‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Returns To Top 10 Streaming Chart

Once again Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has shown up on an important chart tracking popularity of original streaming shows.

Top 10, again

Nielsen has reported their Top 10 streaming charts for the week of July 3-9, which included the release of the fourth episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, “Among the Lotus Eaters.” And once again the series is on the chart for original streaming programs, this week at number 9. This is the third time Strange New Worlds has shown up on this chart for this season, the last time was at #8 two weeks ago following debuting at #7  for the week of the season premiere.

Strange New Worlds has now matched the third season of Star Trek: Picard which ranked on this same chart 3 times during its 10-episode run. Due to how Nielsen releases these charts over a month after the week being analyzed, Strange New Worlds has six more chances to beat Picard’s record. Since Nielsen started measuring Paramount+ data earlier this year, only the two Star Trek shows and the Yellowstone prequel 1923 have appeared on the original top 10 chart.

Christina Chong as La’an, Melissa Navia as Ortegas and Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga appearing in episode 204 “Among The Lotus Eaters”

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They deserve every bit of the success and praise they’re getting. And more.

Wonderful to hear! When Star Trek is good and fans are excited they turn out in droves.

A bit off topic but I been reading the latest Marvel show Secret Wars was the lowest watched MCU show to date but it’s still #7 lol. I guess for being an MCU show that’s low but it proves that franchise still lots of steam even if not as strong at its peak.

Pretty damned good considering how many more subscribers Netflix, Hulu, and Disney have compared to Paramount+.

The top 10 for all streaming programs for that week breaks down as follows:

  1. Suits
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer
  3. The Witcher
  4. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  5. Bluey
  6. Grey’s Anatomy
  7. The Bear
  8. S.W.A.T.
  9. Is It Cake, Too?
  10. The Outlaws

Minutes for Suits? 3674 (M). Is It Cake, too? 755 (M). Strange New Worlds? 351 (M).

A series that ended in 2019 is just crushing the competition and a baking show is outperforming pricey, critically acclaimed series from Apple, Disney and Paramount. If you want to know why streaming has been a losing proposition for studios, these numbers tell a big part of the story.

I really wish I understood how the streaming formula worked better. For example SWAT is on this list and I read an article recently that it pulled in nearly 900 million minutes last week. That’s nearly 3 times more than SNW generally pulls in, but I bring it up specifically because its getting cancelled next season. Granted it’s in its seventh season but why is that show even leaving at all if it’s still in the top 10 (at least sometimes) after six seasons and gaining so many views over shows like SNW and others?

I’m just trying to figure it out in my head. But yeah, I guess the problem is they just don’t make enough money on streaming after a certain amount of time even if millions of people still watch them.

I don’t have any insight knowledge on streaming either but from what I see SWAT is a CBS show, running on the CBS network. It may get good numbers on Netflix but depending on the specifics of the streaming deal, Netflix may benefit more from that than CBS. Since it’s not a Netflix Exclusive, Netflx probably pays far less for the show than one of its Originals. Whereas Strange New Worlds is running (almost) exclusively on Paramount+, so they don’t have to share the profits.

It’s a CBS show produced by Sony so Sony is collecting a healthy licensing fee for the show.

Yeah that’s a good point. But the whole thing is still odd to me. Look at Manisfest, it was cancelled on NBC after 3 seasons but is apparently a huge hit on Netflix that they actually revived it and gave it a final season and seems to be a big hit for them. At least around SNW type of hit.

And while I’m happy to see Star Trek doing well in streaming, I sadly still don’t think these shows would survive very long on network TV these days just looking at its streaming numbers vs the other network shows who gets much higher numbers. Star Trek thrives in streaming even if the future is still questionable for that platform.

SWAT was given a reprieve by CBS after pushback from fans and the cast so it will be returning (eventually). The shows numbers were up year over year on CBS but it’s produced by Sony so CBS initially decided to pull the plug.

The longer a show stays on, the more expensive it is to produce and CBS still has to fork over a fair amount of cash for each episode even though they don’t produce it.

Though shows are initially produced at a loss and eventually turn profitable if the show is successful, the age of streaming has virtually every show produced at a loss with no expectation of actually recouping those losses on the back end any time in the near future. There are exceptions of course, like Disney+, where IP can be exploited elsewhere, but few others have that as option to fall back on.

Thanks, this is all makes sense Denny C!

Well done SNW. I have had some issues with the show but I have to factor in it’s about million times better than Disco. In other words, I genuinely feel SNW deserves to be the flagship show of the franchise.

Easily the biggest hit P+ has.

Well, next to Taylor Sheridan’s output. IMO, his shows *also* deserve the success they’re finding.

The best show. Love the storylines, love the characters. Captain Pike is magnificent!!!! Enjoy his relationship with Captain Batel. Didn’t care for nurse ratchet this episode or the way the nurse acted in the previous episode once she got with Spock. When he was unavailable she wanted him. After she got him she became irritated and bothered with everything about him. Made me irritated with her and her arrogant behavior. Then when she got into that coveted program she celebrated with colleagues and didn’t have the courtesy or respect to inform Spock, her paramour who everyone could see how much he adored her and was willing to change to please her. Absolutely one sided. How heartless. Don’t like her. Otherwise, everyone else, keep up the good work.

Yeah, about Captain Batel…