Fanhome Launching New Collection Of Die-Cast Star Trek Ship Models

Just as 2023 is winding down comes some welcome news for Star Trek collectors, especially for fans of die-cast ship models. Fanhome just announced they have a new collection of ships coming next year.

New Star Trek Die-Cast Collection

Fanhome, a big player in subscription-based pop culture collections and models, just announced a brand new partnership with Paramount Consumer Products to create the officially licensed Star Trek Starships Die-Cast Collection. Fanhome is promising an”incredible fleet” of “impressively detailed” new die-cast Star Trek ships launching in the third quarter of 2024.

Today’s announcement didn’t have more specifics on the collection but Fanhome has confirmed a comprehensive list of models in the Star Trek Starships Die-Cast Collection will be released shortly. They are inviting fans to sign up for notices, additional information, and sneak peeks of the Fanhome collection at the Star Trek Starships page at

The new line of die-cast ships fills a gap left by Eaglemoss who shut down in mid-2022. Their Hero Collector line of Star Trek die-cast ships was very popular with regular releases of affordable models coming out on a regular basis for years.

Earlier this year Fanhome took over Eaglmoss’ “Build the Enterprise-D” model subscription program, allowing modelers to complete their ships. That program has recently been opened up to new subscribers to start their own version of the iconic ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

TrekMovie will provide an update on Fanhome’s new line of die-cast Star Trek starships when they release more details. And you can sign up for notifications at

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Would love it if they could make a deal with Bandai for Bandai to do some snap-together model kits. Like a lot of Trek merch, model kit output is lacking recently and Bandai is the best in the biz.

yeah Trek desperately needs non Polar Lights kits, nobody wants to spend 50 hours on glue/paint/installing lights

I’ve wanted to get the E kit but I keep seeing how bad the light leaks are

Bandai made some great Trek vehicles! I built all 4 in the early 2000’s and enjoyed every second of the build.

Great news. ST is a ship franchise in terms or collectibles. Hopefully these will be 100% die cast like the old Galoob Ent-D back in 87. I love my Eaglemoss collection but the nacelles’ struts on the XL Ent-D are never perfect & depending on how much plastic you get “cheapen” the feel of the ship, again like with the D.

One of challenges there is that a lot is of these ships are out of balance since they were designed with space in mind. It would take a good weighted stand to keep a 100% die cast in place. Eaglemoss’ plastic pieces seem to he due to that issue, although their stands were sometimes inadequate even with lighter weights with plastic pieces. The Romulan Warbird stand by Eaglemoss is a TRAVESTY. Won’t stay put unless you glue it to the stand!

so true – and good luck if you get the stands mixed up (like if you pack them up and move) – figuring out which crappy little plastic bit goes with which ship can sometimes take a Starfleet Academy degree. And I’ve reglued sooo many nacelles

Scalpers are done.
If Fanhome continues and rereleases the Eaglemoss XL stuff, the crazy prices on ebay might finally drop to normal levels, so i welcome it.

All fan home are currently doing is the rest of the Enterprise-D kit.

master replicas is selling the old Eaglemoss stuff

ebay prices are crazy. Master Replica’s weekly drops have gotten better, when they first started it was like buying tickets online, they’d sell out 30 seconds after they were released, but things have calmed down and I was able to get my final 3 i wanted (XLs for Excelsior, DS9 and TOS ENT). i still kinda want the XL SNW ENT and the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus. if i still had the original boxes and magazines i could sell my EM collection of 13 ships on ebay for maybe $3k

If that’s true my collection of 60+ models would fetch me a down payment on a home lol I have all the boxes and everything…

I’ve been watching since the mid 70’s. Except for the occasional novel, my first merch purch was a Disco tee shirt a couple years back. I might be interested in a decent die cast model, as I’m also starting to fiddle around with G scale trains…..

my son has stared eco-one build but had to stop it very pricey