Prepare For Season 4 Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ With New Trailer And Official Poster

We are now just a week away from the arrival of the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks. To ramp up excitement, today Paramount+ released a brand new trailer and a new poster.

Trailer 2

The second trailer for season 4 actually spends most of its time catching you up on the show and the characters from the first three seasons before diving into footage from season four, but there is some new content to check out.

[region-free version on]


Paramount also released the official poster for the season, featuring the four main characters sharing a spectacular shuttle journey…

Season 4 will arrive on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 7, the day before Star Trek Day. The first two episodes will be made available on the same day.  

For more Lower Decks season 4 check out our early review and preview images from the first two episodes.

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Looks like JJA-Trek? Explosions, Star Wars level action, lot’s of violence, F-bombs, eye gouging threats. This certainly looks like a significant departure from previous seasons.

Narrator: “It doesn’t.”

enough trolling LDS threads. final warning. closed

This show is hilarious


Absolutely love this show! 😆

Are all these clips edited to remove their extra pips, or do the promotions happen later in the season?

I originally thought that too, but quickly rationalized that it would cost money to go through and obscure those pips, and we know how Paramount+ feels about spending money on Trek animation.

But what do I know?

The creators previously admitted that they changed some of the animation in the S2 and S3 trailers to avoid spoilers. For instance, the S3 trailer removes the pursuing Texas Class ships from the shot of the Cerritos warping towards camera.

Cool little factoid to know. Thanks!

I agree. Thank you Anomaly contributor/maybe person.

It looks like season 4 is going to be on paramount plus internationally now instead of primevideo.

Season 3 has disappeared off prime and the first 3 seasons are now on paramount here in Australia

Yes in New Zealand only S1 and S2 are on Prime. But we don’t have Paramount Plus – SNW is on TVNZ the public broadcast channel. So confusing! If LDS doesn’t appear on Prime then I can at least save money and cancel that subscription.

Mike knows what we love about trek, but add a little something new and something hilarious.

There was a time before this show when I wouldn’t consider a trek comedy. I’m glad I dropped that. Looks Fun!

Warp Me!

I’m with you on that. When I first heard this was being made, I just made an “ugh” noise. But I’ve loved it since the first episode and see zero evidence that that is going to change.

Absolutely. I’m in the same boat as you are. Actually I think most of us lol. It’s crazy how endearing this show has become in 3 short seasons when I honestly thought it would be lucky to get past 2 seasons. It still shocking to me this was the first Trek thing I fell in love with since Voyager.

I’m now watching the entire show from the beginning to prepare for season 4. And yes, the SNW crossover will be included. ;)

Lower Decks is honestly my favourite of the new shows- which I never thought would happen when they announced it!

Yeah it’s crazy lol. It has won a lot of us over. And it proves Trek can take chances and do something radically different. As long as its good like this show is, fans will get on board.

Are you going to watch “Those Old Scientists” before “Hear All, Trust Nothing”? That is apparently where the LDS stardate lines up.

Oh wow, didn’t know that. I guess I will now lol. Thanks!