Paramount+ Becoming The Streaming Home Of Star Trek In Canada

Star Trek has been a part of the global expansion of Paramount+ with the exception of Canada, where until last month, Crave handled streaming of Star Trek, including the new original shows. That all changes this month as Paramount+ Canada is taking over Trek streaming for Canada.

Star Trek on Paramount+ in Canada

Today Paramount+ announced the service is now the streaming home of Star Trek in Canada. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds launches on the platform today with all of season 1 and the first 8 episodes of season 2. The musical episode “Subspace Rhapsody” arrives on Thursday. The service already includes all available seasons of Discovery, Lower Decks, and Picard. In addition, Paramount+ Canada is currently the home to all the Star Trek feature films with Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Cut returning to the platform on September 5.

Over the coming weeks, the rest of the television franchise will be added…

  • August 8 – The Next Generation (Seasons 1 – 7)
  • August 15 – Deep Space Nine (Seasons 1 – 7)
  • August 22 – Voyager (Seasons 1 – 7)
  • August 29 – Enterprise (Seasons 1 – 4)
  • September 5 – The Original Series (Seasons 1 – 3) and The Animated Series (Seasons 1 & 2)

NOTE: TrekMovie is confirming if or when Star Trek: Short Treks will be added to Paramount+ Canada. And like elsewhere, Paramount+ Canada does not include Star Trek: Prodigy. Paramount Global is currently seeking a new streaming partner for that animated series.  

Here is the new promo for Paramount+ Canada as the home of Star Trek (video only visible within Canada)

“Star Trek is one of the most iconic TV brands in the world,” said Katrina Kowalski, Vice President, Content, Paramount+ and Pluto TV Canada in a statement. “In the decades since the first series premiered in 1966, the franchise has evolved, growing and inspiring its audience with expansive storytelling and a diverse cast of characters. We are so thrilled Paramount+ is now the Canadian streaming destination for the catalogue.”

The fourth season of Lower Decks will debut on September 7 with the fifth and final season of Discovery debuting in early 2024, same as with Paramount+ in the USA. Paramount+ Canada will also be the home of the upcoming Starfleet Academy series and the Section 31 movie event starring Michelle Yeoh.

See the Paramount+ Canada Lower Decks season 4 trailer below…

To help celebrate Paramount+ in Canada as the streaming home of Star Trek fans will be able to engage with the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds activation at Toronto’s FAN EXPO from August 24 to 27 and Vancouver and Calgary fans should stay tuned for details on exclusive screenings on Star Trek Day, September 8.

Canadians can subscribe to Paramount+ online at or via the Paramount+ app for iOS and Android and other smart TVs and connected devices. Monthly subscriptions are only $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

CTV Sci-Fi still broadcasting Star Trek

While streaming for Star Trek has moved from Crave to Paramount+, CTV Sci-Fi will continue to be the broadcast home of Star Trek in Canada. The Star Trek shows will also continue to be available on and the CTV app for subscribers.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at

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It’s aboot time buddy!

I always had issues with the streaming quality on Crave so I don’t mind the switch.

What about the Ready Room? Will it be available on the platform? Or the very least ,will it no longer be geoblocked on their youtube channel? It’s on and some social media but its often late and harder to cast on TV.

Ready Room is on P+ in the USA, so it should be part of P+ Canada. I don’t see why they wouldn’t offer it.

Can anyone confirm if audio description is available on Star Trek content on Paramount plus Canada? Crave has it on the newer shows and they credit the description service as being provided to them by “Paramount plus” so I’m assuming yes?

Glad to read CTV Sci Fi Channel will continue to show Star Trek SNW. The channel is currently also the home of TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise ( as well as another franchise – SG1) and the streaming site is still showing Picard and Discovery!
I assume the writing is on the wall that eventually P+ will be the exclusive home of legacy and NuTrek north of the border. Let’s hope that is later rather than sooner.

We still have TNG DS9 VOY TOS ENT and TAS on Netflix too! Dunno for how long tho.

Still envious that they don’t have to buy a streaming service for this. In that aspect, Canadians have a superior situation.

You need a cable subscription though. And you have to deal with commercials.

I realize that. But that’s what a DVR is for. And while I do stream some stuff I still find just going through cable to be the superior delivery system.

Some forget you have to pay for the premium cable package to get the Sci Fi channel and even a la carte it is $5 a month with commercials, so you either pay big cable OR Paramount. Pick your poison!

I guess… But if you are getting cable already it’s the better option.

Like others have said, the channel costs extra in a cable package, plus you get commercials. Also, unless you have a cable company that offers on-demand shows, you have to wait until the evening to watch it.

And there’s not much else on it (Superman and Lois, Doom Patrol, the Ark, Wynona Earp) other than Trek and Stargate reruns.

I’d rather get Paramount+.

I’m hoping the SNW season will finish off on Crave. I don’t want to buy another subscription.

As I’ve said, DVR’s work. Also there is literally nothing else I look at on P+ than Trek. And there is other stuff on cable I look at. I wouldn’t mind waiting for Thursday evening to avoid the hassle of streaming.

Any news on the French audio? So far none of the Star Trek shows on P+ have it. My mom was in the middle of watching Voyager and now, she’s crying.

Interesting. I wonder how long it’ll be before they’ll pull shows from CTV Sci-Fi eventually, which means I will have to subscribe to another streaming service (I never bothered with crave). Bell Media owns Crave and CTV so I wouldn’t be surprised if that eventually happens.

Also, does this mean NETFLIX is losing Star Trek in Canada?

The U.S.’s revenge for Moosehead.

Anything is better than Crave for the new stuff, but would be sad to see TNG leave Netflix.

Has anyone tried Paramount+ yet in Canada for the new shows? Picard season 3 was awesome but the compression on Crave is terrible. I want to see it in 4K proper – if it’s even available in 4K

Does anyone know if Paramount+ is worth it? I’ve read terrible reviews about the app itself. Things like how it’s a hassle to unsubscribe; constant “this video is not available outside your country” messages (despite you being IN your country) and having to uninstall and reinstall every time you try to view. I’m not terribly tech-minded, but could this be solved by subscribing through Amazon Prime instead? Either way, I think this’ll be a case where I get it for just a month, binge, cancel and wait until the next new season of a particular Trek shows up.

I sub through the Prime channel because I hate the P+ app on Fire TV, and while it’s easier to use, a lot of content is missing without explanation, including Star Trek. Right now, Lower Decks is missing season 3. When Voyager was last on there, it was missing 3 seasons. Enterprise was also missing a season. I wish we got some explanation for this, as apart from the occasional Prime Day promotion, it costs full price.

Aaand that will end my crave sub and I’ll be back to download copies. I’m not paying for another stream service just for trek. P+ does not have enough to keep me.