Kid Cudi “Boldly Be” Star Trek Partnership Launching At NYCC With Original Song, Streetwear, And Fortnite

First teased last month, we now have more details on the “multi-faceted partnership” between Star Trek and artist Kid Cudi, which will be launching at New York Comic-Con next weekend.

“Boldly Be” with Star Trek and Kid Cudi

Today Star Trek and Scott Mescudi, better known by his stage name, Kid Cudi, announce details of their collaboration, kicking off the new “Boldly Be” campaign. According to the announcement the “Boldly Be” campaign takes its inspiration from Star Trek’s ethos of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations), the basis of Vulcan philosophy “that the vast variables create truth, beauty and strength.” The new collaboration launches on Oct. 12 at the start of New York Comic Con with the release of an original Kid Cudi song inspired by “Star Trek” titled “Heaven’s Galaxy.” Fans will also be able to visit the “Star Trek” x Kid Cudi booth (booth 2653 at the Javits Center) that will showcase a new streetwear collection and get a first look at a Fortnite gaming experience.

The original song “Heaven’s Galaxy” was written by Cudi and produced by longtime collaborator Dot Da Genius. According to the announcement, it was inspired by Cudi’s own fandom of Star Trek. “Heaven’s Galaxy” will be available beginning Thursday, Oct. 12 on all streaming platforms.

Boldly Be poster

Mirror Mayhem on Fortnite

The collaboration includes the launch of Star Trek X Kid Cude: Mirror Mayhem which brings Kid Cudi and Star Trek into the popular online game Fortnite where he will perform “Heaven’s Galaxy,” as well as never-before-heard songs from his new album, Insano.

Kid Cudi as Captain Sykes in Mirror Mayhem

Here is how the official release describes the Mirror Mayhem event:

Boldly Go as you partner with Captain Skyles (Kid Cudi) on a mission to uncover the source of a sonic anomaly that threatens the peaceful planet Vada. Beam down to explore, discover and defend a world these forces are threatening to tear apart. It’s up to you and other Starfleet recruits to work together with Captain Skyles to uncover the source of this musical malady and restore the harmony of Vada while there’s still time!

Star Trek X Kid Cude: Mirror Mayhem will launch later this month.

Kid Cudi as Captain Sykes in Mirror Mayhem

Streetwear Collection

The Boldly Be collaboration will also include a clothing collection with Star Trek-inspired mantras like “Live Long and Rage” on tees, crewnecks, hoodies, a custom button-up t-shirt and a colorful leather varsity jacket with robust chenille and embroidery details.

The collection will debut at New York Comic Con on Oct. 12 with a preorder window exclusively for attendees, followed by the global release on on Oct. 16.

TrekMovie will be at New York Comic-Con and will report on the Boldly Be campaign and booth from the event, so stay tuned.

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brownie points for trying something new. this is definitely not geared towards my age demo, but i appreciate the effort

same here

Guess I didn’t realize the extent to which bombers are a thing right now…

I work in luxury fashion and they are huge right now! Most brands have at least one in their collection!

Yeah, there’s a vintage college sports apparel company that I’m very fond of that started churning them out like 6 months ago and I was *very* confused.

Cool. Good to see there are people out there who believe the franchise has appeal to a younger audience.

This is great to see for younger generations than my own, nice. I look at the jacket, though, and can only imagine how much More bullied I would have been at grade school in the 70’s than I already was if I’d worn that. I would’ve had the tar beaten out of me.

lol, I often wonder if ‘star trek bullying’ is still a thing in high schools after scifi/fantasy is so mainstream now (even more so than the Star Wars/ET obsessed 80s) with Marvel/Avengers etc and the JJ Treks been abit ‘cool’ (like First Contact in the 90s) and had actors who appeared in MCU/DC and were directed by the SW director (although the JJ films are almost a generation ago now .. I guess with the P+ streaming shows Trek is probably back to being all nerdy again)

The boomers here will hate this. 😏

Boomers are 60 – 77 years old. Do 70 year olds watch Star Trek??

Just ask them. Most of them post here from the looks of it.

My folks are in their late 60s and love Star Trek. They got me into it, actually.

But when’s the last time they watched?

Gonna roll with this being a formatting issue.

Anyway, today, per my dad. Improbable Cause, FWIW.

Oh course they do. They would of been in their 20s or younger when the show started. My late mother loved Star Trek. TNG and Voyager were her favorites.

Don’t feed the troll

My mom’s 70, a huge trekkie, started me on it when I was a kid, and now we watch the new stuff together. Well, we skipped the last two seasons of Picard, but we’ve been loving everything else. Boomers are the OG generation of Star Trek. They were kids when TOS was first on. Plenty of them still are huge fans now. My mom included.

Stop trolling please

Excuse me? Reading these boards… you’re one to talk bud.

He was always the troll

Says the Troll King, lol

As an “aging millennial” and Kid Cudi fan, I dig this. Would also cop one of those bomber jackets, but I’m sure they’ll be insanely priced.

As an “aging millennial” that got way to into the Rat Pack. whats a Kid Cudi?

As a geriatric millennial, I’ll never understand people who ask questions on the internet they can answer by googling.

Nooooooo… just don’t do it…. Star Trek should not be in Fortnite. Don’t make it into MCU!

Hush child.

Eat cabbage grandpa!

I want a gold command jacket with a zipper in front. I would never wear it in public of course.

check out Volante Design, or New American jackets

Oh God. LOL. Cool but not the look I really want.

The purple varsity-style jacket is exactly the kind of merch I expected out of this.

Am I suppose to have heard of this dude?

Depends how old you are I guess. They are trying to appeal to younger people. Can’t depend on old people that are dying off to keep something alive.

Yes. Maybe you should get out more.

I thought I might get a snarky response like this, so just for the heck of I asked 4 people at work today, including two under 30, and not one of them have heard of this dude.

You hang out with the wrong crowd.

Enjoy your Kid Cudi bobblehead

Catch you later Daddy O

Who is Kid Cudi?
Get me Kid Cudi
Get me a Kid Cudi type
Get me a young Kid Cudi
Who is Kid Cudi?


Well, in the teaser video he looked like he wanted to eat me when he got up from the captain’s chair. So now that he just wants to sell me a jacket, I’m rather relieved.

What’s wrong with getting eaten ? 😉

Paramount should concentrate on stories and dialogue rather than all this spectacle to get the younger audiences into Star Trek.

Oh please…..