of cast and creatives from the three shows. The “exclusive content” is likely the reveal of key art and/or trailers. Paramount+ did reveal a Discovery season 5 trailer at NYCC last fall. There has been no imagery or video released for season 4 of Lower Decks, which will arrive later this summer. As for Strange New Worlds, with the ongoing WGA (and potential SAG) strike holding back production on season 3, there may not be much to reveal about what’s next for the series, but the event is being held the weekend before episode 7 from season 2, which is the Lower Decks crossover (first revealed at SDCC 2022), so it’s possible there will be more to tease about. The brief description in the schedule makes no mention of the previously announced Starfleet Academy series or Section 31 streaming movie but these panels often include surprise reveals and announcements.

Tawny Newsome and , Jack Quaid crash the Strange New Worlds panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (Photo:

“Animation Celebration” panel on Friday

There is another official panel that is of interest to Trek fans. 2023 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series and it appears that Paramount is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of that show and more animated Star Trek. The official convention schedule includes a panel titled “Official 50th Star Trek Animated Celebration” on Friday, July 21 (10 AM Room 25ABC). Here is the description:

The Star Trek brand team first look at Star Trek: The Animated Celebration, a campaign celebrating all things animation throughout the franchise. Explore the latest in publishing, gaming, and beyond with one-of-a-kind giveaways, exclusive sneak peeks, and special panelists.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series

Strange New Worlds booth

Paramount+ has staked out space on the exhibit floor with Booth #3529 which appears to be dedicated entirely to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. They haven’t released details for their booth plans but it will likely be some kind of interactive experience that can be shared on social media.

SNW booth as seen on the SDCC 2023 exhibit floor map

Energize Lounge

In addition to their main booth (#1943) Star Trek apparel licensee Hero Within is hosting a special activation outside the con. Described as an “intimate Star Trek-themed experience” will give fans a “chance to relax, recharge and connect with fellow Trekkies” with Trek-themed coffee drinks. The lounge will feature a display of the Hero Within Star Trek Collection along with additional Star Trek promos from IDW Publishing, RockLove Jewelry, and the Star Trek Cruise. The Energize Lounge will be located at 332 J Street in the Gaslamp just one block from the Convention Center, open Thursday through Sunday 8 AM to 10 PM.

Hero Within Star Trek activation in the Gaslamp

Strange New Worlds at Fandom Party

Paramount+ is partnering with Fandom for the sixth annual Fandom Party. The party includes “Fan Central” with interactive photo booths, an exclusive gaming activation, giveaways, and an AR experience. One of the fan activations at the party will be for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The Fandom Party is being held at FLOAT at the Hard Rock Hotel on July 20 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. CLICK HERE for details on ticket giveaways.

Check out the Fandom Party for an SNW activation

More SDCC 2023 coverage to come

TrekMovie is headed to SDCC 2023 and we will be covering the major events. There are some more Star Trek-related panels with potentaially more to be revealed when the Sunday schedule is announced, so check back for our full SDCC Trek preview. We will also preview the Star Trek merchandise exclusives. There could also be announcements for more official Star Trek events, so stay tuned to over the next couple of weeks for our full coverage.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at

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Can’t wait for the Lower Decks panel and hoping for a trailer! 😎

Still my favorite show im NuTrek after Picard season 3.

As the article stated, the crossover episode will be happening next by this time, so we may also get a clip from that as well! :)

I hope so! I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see my guy Brad Boimler. Fingers crossed for official confirmation of the return of Jeffrey Combs in LD S4 too.

Yeah, can’t wait!!!!!!!!! The crossover episode is still what I’m the most excited about easily. And reading online, that seems to be the one more fans are looking forward to the most.

And I’m almost certain we’ll see AGIMUS again in season 4, so you should have Combs back soon!

Can’t wait as well!! Unfortunately SNW has been mostly a disappointment for me so far this season but still very excited about the crossover episode too!

But if that sucks, I’ll have to question my faith in humanity.

I’ve actually been enjoying SNW this season but admittedly not as much as first season so far. But we still have six more to go and I think the crossover will be fun if nothing else.

I want to be clear, I don’t think it’s horrible or anything (but thought the last two episodes were really bad) but just not great so far like season one.

I still think it’s a good show and way better than Discovery and first two seasons of Picard. No doubt.

Since Frakes is also directing the crossover, I have faith it will be a fun time at least.

Yeah, I definitely understand. And I didn’t like the last episode either. No one wants the show cancelled or anyone fired (Okay maybe Goldsman lol), just that it hasn’t been as strong or YMMV.

Next weeks looks interesting too ALTHOUGH according to some whose seen it this sounds like another potential divisive episode like the Khan one turned out to be. But we were warned they were taking big swings this season and I’m up for anything that tries to shake things up even if they miss in the end.

And both Romijn and Mount praised Frakes directing (although what else are they going to say lol) but said Frakes gave them a new direction on how to play their characters in the future and did a great job combining the tones of SNW and LDS to fit this episode. But I’ve always said SNW is so much more lighter and comedic compared to DIS and PIC it’s not really that difficult. Now imagine Boimler and Mariner jumping to 25th century in the middle of Picard season 3. That would be very hard lol. And unlike PIC, both LDS and SNW believes in having lots of color and turning up the lights. ;)

That would actually be hilarious if they were part of Picard season 3! Poor Boims would completely loose it once the Changelings boarded the Titan. 😂 But he actually handles himself in combat well as we saw in the Borg simulations.

Mariner is a fierce fighter as we seen plenty of times though. I would actually love to see her and her old colleague Worf slay a few Borg and Changelings together.

That’s true, Mariner can kick ass like the best of them lol. And Boimler is not as strong of a fighter but he’s always defended himself well other than getting the beating from Tom Paris, but that’s one of his idols and it was a misunderstanding. ;)

But I always joke Starfleet may be an organization of peace loving uniformed hippies and science geeks, but they are all trained to curb stomp any alien assholes out there that gets in their way.

Disco is a better show.

LOL not even close.

Agreed, by a long shot

It’s utterly hilarious you think Discovery is better than SNW! 🤣

But OK it’s your opinion, fine. But it’s no question most fans actually like SNW and still see DIS as the crap show that it is.

Rotten Tomatoes audience score:

SNW: 80%

DIS: 36%


Bro, the only other Star Trek that ranks lower than Discovery is Star Trek V with a 24% rating. I’ll repeat it again, THE ONLY OTHER STAR TREK THAT RANKS LOWER THAN DISCOVERY IS STAR TREK V! 😂

But keep telling yourself SNW is the shit show but Discovery is loved by everyone… maybe in the mirror universe or something, but not in this reality.

LOL I can’t believe Star Trek V is rated that low. I had to check for myself because I thought you made a typo somewhere. And I know I’m going to say something that could get me banned, but I don’t think the movie is THAT bad lol. Certainly bad and it’s rated #11 for me out of the 13 films, so I’m clearly not defending it. But it still had a few solid moments and Sybok is actually a great villain. But unfortunately someone had to make him Spock’s sibling and no one could get past that at the time. And who would be crazy enough to give Spock yet another secret sibling after that debacle but I digress. ;)

As far as A34, if he personally believes Discovery is a much better show than SNW, then that’s fine of course. I disagree whole heartily but we can agree to disagree.

The problem with his ‘opinion’ though is he hated SNW before it even appeared. He went on and on and on saying that no one even wanted a Pike show and if one came on it would fail. And he’s been doing nothing but putting it down since. He was adamant the show would never get made simply because he didn’t want it personally while ignoring all the cries for it to happen.

This is the problem I have when dealing with certain personalities like this. They are so consumed in their own biases to the point they find any reason to put down a show even trying to pretend other people don’t like it simply because they don’t like it. It’s tiring trying to have a normal and rational conversation with people like this. I’ll say it again, if he thinks DIS is a better show, fine, but he’s spent a lot of years here saying that SNW would never be popular and still looks like he’s in denial even when you give him evidence to the contrary. He still wants to believe more people like DIS over this show.

Every indicator everywhere including this board doesn’t seem to bare this out at all. Are there people who like DIS more than SNW, of course there are. But are they in the majority, based on every site I visit and the scores both shows have received, it’s not even in the realm of reality.

And he knows it.

Online review scores aren’t exactly a metric for a compelling argument. Things get low ratings for all the wrong reasons these days.

Star Trek 5 is very difficult to defend though, maybe there’s someone out there somewhere that can. But what does god need with rotten tomatoes?

No offense but this argument frustrates me to no end. When someone jumps online and says one show is more popular than another, what exactly are they basing that on then??? Friends from work, their kids, neighbors, what then?? And yes, that’s what A34 is saying because he’s been saying this for years now.

OK, you can’t base review scores off how well a show or movie is liked. But then what CAN you base it on?? Can someone give me a real answer? How do we know if a show is popular or not then another other than your own personal opinion?

And these things trend pretty well across the board. On IMDB SNW has an 8.2 rating while DIS has a 7.0 rating. On Metacritic SNW has a 6.6 while DIS has a 3.2.

There is an underlying trend on every review site. It’s not like it wildly changes from place to place. SNW is rated pretty high and DIS is rated pretty low. everywhere. Sure you can argue DIS is actually more popular than SNW, but again, based on what? And that’s the problem, most people are just throwing out the shows they personally like. Well, that’s nice, but if you want to pretend your opinion is part of some kind of consensus, then you have to back it up some way.

But if the argument is you can’t trust online scores at all, fine, then nothing can be determined good or bad. So maybe in reality DIS really is more popular than SNW. That also means Star Trek V is more liked than TWOK as well. Also Nemesis can be argued its more popular than TWOK too. Who knows?

And if you just want to go solely on critics ratings, that’s fine too, but people have been questioning critics ratings the last few years as well.

Ultimately the only way to really know would be a constantly updated real time of the exact metrics of each show from every available source but that is…let’s say unlikely.

I understand why it’s frustrating and the original argument of x is better than y is the root flaw. At the end of the day “better” will always be a subjective argument, sometimes you’ll agree with the online majority and sometimes you’ll be whispering against the wind.

Star Trek as a franchise on the whole is a different animal to most, it performs lower than ‘the next big thing’ but these are all invariably supplanted by the next ‘next big thing’ and forgotten. Star Trek has a staying power and while it doesn’t help in a time of cutthroat budgets it is the true testament to a show’s quality. A good Star Trek show is one you can look back on and rewatch happily, chasing short term hype is not the way.

“Ultimately the only way to really know would be a constantly updated real time of the exact metrics of each show from every available source but that is…let’s say unlikely.”

But that doesn’t happen for any show or movies. The only ‘official’ measurement is usually done through surveys. And I’m sorry I don’t buy this argument at all because all the shows and movies that fans say are generally popular are, surprise, highly rated on every site. Why is that?

It’s really only when shows and movies people like that are NOT highly rated when they want to argue about it 15 different ways lol. But are you suggesting TNG, TOS, TWOK, FC, DS9, TUC, etc are not considered popular? So should all of those be put into question too even though they are highly rated on every review site and been around decades?

But to make this clear, it doesn’t mean shows or movies can’t become more popular in the future. We have seen this happen with shows like Deep Space Nine and Enterprise for example and both of those are more popular today than they were when they started, especially DS9. I’m not suggesting Discovery can’t be more popular in the future because yeah nostalgia has a way of taking hold and new people find it. And even a lot of old fans look at a show differently over time. Maybe in a decade DIS will be the most popular Trek show, but right now it’s not….not by a long shot.

I truly think most people at least like SNW and very divided on DIS. And yes that can change if SNW season 2 ultimately sucks and DIS final season becomes a big hit the way Picard final season did. So I’m not saying any of it is baked in stone either. With TV shows especially it’s very fluid as Picard proved. But DIS has been trending the wrong way since it started. In fact I will argue it’s probably the first Trek show that has become less liked by its fourth season compared to all the other shows that got that far.

At the very least, if you want to argue that’s not the case, fine, but you have to prove it in some way. Remember this started with a guy who said DIS was better show than SNW without anything but those words. How exactly did he derive that conclusion then?

“Maybe in a decade DIS will be the most popular Trek show”

I was mostly agreeing with you until you said this parr! 🤣

I can’t imagine what universe this would happen but probably the same universe where Trump is a beloved President and not a corrupt and unhinged sociopath wanted on multiple crimea.

But you’re right shows can be more liked in time. I didn’t think I would ever like Enterprise. I still don’t love it but like it now and I used to hate it more than Discovery back in the day. So maybe my view on Discovery will change in time too.

But I will always hate the insipid JJ verse movies until I breathe my final breath! I have no doubt. The line must be dawn here! THIS FAR NO FARTHER!!!

And those are some of the highest rated movies on RT. 😵‍💫 But I accept that too.

“And those are some of the highest rated movies on RT.”

Yes they are. The funny thing is I got into a fight with someone on Reddit who just couldn’t believe that people liked STID. He seemed flabbergasted with just the idea people can like it lol. I even quoted how high both the critical ratings and audience scores for that movie. And of course they cited the great RT conspiracy and apparently Paramount is buying up scores to make that movie more popular or something. Why they didn’t do the same for TFF or Nemesis, you got me?

But it drives me up the wall. If you say ‘I think STID blows.” OK, fine and I mostly agree with you. But when you say everyone hates it but then want to question any data that proves you wrong when you have no real data to offer up your claim is when I want to put my head through a wall. And what’s funny is I asked them how do they know the movie is so hated then? They said because it was voted the worst film at a Star Trek convention from five or ten years ago or something.

Well that clearly settles it then. People at a convention voted it the worst. Sometimes you do have to question people’s intelligence.

I wish I was at that convention because I would’ve voted with them lol!

I can accept being in the minority. With Discovery though I’m clearly not. In fact this board seems to be one of biggest Discovery hating boards around. 😂

I didn’t join it to put it down, I didn’t come here to talk about it at all. I really joined just to talk about Picard season 3 and that was tons of fun, even if others didn’t like it that much.

Yeah certainly not a lot of Discovery gushers around here. But I think YouTube is WAY worse for people who hate DIS or any NuTrek to be honest with you. At least here, there is actual discussion and conversation even if the majority don’t love the show. It’s not just people piling on to hate it.

But on YT, it’s a lot of YouTubers who are clearly jumping on the band wagon to hate all these shows and they have a sizable audience. And it’s hate, hate, hate in every video. I don’t doubt they hate DIS or the others but they know it drives revenue and easy clicks. When Picard season 3 came around, it was a lot less of it because for whatever reason, they were much more open to it. I guess due to having the TNG cast back but obviously liked what Matalas did. But a lot of their viewers still hated that too and accused them of shilling out for Kurtzman Trek and all of that. So it was better but not everyone was on board with that season either.

But now that Picard is over, it’s back to hate city again and SNW is a lousy show that is just ruining ‘good’ Star Trek with bad stories, childish characters and dialogue.

TM definitely has naysayers, etc, but it’s not that bad to me at all. I disagree with a lot of people but also agree with others. Some people it’s both. As long as people are civil, that’s how it should be IMO.

And I also think it hasn’t gone all YT here because Anthony is very pro-Star Trek, old and new, and he has a very centered approach to it. And while he basically let people say whatever the hell they want, he still doesn’t allow people spreading silly conspiracy stuff like you find on YT all the time or just spamming the boards to hate on something. I like that he lets people be as expressive they want but still can’t just make up bullshit either.

It’s really funny, TM is considered a rowdy board of curmudgeonly old people who has been hating Star Trek since 1987 (according to some on Reddit lol), but Anthony doesn’t seemed bothered by any of it and he seems to love all of Star Trek, Discovery included. Go figure.

Wrong post

Oh I’m not saying ratings, popularity and quality can’t have a correlation they often do, it’s a time will tell thing, as I said Star Trek largely isn’t one of those attention-seeking flavours of the month. Unpopularly I argue Picard season 3 is and it’s quality decreased with season 3, but its popularity gets any opposing views eviscerated.Same principle with the original argument which was that Discovery was better, an opinion, to which a very rude attack was received.

Star Trek has been a hostile fandom years before I was born so no use pleading for sanity on that front.

The division with Discovery however is unfortunately mired in issues not related to a show’s quality as we see time and time again these days there are certain things that enrage certain folk.

I’m not defending the original argument, I don’t agree with it personally, and I don’t think that that sort of statement can be anything other than a subjective view. But the afore-alluded reasons why Discovery gets rated down are, I would say, an indication of why it’s an unreliable source for a counterpoint.

Here’s my POV.

All Trek shows are good shows. People will like some more than others, and it’ll be different for every person. However, all Trek shows are good shows.

OK, I can agree with all of this too. And like I said, it’s fluid. And sure, there could be other reasons outside of quality that people may not like a show like Discovery. But that’s how opinions work, you can decide not to like something for any reason. I have a friend who didn’t like the Indiana Jones 5 not because they thought Ford was too old or the story was bad, they hated the God daughter in it and that was enough for them.

Wonder if they might screen the entire crossover episode for Hall H; they showed the Prodigy premiere at NYCC.

Oh wow that would be awesome if they do!

Wait a minute let me be more specific. I don’t want people to assume I’m talking about every Star Trek fan out there.

I should’ve said “I and I alone personally thinks it will be awesome if they do!”

I apologize to any misinterpretations I may have caused and hope no one was overly triggered.

That’s what I think will happen myself

Good news! Here’s hoping we’ll get a teaser and date for Lower Decks. And a lot of love for Prodigy in the ”animation celebration”.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t expect anything about Prodigy in that event. They didn’t just cancel the show, they are selling it off completely. I hope to be wrong but the fact they are not mentioned at all kind of goes to the point. But boy that’s going to feel awkward.

It does sound like they will be at the big Star Trek convention this year though. Kate Mulgrew also confirmed she will be there. So that’s going to get a lot of attention obviously.

Unfortunately, Prodigy doesn’t exist at the moment. If it finds a new home before Comic Con, that might change.

Really looking forward to Lower Decks the most easily! I think that will be a lot of fun.

The way things are going for Paramount+ these days, I’m not sure if it will be around another year and while I know this is not close to happening, I would love it if they announced two more seasons….and a movie! Let a fanboy dream!

And yeah Prodigy should be there too. Sigh

Hope we get some info on S5 of Discovery. I can’t wait to see S5 next year even though it is the last season of the show it’s still the best Trek show out of all the current ones.

I’m really hoping the last season goes out big.

Me too and hope it has a satisfying ending aw well. I hate it when shows that end before their time end on a cliffhanger.

Well we know it definitely won’t be a cliffhanger since they shot extra footage after it got cancelled. I’l be honest I wasn’t really all that excited about season 5 and was even considering to wait until it was over and just binge it later. But now that it’s ending, I hope it will be good.

I suspect there’ll be a more overt lead in to Academy since that was an officially greenlit project assuming it is set in the 32c of course. Im not thrilled by Academy’s concept but I’m not ready to leave the time period yet.

DSC came a long way. I dont like season 1, it’s only saving grace is the delightful Empress Georgiou but season 2 course corrected and felt like it stopped trying to be a reinvention of Star Trek and became Star Trek.

Plus DSC is the reason we have anything else. I love Lower Decks and SNW and adore the first two seasons of Picard. Unless we end up with another drought DSC will be the reason anyone has any new Star Trek show they like.

Yeah hopefully it won’t suck like the last four seasons. 🙄

I’ll definitely try and stay positive about it but I’m just waiting for it to end now. And at least they are still showing its last season. They can’t even be bothered to do it with Prodigy.

Paramount+ is becoming the UPN of streaming.

Sigh, it’s still so eye rolling what they did to Prodigy but of course it will always be about $$$ first. But yeah Paramount is also hurting for $$$ too while sinking billions into a failed streaming site. So have to look at it on both sides. I was always worried this show could be the first cancelled NuTrek show which it wasn’t, but still got cancelled sadly.

I’m crossing my fingers about Discovery, so we’ll see. But I don’t have any huge expectations one way or the other at this point. I’ll be happy if it’s just better than last season. Anything beyond that will be a pleasant surprise for me.

I’m just hoping it will satisfy its biggest fans like Christopher more than anything!

Can’t disagree with any of that! 👍

Yeah hopefully it won’t suck like the last four seasons. 🙄

Oh, fer cryin’ out loud… Just because you didn’t like Discovery doesn’t mean it “sucked” in everyone else’s opinion. Sheesh. I’ve really enjoyed Discovery and am really sad it’s ending.

Take a breath man. I was talking about myself. Does this have to be specified on a message board in 2023? Did you honestly look at that sentence and thought I was speaking for every Trekkie out there? I recognized others liked it as I read the posts here by people on this very thread like Christopher who said they did. So I obviously wasn’t speaking for them. Can you take the feigned outrage down a notch?

I’ll rephrase it: Yeah hopefully it won’t suck like the last four seasons as I and I alone thought it did.


Not you alone, I can’t stand it and stopped watching at the end of S2. DSC can boldly go ‘away,’ imo. You’re not alone.

Oh I know plenty thinks the show sucks but I honestly wasn’t trying to speak for anyone else but myself.

But thanks fior the responses everybody!

+ me as well.

I’m more or less on board with the “good riddance” argument, at this point. The show has had its moments, but the foray into the mirror universe (particularly Lorca’s origins) severely weakened season one, and the time jump at the end of season two was a “jump the shark” moment. The show has had its moments, such as Saru and Jett Reno, but it has not lived up to Berman-era Star Trek. Its chief accomplishment appears to be spawning SNW.

Moreover, there is usually (not always, but usually) little point in adding disclaimers that “this is my opinion”; surely that’s implicit.

I supported the show every season even though I ended up feeling disappointed with it every season as well. But I will say after season 4 was when I officially gave up on it. I just felt no matter what they did or change, it was never going to be a good show IMO. There are just too many issues with it. And DIS was not the first show I had problems with out of the gate, but those other shows eventually grew on me and now love them. But DIS is the first show where I still don’t like very much after four seasons.

But I am staying open minded about season 5, mostly because it’s the last season. I hope I will truly like it but not holding my breath either.

Yeah – just because I make a congealed smoothie of raw out of date chicken, ice cream, cuttlefish and a dozen spices and herbs that don’t complement each other at all doesn’t mean it’s an awful dish because there’s at least one weirdo out there who’ll enjoy it.

Discovery is objectively a shambles of a show. Paramount just had to pour money into it to save face, but it should have gone the way of the dinosaur after the utter travesty of its first season.

It cannot be cancelled soon enough. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I do wonder if they had Netflix keep the show would it had survive longer because they were paying to keep it? Probably buying it back for just P+ helped doomed it.

Just my non-educated opinion but I don’t think it would’ve made a difference to tell you the truth if Netflix kept licensing it. If anything if they had full control of it, they might’ve just cancelled it sooner looking at how long most shows last over there these days which is not long at all. It may have been cancelled after season 3. We’ll never know, but yeah.

Yeah probably right. I don’t care either way, just curious.

Possibly, but I just don’t see how a show with two terrible premises* and a dwindling/non-existent fanbase could’ve lasted longer than the generous five seasons it got.

Terrible premise 1: a canon-busting prequel to TOS with a magic mushroom drives.

Terrible premise 2: try to reset it by throwing the ship into the far future (sending it to just after VOY might have been interesting)

Another good point although I like the show jumping to the 32nd century and would’ve preferred that’s where it started and it wouldn’t be a canon mess, but still agree with you.

But would’ve been cool if it started after Voyager too since that’s what a lot of fans originally wanted, certainly me.

I don’t know how much I agree with this. I don’t think the premises in themselves were terrible but just badly executed in the end. I thought sending DIS to the far future and dealing with the fall of the Federation was a fantastic idea….until we found out it was due to a crying Kelpian kid. Ugh

See, that wasn’t worth it If you were expecting a reasonable response — and your post brought out the whole Larry, Moe and Curly, “we hate discovery” wannabe improv comedy team… lol

The DSC haters are always looking for fresh meat, and are really ready to pile on big time when someone pushes back like you did. Personally, I don’t really mind it, I find it kind of entertaining in a moronic and pathetic sort of way…lol.

Also, I don’t want to be too hypocritical because I think lower decks is the largest piece of s*** on TV today, and I’m going to throw a convention party in my Las Vegas hotel room during whatever year that series gets canceled… And some will be surprised at how many people will show up to drink beer with me and celebrate the demise of juvenile sitcom cartoon Trek…that lol

Me too. I’m almost in agreement with you — it’s the second best show of the Kurtzman era for me, with SNW as my fav.

Agreed! I’m a massive Disco fan. I’ve been with this crew since The Vulcan Hello. I love this crew. I miss the vibes of S1/2. The show is crazy and daring and I love it.


Yeah, S1 and S2 rocked. Then “they listened to the fans” (which means they listened to all the whiners here who tore into DSC in those first two seasons, some because the lead character didn’t fit in their personal comfort zone), and we’ve got watered down DSC ever since, still good, but not the awesome, fearless stuff we got in S1 and S2.


S1 and S2 were amazing, and they also captured the spirit of hope and optimism that Trek represents without shying away from darker themes.
S3 and S4 felt a lot more emotionally driven, it’s just watered down, the characters that were previously developed in S1 and S2 were gone… S3 started off pretty good, it had potential, but then it just went straight downhill by the end.

I blame the show runner Michelle Paradise. She turned it into Star Trek: Lifetime movie in the third and fourth season and turned it into a sappy tedious bore of a show. It’s exactly why I thought she should’ve been fired or replaced. Too late for that now. Season 2 is also still my favorite.

Agreed. With Picard over, Discovery is the best of the shows that haven’t ended yet. I was hoping it would run for seven seasons, but five is a pretty good run.

That’s how long I was hoping Prodigy would go too. 😥

I wonder if any of these shows will ever make it to seven seasons like the old days?

That’s a great question but if you look at the average run of most streaming shows these days, which seems to be 4-5 seasons, the chances are probably slim. I think the best indicator will probably be Lower Decks. If that gets renewed again, then it at least proves that its possible. But if it gets cancelled after the fifth season I suspect that will be the threshold of most Trek shows here on out unless they perform spectacularly well or beyond expectations.

Edit: Out of curiosity I just went and looked up P+ original shows library. And those are shows specifically made for the service like the Trek shows to know what is the oldest show so far. As far as I can tell, the oldest is The Good Fight which lasted 6 seasons. But the average show run looks to be around 2 seasons when you exclude the Trek shows. So not a great record lol. I could be missing a show somewhere but pretty sure Good Fight is the longest and that started the same year Discovery did.

So it’s probably slim to none most will get to seven seasons although I saw an interview somewhere from Goldsman who says they would like to see SNW goes seven seasons. But with everything going on….

Wow interesting. But that’s probably because most of the P- shows simply sucks. They have a lot more today but only a few has really got any hype outside of Star Trek and the guy with all the cowboy shows. I can’t remember his name.

But you’re right not many shows last 7 years on streaming. I don’t think I watched any that lasted longer than 5. Even big shows like Stranger Things will be over after 5 seasons. Star Trek is still pretty small fry but I guess big for P+ but that’s small fry too.

I hope LDS goes at least 7 but odds are probably small with P+ being the disaster it is.

Trailers may be all there is at this panel, with the WGA strike ongoing (and SAG potentially joining them this week).

The WGA is missing a big opportunity to not let their membership do ComiCon. They could use appearances to get their message out, and it doesn’t conflict in reality with their strike on not writing for the studios, because they would not be doing that.

This is another one of the WGA leadership’s bonehead moves, maybe not as bad as their “We’re gonna have a party like it’s 1999” strike optics at the beginning, but certainly a missed opportunity to get the word out by leveraging ComiCon appearances.

And just watch, the SAG will have their agreement done in time for Comicon — so we will see actors and of course, directors at Comicon…but the writers will not be able to be there. Wow! Talk about miscalculations and bad decisions?

Oh, the WGA will be there…with a picket line.

EDIT: Just read that the road in front of the convention center will be closed to everyone but badge holders (this is not new, it’s been done since 2018). So if there is a picket, it will be further away.

So they will get a minimal audience at best, unlike if they showed up to a panel and used that opportunity to cover their strike issues.

Again, a missed opportunity.

Why would they go and do promotions for the studios while they’e on strike? That just seems counterproductive.

You are missing the point — they show up, but then they get the audience to talk about their issues related to the strike during their appearance. By showing up, they help their cause more than giving the studios the minor benefit of promoting a show…it’s not like they are working and writing stuff for the studio.

Missed opportunity.

There is going to be a TV writers panel at SDCC, and the strike is on the agenda. Terry Matalas is going to take part.

That’s more like it! Thanks

At the moment, the SAG negotiations went from done deal to man the picket lines over the course of about 48 hours. Of course, things can change, but the calls that went out today informed talent representation that it’s looking like a strike.

Here’s hoping that the Animation panel will focus primarily on the two best Star Trek animated series of all time — TAS and Prodigy!

Prodigy doesn’t exist, so no. Lower Decks is fine representation.

Prodigy may not be easily available to stream right now, but it still exists.


Until Paramount finds a buyer, it doesn’t exist. That may change before Comic Con, but until then, it’s officially invisible.

Get back to when it wins anything.

Heck, LDS is getting so desperate to win any kind of award for it’s first award, I think they would make a big public deal if McMahan got the P+ Employee of the Month Award, with a special parking space in the P+ lot — they could then claim that was a major award for LDS, which would reduce the embarrassment level of never winning Jack-Squat. LOL

You know my friend, sometimes you should just say outright and directly what you’re thinking, and not go through the backdoor with these barely veiled comments.

LOL, yeah!

Going to “focus” on ‘Discovery; after cancelling it, and having an “Animation Celebration” after cancelling ‘Prodigy,” did I read that right?

LOL, yeah, that’s kinda wrong when stated that way.

It seems like they plan to hype up season 5 of Discovery like they did with season 3 of Picard. With Picard it got to a point where some people here complained about there being too much promotion but it seems to have paid off for Paramount+ in terms of viewing numbers.
So even though Disco was canceled, they will probably promote season 5 heavily as one last ride of that crew.

Least surprising headline ever.

This announcement makes me happy, I was afraid they would scrap Lower Decks just like Prodigy. Still not feeling confident about season 5 ever coming.

Excited for another Discovery season 5 trailer, and Lower Decks news (hoping T’Lyn is a big part of season 4). Maybe a tease into what theyre planning to do with SNW season 3.

Not holding my breath for Academy or 31 news until there are writers to work on it.

I dont see the 4th Kelvin movie panel, compete with Abrams, Orci, the cast and several surprise guest stars (Bana, Hemsworth, Eve, Cranston, Shatner)

Must be on another day ;-)

That’s because that movie no longer exists.


Dude I know you really want another movie, but yeah. I just realized it will be 7 years this month since Beyond came out. And all we gotten since are 5 cancelled movie projects and about 50 articles on this site to argue over them lol. And not a single peep from Paramount about another idea since they cancelled the last one a year ago now.

It’s really amazing at what a time waster all of this has been sadly, but Paramount is clearly afraid the next one will bomb or under-perform and I can’t blame them at all but it’s really their own fault.

7years.., whod have thought way back in that glorious summer when ST09 was such a hit for a Trek film (and esp domestic beating most of the competition like XMen, Terminator, Angels&Demons) that the series would splutter out by 3rd (lackluster) film and then break the Bond like NEM-ST09 gap.

And The Flash bombing so bad will probably put an end to (my) dreams of a big Trek multiverse movie :(

Well the multiverse concept is still popular, look how well Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is doing. That’s now over $600 million and will could reach $700 million by the time its done. Not bad for a movie that only cost $100 million. But it’s still Spider-Man though. ;)

We will get another Star Trek movie. No, I don’t think it will be a multi-verse movie due to probably costs alone, but a movie will happen, but I’m guessing not until another 3-5 years. And yes, it can go longer than that because as you said NO ONE predicted it ever go this long without a movie before now. It would be cool if they could make a new one with NEW characters and setting (probably back in the prime universe) and in time for Star Trek’s 60th anniversary in 2026. But I wouldn’t put real money on that either at this point.

Edit: I forgot about the Paramount+ streaming movies. So we will get movies in that form at least, but that probably pushes another theatrical movie out by 5 years minimum.

When Enterprise got cancelled it took 12 years to make another show. Since Beyond bombed I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes 10-12 years to get another movie. I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years.

Paramount knows not enough people care about another movie or they wouldn’t keep cancelling them. It saves us from more bad movies though.

P.S. Spider-man Across the Spider-Verse is awesome and worth seeing in a theater.

Yeah heard great things, but only have so much time these days to go to the movies. But want to see it for sure.

I don’t think another 5 years would surprise anyone at this point. We have heard fuck all about anything since they took the last movie off the schedule a year ago. Even if they announce a new movie tomorrow, it wouldn’t come out until 2025 the soonest. And if they announce another movie until next year that will be 2026 already until it comes out.

And since no one at Paramount seems to be in any rush to even announce another project (before its cancelled again) I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath for anything before 2026 and that’s being optimistic.

I remembered thinking if they don’t make another movie by 2020 it’s going to feel too long. Now it’s three years after that and the movies are still dead. 😆🙄

I waa hoping maybe we would get a Prodigy movie some day, but um…

oh yeah that new spiderverse is doing crazy business for a toon, and of course SM:NWH did almost 2b. And the next Avengers is supposed to be an Endgame size multiverse epic with the current MCU and previous Marvel movie actors.. But genuinely thought The Flash would be an easy billion as it was the DC multiverse (like SM and Dr Strange 2) as well as a Batman 89 legacy sequel. I saw it just Saturday night gone (first cinema trip since Rise of Skywalker!) and was pretty blown away by how batsh*t crazy it was in regard to the multiverse stuff. last time I felt that level of OMG/WTF was probably seeing ST09 (im about the same fan level for Batman/Superman as for TOS/TNG Trek)

but I still hold out a fraction of hope that Paramount might be planning a big Generations crossover (theatrical) film for the 60 anniversary (albeit one that dosnt have a 200m budget). So expecting (another) JJ announcement any day now lol

I’m pretty sure there’s just a touch of sarcasm in the OP…..

That’s the Mirror Universe Comic Con, where the WGA decided to work for free instead of getting collectively shoved into the industrial sized agonizer booth.

Hard pass after the Prodigy cancelation. Already getting emails begging me to resubscribe. Never going to happen.

It would be great if we could also check in with Playmates Toys and see WTH is going on with their Star Trek toy line. Does anyone know?

I’m curious myself. Regrettably though I’ve seen many of the Trek stuff on clearance aisles lately.

I’m still waiting for more series that aren’t TOS or TNG to get newer action figures myself lmao. At least Disco got a few.

I truly miss the days back in the 90s you can walk into a toy store and see entire shelves full of Trek merchandise from every show and movie. That’s when Star Trek felt big and popular.

Today the merchandise feels nonexistent everywhere. I still remembered a friend who wanted to get her son a Beyond T-shirt after they saw the movie and asked me where she can find one because she went to the mall and couldn’t find anything. I informed her at the time there wasn’t much merchandise made for the film, even online, which is unheard of for a $200 million movie. That’s usually the reason they cost so much in the first place. If you can’t get a $18 t-shirt for it at Target, something is wrong.

I don’t know if we’re ever get back to the ‘glory days’ of Star Trek where it didn’t feel like it was strictly for hardcore (and rich) adults and it felt more like something for the masses and actually for kids too. But with Prodigy cancelled and I imagine its small toy line will be defunct soon as well, it looks like we are still a long way from that again.

I too miss the 90s toy line offerings for Trek. I’ve got so many TNG/TOS/DS9 Playmates, I even set them out on my media shelves in front of my Trek media. So many wonderful memories of being a young teen and going into the toy store looking for the latest releases.

I have to question though if part of the decline in (Trek) toys on shelves is due to the overall decline of department stores overall. When you can get a better selection online, why bother going into a department store or (remaining) toy stores?

As someone once famously said, those were the days!

I was in my early 20s then and still had no problem buying up toys lol. Me and friends even use to collect TNG trading cards (remember those?). It wasn’t just the toys, it was the games, clothing, books, models, etc. There were just an abundance of merchandise everywhere back then. I used to love just going to stores and seeing what new stuff was out.

Now none of that really exist anymore, at least not on a mass level. Yeah you have stuff online now but it’s more limited and special collectors type of stuff. Yes I do think the decline in toys in physical stores had an impact, but you can still find Marvel, DC and Star Wars stuff in places like Target or Walmart no problem. That stuff probably isn’t as popular as before either (especially Star Wars) but its still there regardless. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen anything Star Trek related in stores and definitely for none of the newer stuff. The first Kelvin movie was really the last time I saw merchandise in stores with toys and clothing at least. It’s been nothing since.

Fingers crossed the entire cast of Discovery gets replaced for S5. I can’t stand any of them. But of course they’ll remain, and continue to go on and on about how much they love each other, every 2 minutes.

And yet you keep watching.

You are always so freaking angry every time I see you commenting here…lol.

You don’t like Saru either? He’s not annoying like some of the others IMO.

I like Admiral Vance too.

If you feel that strongly, simply don’t watch the fifth season. Unless you’re someone who likes to hate-watch TV shows you don’t like.

So, what you’re crossing fingers here for is what, exactly? That season 5 just gets dumped? That it’s completely reshot with an entirely new cast?
And just why is it an issue if the current cast gets along well? The TNG cast loves each other as well, are your undies just as knotted up over that?

I realize they probably aren’t going to promote the upcoming second season – since they’ve pulled the show from P+ – but they have to know there will be fans who pepper them with questions. Perhaps there is some kind of small plug or “update” we’re not yet privy to. Hopefully there is a large number of fans going who have their “Save Prodigy” tee shirts ready to go.

nothing about Starfleet Academy show! that sounds promising that its been put on the backburner in favor of Star Trek Legacy!

honestly i just want a new Terry Matalas Star Trek show, it doesn’t have to be STL

What that sounds like is the WGA strike, with the high probability SAG joins them on Wednesday. One thing that can be said with 100% certainty, is that absolutely nothing has been done on any rumored Picard spinoff.

If SAG strikes on Wednesday a lot of these panels may be empty seats.