Podcast: All Access Star Trek Loves A Good Cave Episode And Visits New York Comic Con

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 161 - TrekMovie - Lower Decks "Caves"

[Lower Decks review starts at  34:41]

Anthony and Laurie dig into all the news from New York Comic Con! Alex Kurtzman thanked the fans for their successful efforts to save Star Trek: Prodigy and gave updates on all of the Trek shows still on the Paramount+ roster, including the ones in development like Starfleet Academy and the Section 31 movie event. Kid Cudi talked about his collaboration with Trek and Mike McMahan talked about what’s to come on Lower Decks. They do a quick recap of upcoming comics from IDW, then talk about Mike McMahan’s post-panel interview, where he talked about the future of Lower Decks and what he has planned for season 5. They wrap up with a chat about the season 4 trailer for For All Mankind and a 7th Rule episode with TNG writer Melinda Snodgrass.


Alex Kurtzman Credits Fans For Saving ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ On Netflix

Alex Kurtzman Gives ‘Section 31’ And ‘Academy’ Updates, Teases “Exciting” New Star Trek Projects

Mike McMahan Talks “Ultimate Star Trek” Season 4 Finale, T’Lyn, Moopsy, And ‘Lower Decks ‘ Season 5

Kid Cudi “Boldly Be” Star Trek Collaboration Launches At NYCC With New Song, Streetwear, And Fortnite Tie-In

Paramount+ giveaway at the NYCC panel [Twitter/X]

IDW NYCC Panel Reveals First Look At Upcoming Trek Comics, Including New “Sons Of Star Trek” Miniseries

ST-SF: Trek to San Francisco

Mike McMahan Clarifies His Views On Chances For Another ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season Pickup

Chris Pine on a TNG-themed Robot Chicken


Anthony: For All Mankind season 4 trailer

Laurie: Melinda Snodgrass on The 7th Rule talking about TNG’s “The Measure of a Man”

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Thanks for the podcast and as ever a great listen.

Glad to hear that Enterprise might be getting some love in forthcoming LDS. I re-watched the show a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I’ve always been puzzled as to why it barely gets a mention in Star Trek circles even websites that I love visiting such as this one. For example when I think of all the podcasts (mainly from the shuttle pod crew) in which there has been season by season analysis of TNG, Voyager, the feature films etc., I can’t think of a single dedicated podcast which discusses Enterprise. Perhaps someone someday will explain it to me or is it just not considered to be very good?

Thanks, Scott! I don’t know about anyone else, but honestly, I do struggle with Enterprise sometimes. It was a big step back for women, I felt, and it really dragged sometimes, especially (for me) when they got into the Xindi thing. They did a great job with some things (Andorians) but it’s not a show I rewatch much. My favorite episodes are about Trip or Phlox. (Trip getting pregnant is my #1.)

I’ve been thinking about giving it a re-watch. I haven’t seen it in years. I did love S4. S1-S3 didnt work for me except for a few gems. With the passing of the great Manny Coto, I’m going to revisit it once I finish my re-watch of DS9 to see if my opinion has changed. I was a fan of Manny’s work on that show.

Mike has talked about wanting to being T’Pol into LD before. She was the best part about Enterprise (och which was overall quite well) so I’m not averse to it. However, I would prefer her to star in SNW. I imagine her and Spock bonding over working with humans.

Thanks for the shout out, guys!
Great podcast, great article!