Podcast: All Access Comes Face-To-Face With The ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’/’Lower Decks’ Crossover

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 149 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks/Strange New Worlds crossover

With the early drop of “Those Old Scientists,” the long-awaited Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover, Tony and Laurie decided to squeeze in an extra podcast to talk about it. No news, no bits, just a straight-up review.

Spoiler alert: They loved it.

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and should you be so inclined, please review us on Apple.

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This episode was an absolute triumph for Alex Kurtzmann. All the hard work over the years, all the planning, the sheer audacity of launching multiple shows with different styles (live action and animated), and what the fans got was one the most unique and greatest episodes of Trek.

It was us, the fans, who won.

Agreed. I’m one of the dozens of fans who has been praising Kurztman for what he has helped done for Star Trek, especially lately. They haven’t all been winners in my eyes (Discovery and early Picard) but I have really enjoyed most of the shows overall and really love the mixed formats and time periods. Every show feel like its own thing. He has tried to make shows that appeals to fans from 6 to 60. And while sadly Prodigy didn’t land with people as hoped, that’s still my favorite show in the modern era.

I tried to get into Lower Decks a few times – but I really do not like it, so a crossover with SNW did nothing for me. I love SNW but this is probably my least favourite episode and one I will probably skip over in future. Looking forward to next week’s episode and forgetting this one.

It’s not my cup of tea, either, but I am a little relieved that it was not as embarrassingly bad for the franchise that I thought it could have been. I mean, as dumbass and moronic as this whole ep concept was, at least it was a well written and well acted dumbass and moronic ep, so I’ll take that.

This ep was a PURE JOY to watch!

Thanks Laurie & Tony, for getting out a quick “raw” cut. Kinda like it when you guys fly without notes, it helps to avoid getting stuck in the minutiae (my opinion, granted) 😜

How many people are also dying to hear Boimler’s limmerick!? 😀

I couldn’t help but wonder if the limerick was a bit of a Delta Flyers tribute, since they do a haiku and a limerick for every episode they review. Probably not, but still…

(Oh, and we had notes, trust me. Plenty of ’em. They were just all very positive.)

That’s getting pretty deep in the weeds…….maybe Data waxing poetic (or trying to) on occasion would be a more ‘in universe’ inspiration.

Yeah, that makes more sense. But I can still pretend.

LMAO, when Boimler mentioned doing a limerick, Delta Flyers was the first thing I thought of too. ;)

I want to hear it!

There was once a girl at the Fleet Museum…

Here it is!! :)

Learn via Portal Teleportation, a lesson shrewd:
Travel light, ditch expectations of our Heroes’ mood
Boims had to learn, in Time
It’s not a Galactic Crime
To allow Spock a creepy smile or two.

What a fabulous, heartfelt tribute to Star Trek.

Lower Decks is my favourite of the new shows (and Strange New Worlds my least fave) but this crossover was absolutely phenomenal on every level. I’m going to need more live action Lower Decks appearances- especially from Tawny Newsome, who just IS Mariner!

My only (very mild) criticism is that it would have been nice to see Astraea Tendi, rather than just have her referenced. It might have been cool to see her played by Noel Wells in a live action cameo…. which now makes me want to see live action Tendi and Rutherford!

Really happy you enjoyed it M1701. I actually love both of these shows equally so I was giddy from start to finish. I too want more live action Lower Decks now as well. This episode proves you can absolutely do more live action comedy and Trek has been doing it since TOS.

And yes it would’ve been great if we saw Tendi’s ancestor. I’m not sure why they didn’t show her, at least in the final scene with the other Orions, that would’ve been the perfect time to introduce her and was definitely a missed opportunity. But not a big deal in the scheme of things.

I have seen a smattering of LD episodes. Just Not a fan. It’s just not my cup.of tea. But I don’t mind that it exists and that it has a devoted fanbase.

Despite not being a fan I didn’t mind this fun one-off episode . Still found some enjoyment in it.

Same here. LD is just not for me so I suspected that most the crossover episode would go over my head. I enjoyed it, but didn’t laugh until the last scene with the animated SNW crew. I’m glad so many others loved it though!

This episode was such a joy!
I felt bad for Chapel in the turbolift. What she´s basically hearing is that Boimler, has read every book about Spock and none of them mention her. She´s hearing that she is a phase that he will grow out of.

Boimler actually mentioned time traveling in the episode Mining the minds mines when listning shenanigans they´d been up to. But that took place early in season 3 so doesn´t match with the stardate.

I usually don´t care about the daddy-issues but this one resonated with me since I, a few years ago became older than my mother ever became.

I thought Boimler saying Riker was because he did the Riker maneuver which must have been extra fun for director Frakes.

Thoroughly enjoyable – watched it twice: back-to-back. I really appreciated that Boimler and Mariner maintained the fast-talking comedic style of LD while the SNW characters (attempted) retain their more dramatic mode – while standing with their backs to Boimler as he re-wires the sensors LOL. This was not only a “crossover” but also a “mashup”! I have to say, I’m with Boimler on how creepy the semi-comedic Spock is (so well played, @EthanPeck!)

I appreciate the extra episode, y’all. Your dedication is tremendous! And I loved the episode, too!

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but knowing how much Laurie loved it seeing she hasn’t been the biggest SNW fan is amazing to hear. But of course she’s a huge Lower Decks fan, so it makes sense. ;)

Will comment more when I have time to listen to it.

“What’s with the rank on the sleeves??”
“Have you noticed how slowly they talk?” “Yeah and quietly”

Hilarious and fun!

Pike: “Enterprise, 5 to beam up.”
(Mariner mimicks his communicator flip with her hand)
Mariner: “Aww look, he did the little flip thingy”

There were so many pure joy hilarious lines like this, I’m watching it for the 4th time and still catching stuff.


Koala in the opening credits!

That and the lobster thing pulling on the Enterprise ruined for me what a really nice looking animated version of the SNW title sequence.

Why did we need that kiddie shit there???

Is the koala a LD thing? I’ve never noticed it in the credits there (unlike the LD parasite). Or is it just a random (fun) koala?

I actually liked these better than the usual credits. The ship looks great in non-CGI.

Do we actually know that the Nausicaans made the portal? I think all we know is that they labeled it.

I’m shocked Nausicaans can build ships, much less make time traveling portals.

Hey, not all of them spend all of their time in bar fights!! ;-)

Sure. Some of them just stand around throwing knives at each-other.

A thought it was also funny that apparently there are A LOT of time portals in the future.

They’re everywhere.

Ricky’s thoughts – I liked this episode, but I didn’t think it was “amazing” or anything. Just a decent episode. Good acting all around, props to Anson and to Jack.

This one’s an instant classic.
Anyone fretting about the musical episode should relax. That’ll be great, too.