Watch: Riker And Crusher Have The “Worst Contact” In ‘Star Trek: very Short Treks’ Episode 3

The third episode of the new Star Trek: very Short Treks’ series of comedic (and very non-canon) promotional shorts is now online, continuing CBS Studios’ celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Animated Series. This week, very Short Treks jumps into the 24th century, featuring the voices of Star Trek: The Next Generation stars Gates McFadden and Jonathan Frakes.

“Worst Contact”

The third episode is a twist on a classic TNG storyline, with the logline “First Contacts, like first dates, can be awkward.” Jonathan Frakes plays Riker with Gates McFadden as Dr. Crusher, with Dana Snyder voicing the alien Bragu and Sarah Sherman as Mucara. “Worst Contact” was written by very Short Treks executive producer Casper Kelly.

Like with all the shorts in the series, “First Contact” is animated in the style of Star Trek: The Animated Series. Watch it…

The remaining two cartoons will be released on and the Star Trek YouTube channel weekly on Wednesdays through Oct. 4 at 10:00 A.M., PT/1:00 P.M., ET.

Sept. 27 – “Holograms, All the Way Down” (written by Prodigy co-EP Aaron Waltke)
Oct. 4 – “Walk, Don’t Run”

ICYMI: Episodes 1 & 2

Episode 1 launched on Star Trek Day, with Ethan Peck as Spock. Set on the original USS Enterprise with characters from Star Trek: The Animated Series, “Skin a Cat” features comedian Pete Holmes as the captain.

Episode 2 also features Ethan Peck but this time taking the lead on Pike’s Enterprise, joined by Strange New Worlds stars Bruce Horak as Hemmer, Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, and Gia Sandhu as T’Pring. Discovery star Doug Jones also makes a surprise appearance as Saru.

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First before the comments about how everyone hated it.

That was so funny, that I forgot to laugh.

Fun for what it is I suppose but if this is the standard of comedy writing or writing in general in hollywood I despair

Offensive. Many inconsistencies with season 4 episode 15. Have these people even watched Star Trek?

I’m kidding. Lighten up and have a laugh, folks.

Yes. Again it’s so very odd to read comments about “this is inconsistent!” and other such ridiculousness. These are just jokes. Some people just take things far too seriously. So good advice, yes. Lighten up, folks!

Trekkies don’t have a sense of humor. This is why I avoid them in The Real.

And yet here you are, posting in a Star Trek site. I guess that makes you a hypocrite right? So what is it, afraid of what stunt-minded idiots are going to think and can’t stand up for your own convictions? Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it.

This isn’t The Real. Your all just creatures.on my iPad.

Pot, meet kettle. But I agree.

Not even close. But knock yourself out.

No, he’s right.

Only because he wishes to be. There is no actual evidence he is. But that is sadly typical of some people here.

Not everybody finds mean-spirited nihilism fun like you do.

Weird because none of that exists in these VHT’s. Only laughs.

If you had an actual sense of humor you’d realize this.

Not everybody finds mean-spirited nihilism fun like you do, ML31. Or snot humor for 5 year olds – this one had that too. Wheee.

I can’t speak for others if they find that stuff funny. But I can say with absolute certainty I do not. As evidence there is none of that here.

That said, the snot joke was actually still well above what passes for “humor” on LDX. Which is easily aimed at 8 year olds who have been Trek fans for 30 years.

That’s pretty much my takeaway as well. The fact that this exists, is a no harm, no foul kind of thing.. but it’s very very odd to me, to figure out what they’re trying to accomplish. This is 8 year old, low brow humor.. what about Trek’s audience suggests this is something that would accentuate the brand? I just don’t get it. They just came out with a Holodeck episode that I thought hit the mark pretty well. That seems to hit the right notes and tone.

Oh, I’m totally cool with the farcical nature of these.. don’t care if they go off the rails… but most of these are just not funny.

That was funny!!
Send in the Cerritos….
(nice to see the edit function’s been fixed. Thanks)

Sorry but these are not good and not funny. Just seems to be a wasted opportunity imo.

Ugh…the stardate format, the TOS-era sound FX, Riker’s weird title. So many little inconsistencies and annoyances that I wasn’t even paying attention to the booger jokes.

Please tell me that you’re joking.

If you actually watched TAS you would know that series is LOADED with little inconsistencies. It’s being done here on purpose.

Nothing here is being done on purpose. This show is written by lemurs.

The Lemurs actually wrote the Orville.

Those were lemmings.

I dislike NuTrek as much as the next guy, but this one here *is* done on purpose. Saru sporting the 32nd century uniform in “Holiday Party” was a dead giveaway.

Truly spoken like someone in their little bubble. You’re not in the majority and will never be.

Riker’s first name isn’t Bill.

Someone is truly missing the point of these.. Effing sad, dude.

Except for a couple times in TNG season 1 when it is…

Sounds so weird hearing her call him Bill in Season 1 but it happened at least once for sure. I’d need to watch it again to see how many times it happened but I don’t think I could survive another viewing of TNG season 1.

Still trying to figure out why they’re releasing these. TAS wasn’t this gallingly stupid and full of gross out humor. A wasted opportunity to be sure.

Thank you. So far, this show has been nothing at all like The Animated Series, so I really don’t understand how this pile of roadkill is supposed to somehow commemorate TAS.

What is wrong with you?

You mean other than having some online rando ask me a non sequitur question? Nothing, really. I’m quite content. How about you?

People like you are the reason others make fun of trek fans.

Because TAS wasn’t meant to be a comedy. These are. And they are succeeding.

If you love snot humor for 5 year olds, yes. Otherwise, no.

Agreed, the snot joke could be categorized in the “toilet” humor group. But the fact is in the right context such humor can still work for “grown ups”. But one needs to actually be a “grown up” to understand that. But it was the microwave fish joke I found to be the REALLY funny gag here.

But hey… If you think Homer Simpson level stupidity from Star Fleet officers who act like 12 year old girls do when excited is funny then you do you.

You mean it wasn’t? It sure made me laugh.

Boogers, everyone.

Better than Strange New Worlds.

Now THAT was funny, unlike the video. And just as ridiculous.


Agreed. I’ve already watched these more than once. Something I’d never do for SNW.

The best part is that it featured a Strange New World.

This is a great point.

And people say *I’m* a troll?

I wish they did a TAS style show for TNG that isn’t suppose to be ironic or cheeky…kinda like that fan video from last year.

i also would love a CGI animated show in the vein of The Clone Wars for missing eras of canon like Riker commanding the Titan, or Sulu on the Excelsior

This was racist against boogers.

Yeah this one was actually pretty funny. Having suffered the booger and microwave fish stuff at work in the past, I can relate.

“Bill” ?
On the plus side — I love the opening sequence to these, with the ‘Star Trek’ theme warbling just a little at the end, complete with film scratches.

Just puts it closer to the first season when even Deanna called him Bill.

He was called Bill in early TNG episodes. That’s pretty much the only thing that actually has a connection to continuity.

I feel like they really missed the mark with these very short treks.

Maybe Trek Movie can get one of the producers on a podcast and ask them who their target market was and their aims in releasing these?

I just dont buy that it was simply a celebration of TAS style animation… theres got to be another reason these were commissioned.

While its interesting to see TAS style again, the scripts are weak and the humour isnt working (if they are meant to be funny?). I cant see how this is doing anything positive for the star trek brand?

Its just a hot mess in my opinion, but maybe someone is getting enjoyment out of them!

My thought is that TPTB saw the success of Lower Decks and thought, “hey another Trek with modern humor will go over great!” and promptly set about making the show everyone feared Lower Decks would be when it was announced.

Or, perhaps the creators behind the VST’s saw LDX and decided they could do something, you know, funny?

Narrator: “They couldn’t. This sucks.”

Apart from the laughs these have that LDX doesn’t, then sure.

You have got to be trolling, dude.

That describes your “narrator” comment, dude.

Comparisons to Lower Decks aside, how about these in relation to TAS? Do you think these do a good job of commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek‘s first foray into animation?

I believe the goal here is purely promotional. Sure, they used the TAS 50th as the springboard and in that spirit copied the animation style. But the intent was to be little joke shorts. I’m not so sure how much promotion they are getting from them, however. It’s a bit of a catch-22. These are working as laugh factories. If they think people will turn to LDX, for example on the basis of these those viewers are going to be amazingly let down.

Regardless… I’m just enjoying them for what they are. Entertaining bits that make me laugh. Thus proving that the concept of a Trek animated comedy is indeed viable.

This just proves how subjective comedy is. The only time I laughed was in the second one with a line Hemmer said and Uhura saying ‘don’t’. Everything else has been painful to watch and as unfunny it can be.

Then you have a very small taste of what it is like for many watching Lower Decks. Example, the only thing last week that was even slightly funny was the Dr saying “I can’t believe that worked.”

It does seem to be some strange sort of proof of concept… But there have already been fan efforts like Danhauser’s work over 10 years ago that show doing Star Trek in TAS style is easily done even by quasi professionals!
What a shame to get the actual voice talent together to do these and not give them something more substantial. It’s great to hear Gates’ voice but that was recently done by Prodigy and much much better…

They are hitting the mark like a bullseye. They are exactly what they intended them to be, and while I don’t love them, they’re two minute animated shorts, who cares?

This just gets worse and worse every week. It’s like the people making this show have no idea what Star Trek even is.

the hell? It’s a set of NON CANNON shorts hardly 5 minutes set in the style of the animated series since it happens to be its anniversary and your crying about continuity and the writing!? ITS NOT EVEN A SHOW grow up and get a sense of humour.

Or better yet get a life.

People like you are why message boards often suck.

Also, there is no term “non cannon” unless you’re referring to a ship without weapons.

Agreed! They don’t care. They think this is what modern audiences want. I find it go be offensive and a new low for the franchise.

But if this was The Orville, people would be praising it and saying that “this is what Trek should be! Seth McFarlane gets Trek!”

LOL so true. It just shows how clueless some people here are.

A bit on the “crude” side but still funny in its own way. Not the best of the three but still pretty darn funny! And again, still more laughs in one of these VST’s than in 3+ seasons of LDX.

Also, the microwave fish gag was a HUGE laugh out loud moment.

Looking forward to next weeks already!

I have to assume you’re kidding.

That would be a baseless assumption.

Who chose the writers for these Very Short Treks? Whoever that person is, they should be fired immediately, because they clearly understand nothing about Star Trek.

It makes me sad and angry that these travesties bear the “Star Trek” name.

LOL, you need to chill.

Geez … it’s JUST a TV show.

Agree as usual Corylea. I guess it’s just not made for us.

But it’s still shorter than Discovery so that’s one positive. (I tease because I love)

I’d say this one was the weakest of the three so far.

Not great, but it least it’s not pretending to something to be taken as seriously as the live action shows. No façade here.

Obviously, these more like Star Trek parodies than Star Trek episodes, so I don’t take them at all seriously. Basically, they’re jokes and whether you find them funny or not is a matter of personal taste of course. I thought the first one was dire, the second somewhat better and the third merely OK.

They’re funny because they are parodies. Some have worked better than others, but they hold a mirror up to the utopian presentation of Trek and show of the ridiculous opposite.
Worf being the bad dad gets joked about quite a bit. TNG went out of its way to sanitize it, as much as they could. A short parody of bad Worf dad would be funny….let’s face it, Worf was a bit of a caricature in live action, too.

That would be funny. Basically, this is Adult Swim stuff.

And what is wrong with that?

If that’s what the show actually was, it would be funny, I agree.



snot is always funny

I thought a booger was funny, but I found out it was snot.

Yep, very low-brow humour.
It MIGHT have been a thinly veiled jab at all the fan films.
Or, it was intended for 10-year-old boys who felt that their fart jokes were getting tired…

Well… I suppose they could be about Star Fleet officers acting like over the top Star Trek fans. But then it wouldn’t be funny at all.

I found this one funny. But overall, they feel like finding a few cabbage patch kids living in your sock drawer.

I meant Garbage Pail Kids! :)

Written by 5th graders for 5th graders? Another colossal misfire.

Each of these has a germ of a good idea, but they’re just so. f’n. gross.

This one was full of germs…

Well, worse than last week’s, but not as bad as the first one. Again, not saying much. And this is coming from a huge Airplane, Animal House, Blazing Saddles, etc. fan. Thank God these are (very) short.

[Insert GIF of Data proclaiming that he hates this because it is revolting here]

The problem is that Trekkies are taking these shorts very seriously while it says on the tin that these arent even canon so no need to get all serious about it. While jokes about bodily fluids is really not my thing, the premise itself is humorous. I mean why couldn’t there be species out there that communicate by farting or something. It’s lowbrow creativity but still creativity.

But to some it’s just bad.

And why does it have to be low brow? I only seen one episode but was TAS considered low brow? If not how does this honor it?

Shouldn’t the Federation be aware of these customs prior to first contact?

I even switched over to YouTube, just to give this a thumbs down. Those animated shorts are such a great idea. Why would you waste in on bad jokes and gross out “humor”? I don’t get it …

Grow a sense of humor.

The only thing funnier than the episode is reading all about your guys panties in a twist here. It’s supposed to be silly and absurd, not a season 5 episode of DS9. Relax.

Yours is one of the best comments in the thread. Good job on that one. It’s near perfect.

So apply his comment to Lower Decks, next time you complain about it not being funny. Yet you don’t do you… So how does your post make sense?

Why? The comment is about VSTs. Not LDX. It can’t even apply to LDX. That’s an odd ask that doesn’t make the point you think it does at all.

Tonci is saying that people shouldn’t get their panties in a twist about the very short Treks because they’re supposed to be silly and absurd and you agreed. My point is that some people (like yourself) also get their panties in a twist about LDS yet it’s also supposed to be silly and absurd. So, if you can give a pass to the Treks because they’re meant to be silly, why are you not giving a pass to LDS?

Can’t make it clearer than that.

But that’s the problem. LDX is meant to be comedy but it utterly fails at that. My main complaint about LDX is how it fails at what it is trying to do. If it succeeded I’d be defending it similarly to how I defend these 3 VST’s. That’s why the juxtaposition you are trying to make doesn’t work.

I knew you were going to say that… Sense of humour is subjective. I happen to find LD funny and the very short Treks not. For you it’s the reverse. No sense in arguing over personal taste. IDIC

If you knew I was going to point out that one succeeds at it’s goal while the other doesn’t then I’m not understanding why bother asking the question to begin with…

I assumed wrongly that your ability to read between the lines was greater than a 5 year old’s. I don’t have all day drawing it out for you in technicolor. Your post was idiotic. My reply was clear. You don’t get it? Not my problem. Clear enough?

My ability to read between the lines was spot on. As evidenced by my comment that the point you were trying to make but didn’t actually state was not what you thought it was. Made all the more sad by your arrogant comments as if you are the arbiter of what is “right”.

My post merely agreed with Tonci yet instead of engaging that comment you attacked mine. I think we all know what that really means. Unless it is you that doesn’t have the perceptions above a 5 year old. And that would be a “you” problem.

Are YOU getting it now?

I laugh at every episode at LDS. Most people here, Trekcore and Reddit seems to love it.

But if you think a Starfleet officer getting his guts ripped out on a transporter or aliens wiping their boogers everywhere is funny, then have it.

I don’t think any of it is funny, just cruel and nasty.

Hey… If you love Star Fleet officers acting like 9 year old Trek fans or cavalcades of Trek references are funny then knock yourself out. Many see that stuff as joyless unfunny 2nd grade playground material.

Also, there is a thing called “context”. Look it up. That changes everything. Adults realize that there are some things that in certain contexts are horrible but in others are funny as hell. Grown ups are able to tell the difference.

Striving for the low-brow, (over and over) again?

I though Star Trek usually tended to aspire for the highest ideals, not the lowest common denominator.
Yes, sure, “Star Trek” can be many things but does it remain “Star Trek” (apart from the title and related credits)?
This is more of a “farce inspired by”, not an homage of the things that came before.

I am well aware that there were misfires in the past (starting with TOS already, here’s looking at you, “Spock’s Brain”) but this is more of a pattern in the recent incarnations.

Fortunately, there are fan films many of them trying to keep the legacy and… well, let’s say dignity.

Anyone who doesn’t find these funny has never watched Adult Swim. I think Casper is trolling Trek fanatics also.

Someone on youtube did TAS style clips of the TNG era shows. TrekMovie should do an article.

I would love to see a ATHF trek style show. Meatwad would of course be Bones.

Just another episode of pissing away P+ money.

But it’s not even ON P+. Who gave these people the money to make this crap?

You Mad? 🤣

That was craptacular as the last ones. Well Done!

The only thing that can save these VSTs is having Beavis and Butt-Head in every episode.

Okay, I am officially done with these. Stopped watching this at about 2/3rds of the way. Life is too precious to waste any minute of it on things like this. And my commendations to the “TNG” cast members who passed on participating in this script.

Cool story bro


Th th th th th THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!

Less bad than the others. But seriously – none of these would inspire ANYONE to start watching Star Trek, animated or otherwise. It’s actually a good thing that Prodigy isn’t included on the end screen, because these shorts would make parents say, “Nope, not for MY kid!”

It think it might get a few more eyeballs on LDX. Since that is billed as comedy that is where the any potential viewer would go. The problem is if these get anyone to watch that show they would certainly be disappointed if not outright irritated by perceived false advertising.

Bro you actually like these things? More power to you I guess but these don’t feel like Star Trek to me, just a badly warped version of it. There is probably a reason it’s not even on Paramount+, they don’t want to associate it with the canon stuff.

First, P+ doesn’t care about canon. Neither does Secret Hideout judging by what they have made. I find it extremely difficult at this point to consider anything they made as canonical with Classic or New Trek.

And yes… I have enjoyed the three of these thus far. They have not failed to evoke full out loud laughs from me. A could so much so that I had to pause it. Something LDX, a supposed comedy, has failed to do. They don’t feel like an actual Star Trek show but that’s because they aren’t. They are just having fun with Trek. Some people I guess just can’t handle that.

Well as long you enjoyed them.

And people thought I was a hater of all things NuTrek. 😆

Actually many here think I’m a hater of everything nu-Trek. Yet I have enjoyed the first 3 of these. Which seems to have shut most of them up.

For now.

If this is supposed to make you appreciate the other animated shows, then it’s doing a good job, just not the way they think it is.

I feel like Paramount is using these shorts to punish fans of Star Trek.

Isn’t that what they have been doing with ALL the Secret Hideout fare? This is the only thing that has actually 100% delivered on the promise. And that HAS to be a mistake.

No, it hasn’t. The Secret Hideout productions revived Star Trek.

Fans of the ’80s and ’90s series have been having a difficult time breaking with the ensemble formula from the Berman-era in which each season split its 26 episodes per season between the seven or so members of each series’ cast, resulting in each character have two or three episodes devoted entirely to them each year (give or take, this is not a precise math).

If these series had that sort of episode count then the narratives could most likely be split just as evenly as they were back then, but with 10, 13, or 15 episodes per season (depending on the series), that is unattainable.

Fans in particular had a very difficult time understanding the first season of Discovery focusing on a single lead character, Michael Burnham.

Imagine watching The Mandalorian and complaining that each episode is about him instead of any of the other ancillary characters played by the likes of Weathers, Carano, Swallow, and Sedaris.

“But that series is called The Mandalorian, so of course it’ll focus on a single character!”, you or someone else will say.

“Star Trek: Discovery” shouldn’t have to be called “Star Trek: Burnham” to focus on a single lead character.

They didn’t revive Star Trek, they just made shows using the Star Trek branding. If they had revived Star Trek I wouldn’t have stopped watching them. They’re making a bunch of poorly executed content, throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. All of their concepts have been interesting to me but then when I sat down to watch them, they were just so horribly written I couldn’t take anymore.

I had absolutely no issue understanding Discovery focusing on a single lead character. I have watched all kinds of shows structured similarly. They were just not as poorly written and executed. Same with Picard Season 1 and 2, as well as both Seasons of Strange New Worlds. I gave up on Discovery a couple of episodes into Season 3. Same with Strange New Worlds in Season 1, but I did check out 2 episodes in Season 2, just to see if it had improved…it had not. Maybe some Trek fans have had trouble understanding but my comprehension is perfectly fine at least until I’m senile.

I agree about Discovery but I think SNW is OK. Still not amazing but at least feels like Star Trek again. And a lot of fun stories but my opinion only. If it’s not your thing… it’s not your thing.

Nope. Not at all. Secret Hideout hasn’t revived Trek anymore than Frankenstein’s monster was a revision of an actual person. He created an assortment of parts that were never meant to be assembled in that manner and failed.

Most have no problem focusing on one, two or three characters. The problem with Star Trek Discovery, as well as the bulk of Secret Hideout shows, was they were badly written shows about boring or in some cases horrible characters.

There is probably a reason they are not on Paramount+, probably afraid people would cancel their subscriptions over it. 😂🙄

Star Trek: Boogie Nights

Why? I love modern Trek, but this? WHY!?!?!?!

If you think of them not so much as “ST episodes” but more more as Adult Swim-style “ST Parodies” they make more sense.

My inner 8 year old smiled through this one. Yes it was stupid and gross, and then when straight into ridiculous land, but they did commit to the concept! This was the best one so far, but that’s a low bar. I laughed at the first half of the first one. Then ????? Actually couldn’t finish the 2nd because no way would any version of Spock think those things demonstrated humor. While I was watching it I actually like it was making me dumber. Maybe they were hoping folks would want a transporter accident plushie? 🤷

This was the first one I actually “enjoyed” It was so disgusting that you had to laugh. My 11 yo thought it was hilarious/disgusting.

I’m sorry but this was just disgusting on every level for me. I hated everything about it. It was just too gross for my taste and I will NEVER watch this one again.

I was really open minded about this whole thing but I have to agree with others now, it just doesn’t do Star Trek justice at all and making a mockery out of it. I was really looking forward to these things but now I’m just waiting for it to end. Just horrible.

Ikr could’ve done a fun crossover with the kelvinverse

I’m thinking there is a reason they aren’t doing one with LDX characters. Can’t have someone else making their characters do and say funny things!

Actually LDS characters will show up in one of the last two and star Tendi… although I shudder to think how she will be used now.

If so then something tells me those might be the least funny of the bunch. Not sure why. Really hope I’m wrong, there.

Bro none of these has been funny.

If “these” you refer to are Lower Decks episodes then yes. None of them have been funny. The VST’s on the other hand have induced full on laughs. As I said before, more than once I had to pause the video I was laughing so hard. It was almost as good as the first couple seasons of ARCHER. Almost.

At the very least the “ML31 hates everything” crowd don’t seem to know what to whine about now… LOL

I always hate gross out comedies or humor which I was afraid LDS was going to be. It has a little of it but pretty tame, especially compared to these horrible things. This one was just an embarrassment. I can’t believe Frakes and McFadden even agreed to do it but I guess being non canon makes it harmless. We still have to watch it though.

Maybe they agreed because they have a sense of humor. You should get one.

Guess the Trip Tucker one will blow.

Blow chunks LOL 😂

If they really wanted animated smut that would actually be funny they should have gone to Seth MacFarlane! These guys are rank amateurs. So disappointing!

God no. Macfarlane is a hack.