See Boimler And Rutherford Become “Brutherford” In Clip From Thursday’s ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

The fourth episode of season 4 of Star Trek: Lower Decks (titled“Something Borrowed, Something Green”) appears to be focused on Tendi’s return home to Orion, with Mariner and T’Lyn joining, but it looks like Boimler and Rutherford will have their own little roommate adventure back on the USS Cerritos.

Nothing can stop this bromance?

The new clip (via IGN) shows just how close Boimler and Rutherford have gotten since becoming roommates in episode 2…

While the above clip shows the pair with what appears to be an unshakable bond, one of the preview images released earlier this week indicates there may be trouble in their roomie paradise.

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford and Jack Quaid as Boimler in “Something Borrowed, Something Green” (Paramount+)

“Something Borrowed, Something Green” arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, September 21.

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This one seems like the humor will be a little too sitcomish. But I love the show, so I’m sure it’ll still be good. As long as it’s not anything at all like the vomit mass that is Very Short Treks, I’ll be satisfied.


I just don’t understand how the very short Treks episodes can be sooooo bad?!?

McMahan proves he not only gets Trek but can make a show that doesn’t demeans the franchise but keep it’s heart and optimism at the same time while making zany stories and characters.

It makes you appreciate LDS even more now

I gotta admit I’ve only seen one and from what I have read that was one too much lol

Lol, yeah that was the smart way to go my friend. 👍

Can’t wait for LDS!!! Keeping it on topic lol. We’re finally going to Orion!!

I don’t get how something barely 4 or 5 minutes can be considered to be something worth getting worked up about.

No one is worked up. Everyone’s just surprised at how awful it is.

I didn’t get worked up over it, I’m just saying they suck.

If you like them though, cool. 😎

jeez they go out of their way to say very short treks is non cannon and yet your still butt hurt over nothing.

Canon or non-canon has nothing to do with this discussion, which is about whether or not it’s good. So your point is a total non sequitur, and you’re responding to something that wasn’t even said. People aren’t complaining about the show being non-canon. They’re complaining that it sucks and isn’t funny. Also, only 12-year-olds say “butt-hurt.” That’s not a term adults use.

Do you not understand how opinions work on a message board by now?

You’re the one coming off butt hurt because people dare to not like something you do.

Nothing to do with canon or non-canon, they’re just awful.

I fully expect this to turn out about as well as Jake and Nog rooming!

That turned out well did it not?

This turns out much better especially if you never knew you needed duel Mark Twains

Another brilliant episode! This show never stops amazing me.