‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Producers Talk Janeway/Chakotay, Season 2 Legacy Connections, And Season 3 Hopes

The big news for Star Trek: Prodigy coming out of the recent 57-Year Mission convention in Las Vegas was the release of a clip from season 2, but the assembled writers and producers on stage also had a lot to say about season 2—and even season 3 and beyond.

Season 2 is half done

As previously reported, executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman told the Las Vegas crowd that active talks were happening and they were “99% confident” Prodigy, which was removed from Paramount+ in June, will find a new home.

At the same event, co-executive producer Aaron Waltke also offered an update on progress on season 2:

CBS Studios and Secret Hideout are nothing but supportive. We are continuing to make the show. We have 10 episodes in the can and 10 more that’ll be done by the end of the year.  Man, the episodes look phenomenal.

A new world in season 2… connecting to more Trek

The EPs talked more about the setup for season 2 and how things are changing based on the events of the season 1 finale when the Prodigy crew made contact with Starfleet:

Dan Hageman:  I can tell you that everything has been set up in season 1 where Gwyn is going to Solum to try to be an ambassador. And then at the same time you have the rest of the crew with Admiral Janeway It’s investigating a wormhole, but let’s just say it may be more than just investigating.

Kevin Hageman: Season 1 is about a bunch of kids who steal the ship. Season 2 is about a bunch of kids who earn a ship.  I think with the loss of the Protostar and Hologram Janeway, it was a very bittersweet ending of season 1. And I think at the beginning of season 2, we loved playing with how there’s this excitement of going on to Voyager and on a massive ship. But these kids now are in the adult world. They’re not even full ensigns or anything. They’re at the bottom of the ladder. They don’t have their own ship. They’re not on their own adventures. And so there’s a little bit of almost like a Goonies yearning for that adventure of season 1 that they used to have, and how do they find that within this world of adults?

After this description, Aaron Waltke jumped in to hint at how season 2 connects to other recent Star Trek shows:

Aaron Waltke: And there may be some hints of what’s to come in other Star Trek shows that may or may not have already aired.

Later in the panel, Waltke picked up again on this theme about how season 2 of Prodigy is connected to other shows:

Aaron Waltke: Something that we always said in the writers’ room is that our show, we’re starting exploring Voyager but always, in our hearts, it was a sequel to all of Star Trek. Our show, and the other shows, Lower Decks, Picard, and maybe even some other ones, are all connected. And I think especially in season 2, you will start to see all those threads start to wind together in this amazing grand tapestry. There’s going to be some new faces and you’re going to see plenty more familiar faces and legacy characters that I think you’ll be very excited to see.

At another point in the panel, Waltke noted how as the show moves into season 2 (and possibly beyond) it touches on other events in Trek canon:

Aaron Waltke: The 2380s in the Star Trek canon is a wide-open canvas. And there’s a few key events we’ve seen little glimpses of in the other shows and movies even. And we are with the show that is plowing forward in connecting those dots while creating new ones. So that’s where we really want to go. And there’s other legacy Star Trek shows with very prominent space stations we like to visit.

Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, and Aaron Waltke at STLV 2023 (Photo: TrekMovie)

Janeway/Chakotay story will bring tears

Much of the first season of Prodigy dealt with the search for Chakotay, with Admiral Janeway taking the USS Dauntless returning to the Delta Quadrant to find her former first officer. Kevin Hageman promised that this storyline will be resolved in season 2:

Kevin Hageman: For those of you who’ve seen Season 1, there was quite the tease of Chakotay and Janeway. And I know it’s very unresolved. And we are promising in season 2, we’re going to complete this story, and what we’re doing with them is absolutely fantastic.

Later, when asked what they were most excited about in season 2, both brothers returned to the Janeway/Chakotay storyline resolution, with Dan offering some insights into a key scene:

Kevin Hageman: Janeway and Chakotay.

Dan Hageman: Janeway and Chakotay. I have to share a little story, our voice director [Brooke Chalmers] who sometimes reads opposite the actors. And we had Kate Mulgrew in recording and he was reading for Chakotay. And they were reading this scene together. And our friend Brooke just starts crying as he’s reading opposite Kate, because it’s just so powerful.

Janeway and Chakotay at the launch of the USS Protostar from episode 11

Season 3, a movie, and more toys?

When Prodigy was removed from Paramount+, much of the coverage described the move as a cancellation, even though work on the second season continues as Paramount searches for a new home. The Hageman brothers made it clear they are still holding out hope that the show will find a new audience at a new home, and that it could potentially continue on past season 2:

Kevin Hageman: My master hope, I want the show picked up. I want a season 3. I want Season 3 to set up an animated film series. Because why not? I think Star Trek needs to have an epic animated film series that have a new adventure every couple of years that the whole family can go see. I mean, it’s going be much easier to make that than some of these live action films that are much, much more expensive. Ours is on a budget.

Dan Hageman: I want to add, at the end of season 1 it really helps set up what’s going on in season 2. The same thing is at the end of season 2, it really sets up a new story going into season 3. I remember I was so excited for fans to watch episode 20 from season 1, and I’m even more excited about you guys to see episode 40.

In response to a fan question about merchandise, Kevin said the move to a new network could help with that as well:

Kevin Hageman: We’ve seen prototypes of other toys. If the show does find a new home and keeps keep going, hopefully, the demand is going to prove that they need to keep making these toys. That was always the inspiration from day one. If you look at the designs of our characters, and why the Protostar shifts and changes, we want it to be very toyetic and dynamic and fun for kids to play with.

How fans can help (including a skywriting message)

All of the producers thanked the fans for all of their support for the show in the last couple of months and encouraged fans to sign the Save Star Trek petition—which has over 32,000 votes—and said this helps show the powers that be the support the show has. Waltke made it clear fan efforts are helping:

Aaron Waltke: All of you are making a difference… everything that you’re doing is moving the needle. Thank you. The hashtags, the fan art, the cosplay, and also the campaign to buy the Blu-rays, spread awareness. Marketing is very hard in this age and you are helping us so keep it up, keep the momentum, keep the faith and I genuinely believe that we will have very good news. So keep at it.

The latest fan idea is a GoFundMe campaign to buy skywriting to spread the message “Save Star Trek: Prodigy” above the offices of some potential new homes for the show (like Amazon and Netflix). This effort has garnered endorsement from the show’s producers.

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bit weird how they can afford to keep making the show if there isn’t a home for it. Who’s paying for that? If Paramount is, then why take it off the platform? The whole thing smells dodgy.

CBS Studios is continuing to produce the show as the studio, which is a separate entity from the streaming network Paramount+.

And who owns CBS studios?

It’s clear you don’t understand the structure of a large multinational conglomerate. Rather than trying to think you’re clever asking about ownership to Aaron who is an actual industry professional working on Prodigy, I suggest you read up on how a big media corporation like Paramount Global works.

Paramount+ and CBS Studios are two different parts of the much larger Paramount Global (formerly known as ViacomCBS) umbrella.

CBS Studios, as the name implies, is a TV production company. They make TV shows for anyone interested in buying the rights. This includes their corporate cousin Paramount+, but also could be anyone else interested. Case in point, CBS Studios currently produces shows that are on Max, Starz, Disney+, and Peacock too.

I love this comment.


You need to get out more. Lol

IMHO Yellowstone is a good example of this. Yellowstone with Costner is a CBS Studios show which airs on the Paramount Network but streams on Peacock not Paramount+. But it’s 2 prequels 1923 and 1883 are CBS Studio productions that were specifically made for Paramount+

Yeah exactly, and Paramount Global obviously coordinates this between the two subsidiary companies. Which was my point above — I don’t get why that would be controversial, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone?


I agree with you.

okie dokies

Not only do I understand it, but I recently bought stock in the company due to it’s low price. And the stock reflects the performance of both of those subsidiary companies, plus several more. And if someone at Paramount Global is isn’t monitoring the relationship of Star Trek properties across two different companies under it’s umbrella than that’s just bad business.

Aaron, my apologies for not getting my point across better. I love what you’ve done with this series.

CBS Studios and Paramount+ are Paramount businesses.

Exactly – thank you!

Which operate independently.

Likely, the asset allocation was made at the time of production. Spending that money is also the value of the tax write off. Tax laws being what they are, you can’t claim it as a loss if you’re using it. If another distributer buys it at cost, there’d be no appreciation which could be considered taxable.

I’ll defer to an actual CPA if my understanding is in error….

Tax avoidace is a dodgy thing by derfinition lol

Actually, it isn’t. Tax avoidance is taking advantage of the tax law to pay the least amount legally required; nothing dodgy about that. As my tax accounting professor said, tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is your patriotic duty.

Ugh. Sad that a cool show about kids on the frontier got turned into a Voyager sequel.
More exciting would be the post-Discovery Academy show, at least then you got new cadets rebuilding Starfleet and trying to rediscover the legacy as opposed to another TNG VOY which, outside Picard doing something leading to half of Starfleet being assimilated, is pretty bland.

Did you read the article? They specifically say it is not just a Voyager sequel, but something that explores all of Star Trek while creating its own story.

I believe the point is that the kids are no longer having their own adventures and are now absorbed in Voyager character stories. Personally I wanted the kids to remain independent and be guided by holo Janeway. It became far less interesting when real Janeway became the centre.

I felt the same way. When I heard that the show was canceled I couldn’t care less about.

That’s how most of us felt about Discovery. 😂

At least Prodigy is a good show.

I mean I know they got the adults crying over cartoons, carpeted bridges audience and anything with a Trek name and maybe the kids who like being told what to do by adults (spoiler alert, not a big audience), but you think someone would want a smart exciting Trek show for new kids about them succeeding on their own with some STEM included.

Ugghh for me nothing about the 32nd century is exciting. Everything literally blew up and no one knows anyone, Earth are Xenophobes and a 23rd century starship is somehow the most advsnced starship Starfleet has. They could not have gotten the Federation’s future more off from what was depicted in Voyager and esp Enterprise if they tried.

Earth undergoes a change in government and rejoins the Federation in Season 4- and the Discovery undergoes a massive retrofit during Season 3 to bring it in line with other contemporary stars- and the spore drive allowing them to go anywhere in the galaxy pretty much instantaneously would make it a pretty critical asset for anyone, especially an organisation trying to move on from dilithium dependence.

Ya, I know, but it was SUCH a downer. I mean for me Trek was always supposed to be about the future of humanity getting better as time goes by. It was such a bummer to see that after all the centuries Earth and the federation fought all it took was a crying baby to demolish everything and bring the Federation to it’s knees. For me it was the weakest plotline I have seen in 60 years. I nearly quit Trek after that.

what happened was no different from the alien in TNG ‘the survivors’ whose was powerful enough to wipe out an entire species out of grief and revenge.
here ‘the burn’ was the result of unintended consequences of a child abandoned by the death of their parents

Yeah but the difference being they were advanced aliens with special powers. That’s what they should’ve did instead of having it be some Kelpian kid with zero special powers. If you wanted it to be a kid then make it a very advanced one that could explain it better, like a Q or something we know is that powerful. This just felt too forced and convoluted.

Making it a being with special powers just turns the whole thing into fantasy instead of science fiction. I appreciate that they went with something more grounded, even though their scientific explanation was kind of wonky.

That wasn’t ‘grounded’ though, it was ridiculous and gibberish. The Omega particle is actual science fiction if they wanted something more grounded and what I wish they did instead.

Any society will have its ups and downs. The cool thing about Discovery, and presumably Starfleet Academy, is that we get to see the end of the Federation’s dark ages and the beginnings of its return to greatness.

Honestly I am hoping somehow Discovery season 5 will retcon all of the 32nd century stuff.

Why would they do that?

Because they know how many of us hate that. That’s why the 32’nd century happened in the first place to erase the 23rd century BS Discovery was doing.

You’re so right.

I absolutely love this show. Reading this article really excites me of how they are building and expanding this story. I loved how beautifully it touched on so many Star Trek elements but still felt very original. It brought in legacy characters, Janeway being the biggest obviously, but it was about these new characters and kids and it sounds like season 2 will still be that as well.

I really hope they find a new home. As much I love Lower Decks, SNW and Picard season 3 was great, Prodigy is still the show that excites me the most and I’m really excited about Aaron’s episode that somehow celebrates all the shows in one episode. That’s the kind of creativity and ambition that makes show extra special. Kobayashi  is still my favorite in season one.but I loved most of them. And can’t wait for the Chakotay/Janeway reunion!

And I have the entire season on digital and will be buying the blu-ray when the second half comes out. The last time I bought any physical media for Star Trek was First Contact back in 2002 lol. I haven’t bought anything since until recently.

Speaking as they did about of how it connect to other shows reminds he of the penultimate episode of Picard and Geordi’s diss on Worf about the Enterprise E. It totally makes me think that WAS the big E at the Prodigy finale battle and not just a CGI mistake and Worf WAS the Captain and the E was decommed after that,

That can certainly be true. I wouldn’t have an issue if that stayed canon and how the E was destroyed. That definitely wouldn’t be Worf’s fault lol.

LOL totally not Worf’s fault but it was still a dig from LaForge on Worf’s part hahahahaha

LOL totally loved that line from Worf. It was so great to have these guys back and no one missed a step.

Not even TMP? Do yourself a favor and purchase that disc!

Dude I can barely stay awake with TMP lol. I remember with all the hoopla over the 4K version being released year on First Contact day. I was actually excited and tried watching it. I got through maybe 30 minutes of it. But yes I plan to buy ALL the movies. I still want a complete collection just in case I go nuts one day and have the urge to watch TMP again. ;)

Well, you can always keep it ready in case you find yourself having trouble sleeping ;-)

LOL, true. And I’m not trying to put the film down, but I truly mean it when I say I have struggled watching this movie since I first saw it on TV back in the 80s. It’s the one I’ve seen the least out of all 13 films.

I hope it finds a new home then because I’m feeling robbed. “Prominent space station” DS9! Also wow I wonder what the connection to LD will be.

Yeah I would love for another show to crossover with DS9 again like LDS. I’ve always wanted to see Janeway on that station (but admittedly it was harder for a crossover back then ;)). But now, it’s possible.

So fingers crossed!

From what I understand these writers just broke their own union rules for talking about seasons of the show

Most TV animation is not on strike. Prodigy is TAG, not WGA.

You understand incorrectly. Before making such declarations please consider doing your due diligence. We’ve pointed out that animation is a different union in every article we’ve written about the strikes here on TrekMovie.

Animation is a different guild. That has been mentioned here, plenty of times.

“And there’s other legacy Star Trek shows with very prominent space stations we like to visit.”

That is potentially exciting, because their is only one legacy show with a very prominent space station that I can think of. Unless I’m misunderstanding and that’s some kind of metaphor.

Yeah, I’ve been dying to return to Space Station K-7 too! Or is it Regula 1? Can’t wait to find out ;-)

Kidding aside, LD has already been to


DS9. I don’t really need to see it again on Prodigy.

Well, we only saw Kira and Quark (and Morn) on Lower Decks. I would love to see Dal meeting Dr. Bashir to get his input on being an augment in Starfleet.

Well we revisited DS9 in Lower Decks and that was really really fun. I’m not sure how well it would go down on a serious show like Prodigy but it could be even cooler. But I have to admit I would miss seeing Odo and Nog and Sisko and the gang. But Kira and Quark are always a blast of course!

It could go down super well honestly. Also hmm it would depend on the exact storyline. I’m not expecting better followup on the state of the Dominion than what PIC gave us but it could easily work there too especially with them saying it connects to PIC in some way. (although I’m expecting that way to be the damn Borg again 😒)

Hey, I’m all for it. I’m just bummed that we caned get Odo or the others that have left us :(

I mean, Prodigy has already featured Odo in an episode. I’m not sure whether I would personally consider that appearance a full success but they could do it again.

Well, there is K7…

Prodigy, where you go, we go!

This show is amazing and has helped me fall in love with Trek all over again like Lower Decks and Picard season 3 (finally) did.

Season 2, make it so!

Amen to that buddy! It is/was my second fav show of the Kurtzman era of shows. Murf reminds me of My puppy LOL. If my puppy could use a computer that is :). I’m really crossing my fingers for Amazon because even after the possible great purge of streaming services comes I suspect those guys won’t be going anywhere since Amazon Prime as a whole is a juggernaut.

Lol that’s adorable! What kind of puppy do you have? Yeah love Murf too! So cute! I been reading in some places and people actually think Amazon might take the show since they still have Picard and Lower Decks in certain countries. And if those are still doing well on it then it probably has a good chance they are talking to them at least. 🤞

He’s a yello lab! I’d post a pic if I could lol. He’s 8 so he’s technically not a puppy and he is WAY too large to look like a puppy but he acts like a puppy and he follows me around like a puppy. LOL.

Bro I grew up with a lab! This is why we’re best friends! 😃

His name was Thimble. We had him for 13 years. If I could trade him for my sisters today I would. But I would trade my sisters for the Legacy show! 😉

Great dogs!

Omigosh! I wish they could have been friends!

Yeah labs are great. I’m sure you are going to love him as he grows up.

I totally do. I jumps on me every time I see him. Technically speacking he is not my dog, he is my dad’s dog. But he thinks of me like a brother and loves me!!!

BTW I saw your post to me today. You said you were on vacation last week. Anywhere fun?

I went to San Diego on a last minute trip cause I am starting a new job at the end of the month.

I lived in California when I went to school there but never went to San Diego. It’s definitely a pretty place to visit and live

It’s so fun to visit!

I hope you had fun bro and good luck on your new job. I know it drives you crazy though! 😂

LOL it totally does!

Missed Comic Con tho :(

All my hopes to this wonderful show! I want to see this crew again. The Hagermans truly understand what makes Star Trek great! I want to see those animated films. They honor the legacy while adding new stories that are bold, original, and compelling. It’s not a kids show, it’s Star Trek. And it’s the best out of all of nu-trek.

Keep the fight going!

100% agreed! This is how you do Star Trek right. They understand the spirit and legacy so well. I would love for them to do movies too. I think I would love those more than the Kelvin movies (and I think those are OK, but a little iffy on both the legacy and spirit of Trek to me).

Also agree, Prodigy is an amazing show. I nearly wrote it off early when I heard it was a kids show but was going to give it a chance no matter what.

But this kids show ended up being ten times better than Picard and definitely Discovery IMO.

I had already rewatch the first season when it ended but I bought it on digital two weeks ago and watching it again. I have not rewatch a single season of Discovery to this day or the first two seasons of Picard. I have zero interest to watch those and I think season 4 of Discovery would just put me to sleep.

Just got it on digital recently myself and plan to buy the blu-ray when part 2 comes out. I haven’t rewatch it yet since I got it but probably will soon. Maybe next month.

But this was actually a wake up call for me and that physical media or the very least ownership still matters. But I was the idiot listening to these companies when they were promising at the very least the stuff made for a service would always be there and now that’s not even a guarantee. Paramount+ itself may not even be around in 5 years so who knows? So I plan to buy the entire franchise now and I started with the movies first since that’s the easiest. I plan to buy all the shows in spurts but it will probably take a year or two before I own it all.

If Beltran keeps going the way he has been, they’re going to have to re-cast Chakotay with a soundalike. One of the plus points of it being a 3D render, I guess.

What’s up with Beltran?

He did the same things as Dwight Schultz but not as outspoken.

And if you’re wondering what Dwight Schultz did, he’s a transphobe and has a lot of other opinions. Doesn’t change my love for Reginald Barclay any but it’s why we haven’t gotten him back imho.

Not hiring people due to political beliefs is an act of authoritarianism. Star Trek is suppose to be open to different beliefs and values.

🙄 I think Lower Decks and Reginald Barclay were made for each other but I don’t want Dwight Schultz anywhere near Trek anymore. That’s my opinion and I have a right to it just as much as anyone else. Besides it’s not like paramount gives a shit about the feelings of trans people or political views or any other media corporation.

Look at Gina Carino, she wasn’t fired until she decided to be anti semitic. And even then people still came running to defend her.

It’s different when you support a guy who outright turns his nose up at the Constitution and the rule of law. That’s why he’s in the trouble he’s in.

For the record, I would love to see the character back and I have no issues if Schultz came back, but it would be PR poison to even have him now. That’s the problem.

Ha, I think so little of the Reg character, this wasn’t even on my radar. Had no idea he was blackballed in the business (can I still say that? Lol).

“political beliefs” is carrying a lot of weight here.

Calling your hate speach “political speech” doesn’t always get you off the hook for your bigoted remarks.

FWIW, I don’t know if Shultz even cares about the role anymore.

Keep telling yourself that. Most people don’t want to deal human trash like Schultz and Beltran.

It’s supposed to be. Clearly a lot of people aren’t as “open” as they claim to be.

Star Trek isn’t about being open to hate and homophobia.

Just because you declare your pet causes off-limits to disagreement doesn’t make them so, unless you have all of elite society on your side.

Oh, right.

Anonymity makes people say dumb stuff.

Like what you said, just so we’re clear.

This is my real name. I somehow doubt “TBW” is yours. Glass houses…

Pretty sure hate doesn’t qualify as a political belief and it’s a non-starter as a value.

I also heard Schultz is a big Trump supporter, so he already lost the appeal of most of the Trek base. Of course no one should be targeted for their political support, but when you blindly outwardly support a guy who literally tried to over turn the government and is facing nearly a 100 criminal counts and will probably do at least a few years in jail if he’s found guilty on just a few of them, you’re not going win over a lot of people either.

It’s not just that in his case. It’s way more that that. The comparison I made in a different reply with Gina Carino is more accurate for Schultz. Left me sitting here like yes I’m totally part of a worldwide conspiracy to turn everyone LGBT. I’ll start with Reginald Barclay just to spite you. Man probably went Q Anon from the way he talked about things.

For the record, I don’t think Beltran will be. He’s too smart to make his opinions everyone else’s problems or to start fights with people for not thinking like he does. Beltran is not exactly cool still but I don’t actually want him fired.

To be clear I have never listened to any of Schultz’s ramblings about anything. This is simply what I heard from people who have listened to him. All I know is he is a big MAGA/Trump guy (which is in theory OK) but STILL support him now (which is NOT OK when he has broken the law as many times as scrupulously as he has).

Now if I’m wrong on the latter, then I would love to be corrected. But listening to others including yourself that doesn’t seem to be the case. I really want Trump to die in prison. I’m not saying I want him to die, only when he does someday it will be in prison.

As for Beltran, I don’t know anything about his views or ever heard anything, so I can’t comment on him.

Trump opened his first campaign calling Mexicans rapists. It was never acceptable to support him.

And yet people did and he became President. And that included one of my Mexican friends who voted for him in the first election. Now he realized what a nut and whack job he was and didn’t vote for him in the second election but many still do even now. It’s shocking all the things Trump has done and said since leaving office he has so much huge support with his MAGA base, but sadly those people are as crazy as he is and don’t care how immoral this man truly is.

My mother is also one of those people. She still supports him today.

Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that but sadly not surprised. Maybe because I am from California and so obviously I don’t live in red state,but most Republicans here are more moderate and sane lol. Of course plenty still support him here too but nowhere on the level in places like Texas or Florida for example. There is also plenty of Republicans here who never supported him like another good friend I have here.

But I think to me, MOST of us this has nothing do with party anymore. Trump has become a threat to our democracy period. It’s insane how badly this guy wants to be President and big part of that because he’s hoping it will just keep him out of prison. I just don’t understand you can not get more desperate to want someone like this to be President again? This is a guy who lost the popular vote twice. Bush lost it the first time but he actually won it in his second election and we’re talking Bush lol, at the time the most hated President everywhere. But Bush looks like Lincoln now compared to Trump and he wasn’t crazy. People REALLY don’t like this guy and we have very legitimate reasons beyond we hate his tax policy.

I couldn’t agree more, with all of what you said.

I honestly think most of the country agrees with this. It’s just his nutty MAGA base that’s the issue. There will sadly be enough of them to make him the nominee but they can’t stop the guy from being convicted if he’s found guilty on even just a few of charges and I thank Kahless for that.

They can make all the excuses they want, pretend it’s all political but Trump has no one to blame but himself.

That’s one of the things I miss the most about the two weeks I was in SoCal back in 2016. That and the food options were more varied and more accessible than it is in Little Rock.

Also yeah, it’s time for the Republican party to move on and let those people who want to stick with Trump go. That is the only thing I will ever agree with my former governor (Asa Hutchinson in this case) on.

I will at least give Hutchinson credit for truly speaking out about Trump and for doing nothing but just telling the truth. That’s what really shows how the GOP has sunk so low, people are getting punished like he is for siding with the rule of law. It’s incredible. These are the same people who tried to get Bill Clinton out of office because he lied about having an affair with his intern, but then look away from the massive crimes Trump has done that no President has never attempted before. This is the stuff that happens in movies, not real life.

California is not perfect, we certainly made questionable choices in the past in both leaders and laws but I would LIKE to think if we had a truly vile Democratic leader like Trump, most wouldn’t support them either. I certainly wouldn’t.

Wow, your own Mom. That must be frustrating.

It is frustrating because I know she could be better but every time she starts making progress, her father comes up with a reason for her to go see him and she comes back rambling about how Fox News is the only trustworthy news source. Now her father disowned me over a decade ago because I had enough of the family bull 💩 so I don’t get invited to go with her. So I ended up just giving up there, maybe one day she’ll be able to be better but that day isn’t anytime soon. Also if I say anything to her to try to encourage her to be better, I get hurt. So for my own safety I just don’t anymore.

Totally agree as well. That guy sadly appealed to racist and still does today. It’s a disgrace anyone support this guy especially since he tried to create a coup to stay in power.

But have you seen a lot of this guys supporters? Not exactly the most informed or educated bunch of people around. January 6 made it clear the kind of people who supports this guy. It’s like a cult for the racist and the poorly educated and it’s really scary.

And ironically most of Trump’s supporters are exactly the kinds of people he would never let set foot in any of his properties if they weren’t so in love with him.

It’s the lack of empathy he has which I’ve never understood not being the deciding factor for people. He’s likely guilty of sexual assault, he’s crude, cruel, vindictive, uncharitable, a narcissist, thick, and does not give a damn about people’s real problems beyond how he can use them to channel anger and fear. You have evangelical Christians looking the other way at everything he does just so they can vote the party line and get regressive social policies forced upon everyone else. How else to explain their rejection of Hillary Clinton, a devout Methodist who reads scripture sent to her every morning by her pastor? The things that woman has done to help others is longer than my arm and it didn’t matter because enough people in battleground states gave into fear and anger and refused to think critically or sensibly. I never thought an election could be as asinine as 2000’s until I lived through 2016 and its aftermath.

Cheers to that, +1.

That’s disappointing. I love Reg, but Star Trek is no place for those kinds of hateful attitudes.

good thing a character a distinct from the actor. Especially in animation. They could easily bring Barclay without needing to pay Schultz, who of course has freedom of speech to be an idiot but not freedom from marketplace (not government) consequences.

Very true.

True, but without Schultz I’m not sure if its really bringing Reg back. His performance is a big part of what makes Reg work. Its too bad, because Reg would have been perfect for Lower Decks.

Actors get replaced all the time. People thought it was insane to replace the original TOS actors at all and now no one blinks over it. They can certainly bring back Reg with a new actor if they wanted.

tbh I hope they do. It’s unfair to Reg that Schultz turned out to be like he was. I say like he’s not a fictional character but. It’s still unfair.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think TPTB are that concerned if Reg shows up again if ever again, but sure the character shouldn’t be punished if the actor himself has done too much damage to be asked back.

And we’re starting to get new actors to play TNG era characters like we got with Icheb, Maddox and Guinan on Picard. So that precedent is already starting.

What is that suppose to mean?

Beltran recently, apparently quite deliberately, decided to break SAG-AFTRA strike rules at the STLV convention. Michelle Hurd negotiated with SAG to ensure that actors could still turn up at the con, get paid to talk about certain things within some clearly stipulated limitations, and not disappoint fans who had paid good money to be there, and just enjoy a sort of “In Conversation With…” style thing with the actors.

Beltran didn’t care, and kept deliberately flouting this rule that every other actor was carefully observing. After getting criticised for this behaviour on social media, he rounded off the week by liking and positively responding to a wildly homophobic and transphobic “No True Scotsman” style tweet from one of his defenders.

I listened to some of the panels through Inglorious Treksperts and even if they can’t talk about Star Trek, they can still put on a great con. Todd Stashwick can talk about things I don’t like, but he does in a way that makes me excited anyways. I started 12 Monkeys recently and I’m definitely a Stashwick fan now.

I’m a Chakotay fan, probably the only few out there, but his remarks and behavior are disappointing and lack basic human decency.

I absolutely love Chakotay too and excited he’s back in season 2, but I never been a Beltran fan. He always came off whiney and with a chip on his shoulder. If you hate Star Trek that much, no one forced you to audition for the show and made you a multi millionaire bro. First galaxy problems I guess. Not surprised what he’s being accused of.

But I’m a huge fan of 12 Monkeys too. I watched it before Picard season 3 started and was blown away. I became a huge Stashwick fan after that too and one the best things about Picard.

Michelle Hurd is a CLASS ACT!! LOVE – HER!!! :) :) Wish we could get a Worf/Raffi movie after the strikes are resolved…

Paramount was dumb to let this show go. The numbers don’t matter. They are stewards of something larger than quarterly numbers. They are keepers of the whole, almost 60-year span of storytelling work that is Star Trek. Their dumb little streaming service is reduced to only the successful Taylor Sheridan productions without it. Can you imagine Disney selling off a Star Wars series to another streamer?

Of course the numbers matter, unfortunately. What do you think is paying for this?

Respectfully, imo there is no comparison between the marketability, popularity and overall value between SW and Trek. There’s a reason Disney owns Star Wars, that franchise makes huge bank. Trek is my personal favorite however – I appreciate how you feel.

“Season 1 is about a bunch of kids who steal the ship”

they found it out of federation space and according to the salvage law it was abandoned and so its their property!
I find it questionable what kind of legal sense is conveyed to the young viewers!

I really don’t think the target audience for this show would consider salvage laws as an important distinction.

Well, they sort of stole it from the Diviner. Not that he was really its rightful owner anyway.

Of course, I don’t know the details of salvage law in space in the future but here on Earth salvage law grants the salvor of a ship or its cargo a reward if they rescue and return it to the owner. It does not allow you to simply keep what you find.

Shoehorning those actors/characters into Prodigy did nothing to increase the viewership. Mulgrew/Janeway is no Stewart/Picard and Beltran/Chakotey is no Riker/Frakes. The B Team is not close to approaching the A Team here.

I prefer TNG too, but Voyager does have a sizable fanbase.

My only problem with season one wasn’t that there wasn’t ENOUGH Voyager characters. I’m really hoping we get more than just the Doctor next season! Would love B’Elanna back too. 😎

I do think its better not to load us with all the Voyager characters at once. It would be cool to see B’Elanna again, but maybe save her until season 3.

Sure I be OK with that, but that’s assuming we even get a season 3. 😥

I’m on a private/closed Star Trek Facebook group and most of us are hardcore Voyager fans and a lot of people either grew up with that show or the first show they watched when they got into Star Trek. But even some of them don’t watch Prodigy because it’s not a live action show or they think its for kids. The ones who love the show like me has convinced some to give it a chance and more started to watch it and now really like it but it’s still a lot not that interested in it.

But most might give it a chance if there were more legacy Voyager characters at least so I hope there are more. Last season was really only Janeway. More are certainly more excited about it now that the Doctor will be in season 2. But it would be amazing if we got a full on Voyager reunion in season 3 though like we got with Picard last season and probably will get on SNW in season 3 or 4 the way that show is going.

The crazy thing is if Prodigy was a live action show it would probably be a huge hit. Everyone in that group would be watching it but some people just don’t like animated shows at all.A lot more watch Lower Decks for sure and huge fans of it but still not everyone either.

But I used to be like that too. I grew up a huge Star Wars fan since but I ignored The Clone Wars for years. People would tell me how awesome it was but I had no interest at all and it starred Anakin and Obi Wan, two of my favorite characters. It just looked like a show for kids.

I finally started watching it by it’s fourth season and kicked myself for not listening to others sooner lol. So I was in the same boat too for a long time and unfortunately Star Trek is nowhere close to the popularity of Star Wars.

Hopefully more people will watch season 2 since its cancellation probably gave it the best press since it’s been on lol.

TAS was cancelled after just two seasons and with just 22 episodes and IIRC Kirk and Spock was in that show too and it won an Emmy. ;)

Yeah, it’s just hard to get people into an animated show in general, even harder when its specifically marketed to kids. Star Trek has always been seen as something for adults even though ironically most people here started watching it as kids or teenagers at least. LDS is a bigger success because it’s aimed at older people but I still don’t think it’s getting huge views, but obviously meeting expectations at least.

But it is great to know the people who do watch seems to genuinely love it. I’m really excited about second season now.

I can’t even watch TAS. To me it’s like TOS and just too outdated (but I’ve seen most of TOS and plan to finish it someday). I’ve seen the first episode of TAS but had no interest to keep watching.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

Actually I just watched it for the first time a few years ago when I did a grand rewatch of the entire franchise. But it was TG47 that persuaded me to check it out (btw what happened to that guy?).

Anyway I ended up liking it overall. It has some great and very trippy story lines. It’s basically what TOS could’ve been if it had a much bigger budget and better FX lol.

Now that said, it’s still not for everybody and I was ready to give up by episode 4. The repetitive music and reuse of animation gets very annoying. BUT I have been suggesting to newbies to watch it until episode 6. That’s when I really started to love it and while other episodes were still rough it was honestly a fun watch. The rougher animation is still not great but like the Borg, you adapt. I will probably never watch it again lol, but worth trying it out, especially for any hardcore TOS fans like me who watched that show over and over but always shunned TAS.

As far as Prodigy and TAS, another thing to add and that is not only did TAS get cancelled after 2 seasons, it was also the only Star Trek on at the time while also being the first program after TOS…and it still didn’t grab enough viewers to stay on the air.

The gift and the curse today is when you have so many new shows running at once, it’s pretty easy to skip the ones that doesn’t interest you as much. If Prodigy was the only thing on, it probably would’ve got more adults watching it, but wouldn’t have matter with kids either way.

End of the day I think TAS and PRO got cancelled for the same reason and there wasn’t enough of the target audience watching. More of us oldies at least if still not tons, but not enough in the tween and under age groups and what the show was made for.

I suspect if and when season 2 comes it will change it’s marketing strategy and emphasize the show is just as much for adults and old fans

Good to know! 👍

I may give it another chance someday. Like you said it’s really the repetitive animation and music that drove me nuts. And it looks really cheap too.

But every since LDS showed up I been thinking of watching it because that show uses so much elements and canon from TAS. Someone told me it’s the show that references that show the most out of all of them. A lot of it goes over my head.

That reason alone motivates me more to watch it.

Dude, a lot of those references went over my head too lol and I been a fan since the 70s. I knew the basics like that’s where Catian’s came from, Arex, etc, but I actually learned the most about TAS on LDS because as you said most of the other shows and movies basically ignored the show, including the TOS movies. It’s nice to see it getting so much love from LDS now and why that show is awesome.

Like I said, if you do give it a real chance, just watch up until episode 5 or 6. If it’s not grabbing you by then, I wouldn’t go any farther.

The episode “Yesteryear” is one of the best Trek stories of all time. Would highly recommend that episode if you watch nothing else of the series.

I have heard about that episode and will check that one out at least. Thanks.

Lots of kid’s shows are great, so I don’t really understand why that’s a turnoff for anyone. It would be cool to see more Voyager characters, but I also don’t want this to turn into a Voyager reunion show. Picard season 3 was great, but we had to lose Jurati, Rios and Soji for that to happen. I don’t want Voyager characters to return if its at the expense of the Prodigy kids.

I absolutely love kid shows… when I was a kid. 😉

But as I got older I just stopped watching them. I know other people still love them as adults but it is harder for other people.

And I’m just a big animation fan at all. I don’t even like most adult animated shows. Only seen a few episodes of stuff like South Park or Family Guy, those shows never worked for me. That’s why I’m shocked I like Lower Decks. I never even heard of Rick and Morty until Lower Decks was announced.

I went and found it on cable and I got through 3 episodes before I just stopped. It was too gross and cynical for me. I couldn’t believe Kurtzman hired someone from that show to make a Trek show. I was sooo ready to hate it. But I said I would give it a chance and be as open minded as I could even though I don’t like adult cartoons.

And I ended up loving it. Same for Prodigy. I was wondering over by both of those instantly. So you’re right there is nothing wrong with kid shows or cartoons but it’s still a stigma for a lot of adults out there. And the older you are the harder or is to get into some of it.

I gave those shows a chance just because they had Star Trek in the title but I’m a hardcore fan. If you’re just a casual fan and you don’t like animated shows much it’s easier to skip them, especially when you have other options.

I mean, its not like kids’ shows get worse when we get older.

I agree about Rick and Morty though. I don’t mind gross-out stuff in animation, but I find the show too cynical, and none of the characters are likable.

No but I just prefer more adult and mature stories. And a lot people think kids shows talk down to people which a lot do. But the good ones like Prodigy doesn’t do that but I originally thought it might.

Yeah Rick and Morty just feels too crass to me. But I know a lot of people love it and it’s very smart show. It’s just not for me.

But that’s why I understand if people don’t like Lower Decks if that’s just not your type of humor. It wasn’t mine either but here I am. Absolutely love that show and it was the first thing since Voyager went off the air I loved from the start.

Also count me as to not being a big Rick and Morty fan. People who watch that show says LDS does remind them of the show. I’ve only seen the first season but it still feels night and day to me, but mostly because LDS still carries a very Trek-y and optimist vibe. Rick and Morty goes out of its way to be dark and ugly at times. But I definitely laughed. ;)

As far as more Voyager characters being on PRO I agree I don’t want them to over shadow the kids either of course.

And I don’t mean it has to be exactly like what Picard did. I just mean it would be nice to see them all in an episode. Like we see Captain Kim and Paris in a ship to save Voyager A or something. The entire cast wouldn’t be in every episode or together like Picard but like how SNW does it and how Kirk or April pops in sometimes. I wonder if Scotty will be there all the time or more like Kirk?

But Prodigy sounds like it’s going to have more legacy characters next season and not just Voyager ones so that’s going to be really fun. 😀

No Kim wouldn’t be captain now, it would be too soon. I was thinking of the Picard time period…he may even still be an ensign. 😆

But wait this is NuTrek, Kim is probably an Admiral now. 😂🙄

I know this isn’t canon but in STO, Kim is a Captain by 2410. But we know if Matalas got his way he would’ve been a Captain much sooner in 2401 if he appeared in Picard.

I imagine if he does show up on Prodigy next season he will be a Lieutenant at least, maybe even a Lieutenant commander.

But yes, in the world of NuTrek where a 3 year cadet or someone not officially even in Starfleet like both Kirk and Seven can end up becoming Captains who knows?

I think Lt Commander is feasible for Harry. I can’t remember what Tom was on Lower Decks? But that was only a year after Voyager came home so may have had the same rank.

Actually this reminds me, we might see one of those guys again in Lower Decks this season! Especially since they will be at the Fleet Museum on the original Voyager.

That would be AWESOME bro! 😁👍

And some people think Seven might appear in the first episode and why the show is premiering on 9-7. I know some people have too much time on their hands. 😂


LOL that’s funny. Of course would love to see Seven show up on Lower Decks as well, so you never know. Obviously on Prodigy too. That is the fun of these new shows, characters can appear multiple times and in different times periods as Riker and Troi has done in Picard and Lower Decks.

…but I also don’t want this to turn into a Voyager reunion show. Picard season 3 was great, but we had to lose Jurati, Rios and Soji for that to happen. I don’t want Voyager characters to return if its at the expense of the Prodigy kids.

You are correct, and besides, the tactic did not bring in all those VOY fans anyway, because if it had, the series would not have been prematurely cancelled. So there’s really no good reason to shoehorn even more characters into a VOY reunion.

And I didn’t start watching Clone Wars until a few years ago and after the Mandalorian had started. Like so many others, yeah being a kids show kept me away but once I tried it, WOW!!!!! It ended up being better than most of the movies lol. And then I got into Rebels after that and right now watching it again due to Ashoka starting soon. I forgot how amazing that show was too.

LDS and PRO are just as good as those (but yes I am more biased ;)). I can understand why not everyone would love LDS but PRO feels every bit as classic Star Trek IMO and why it’s easily my favorite out of all the modern shows.

Ashoka is now one of my favorite characters and I love Rebels too. Ashoka sounds like it’s Rebels season 5 so very excited now.

And Star Wars proved that you can make animated characters into live action no problem just like they did with Mariner and Boims.

I remember talking to someone about this on this site last year before they announced the crossover. I can’t remember who but they thought it was impossible at the time.

Not impossible!

Now many fans want to see more love action Lower Decks characters. Give me Tendi and I won’t complain about anything again! 😃

Rebels is my absolute favorite SW show ever. Zeb is my favorite and Chopper is a close second. I also really really really love Thrawn. I’m dreading Ahsoka because he isn’t like anything he was in his novels during Rebels and he likely won’t be here either.


Absolutely loved that show man and watched it 3 times. Yep, Chopper and Zeb are great. We already know Chopper will be on Ahsoka but I know Zeb will make an appearance since he showed up briefly in Mandalorian.

I just loved how well it tied so well to both Prequels/Clone Wars and Original Trilogy canon. And it was fun to see all the characters from every show and movie appeared on it. One week it’s CP3O and R2D2, next it’s Ashoka or Rex, or then Bo-katan or Leia, then Lando or Darth Maul.

It was fun to see who would show up next and how they tied into our Rebels. That’s why I don’t understand some Trekkies because as a Star Wars fan most people love seeing all the legacy characters back. That’s what made Clone Wars and Rebels so fun and all their stories got expanded.

None of them took over the show. Clone Wars was about Anakin and Obi Wan but Ashoka became its biggest star. That’s why I don’t have a problem if Janeway, Harry, B’Elanna or the Doctor are on Prodigy, the kids will still be the main stars too. It’s a beautiful mixture of old and new.

As for Thrawn I only know him from Rebels but thought he was great. How different is he in the novels?

In the novels he’s only doing what he must for the sake of the Chiss Ascendancy. They’re under a huge threat that could wipe them out entirely unless they get help so that’s what Thrawn is trying to do, he’s trying to get them allies so they can survive. He has no love for and no loyalty to the Empire. He’s just there because he thinks the Empire will help him save his people. Of course they won’t and the novels illustrate that point a lot. The novels point out how he’s just being used by the Empire.

My best friend compares him and Shran all the time and the more I watch of ENT the more I can see it myself. If you gave Shran a character trait related to art, you’d pretty much get Thrawn. The species are similar (no joke, Chiss just don’t have antenna, but culturally and physically they are pretty similar and they come from very similar planets), Thrawn was Chiss Defense Force (which is the same thing as the Andorian Imperial Guard) before he faked being exiled to find allies for the Ascendancy. Both of them had an older brother but Thrawn’s died to help him save the Ascendancy before the exile and Thrawn still feels so guilty about it.

So he had a backstory, a personality and very clear and frankly sympathetic motivations and Rebels just left most of that out (it really only kept the art studying thing) and even left out a lot of just how brilliant the man is. Even at being a tactician. He was defeated way too easily for him all the time part of which is understandable given that it’s a show for kids primarily. The whole point of Thrawn is that he’s not hard to defeat because he has the Force but because he’s so incredibly smart and incredibly good at what he does. One of the only people in the entire Empire that actually respects him for him is Darth freaking Vader because of just how smart and how good at his job he is.

Also he has some of the greatest final words in Star Wars history. “But it was so artistically done” still haunts me to this day.

Wow thanks. Reading this I do see Thrawn in a new light. On Rebels he’s utterly loyal to the Empire to a fault. I had no idea he was so conflicted.

Well OK I can understand why you weren’t happy with his representation on the show. Maybe some of that will be added for Ahsoka but I agree with you it’s probably unlikely considering how different he is on that show.

The comparison to Shran is interesting and sometimes it was hard to believe Shran was one of the good guys lol. But why I like him so much and one my favorite characters too.

Rebels turned him into an average high ranking imperial bad guy when he never was supposed to be anything like that.

I’ve been skipping around in ENT, pretty much just watching the Shran episodes because the rest of the series doesn’t interest me that much still outside of a few things (even with how hot Trip and Reed are. Although I will say that Romulan that Todd Stashwick played was hot too.) and as I’m watching them, I just kinda go huh this is supposed to be his really one good guy? Yeah Krem exists but that’s like ehh. I do get where Shran is coming from but it’s like okay then.

Yeah Shran is great man! I love every episode he’s in. He’s the one who made me fall in love with Andorians since they weren’t on a lot of other shows and they just feel like background characters on TOS.

He does seem to have his own morals and he’s suspicious as hell but that what makes him super fun to watch.

I hope he shows up again someday like on SNW or something.

Just to make this clear the vast majority of Trek fans have no issues with bringing as many legacy characters as possible. I know you’re reacting to what the poster Emily said last week complaining about too many legacy characters but the reality is it works. All these shows get extra headlines and marketing whenever Janeway or Kirk shows up so it’s never going away. Again I don’t really disagree with her but the people who complain about this are in vast minority. TM is a tiny tiny tiny board.

But I understand if you feel fan service is being replaced for good story telling but ironically I don’t feel that’s an issue at all with Prodigy. It was fine to me but there weren’t that many old characters (but see how season 2 goes). But yeah I felt it a bit with SNW and PIC because they both have such an over reliance of legacy characters (Picard season 3 obviously) but these shows seem to be really popular due to them as well, so…

And I forgot just how many legacy characters showed up on Rebels. I think every character (that isn’t dead) showed up in at least one episode except maybe Han Solo and Chewbacca. All the other movies and Clone Wars all got something. But they did a great job balancing all the legacy characters. I know a few will show up on Ahsoka too so can’t wait to see who will it be. I get excited to see them too lol.

As I said in the past I am certainly one of those people lol. I want as much fan service they can throw in as long as it’s good.

So I have no problem if they bring in every Voyager character on this show as long as it’s good and it doesn’t over shadow the other characters. But as you said first season didn’t do that at all.

Rebels and Clone Wars brought in every one and no one complained.Even Mandalorian brought in a lot of people in second season and people loved it.

I know Star Trek can’t do that as much since it takes in multiple centuries but still great to pull in whoever is feasible like the shows do now. But excited to see who shows up in this show and very happy the Doctor will be part of it! 😃

I’m actually at the end of the last season now. Just three more episodes and I’m done!

I watched it four years ago but I forgot about 80% of the episodes lol. But such a great show.

I knew next to nothing about Thrawn before I watched the show but knew he came from a popular set of novels. That’s interesting he’s so different.

I do think its better not to load us with all the Voyager characters at once

Yep — exactly!

I agree with this as well, they certainly don’t need to have a complete Voyager reunion on this show…but no one will be surprised when it happens either. ;)

I’m super excited just for the Doctor. He’s one of my top 10 all time favorite characters. It’s shocking it took this long to even bring him back? I still love the idea the 31st century version could still land on Discovery. I guess it’s a little too late for that show now, but maybe Starfleet Academy if it still happens. :)

At least I hope they wrap up all open storylines and don’t end on a cliffhanger. Just in case.

The trailer does mention the “Romulus evacuation,” so there’s a tie-in.

That’s what’s great about Prodigy. They respect canon, even the new stuff.

It sounds like season 2 will at least resolve finding Chakotay. I think that was always a two season arc since the show was essentially picked up for two seasons. I’m sure there will be a door left open for season 3 and they will probably introduce a new thread next season but I doubt they will leave it on a cliffhanger.

And considering everything that’s happened, they could always go back and wrap it up better since they are still working on the last episodes if that was the case.

I will subscribe to any streaming service that picks this up. The show is cancelled and they’re still teasing me!

If no S03, I hope they at least make some kind of movie special like Section 31.