All 20 Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 1 Now Available Digitally

There is good news for fans of Star Trek: Prodigy who are missing the show since it was removed from streaming on Paramount+.

Prodigy available digitally now

Episodes 11-20 from the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy were released this morning digitally and are now available for purchase at Amazon, Google, Apple, and elsewhere in the USA. This is the first time all of season 1 has been available since the show was removed from Paramount+ in June. This has been confirmed for the USA, but may also be the case in other countries. [NOTE: The two-part series premiere is considered a single episode, which is why some digital sellers list the season as having only 19 episodes.]

Blu-ray news next?

Volume 2 of Prodigy season 1 (with episodes 11-20) showed up for pre-order earlier this month on Amazon and other retailers but was subsequently removed. We are awaiting more details about the release, but with the digital release now available, hopefully, an official announcement will arrive soon.

Still waiting for new streaming home for Prodigy

Work on the second season of Prodigy is still underway. Paramount has committed to licensing both seasons of the show to another outlet; however, there is no news yet on where or when this will happen.

Earlier in the week, c0-executive producer Aaron Waltke tweeted about working on post-production for one of the season 2 episodes, teasing how it ties together Trek lore.

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FYI if you purchased the first season through VUDU before this, the 11-20 episodes are considered purchased as well so you don’t have to pay extra!

I think this means they’ve made a deal somewhere. Just as a note I immediately pre-ordered it on Amazon and they may have hidden the listing but it still shows in my account as pre-ordered with a 9/27 delivery.

Cool. I already got the first blu-ray, and ai pre-ordered the second blu-ray, so I’ll try to be patient and not pay for them again digitally.

Most encouraging.

FTM I’m still planning on getting the Blu-ray upon its presumably impending release in September, but I’ll be closely following all Prodigy news and adjusting plans accordingly.

Don’t do it. If they can’t sell the show after finishing season 2 they’ll end up writing it off for taxes like with final space and it’ll vanish from your library even though you bought it.

It just depends. It seems more in danger of that while NOT being available. Purchasing it digitally will show streamers it is more popular than Paramount figured on. But yes, buy physical media. Thing is season 2 is NOT on physical media … yet. It may never be but to encourage it, it seems we need to SHOW the interest in it.

Season 2 isn’t on any media, physical or otherwise. We won’t get to see it at all until they find another platform for it.

Disney wouldn’t sell a Star Wars series to another streamer if the numbers were less than expected. That’s because they know the value of the IP as a whole and they understand respecting the fan base is something that needs to be factored in for the long term health of the franchise (Note that they have cheesy and cringeworthy 80s Star Wars cartoon content on D+ for completists to watch) The P+ team is simply made up of third tier people who couldn’t get hired at Disney, won’t be at P+ long term and only see Trek as a short term numbers thing and not the long term value of the franchise as a whole. What’s next? Selling off lower performing episodes of various series to other streamers? Visionless bean counters and desperately dumb anthropomorphic LinkedIn pages come to life.

I’m pretty sure Star Wars shows were sold and aired to CN and Warner Bros even though there was the Disney Channel.

The whole idea of streaming channels only selling shows to themselves has proven to not be profitable. Max is already going back to the old model of producing shows and licensing them to other networks.