‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3 Available For Free On YouTube, Prime Video And Pluto TV In USA

The fourth season of the animated adult comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives on September 7, with the first two episodes premiering on Paramount+. If you aren’t already subscribed, you can check out the entire third season of the series for free in the USA three different ways.

Free on YouTube

All 10 episodes of Lower Decks season 3 are available on YouTube in the USA via the @paramountplus channel for a limited time. They have made the episodes available in a convenient playlist so you can binge away.

Free on Prime

Season 3 is now available for free on Amazon Prime Video in the USA for a limited time.

Free on Pluto TV + Star Trek Day marathon

Finally, Paramount Global’s free ad-supported streaming service Pluto TV has also added the entire third season of Lower Decks which will stream on the Paramount+ Picks channel and be available on-demand through the month of September.

On Star Trek day (September 8th) Pluto TV will also run a Lower Decks season 3 marathon on the Funny AF channel starting at 6:30 PM. Pluto TV will also stream the Star Trek Day special hosted by Jerry O’Connell on Star Trek Day on the Paramount+ Picks channel, as well as run a TOS marathon all day long on the Star Trek channel and a DS9 marathon on the More Star Trek Channel.

Season 4 arrives on Thursday

This kind of pre-season push was also done for Strange New Worlds season 2, with the first season made available on the same three platforms. Maybe this marketing effort helped make SNW the hit it is.

Season 4 of Lower Decks will arrive on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 7, the day before Star Trek Day. The first two episodes will be made available on the same day. We have preview images from both of those episodes.

We also have an early review of the season (with minor spoilers). And the latest All Access Star Trek podcast includes an interview with supervising director Barry Kelly.

Finally, you can check out the SDCC trailer and a new trailer released just this week…

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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This is great, more exposure for the best of the current Trek productions!

Season 3 wasn’t the show’s best, though.

Just finished watching the entire show for the third straight time and it’s a fun ride every single time. These characters just crack me and love the stories feel like old school Trek with their own comedic flair. I’m happy this will give newbies a chance to discover it.

But for me with the exception of Picard season 3, LDS is the best Star Trek for me since Voyager ended and can’t wait for season 4!

I wish I could figure a way in. I have tried starting from the beginning and jumping in with the DS9 ep and I think I also tried watching a random show when I still had P+, but it just ain’t speakin’ to me, even though I really dug and even rewatched the crossover ep of SNW (only one I liked all season.)

It can’t be the fast-talking, because I still love MOONLIGHTING after all these decades. Maybe having somewhat credible animation is a kind of weird drawback, as I can watch TAS (those animated scientists) with no problem despite the crudity of the work.

Actually, that would make for a very cool follow up, on LD: they beam or transpose into the TAS universe, but rather than doing new material, do it like DS9’s TRIALS AND TRIBBLEATIONS, where the characters interact with the old footage. I’m sure they could get a lot of mileage out of how limited the animation is — interacting with the same stock reactions could trigger off ‘hey deja vu!’ kinds of responses.

In fact, MUDD’S PASSION might be an ideal show, since it has Chapel use a love potion on Spock, so Boimler can see another example of SpockAmuck, courtesy of the nurse.

Or BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR, because Boimler could marvel over the environment belts that let Kirk et. al. walk around the outside of a spaceship. And wondering about why a ship of the line with a full complement would be relegated to just star charting, which is what they are doing at the start and end of the ep.

Actually I should stop putting these ideas out th —

I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that Paramount will finally put TAS on iTunes this year on Star Trek Day since they’re celebrating its anniversary…

It’s the only one of the new shows I’ve rewatched.

It’s just tough to get into for me, the fast-talking is irritating. I shall try again, since so many folks love it.

I guess I’m going to say something ‘controversial’ here, but I actually like Lower Decks more than I liked season 3 of Picard, at least season 2 which I’m currently rewatchig now. This show is just so much fun and watching the first two seasons again has been a great reminder why I enjoyed it so much. But maybe Picard will win out when I get to LDS season 3. Still a good season overall (DS9 episode is still really up there) but not at the level the first two seasons were IMO. But maybe my mind will change since I haven’t watched it again since it ended last season.

Anyway, SEVEN SEASONS AND A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad I watched Lower Decks’ 3rd Season on Youtube so I can catch up.