‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Hits Streaming Top 10 Again; Pushes Paramount+ To New Milestone

For the second week in a row, Strange New Worlds has ranked on Hollywood’s most important streaming chart, and the show has even helped Paramount+ hit a new market share milestone.

2 for 2 on top 10

Today Nielsen revealed their top 10 streaming charts for the week of June 19-25, which included the release of the second episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, “Ad Astra Per Aspera.” And once again the series is on the chart for original streaming programs, this week at number 8. That is a drop in rank from last week’s #7 debut on the same chart, however this week SNW clocked more streaming minutes (393 million compared to 338 million last week).

And again the Star Trek show is the only streaming original on the chart from Paramount+. So far only Picard, Strange New Worlds, and the Yellowstone prequel 1923 have appeared on the Nielsen original top 10 chart since they started tracking the streaming service earlier in the year.

Ethan Peck as Spock and Yetide Badaki as Neera in  “Ad Astra per Aspera” (Paramount+)f

Strange New Worlds puts Paramount+ on Nielsen’s “Gauge”

In fact, Strange New Worlds is being cited as the driver to finally get Paramount+ listed on a different chart by Nielsen, The Gauge, which tracks television market share for broadcast, cable, and streaming. To get onto The Gauge an outlet needs to reach 1% market share across all television viewing. According to Nielsen:

Paramount+ captured 1.0% of overall TV viewing in June and is the 11th streaming service to be independently reported in The Gauge. Viewing to Paramount+ was boosted by its original series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which generated nearly 1 billion viewing minutes.

Here is the social media post announcing Paramount+ on The Gauge:

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Hot damn, this has to bode well for the network’s outlook on the show. Once the strike is resolved, I hope we get commits for more SNW beyond season 3

I think Strange New Worlds could easily go for five or six seasons. I mean, realistically even though Discovery was cancelled we’d probably be heading into season six instead of season five without the long COVID gap. SNW is solid, performs well, and the return to episodic storytelling format is working.

Honestly I am crossing my fingers that if SNW can keep up these numbers pre and post strikes that we can get the typical seven seasons .I know that is practically impossible for a streaming show but even at 7 seasons it would still put SNW under the EP count of TOS

I could absolutely see it going for 5 seasons. 50 great episodes of Trek would be amazing

I hope so, too! With this format, they could continue pretty much forever, or at least until Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn get too old. But another ten years at least!

That would be awesome … even with some cast changes, to be able to take SNW all the way to TOS.

I was hoping Star Trek: Prodigy would get a huge bump up that week after the announcement; that should be the only week in which it could have happened.

Interesting to see Ted Lasso there when it ended some weeks before.

I stopped watching Ted Lasso after the boring Amsterdam episode, but went back and finished it at around this time. I guess I’m not the only one.

It’s never been as good as S1.

They rushed so much to resolve stories. It was like 2 seasons crammed into one. Especially the second half

Not bad for a show that way to many fans keep calling garbage.

Except for Lower Decks Crossover Ep == that’s up at the quality level of Citizen Kane now for those malcontents. LOL

Huh? I don’t follow. Who has even seen that episode yet, apart from people who worked on it or for Paramount in general?

screeners went out recently to reviewers. I’ve seen it, for example. Excellent episode all around.

That’s great to hear! :)

It’s obviously the one most people are most excited about, so it would crush many souls if it was a disappointment.

I also got episode 8. Also excellent. Very dark, and feels like a DS9 episode.

Dude what are you talking about??? SNW seems very popular in the fanbase. Who is calling it garbage?

And I’ve said this somewhere else, but the last year people have been pretty happy with Star Trek overall staring with season one of SNW, then Prodigy, LDS and season 3 of Picard and now SNW again. It doesn’t everyone will like everything but most seem to like these shows.

I think you just spend too much time on YouTube. ;)

Yup as far as I can see, SNW is overwhelmingly popular with the legacy fans like myself and others that I have spoken to in the real world and online. Yes there are a few naysayers and the show ifs far from perfect, but overall IMHO I think the reception has been positive.
Congrats to P+ on the success of SNW and Picard S3. Too bad Prodigy seems doomed, but hopefully someone picks them up.

I have a friend who is a TNG ONLY fan and notoriously hates TOS and he absolutely loves SNW.

All you need to do it pop back and take a look at recent posts. Folks losing their s**t over writing, character development, art direction, etc. On a couple of the labor posts, some folks actively talking about the strikes being cause to shut the whole s**tshow down. It’s all there, in digital black and white.

Yeah some Star Trek fans don’t love the show, but you act like that’s the majority or something. It’s not like Discovery where its full on hate in a lot of places (especially here), people generally like this show. Season one has a 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes audience score. Only Picard season 3 has a higher score so far. Season 2 has a slight dip with 76% but that’s still good.

We can’t treat this one board as a macrocosm for the entire fanbase. You go to bigger places like Reddit for example, it’s mostly gushers there. And of course it doesn’t mean everyone will love every episode. That has never happened in any Star Trek ever. People will always be divided on certain stories or episodes, but overall still think is a good show. That’s healthy…for a change.

No one should have any worry about SNW getting the axe. Even if P+ goes down in flames this show is good for a long run.


Always great news to see Trek make it to the top 10!

It really does make me happy because we all remember history where TOS was cancelled because of ratings and VOY and ENT struggled in the ratings to say the least on network television. To see a Trek show perform like this now shows how far we have come.

Its more proof Star Trek does better on streaming. Yeah we have lost a few shows recently with DIS (but still a solid run) and PRO (not so much a solid run lol) but Trek’s future is probably brighter on streaming than network TV even with all the upheaval over it lately.

It just doesn’t have much of a competition and it doesn’t need as many people to view it to be successful like network shows.

Great news!

I hope this compels them to make more episodes per season (AMPTP permitting, of course)

That’s never going to happen. If something like the Mandalorean that still gets tons more views only still makes 8 episodes a year I don’t see it changing for this show. The metrics are just very different for streaming as the Hollywood strikes have been making clear and they just don’t make enough money off these shows like the network shows but spend tons more making them at the same time.

yeah, at some point, some disruptor is going to “come up with” the idea of stretching a dollar and maybe that will show trek’s added value as historically being a show to outperform modest budgets.

I really wish they would make 15-20 episodes of STRANGE NEW WORLDS. Last season it felt like it was just getting going when it ended and I’m getting that vibe again this year. Really loving this season’s stories, the show has the retro look of TOS, but the stories feel like TNG-era writing. They actually take the time to stop and talk and the performances this year have continued to be stellar (pardon the pun). I’d rather have just two quality Trek series, one in the fall and one in the spring, but with longer runs. Also, iTunes dropped the rest of the first season of PRODIGY into my library today and I didn’t have to pay for it. That was a nice surprise as I had thought they might do a Part II set that I’d have to pay for. I hope they at least make season two available for purchase so I’ll have it available and it won’t disappear the way so many shows seem to be doing lately…

That’s wonderful.
Also, I had no idea that many people watch Peacock.

Also also, “peacock” should not trigger a censor. These boards really need a bit of a refresh for what gets flagged.