First Look: The Evil AIs Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Return This Week In “A Few Badgeys More”

This week the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks brings back some dangerous (and fun) characters. We have details and the first images.

Evil AIs are back in a “A Few Badgeys More”

The seventh episode of season 4 is called “A Few Badgeys More,” a play on the title of the classic “spaghetti western” A Few Dollars More. The episode was written by Edgar Momplaisir and directed by Bob Suarez. It arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, October 12.

The official synopsis reveals we will see the return of familiar characters:

Three computerized villains return to cause problems for the Cerritos crew.

As the title implies, one of the “computerized villains” returning is Rutherford’s AI helper turned evil “Badgey” (voiced by Jack McBrayer). One of the new images shows Rutherford reuniting with his “son” as a Drookmani in the background aims a gun at them.

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford (Paramount+)

Badgey was last seen in the season 3 finale, installed in Rutherford’s old eye-piece, and another shot from the new episode shows Badgey hovering next to a Drookmani wearing what appears to be that old eye-piece. Introduced in the first season, the Drookmani are scavengers and so it’s possible the Drookmani were the ones that captured that eye-piece in the post-credits scene from the season 3 finale.

From episode 7 (Paramount+)

The synopsis promised 3 computerized villains and one of the other preview images reveals the second, the megalomaniacal computer AGIMUS (voiced by prolific Trek guest star Jeffrey Combs). AGIMUS can be seen being held by someone in a viewing room (apparently showing something like Lassie) to a number of other computers. AGIMUS was stored at the Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage at the Daystrom Institute in season 2 so this is likely a shot from Daystrom.

From episode 7 (Paramount+)

Agimus was last seen at Daystrom in season 3 when the narcissistic sociopathic exocomp Peanut Hamper (voiced by Kether Donohue) was stored there at the end of the episode “A Mathematically Perfect Redemption.” It has already been confirmed that Peanut Hamper was returning this season so she would be the third computerized villain for this episode. An image of Peanut Hamper can be seen on the screen of the Cerritos conference room in one of the new preview images.

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi, Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman, Jerry O’Connell as Jack Ransom, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner and Jack Quaid as Boimler (Paramount+)


Another new image shows the return the cybernetically enhanced Bynars, introduced in the TNG episode “11001001.” It could be the Bynars are the latest aliens to face the mystery ship that has been attacking different species all season long.

Bynars in Episode 7 (Paramount+)

More new images:

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Jerry O’Connell as Jack Ransom, Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxs and Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman (Paramount+)

L-R Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner, Jack Quaid as Boimler, Eugene Cordero as Rutherford and Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi (Paramount+)

L-R Jack Quaid as Boimler, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner and Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi (Paramount+)

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner, Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi and Jack Quaid as Boimler (Paramount+)

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Badgey, Agimus, Peanut Hamper, Bynars… YES!

I’m starting to wonder if this is all connected to V’Ger–as in, the villain is from the Machine Planet.

“Kitty Hawk? That reveal doesn’t make any sense!”

Yes indeed! :)

Ah there’s a schematic of Peanut Hamper in the one image.

Personally don’t like Peanut Hamper much. Could just be bias because I never really rewatch the exocomps episode of TNG.

Nevertheless, Peanut Hamper and Badgey are both characters that are part of Trek’s established future history, so we need to treat them just as seriously as say Sarek or Garak.

And we should not be surprised if live action versions of both Hamper and Badgey appear in SNW or another future series.

No. That’s not how it works. You’re still not getting it.

Yes, that is how canon works — those two character’s are established as characters in Star Trek’s future history now.

And we’ve already seen this proven out by Mariner and Boimler appearing on SNW, so any character on LDS could similarly be brought in to SNW or a future show, including Badgey and P Hamper.

You’re taking canon too literally. That’s not how it works, whether you agree or not.

I am 100% sure that if they are shown on screen on a Star Trek show, that it’s canon. Like it or not

So, you expect a ridiculous character like Badgey to potentially appear in a future SNW episode? No, you’re lost too.

My instincts say I shouldn’t get into this…..

Badgey is canon. However, there’s still a matter of tone. He’s unlikely to be used on any live action shows because he would probably clash in style.

But you never know.

It’s really best not to get too worked up about it.

Different people have different interpretations, and one will never convince the other, so you’re correct to be hesitant. I just present my opinion, counter a few times then let go.

Best response to this ridiculous argument, thanks.

Badgey is canon. However, there’s still a matter of tone. He’s unlikely to be used on any live action shows because he would probably clash in style. But you never know. It’s really best not to get too worked up about it.

I agree 100%. And you will notice in my original post that I had had zero emotion one way or the other on this — I was simply stating the canon implication for these characters.

The person who is getting all worked up about it is Silvereyes — perhaps he’s embarrassed as a Star Trek fan that these characters are just as credible as any live action characters on the series over the years? If so, that’s too bad, because it is what it is — with canon, it’s all the same — the characters are all part of Trek’s future history, like it or not.

No worries — again, I didn’t even comment on whether I liked this or not in my original post here.

Who’s worked up? Relax. And if you have something to say to me have the courage to say it directly and not in your usual underhanded way through a post to another poster. Stop being a b*tch.

Lol, dude you just proved you’re getting worked up with that bush league insult.

I’m totally relaxed. You’re the one who made a big deal about this, and no one’s agreeing with you, BTW. :-)

You’re the one who mentioned canon

All Boyle said was not liking peanut hamper and the exocomp episode

Not sure what your point is? First, I was not even the slightest bid emotive regarding what I stated? Secondly, the question at hand was whether these characters are canon or not, not whether people like the characters?

Pay attention! :-)

What tone ?! The crossover literally was a cut and paste between two shows

“So, you expect a ridiculous character like Badgey to potentially appear in a future SNW episode?”

Dude, I’m getting a small vibe from you that you don’t like Badgey!

I thought everybody loved Badgey. ☹️

But I get it. He is a slightly over-the-top computer program with murderous undertones…but he wouldn’t be the first in Star Trek either. This show is just crazy at times lol.

I wouldn’t worry about him time traveling back to SNW though. But it is Star Trek and that show just put on a musical, so…

No I love Badgey! I love everything about Lower Decks (except Peanut Hamper). Just using him as an example, as an over the top character that, even if he’s in a series that’s canon, doesn’t mean it would make sense to have him appear in a different series that has a different tone, as the new kid was saying. Same goes for everything else in LDS that’s satirical or comedic…

Ok whew! Good to know. Sorry I got a bit cross and defensive there. I need to take the toxicity down a bit but I’m always passionate about Lower Decks!

In all seriousness I get your point. Yeah it’s all canon but it doesn’t mean every bit of it has to cross over either. But I’ll be honest, until we had Mariner and Boims show up on SNW I wasn’t sure how realistic it would feel but it worked out fine so Badgey could too.

But I don’t think we’ll see him in live action either but if they did they would probably just tone him way down. Or he would just be in a highly comedic episode or something.

tbh Peanut Hamper wouldn’t be hard to transfer into live action, girl just thinks too highly of herself and does stupid shit to annoy people that gets her caught. That’s an average Trek episode. She would work really well in live action and agimus is the same so.

OMG Peanut Hamper would be amazing! 😀

We obviously have exocomps in live action so no issues there. And unlike Badgey she can get around normally. Would love to see her on another show and giving everyone grief. Some people think she may be redeemed this episode and become part of Starfleet again, but fool me once….

AGIMUS wouldn’t have any issues either since he’s hardware too.

Kinda funny that there’s any discussion about Badgey appearing in live action not fitting despite Picard having Patton Oswald as a cartoon cat in live action and Badgey essentially being Loki’s Miss Minutes ported into Star Trek.

I am 100% sure that if they are shown on screen on a Star Trek show, that it’s canon. Like it or not


The crossover did set that up. I’d rather the characters stay with animation, but knowing Kurtzman, it’s probably on the table.

The crossover did set that up. I’d rather the characters stay with animation, but knowing Kurtzman, it’s probably on the table.


In theory. I don’t think they’ll go there with SNW again specifically but you never know.

Oh dear, you really took the bait on that one.

Yeah, but I couldn’t resist. It’s like that electrified fence with the “Warning: Do not touch the fence!” sign. Sometimes you gotta do it…

I mean, if it’s written in a beautiful enticing font…

Live action Badgey would be amazing.


Would love a live action Badgey! 😀👍

Badgey was my main theory on who was behind the mysterious ship attacking everyone, so I guess this will be the episode where I’m either proven at least partly right (and just didn’t go far enough to include these other AI characters), or proven wrong.

Either way, excited to see these characters again. Same with the Bynars.

I didn’t think of that. That’s a good theory.

I’m kinda leaning towards Section 31 Boimler or the Pakleds. There’s only so many recurring villains.

I think it’s the Breen

Completely forgot about William Boimler and Section 31. That would be a cool surprise they were behind the ship.


I wanna hold agimus. Let me hold agimus.

LOL I knew you would be excited to see AGIMUS again.

AGIMUS, Peanut Hamper and Badgey all working together bro! Let that sink in.

SHIT IS SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO POP OFF!!!! Something fierce! We could be looking at the next Wolf 359, Call to Arms or Battle at the Binary Stars; something that fans could be talking about for the next 30 years that will reset the entire Alpha Quadrant! It’s no telling how much carnage is going to happen with these three together!

My guess is this: Peanut Hamper figured out how to get communications outside of Daystrom and they’re using that to prank call the Cerritos.

That’s probably the more likely answer. 😆

Although what I actually think is that Badgey is scavenging the leftovers from the attacked ships with the Drookmani and he gets bored of it and finds a way to contact agimus and Peanut Hamper which Starfleet learns about and sends in the Cerritos to investigate. And they end up getting some clues about who is behind the attacks.

I actually like that idea! Instead of carnage and chaos everywhere they actually help Starfleet put the pieces together over the attacks! That would be subverting expectations in a clever LDS way.

And maybe Peanut Hamper gets reinstated in Starfleet too.

I’ve personally found the ‘rogue AI’ eps to be amongst the funnier ones on this show, so I’m hopeful for this one.

Has anyone else noticed that agimus always appears in the seventh episode of the season? Where Pleasant Fountains Lie is season 2, episode 7. Mathematically Perfect Redemption was season 3, episode 7. Few Badgeys More is season 4, episode 7.

Or did I just notice this because I’m gay.

Lol never realized until now. Is it some cool in joke McMahan is pulling on us ..or is it some mystical event designed by the Great Koala? 🐨

I guess we’ll never know but up for theories!

Looks to me like we’re getting not only those three AIs, but the Drookmani Captain back as well – Kether Donohue, Jack McBrayer, Jeffrey Combs, and J. G. Hertzler all in one episode!

I see said Drookmani Captain (will we ever learn his name, or will he remain forever just “Drookmani Captain”?) is wearing the implant previously attached to Rutherford. Do the Drookmani really need to rely on salvaging battlefield debris for access to prosthetics? Is their healthcare system almost as bad as the U.S.’s, or what?

Very much looking forward to this one!

Not to nitpick… but it’s Jeffrey Combs, not Colmes.

Normally I wouldn’t bother to say anything, but this talented actor has give us so many fantastic characters and is so beloved to the fans that we should get it right.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble these three “evil AI’s” are up to… and if this ties into the season arc or if this is a red herring!

Oh wow really looking forward to this! It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun! :)

AND THE BYNARS ARE BACK!!!!! So cool. I can’t believe they never appeared again after their first introduction.

“11001001” happens to be the only episode from TNG’s first season that I actually like. As a ‘holodeck adventure’ I think it’s far more imaginative and fun than the overrated “The Big Goodbye.”

I always wanted to see the Bynars again (and always liked that episode as well), but since they were never even referenced in a throwaway line I assumed that episode would be the last time we ever saw them.


Why I love LDS, no one does the deep cuts like this show continues to do! I assume they will be another species hit by the mystery ship and gone after a scene. But since of course their species is tied to computers and AI, maybe they are part of the main story. That would be great.

BTW, I watched the Futurama episode and responded to two of your posts but not sure if you ever saw them. Very short review (for the third time lol), I really loved it.

I did see it, but by the time I responded the thread was probably too old for you to see my response to your response (this gets complicated).

Being trapped in Mellvar’s looney impression of fandom would be like attending a Trek convention. . . forever.

Nimoy: Uh, Mellvar, how long will we have to do this?

Mellvar: Until the end of time.

Fry: So all along, he was just a child!

Mellvar’s Mom: What child? He’s thirty years old!

But when Mellvar admitted that he didn’t make enough script copies for his Star Trek fan production and says “George and Nichelle, you’ll have to share,” I totally lost it. Too bad Jimmy Doohan elected not to participate — I think he really missed out — but they even managed to make that funny.

Glad you enjoyed the episode.

LOL Mellvar was a handful but a true fan! I think it was George and Walter who had to share the script but that entire segment was funny. I laughed the hardest when Shatner was doing spoken word with The Real Slim Shady. And I wasn’t sure if Doohan was playing Welshy or not, now I know. Weird he didn’t want to do it.

Thanks again for introducing it to me.

“He’s dead, Jim.” You’re welcome.

Oh good!

“Front row!”

LOL, I was surprised and happy to see Frakes there. A great moment.

Loved that the Bynars are back as well. It was straight up OG how they stole the Enterprise!

The Wrath of Peanut Hamper

Peanut Hamper: “I’ve like done way way worse than kill you Mariner, I hurt you! I should leave you as you left me out in space, sicko. You’ll be marooned with your super overbearing mom arguing with each other for all eternity! And with a replicator that can only make black licorice. Buried aliiiive! Buried aliiiiiive!” *Giggles*


(This is an actually an old post I made on another site a year ago…. but still holds up!)


The funny thing is I could actually see LDS totally doing that scene with those characters. ;)

And a great post it was, too. You should be proud.

Thank you! Really appreciate it! 🙂

I assume the Bynars don’t have a middle decks. Just an upper decks and a lower decks.

I like your black or white thinking.

Oh! BTW, if one counts double-length and two-parter episodes as whatever form they were first presented in (so, “The Menagerie”, “The Best of Both Worlds”, “Past Tense”, etc. are each two episodes – two halves of a two-parter – while “Encounter at Farpoint”, “Emissary”, “All Good Things…”, “Caretaker”, etc. are each a single, double-length episode), and also includes the movies and the “Short Treks” shorts…

… this week’s episode of Lower Decks is the 900th installment of Star Trek – the 900th episode, movie, or short in official screen canon.

Wow such a landmark! And it’s even greater that LDS will be ringing it in this week.

Thanks for the news (and math) Blondie-Wan. 👍