Full Star Trek ‘Strange New Worlds’/’Lower Decks’ Crossover Episode To Debut Early At Comic-Con

Paramount Global has released a new detail of their Star Trek Universe Comic-Con panel, as we’ve previously covered, it is scheduled for this Saturday (22 July) at 1:30PM PT.

The fan-favorite STAR TREK universe returns to San Diego Comic-Con, featuring exclusive reveals and surprises from upcoming and current seasons of STAR TREK: DISCOVERYSTAR TREK: LOWER DECKS, and STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS. Fans in attendance will also be the first to see the highly anticipated STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS and STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS crossover episode with a special Hall H premiere screening.

Notably, there is no list of just who from Paramount or Star Trek will be attendance. We expect that many of cast and creatives will not be there due to the strikes in Hollywood. However, Paramount is still trying to make it a special event. By announcing that the attendees of the panel will get to see the Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds crossover episode early.

Trek on the convention floor too

There will be a Strange New Worlds interactive booth (#3529) on the floor:

Experience the Paramount+ original series STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS on the convention floor through an interactive booth inspired by the U.S.S. Enterprise. The booth features two immersive photo opportunities, where fans can take the helm of the renowned captain’s chair and then place themselves in the footsteps of Starfleet by selecting one of four “strange new worlds” to explore. Within the booth, fans will also get an intimate look at official costumes and props from the series on display and have a chance to receive exclusive giveaways.

More SDCC 2023 coverage to come

TrekMovie is headed to SDCC 2023 and we will be covering the major events. There could also be announcements for more official Star Trek events, so stay tuned to TrekMovie.com.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at TrekMovie.com.

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I had a feeling they’d do this, since they won’t have writers or actors. Takes up one hour of the 90-minute panel; the rest for trailers/announcements.

Wow I think a few people called it when the panel was announced. So cool, although sadly none of the actors or writers for the episode will be there to even talk about it sadly. I can’t wait to watch it though.

Bummer that we won’t get any BTS photos from the cast on social media, or Tawny’s funny write-ups (might not get them for Lower Decks either if the AMPTP continues to be all Ferengi-like).

Strikes gotta happen though, all power to the writers and actors.

I called it myself

tee hee hee, giggle giggle, snort, squee

The crossover is almost here baby! IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!! 😎🖖

I can’t wait!

That makes you a true Trekkie! 👍

Can’t wait either, so excited for this.

I’m really curious if this will be a typical time travel ep. I really REALLY hope it’s not a holodeck ep!

I would hope they’ve learned their lesson after These are the Voyages.

Me too

Let’s see – Tawney is 40 years old trying to pass for late 20’s? Right…

Late twenties at the youngest. Probably actually older than that. No way she was on DS9 during the war in her teen years. Nog was already there, he was an exception.