‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 1 Coming To Netflix On Christmas Day

The animated series Star Trek: Prodigy has found a new streaming home on Netflix and we now know when the first season will be available: December 25, 2023.

Merry Trekmas from Netflix

This has been a good week for Star Trek: Prodigy with the release announcement coming on the heels of a new Emmy nomination. TrekMovie has confirmed the release will include all 20 episodes of the first season. Netflix made the announcement as part of their “Geeked Week.”

The official announcement was made via Twitter/X.

The first season of the animated series about a group of alien teens who find adventure when they discover an abandoned Starfleet ship (along with a hologram version of Captain Janeway) has not been available for streaming since it was removed by Paramount+ in June.

Netflix hasn’t released their own trailer but if you need a refresher here is the first trailer for the first half (episodes 1-10) of season 1 (via Paramount+ Australia on YouTube).

Season 2 coming in 2024

Work on the second season is close to being completed and Netflix previously has announced season 2 will debut in 2024, but we are still awaiting details on when and how the 20-episode season will be released. Netflix is also expected to confirm details on territories outside the USA closer to the release of season 1, which we now know will be on December 25.

A clip for season 2 was released over the summer revealing the return of Robert Picardo as The Doctor, now taking over duties of managing the former crew of the USS Protostar as they join Admiral Janeway on the USS Voyager-A and her mission to find Chakotay.

The doctor gives the provisional cadets a briefing

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com

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Good to hear! While I was hoping for sooner rather than later, for fans who’ve yet to see it (or want to again) and who observe the holiday, this should make an excellent Christmas present.

i saw the first 5 so far and was shocked how good it was for a teen show. so i cant wait. it seems crazy how paramount the past few years pulled star trek from netflix. shows like ds9 and tng built a new audience thanks to them. but p+ wanted it all to themselves. and then netflix had discovery internationally and the money netflix paid for disco paid for the entire show. it was basically free. yet paramount cancelled that deal too, proudly announced disco is back in the fold only to cancel disco a year later even before the season starts. now prod is on netflix. it’s amazing how bad paramount is with all the stuff but trek keeps moving on somehow.

…all 20 of the first season. Excellent, as I haven’t seen the last 10 yet.

Wonder if they will release all of s2 at once or stagger?

My guess is we’ll get it in two halves, similar to how Netflix released “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” (or how Paramount released “Star Trek: Prodigy” :P )

Of course, the big difference is that Paramount+ not only split the season into 2 parts, but also spread out the release 1 episode per week during those two halves.
Netflix may have started splitting seasons into 2 parts, but they still usually drop all episodes of a part on the same date.

Great news!

If kid’s didn’t watch it on Nickelodeon why would they watch it on Netflix?

They wouldn’t…. but their parents (and other childless grown-ups) will drop their dollaz for Netflix for 20 eps.

Are these the same people that complains whenever Netflix raises the price two bucks?