Watch: Uhura Meets Kirk In Clip From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Episode 206

Episode 6 (“Lost In Translation”) of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 debuts tomorrow, on Thursday, July 20 on Paramount+. And there’s a new clip to hold you over while you wait. [SPOILERS]

A Kirk walks into a bar

This week’s episode features the return of Paul Wesley, this time playing Lt. James T. Kirk of the USS Farragut. You can watch the moment he meets Ensign Nyota Uhura below (via IGN):

The official synopsis for “Lost in Translation” offers some more context:

Uhura seems to be the only one who can hear a strange sound. When the noise triggers terrifying hallucinations, she enlists an unlikely assistant to help her track down the source.

Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura and Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode 206 (Paramount+)

Here is the official trailer for the episode.

For more details and photos and another clip, see our previous preview for episode 206.

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Ouch Jim!

Kirk has no rizz?

SNW is clearly not canon.

(I joke).

smh pale and male.

Just from that clip you can tell that a lot of thought went into the writing.

I’ll will certainly defer to your expertise in that area to notice that when it happens.

I’m not sure I like this.

Kirk in TOS rarely hit on a woman for the sake of just hitting on a woman. He did it in Court Martial before he knew his old love was against him. But in most cases, if he hit on women to get to the bottom of a mystery, get out of the clutches of the enemy, or because he was under some love spell (looking at you, Elaan of Troyius).

Taking this scene as it is (meaning without context to previous scenes), Kirk clearly is not hitting on Uhura. He is introducing himself. Does every time someone says hello to a woman at a bar mean they are being hit on?

Also, there is nothing Kirkian about Paul Wesley in this scene. He looks ready to rattle off dad joke after dad joke to Uhura. I hope Kirk starts giving off a command persona we are used to sooner rather than later. This guy feels like a dweeb.

And one final thing. Uhura does know that Kirk outranks her, right? Regardless of being in fake ten forward, and on or off duty, the ranks are still there. So, whether you’re having a bad day or not, how bout showing a little respect for someone who has earned their rank? You don’t want to talk to the guy? How about, at a minimum, saying, “Sorry, sir. But I’d rather not talk right now.” I’m getting tired of these new shows featuring rank, but then everyone treats each other like they are friends or brothers and sisters.

I really hope the scenes around this one add better context. Because this was not a good intro for me.

I’m getting tired of these new shows featuring rank, but then everyone treats each other like they are friends or brothers and sisters.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when I was an Air Force officer that kind of banter between what in the USAF would be a 2LT and Captain was more the norm than people think. For whatever reason, people seem to think that military officers are very stiff and formal around each other. They can be, when required, but day-to-day? Not so much.

Agreed! I served in the Army and there was banter between officers and NCO’s, but we also knew who the boss was and treaded carefully.

Since they don’t serve together on the same ship, there is a little wiggle room.

And, I’m rewatching DS9. Jadzia and Ben had a professional relationship and friendship. Miles and Julian is another example. They were informal at times.

As long as Pike doesn’t hit on crew members or makes friends in the lower decks, I’m more comfortable with it now. I think people want to see the restraint in TOS, but the writers are not going to do that.

I saw a little more formality between officers and enlisted/NCO. But between officers, the real demarcation was between “grades” of officers. 2LT, 1LT and CAPT are “company grade” officers, and tend to see each other as peers. My experience was that LTs and CAPTs were on a first-name basis. The real line of demarcation was between company grade and field grade (MAJ, LTCO and COL).

There are also, of course, different styles of leadership where I could see a guy like Pike palling around with Lower Deckers more than say Picard who pals around with no one really. Nice to show that variation.

I’m ok with Pike showing interest, being happy when they are promoted, checking morale, telling a joke or two on an occasion, inviting the troops over for dinner, (my 1SG and Battery Commander did that) or having a friendly football game, yes, I can see that. Should he be playing poker, hugging crew members, or giving relationship advice or getting involved in the personal, no, for me, that’s crossing the line.

I volunteered for the USO for a few years when my son was in the Navy. It was generally a pretty relaxed atmosphere, as well.
Further, rank seems pretty wobbly in Starfleet to begin with. Everyone seems to be an Ensign, outside of Miles O’Brian, the last NCO in the fleet.

And even more so in Discovery, where some don’t even appear to have ranks at all…

You’ve never been on a submarine in the Navy then.

dudes that look 40 gonna look like they are one opening away from a dad joke….

Wow so if a random stranger talks to me at a bar and I’m not interested I can’t tell that person to eff off because they could outrank me? Do you even hear yourself? You also gotta consider the fact that Uhura is a woman here. This is kinda bad advice to be giving to women. Here “sorry sir I’d rather not talk right now” wouldn’t be interpreted as “keep harassing me” because it’s Kirk and Kirk isn’t usually like that but in other places.

Also wow your comment reeks of being written by someone who has never experienced sexual harassment. Good for you but man. You gotta think about these things.

He wasn’t harassing her. He was making polite conversation and she was rude. No need to tell someone to eff off, just be polite… I do agree that regardless of rank, she was in her right to push him off, but she could have been more diplomatic instead of assuming he was hitting on her, when he clearly wasn’t.

Thank you for sparing me the time and effort of writing exactly this. Agreed. He wasn’t hitting on her, and she was very rude.

Okay but look I’ve experienced sexual harassment. It’s hard to tell who is genuine and who isn’t. And also being diplomatic gets you absolutely nowhere. You have to be up front about it sometimes because it’ll just continue. You have to tell them to eff off because politeness doesn’t work.

I’m gonna drop this but all I’m going to say is you gotta also consider the perspective of the woman in this case. I present feminine due to the lack of ability to transition or even get HRT so I deal with this a lot. So I have reasons to think about it from Uhura’s perspective.

Yes, I do agree with you there. I’m on the other side of the coin here and to me no means no, but a simple two letter word is sometimes too complex for some men to understand…

Exactly. He was just talking to her. For goodness sake, lol

Thank you for assuming you know something about my life experiences. I have experienced sexual harassment multiple times. And what Kirk does, definitely ain’t that.

Then you should also understand how Uhura feels.

Also I apologize for assuming.

And Uhura overreacted like crazy. It’s ok to have polite conversation without it being sexual.

Did you not read anything I said earlier?

At this point in time, she doesn’t know him yet. He’s just a stranger that approached her at a bar. Obviously she learns to trust him as demonstrated by this very episode in itself. La’an probably vouches for him and she learns to trust him on her own after that.

Also I know it’s very possible and okay to have that. But unless both parties want that then guess what, it’s not that in the end now is it. It’s also hard to tell who is genuine and who isn’t. I had a nice pleasant conversation with a guy and I ended up being stalked before. Sometimes worse. This is the reality that women and feminine presenting people live in.

I understand and respect your experiences and your point about unwanted advances. And I’m sorry you experienced a stalking situation.

All I’m saying is in this 23rd century spaceship bar (with Spock nearby if I’m not mistaken) situation, and comparing it to the very definition of sexual harassment, “behavior characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation.” Kirk does none of this. He literally is just sitting at the bar and begins to make conversation. That’s my only point. He’s earned no disrespect from her. If the conversation went on and he was “creepy”, then yes I would 100% agree with you. But based purely on the definition and my own experiences i simply cannot.

But at the same time, she has a right to shut down a conversation before it can begin. Nobody has to participate in a conversation that they don’t want to be part of. And if being rude gets the point across easier then 🤷

Exactly. Agree. Just like in New Girl, shut it down 🙅‍♀️. And that leads to my point that this isn’t a bar in town with civilians. He outranks her. So, shut it down respectfully and leave like she does in the scene.

Yeah, there was no reason for her to be such an a-hole about this. Just say, excuse me, I have to go. WTF???

I usually agree with you on most stuff, but Uhura was rude as Kirk was just talking to her normally. And no, it’s not sexual harassment if one person of the two at issue imagine it is when we, the objective observers of the scene, can clearly see that it is not sexual harassment.

Show that scene to any lawyer dealing with sexual harassment cases and they will tell you that it does not qualify regardless if Uhura is feeling that it is.

I don’t disagree with that. We know it isn’t and she probably wouldn’t think it was or could have been later. My issue was the way the comment was worded. “Why do women think men are hitting on them when they say hi” because it is just as often as it isn’t. It’s very easy to understand why a woman reacts the way she does when you’re perceived as one and experience all of the things that they do.

Also like I said over and over and over again, she doesn’t know him yet. For all she knew he was going to. Obviously she learns that he wasn’t. To me this was nothing to get mad about. Things get worked out later, we already know this.

Got it!

Sure, if she wants people to think she’s an a-hole. Sorry, I am just not down with her rude behavior in this scene.

Kirk does none of this. He literally is just sitting at the bar and begins to make conversation. That’s my only point. He’s earned no disrespect from her.

100% Correct.

how bout showing a little respect for someone who has earned their rank

Obviously Starfleet is fictional, but in my old branch, promotion to captain (LT in Starfleet) is a time-in-grade promotion, meaning it is automatic when you hit the four year mark. Everyone makes captain. The first “real” promotion (where your record is reviewed by a promotion board) is from captain to major. Everybody doesn’t make major (although the overwhelming majority do).

I though that Captain in the Air Force and Army is Commander in the Navy…

Nope. Commander in the Navy (and Coast Guard) is a lieutenant colonel everywhere else.

Thank you. So then Captain in the Navy/USCG is a Colonel elsewhere? I thought it would be Brigadier (or 1 star) General… very confusing.

Admiral, Navy/CG, General, everyone else. I’ll defer to an actual servicemember for specifics….

That’s right. In fact, the rank pin for a Navy captain is an eagle, same as a colonel. One-star and two-star ranks in the Navy are both rear admirals: rear admiral lower half and rear admiral, upper half, respectively. The one star Navy rank is called commodore in most other navies.

Have you considered that this is a fictional show? The rules aren’t real. Starfleet isn’t real. If it was you strike me as a member of the Red Shirts on the Cerritos.

I disagree. You can’t just boil it down to it’s a fictional tv show. Otherwise, anything and everything we discuss about this show is totally irrelevant. And I’d also say this “fictional tv show” set up its parameters with over 50 years of canon. So embrace the ranks.

I agree with you. It does matter, but these writers don’t and won’t get those details right. Their knowledge of Star Trek is most likely from Google or memory alpha. And it shows.

As many people have already said, though, what you’re claiming about military ranks isn’t true. People in the military banter just like all other people, regardless of their rank. Life isn’t Top Gun.

Did you just pretty much say ‘it’s just a TV show’?!?
Do you where you writing that at?
Do you know who you are talking to?


In the U.S. military, rank doesn’t stop that kind of banter. I know that movies make people think rank is a rigid thing in the military, but the scene in this trailer is not uncommon, rank be damned.

He wasn’t hitting on her.

That Kirk charm! I really liked the small detail of his squint as he took a sip at the end of the clip. Felt like The Shat himself. Grateful to have my “childhood friends” young (and alive) and having adventures. Love this show. Also, just a detail, it looks and feels more “futuristic” the Star Trek: Picard with the brighter colour palette and lighting.

In spite of myself, I like Paul Wesley’s take on Kirk, especially in the previous episode. I hope this upcoming episode does nothing to ruin that. As far as Uhura’s reaction, I get the impression that Kirk’s reputation was inflated/denigrated by his brother (‘Ahhh, you’re friends with Sam’ to ‘uhhnnn, you’re friends with Sam’). The popular/stereotypical/parody view of Kirk has been of a womanizer, but often he is one of the smartest, best prepared people in the room (stack of books with legs). I hope the writers are playing those disparate views of Kirk against each other. I could stand to watch this version of Kirk in a Star Trek series. Again, that is, if they don’t ruin it.

–Expectations creeping up..ready to turn down brain to zero if needed—

But if I have to do that, again, I will be really disappointed.


Just going by the synopsis and trailer for the episode, I am guessing Uhura’s reaction to Kirk is probably irritation from being the only one who can hear that mysterious strange sound. Maybe none of her friends believes she is really hearing it and that is why she tells Kirk she is currently not in the market for any new friends. Just a guess.