See Spock Take The Enterprise Into Battle In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes’ #5

On Wednesday IDW wraps up their mini-series that takes us back to the 1970s with Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes. The five-issue series is set immediately after the events of the movie and it’s written by Marc Guggenheim, creator of the Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow CW television series. Echoes features artwork by Oleg Chudakov and colors by DC Alonso, along with a series of different covers for each issue. We have details, covers, and a 5-page preview for issue 5.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes #5


Peace hangs in the balance with Akris and the Romulans’ plans to test the devastating Nightbringer weapon on an innocent population and with the Enterprise crew’s actions treading the line of the Federation-Romulan peace treaty. Meanwhile, Nyota has gone rogue after finding the crew’s actions too passive for her liking. Can Nyota and Kirk set aside their differences to ensure a peaceful resolution and avoid sparking the next intergalactic war? Find out in the finale of Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes!


Cover A by Jake Bartok

Cover b by Alexandra Beguez

RI cover by Nickolej Villiger

RI cover by Butch Mapa


Five-page preview: 

Echoes wraps up on Wednesday

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Echoes #5 arrives on September 13. You can order issue 6 or previous issues at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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Echoes from when Trek looked cool, intelligent and futuristic while made some sense in story and designs. Love it!

If you say so


What is Uhura doing with a TNG-era phaser!!!!!!????????? Even if that is a mirror-uni weapon, didn’t get the idea that era’s mirror went in for cosmetic looks to their gadgetry(except that lovely dagger-thru-earth logo.)

Then again it isn’t as bad as early Pocket novels. One of those had Kirk brandishing a timing light gun instead of a phaser (am pretty sure that’s what they used for some of the hand weapons in MOONRAKER as well.)

Oh, and Chekov has a TN-era rom gun …

The Uhura and Chekov from this story are from a separate reality, and it’s not the mirror universe. What applies to the prime timeline has no bearing on them, so they must have those weapons in their time where they come from. It’s not a continuity error since it’s a different universe.

Are those missiles in page 8 supposed to be torpedoes?

Looks like somebody is trying to TP the 1701.

Maybe a tech trade with the Tholians where the Roms got the short end of the deal?

That Uhura cover is fantastic!

The Scotty with the malfunctioning transporters is disturbing all around.

I recognize all of the Uhuras except the one on the bottom screen. Should I know where that’s from?

That’s the main character of this comic series.

I was thinking the same thing. She appears to be wearing an EV Suit, but I don’t recall her using one in any official media.

I’m still waiting for somebody to visualize GR’s version of the TMP transporter accident. In his novelization, the organs are materializing on the outside of their bodies — it’s a total ‘hard R’ in description, like Cronenberg. (it’s possibly the inspiration for the bad teleport in GALAXY QUEST, now that I think of it.)

Maybe in the last issue they will break into song!!

A little confused by the Enterprise firing missiles.

Also, the complete lack of comment on General Uhura acting to try and terminate Akris despite being fully aware he is needed to save Chekov’s life.

Otherwise, not a bad issue.