Ed Speleers Talks ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Post-Credit Scene And Potential Spinoff In New ‘Star Trek Explorer’

The eighth issue of the relaunched Star Trek: Explorer magazine arrives in the USA on Tuesday. It includes several exclusive interviews including two regarding the final season of Star Trek: Picard. In one, Ed Speleers talks about that post-credit scene as well as the potential spinoff series, which showrunner Terry Matalas imagines as Star Trek: Legacy. We have an exclusive preview of what Speleers had to say.

Ed Speleers talks Picard post-credit scene

One of the surprises of the Star Trek: Picard series finale was a post-credit scene featuring newly minted ensign Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers) on the USS Enterprise-G getting an unexpected visit from Q (John de Lancie). In the upcoming issue, Speleers talked about that scene:

Terry didn’t specifically tell me that was happening. I was just sort of presented the script. He said, “I am going to put some scenes in this episode that might potentially tee up the possibility of further existence for Jack,” but he didn’t specifically tell me. I just remember reading it and then finding out that John de Lancie and Q, and what that means to Star Trek canon. I was obviously kind of chuffed that I would be working with him. I think the scene is quite interesting because it’s not that long, but I feel the way Terry constructed how he wanted the scene to play out and the way John and I went about making it happen was, we just tried to leave as much space for the scene to breathe in between the lines. There was so much history there with Picard that if this was going to filter on and continue with Jack, then these two are going to be frenemies. We also shot the scene right at the end of the shoot, and Terry and I talked a lot about maybe doing more in the spin-off, so this scene had to land. I just hope it’s the first of many scenes with John de Lancie.

When asked if he is ready for more Star Trek, the actor made it clear he is:

I would be there with bells on. If the opportunity presents itself, then sign me up, Scotty!

Jack Crusher meets Q in post-credits scene of Star Trek: Picard series finale (Paramount+)

Star Trek Explorer #8

Star Trek Explorer #8 arrives on September 12 in the USA and Canada (October 12 in the UK and Ireland). In addition to Ed Speleers the new issue includes interviews with Picard production designer David Blass, TNG legend Jonathan Frakes, Strange New Worlds star Celia Rose Gooding, and Strange New Worlds and Prodigy composer Nami Melamud. There are also exclusive short stories from David Mack and Keith R.A. Candido and much more.

You can find the issue on newsstands and comic book stores starting Tuesday. You can also subscribe and buy issues directly from Titan.

To celebrate Star Trek Day Titan is also offering a new subscription deal of 4 issues for just $24.99 (saving $14.97). The offer is valid through to next Friday (9/15) and is also available for renewals, using the code STD23. CLICK HERE for the subscription deal.

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I liked him, and I’d watch a series centered around him. If they can tone down his character’s extra sensory powers that would be nice, though.

I don’t think he has those anymore. He was able to see into the minds of anyone other 25 who had been through the transporter, but Beverly cured everyone. Unless they encounter more Borg, Jack shouldn’t have any unusual abilities.

“Strange Energies”

This magazine is like a paper supplement for a tenner.
Can’t pick it up in any newsagent in Ireland even if you wanted to.
Four issues a year now too.
Down bad…

If they do make a spinoff show, I hope the Vulcan actress from the Titan comes back. I know she was killed, but I think she portrayed a great Vulcan. Give her a twin sister who’s also in Starfleet.

I think this guy should have the been new Kirk on SNW. Better resemblance and personality that matches an early Shatner in TOS.

The whole bridge crew was pretty well fleshed out, but I’d love to see Stephanie Czajkowski back in some capacity. I mean we have a Crusher and a La Forge on the bride, why not a sister for T’Veen? It would be great if the entire bridge crew were able to come back if a spinoff happens.

She was a good Vulcan.

I think they have as much potential as the Disco bridge crew who were used similarly, but really only Sidney got any meaningful development.

I have a feeling that T’Veen’s death was setting up the return of Naiomi Wildman if Destiny ever gets made.

I want to say I read online (I think it was here) that there were plans for Naiomi to appear in the last episode but she was one of the denied cameos or a deal couldn’t be worked out (Scarlett Pomers is retired).

If Destiny does get approved I really see Naiomi being back as Science Officer.

Please, no.

I have zero interest in a “kids of Star Trek” series. I’ve seen calls for LEGACY to feature Jack Crusher, Sidney LaForge (and her sister), Soji, Kestra Troi-Riker, Alexander Rozhenko, Jake Sisko, and now Naomi Wildman. Throw in B’Elanna’s kid for good measure.

Please, can’t Hollywood give us something original? Shaw and T’Veen and Ohk and such were original, but they killed them off.

Doctor Ohk survived.

While I’d love to see a show starring Captain Seven, I’d really rather Jack Crusher wasn’t part of her crew. I didn’t care for the character and would be glad if he were gone.

I agree, but I will add in Raffi who I strongly .dislike. I want Seven’s show to be about her.

Yeah, I only want to see Seven and Sidney LaForge again. Good writing is also due for a long-awaited comeback, but that’s another story. ;-)

Agreed. Jack’s the kind of character who works alright as the main character of his own show, but kind of sucks all the air out of the room as part of an ensemble.

He was a primary focus in PIC S3, if he were part of an ensemble on a mostly episodic series I don’t think that would be the case. Though I enjoyed the character and would love to see more for him, I do think they would need find a better role for the character. “Special counselor to the captain” seemed silly.

Because he was a nepotism admit to anything other than the medical corps.

I also agree. No disrespect to Ed Speleers, who is a wonderful actor, but the character was so generically “cool” I kept thinking of Poochie from The Simpsons. The more the storyline focused on him, the less interesting the show became.

The character was fine as a foil to Picard himself. I don’t want to see a series based on him.

I can’t think of a better way than “Kids of Star Trek” to kill off the franchise permanently.

Nothing symbolises the awful writing on Picard when they make this big song and dance about killing Q in S2… then… immediately bring him back the following season. Same with Data. Trek fans don’t care though, they just want nostalgia.

We’ve found our newest drinking game! Take a sip every time someone whinges about nostalgia.

Yeah but then we’d all get alcohol poisoning which doesn’t sound fun

Hush now. I went back and read a few older comment sections with some gin. I feel great!

When new Trek stops sledgehammering nostalgia into literally everything, then the whinging will stop.


I agree 100 percent. Nostalgia is not part of the human condition which is what Star Trek is all about. The other day me and few of my childhood friends got together and talked about old times. We’ve had some shared trials and Tribblations over the years. But in reality its embarrassing and who needs thus Nostalgia crap. After coming home I felt like slapping my face im shame for indulging in Nostalgia.

We don’t want to see Nostalgia in Hollywood because it’s not realistic. . Doesn’t make sine that long tenued friendships involve talking about old times. Who wants to see that?

Last week I had some relatives come over. Not ONCE did we discuss the past Conversation was new and fresh. Very Original.

Totally unrealistic what we saw in Picard in Season 3 . Nostalgia is not a corner of the universe that should be explored at all.

If you’re experiencing something as a human, then it’s part of the human condition. No, the problem with nostalgia as presented in popular culture today is that it’s largely a marketing gimmick and one that’s used far too often. That’s all. There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia as a concept. After all, Star Trek has had an element of nostalgia since it was created. I mean, certainly the name Enterprise held a great deal of nostalgic value for veterans like Genes Roddenberry and Coon, and many others from the WW2 generation.

What Trek needs now is to simply pull back on the nostalgia, to the point where it doesn’t feel like a condescending carnival barker shouting, “Hey, nerd, you like this [specific thing] from Trek’s past! Here you go! Now here’s twenty more references in the next ten minutes…”

Meh it depends on what exactly the context is. The Voyager half of Twovix was an issue and tiring. Shit like Mariner mentioning that she was stationed at DS9 at the same time Worf was isn’t one. It just tells you that Beckett Mariner was on DS9 during the Dominion War. But it seems like Emily even has problems with the latter. Maybe it would have been better if Mariner had flat out said “I am a veteran of the Dominion War” but that’s not what the conversation was about, it was about trying to cheer Tendi up after she accidentally broke something that belonged to T’Ana.

In that context that reference worked and made sense and the refusal to accept even ones that make sense within the story is why people get so frustrated with Emily.

Well, I was talking about Picard. But I have no problem with LDS being the reference comedy show. I just wish that could be the place to go for that kind of thing and the other series could do something fresh and different.

And Jack Crusher being assimilated by the Borg and then being visited by a very interested Q is not what I’d call fresh and different. Not for me anyway.

My girlfriend is not a big Trekkie and didn’t get most of the previous trek references in Picard season 3. And she enjoyed it. What’s does that mean then? She never sees trailers 10 times like a trekkkie or seeks out any promotional stuff. So the hard push marketing stuff didn’t even reach her. I didn’t think S3 was overkill in nostalgia. But even if it was , after hundreds of hours of the franchise, I’m ok with some ” comfort trek”. Im.ok withn it being a personal guilty pleasure like “Rocky 4” and Big Trouble in Little China.

I see Picard as a TNG companion series. Not a standalone show . Everyone has different opinions which is fine. But it serms to me Nostalgia being a bad thing is over blown these days and is easy low hanging fruit to bash something. It’s not like all 3 seasons of Picard was the old boys playing poker 24/7.

At the the end of the
the day, I have 1 simple litmus test. Was I entertained?. That’s all I care about.

But even if it was , after hundreds of hours of the franchise, I’m ok with some ” comfort trek”.

Like I say: creative bankruptcy, intellectual stagnation.

Doesn’t make sine that long tenued friendships involve talking about old times. Who wants to see that?

Methinks fpp doth protest too much.

Nostalgia is perfectly fine in limited qualities and in context. “Relics” showed that, for example. But a steady diet of nothing but nostalgia is a sign of creative bankruptcy. It leads to stagnation.

Right, “Relics” is a great example. It felt special at the time because TNG’s references to TOS were so few and far between.

ANY Star Trek show IS nostalgia. Just having the name Star Trek attached to it is. Same with Star Wars… in fact, every Star Wars show IS nostalgia.

So basically, you want a generic utopian science fiction show that makes no reference to any Star Trek show in any way.

How does limited references to nostalgia mean no references at all? You’re making a reductive argument.

No I am not. Because people complain about ANY nostalgia. The name STAR TREK is in fact nostalgia.

Not really. Most of the complaints I see here and other places about nostalgia are usually about the sheer abundance and blatant use of nostalgia. So saying it’s about ANY nostalgia and fans are arguing for none at all is reductive and inaccurate.

As for the name Star Trek being nostalgic, yes, that is how Paramount apparently sees it now. That’s how they market it. That’s how it’s sold. Because it’s easy and doesn’t require a great deal of effort.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a good drinking game. And it would be more entertaining than a lot of the actual Trek we’re getting these days.

Enterprise tried to do it completely different. No STAR TREK in the title. Different music. Very little nostalgia. The ended up adding the STAR TREK title and adding more tie in nostalgia. Even then, fans complained it was too different.

I just want the jackets.

I love Picard Season 3, but I think an Enterprise G spinoff needs some reworking for me to be really excited for it. I really dislike the ship design for one thing, but it’s not a deal breaker. But the ensemble needs some tweaking. One of the reasons SNW works so well compared to Discovery is that it has such a great ensemble cast, it’s something you really have to get right above all else, and I don’t really believe it’s there in the setup.

Stop teasing us already and just do it!

Keith R.A. Candido?

You know, good ol KRAC.

Any new Trek show would be better than Very Short Treks, which is the worst thing to bear the Star Trek logo in decades.