What To Look Forward To From Star Trek In 2024

2024 has arrived and it will be another interesting year for Star Trek. We know some of what is to come, but due to a number of factors, much of what fans can expect in this new year is up in the air. The following breaks down what we know, think we know, and want to know about Star Trek in 2024.

Discovery season 5

When it comes to Star Trek on TV, the only thing with an official time set for this year is the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery. Paramount+ will premiere the 10-episode season in April, although they have not yet given a specific date. Last year, after the season was produced, Paramount decided to make it the final season of the series but gave the team a chance to write and shoot a new ending, turning the season finale into a series finale, which showrunner Michelle Paradise says is “satisfying.” Season 5 of the show will bring a new shift to a more “fun” tone, with more episodic adventures built into the season arc about “uncovering a mystery.”

Season 5 cast photo (Paramount+)

Prodigy season 2

The first season of the animated Trek series focused on younger audiences was removed from Paramount+ last summer, then landed on Netflix on Christmas Day last month. Work on the second season of Prodigy continued while Paramount searched for a new home for the show, with that work also wrapping up in December. Netflix has announced season 2 will arrive in 2024, but they have not yet set a specific date or announced if or how they would split up the 20 episodes. The second season will see two main storylines as Gwyn heads off to her homeworld to try to stop the coming conflict with Starfleet and the rest of the kids join Admiral Janeway on the brand new USS-Voyager-A on the hunt to find Chakotay, trapped on that same homeworld in the future. Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Picardo joins the show in season 2 as The Doctor hologram and minder of Dal, Zero, and Rok-Tahk.

The Doctor gives the provisional cadets a briefing in a clip from season 2

Lower Decks season 5

There has been a new season of the adult animated comedy Lower Decks released each summer for the last four years, and that pattern should continue this year. Work on the fifth season is ongoing; however, voice recording was paused during the SAG-AFTRA strike, which could have an impact on when the new season arrives, possibly pushing it to later in the year. Paramount has not confirmed any release timing, but at NYCC last October, showrunner Mike McMahan spoke about season 5 coming this year. The executive producer has also revealed season 5 will feature more of T’Lyn, more homeworld visits, and possibly a connection to Star Trek: Enterprise.

From the season 4 Lower Decks finale (Paramount+)

Strange New Worlds season 3?

Beyond those 3 shows, things start getting a bit less certain when it comes to Trek on TV in 2024. The third season of Strange New Worlds began production in early December, delayed by seven months due to WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Production is set to wrap up in May. The show has been a hit with fans and critics so Paramount could be motivated to get at least part of the season onto the platform this year, but that would require spending less time on post-production than in previous seasons. Splitting the season into two parts could make that more doable, but for now, there are no indications on release timing. Season 3 promises to continue the trend of experimenting with different genres on the episodic series, along with the return of the Gorn as a series villain and Martin Quinn as Scotty.

Martin Quinn as Scotty in the Strange New Worlds season 2 finale (Paramount+)

Section 31 TV movie?

Another project that got delayed by the strikes was the Star Trek: Section 31 streaming movie event starring Michelle Yeoh, reprising her role as Emperor (and Section 31 operative) Georgiou from Star Trek: Discovery. Originally set to start filming in the fall, that project begins production at the end of this month and wraps up in March. Even before the strikes, Paramount had not set a release date for this project. Like Strange New Worlds, post-production could possibly be fast-tracked for this project to debut by the end of the year. Beyond the involvement of Yeoh, there have been no casting announcements, and not much is known beyond the official synopsis: “Emperor Philippa Georgiou, joins a secret division of Starfleet tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets and faces the sins of her past.”

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou in Discovery‘s “Die Trying” (Paramount+)

Khan podcast?

On Star Trek Day 2022, Paramount announced Star Trek: Ceti Alpha V, a scripted podcast from Star Trek II director Nicholas Meyer telling the story of Khan Noonien Singh’s exile on the titular planet. No release date was set and not much has been heard about the project, which began as a 3-part TV mini-series before being re envisioned as an audio drama. Late last year, Meyer said work on the project was still ongoing but had been delayed due to the strikes. Assuming Paramount is still interested (which could be a big assumption) and it went into production in early 2024, it’s possible fans could be listening before the end of the year.

More from expanded universe

While much of the activity around Star Trek these days is on TV, there is more in the expanded universe of the show. Unfortunately, unlike 2023, there is no indication yet of any new gaming releases. We are expecting an uptick in official Star Trek fiction: Next month will see The Mission and Other Stories short story collection from the Explorer magazine, and three novels are coming by the summer—David Mack’s Seven-focused Star Trek: Picard: Firewall in February, Dayton Ward’s Ds9/TNG tie-in Pliable Truths in May, and Greg Cox’s TOS movie era Lost to Eternity in July. We should expect more Trek fiction later in 2024, but no new titles have yet been announced. IDW’s prolific release of Star Trek comics continues into 2024 with the Picard’s Academy series, the ongoing Star Trek and Defiant series, and more. They are also launching a new Sons of Star Trek miniseries in February and have a fun Lower Decks: Warp Your Own Way interactive graphic novel set for the fall.

Mixed bag of merch

When it comes to Star Trek merchandise, there are a few highlights to look forward to. One of the big ones is the return of die-cast starship models now that Fanhome has picked up the former Eaglemoss license and plans to begin the release of a new collection later in the year. Master Replicas has teased the release of a plush for one of the breakout stars of 2023: Moopsy, the adorable bone-drinking monster from Lower Decks.  EXO-6 keeps on releasing new high-end 1:6 figures, including an upcoming line for Strange New Worlds starting with Pike and Spock. They have also teamed with Mondo for Lower Decks statues coming in April.

Voyager documentary

It looks like 2024 will finally see the release of To The Journey – Looking back at Star Trek: Voyager, the documentary from the same team behind the DS9 doc What We Left Behind. After a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, the doc team was able to record dozens of new interviews. 455 Films is planning on holding backer screenings in late summer with the general release of the doc in the late summer or early fall.

A convention in San Francisco

Creation Entertainment has announced their first “Trek Tour” convention (titled ST-SF) will take place on March 8-10 in Burlingame, CA (outside of San Francisco). They have already lined up a number of big Star Trek celebs including Brent Spiner, Jeri Ryan, and Tawny Newsome, along with behind-the-scenes luminaries like Picard showrunner Terry Matalas. Creation, who runs the big annual summer convention “STLV” convention in Las Vegas, used to hold several regional Trek cons around the USA ; if things go well in San Francisco, we could see more cities added to their schedule for later 2024 and into 2025.

Star Trek movie news

Since the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, there has been a steady stream of attempts to put together a new Trek feature film at Paramount Pictures. After the strikes wrapped up, Paramount was reportedly set to get the latest attempt at another Kelvin movie back into pre-production. That project has been delayed multiple times due to scheduling and conflicts over a script, and director Matt Shakman exited the project in 2022. With the 60th anniversary of the franchise coming in just two years, the studio could be expected to finally make a decision about how it wants to move forward. It’s possible another Kelvin movie moves forward, or perhaps the studio will decide it’s time for something new. Either way, don’t expect anything in theaters before 2025 at the earliest (and probably not even then).

Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond

Academy show going into production

Last year, Paramount+ announced plans for a YA-focused live-action series called Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. A writers room had been assembled (which includes Lower Decks star Tawny Newsome) before the WGA strike began in May, and they restarted work in October. Originally the show was going to start production early in 2024, but that has likely moved to later in the year. Fans shouldn’t expect to see the show on Paramount+ until 2025, or possibly even later.

Paramount+ announcement image (NOTE: Not final title treatment)

New TV project announcement?

Since the launch of Star Trek: Discovery in 2017, most years have seen the announcement of some new Star Trek TV project. Paramount may be cutting back on spending but Star Trek shows have been some of the few successes for their streaming service. At New York Comic Con last October, executive producer Alex Kurtzman said “There’s no shortage of support from Paramount Plus for the Star Trek Universe.” He also teased that there “a bunch of new things now in the works” in addition to what has already been mentioned above. Many fans are hoping to see a spinoff from Star Trek: Picard which would star Jeri Ryan and more from the season 3 cast along with other legacy Trek stars in what showrunner Terry Matalas has described as “Star Trek: Legacy.” And Section 31 is reportedly just the first of a planned series of Star Trek TV movies. Don’t be surprised if something new gets announced this year, possibly at Comic-Con or Star Trek Day 2024.

Jeri Ryan in publicity shot for Star Trek: Picard (Paramount+)

Paramount Global merger/takeover/corporate changes

Hanging over everything to do with Star Trek is the current state of Paramount Global, owner of the franchise and producer and licensor of everything Star Trek. While the company remains profitable, it picked up a lot of debt in recent years as it spent money trying to compete with its bigger rivals in streaming, which includes spending on several Star Trek original series. With Wall Street now focusing on profits, the company has been cutting costs.  This has already impacted Star Trek with Discovery wrapping up and Prodigy being licensed to Netflix. The company is expected to cut even more costs in 2024, which could impact the future of the franchise as well. This year could also see bigger changes for the company, including a potential merger with another media company like Comcast or Warner Bros. Discovery (and early talks are already underway). There have also been talks about control being sold ahead of a split-up of corporate assets and a potential shutdown of Paramount+. While any big corporate moves could have a huge impact on the franchise, it likely won’t affect what gets released in 2024. However, we should expect news on corporate plans this year, which could result in big changes for the company (and Star Trek) in 2025.

Paramount Pictures studio in Hollywood

What are you looking forward to?

What’s top on your list for hopes for this year? Let us know in the comments.


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Sanctuary districts.

The unification of Ireland.

Good luck getting the Federal Employment Act reinstated!


The unification if Ireland isn’t happening for a long time, I think Ireland has many more issues to be concerned about at the moment, like stabbing of your citizens and the built up resentment that exists in a very sizable percentage of the population.

But this isn’t really the place to put out political wants.

But it is the place to put callbacks to references made in Star Trek series about events taking place in 2024.

There was a TNG episode, “The High Ground,” that referenced the unification of Ireland in 2024. Like PATRIOT GAMES, it aired well before the Good Friday Accords. Had it aired even two years later, I imagine they would have referenced the ANC instead.

If only America was so lucky to have stabbings as the primary public violent act to worry about.

With you there.

??? With me getting stabbed?

You know damned well that’s not what he said.

Dude I’m not honestly understanding what he meant? Can you please explain? Thank you

He agrees that it would be nice if public stabbings were the worst form of violence that Americans had to worry about.

Ah, thanks. I plead being dense — it seems so obvious now, but in the context of some exchanges he and I have had recently I did not note the obvious. My apologies!

I think it is exactly the place to put out ‘political wants’, especially if it is referenced in any trek. Ireland should never have been partitioned in the first place, and the occupation of Ireland is very akin to Cardassia’s occupation of Bajor. Also when Spock made efforts for Vulcan/Romulan peace, as an Irishman growing up during the ‘troubles’, it always gave me hope that my homeland would be reunited. That’s why we love trek, we all see ourselves represented in some way shape or form, across many issues and causes

But in poll after poll only about 30% of the citizens of Northern Island want to unite.

People should have the right to democratically determine the make-up of their own countries without well-meaning, but historically arbitrary ideas being forced on them.

Recent polls have it more 46% for both sides with an ever increasing third way gaining momentum esp in unionist areas. Also brexit has had a massive impact accelerating reunification dramatically. Once a border poll is called, if it fails, it must be called every 7 years according to the Good Friday agreement, so id say that, with the demographics, give reunification a massive chance,


November 2023, ARINS/The Irish Times, 30% for, 51% against

October 2023, The Institute of Irish Studies/Social Market Research, 31% for 49% against

And if we go with that poll, unionists dropped 6% whilst nationalists increased 3% in a year. That’s a 9% turnaround (using your quoted poll). With demographics, that will only accelerate a reduction in unionist and increase pro unification. So I’ll be generous and say that in 4 years from now the majority will be in favour of unification. So Data might only be only 4-10 years out in our timeline

But it won’t be four years, there is little chance of a border referendum in the next ten years being successful, even twenty. The Taoiseach has said as much. And any reunification needs to be done on both sides of the border as you know. And with the huge influxes of immigration changing the ethnic makeup of the republic I wouldn’t be sure if that “don’t know/not sure” won’t get a whole lot larger.

I was taken aback the last time I visited Dublin and Galway how quickly the country is changing.

I agree Jimmy chou, having the numbers and getting a border poll are two different things. The island as a whole needs immigration, as there will be a population deficit of 1.8m in next 10 years which will hit pensions on both sides of the border. Whatever the outcomes the next ten to fifteen years will be fascinating. Was in both Galway, Belfast and Dublin last year, and all three have chanced in different ways

Dude, I don’t really have a dog in the hunt here, so I hope it goes your way at some point given you are so enthusiastic about it.

i think WBD only wants to buy CBS. so maybe Paramount sells off CBS only and adds shareholders from Skydance then stops Paramount Plus and allows MAX, Netflix or Prime to be the distributors of all their original content, ie ST shows.

not thrilled about ST Academy mostly cause its in the DSC era. still holding out hope that once DSC is done we get an announcement ST Legacy is greenlit or after Section 31 airs we get the announcement of a ST TNG / ST Legacy tv movie is coming. they could bring in the Kelvin verse crew and reboot TNG in the kelvin verse with a new series of movies or tv show.

i think WBD only wants to buy CBS

Where did you hear this?

I like Prodigy and the animation is generally great, except when it comes to human characters. The uncanny valley is too much. Case in point, the picture of Robert Picardo’s character above. It’s kinda creepy.

I kind of feel the opposite way. What I really don’t like are cartoons where the proportions of the bodies are all out of wack. For example, in LDS, which is labeled as canon, we are forced to accept that these characters in Star Trek have much thinner necks than similar characters on other Star Trek series. And then when we see Shax, we have to accept that he’s about six times as massive as the other characters — so that character weighs about a 1000 pounds. All this takes me out of the show to some extent by ‘screaming’: ” this is just a cartoon!”

I read some time ago that Pixar admitted they had the ability to make extremely realistic human characters with their CG. But in all their tests with it they found it was so good it ended up being creepy. Which is why they stick to some slightly exaggerated elements when it comes to human characters.

I’m most excited for the return of Prodigy. It’s my favorite of the show shows, with how it manages to feel so fresh, while feeling very true to what I love about Star Trek. I was devastated when it was initially cancelled on Paramount+, so it will be that much sweeter when I get to watch it on Netflix. And everything we’ve heard in interviews and Tweets by the writers has me even more hyped.

But I honestly enjoy all the shows in their own way (yes, including Discovery), so I’m glad we’ll be back in full swing this year after the strikes, even if SNW doesn’t make it out this year. And hopefully we’ll start to get more updates on future project, like previews for Starfleet Academy or Section 31, or whole new announcements.

I hope to see The Original Series return. If not weekly, then five or more movie streaming events per year. The Human Adventure is Just Beginning…

I trust you mean a recast TOS…..

Yes. Hope it happens somehow.

Well it kinda already is, right? We have Spock, Uhura, Chapel, Kirk, and now Scotty on SNW. I can only imagine if this show continues to grow we will see more of a recasted TOS crew under Pike till the series finale (?I assume) when Kirk takes command.

It feels like we’ll get there eventually. Strange New Worlds could basically “wrap around” TOS eventually.

Yes that’s what I was thinking too

Guys, agreed!

Actually, I predicted this two years ago here and nearly everyone thought I was nuts.

Wasn’t that the point of the Kelvin movies? Maybe it will happen but I have zero interest in yet another reboot personally but that’s just me. But sure I think everything is on the table at this point, at least for now.

I am hoping for upcoming seasons of the existing Star Trek shows and the following new Star Trek shows. First the talked about Star Trek Legacy in addition to what Paramount has already planned and I have a few of my own ideas. Starting with Star Trek Titan, Star Trek SCE, Star Trek DTI, Star Trek new frontier, Star Trek Prometheus, Star Trek IK scorch kid, click on defense force had the following Star Trek movies,; Star Trek resistance, Star Trek before dishonor, Star Trek destiny gods of night, mirror mortals and lost souls. In addition I’d like to see some Star Trek deep space nine and voyager movies either in theaters or as TV movies. Another Star Trek series I’d like to see that has not been in book form or movie or television show is lissette like three massacre which would be good as a TV movie or Full length TV show entitled Star Trek border wars.


If you’re not sure what some of these acronyms are SCE is short for corpse of engineers and DTI is short for department of temporal investigations.

RE: Trek theatrical feature. Expecting something before 2025 would mean 2024. If something were greenlit today, we’re looking at 2027. Maybe fall 2026.
Of course, if Section 31 gets a limited theatrical release, I suppose that could count early next year…..at this rate I’ll be happy to see one more outing on the big screen before I die.

So happy for you, man! :-)

A reasonable guess is Paramount will be aiming for summer or winter 2026 – the 60th anniversary.

Even if they are against another 150m theatrical I think they’ll risk it for the anniversary

And the only possible crew they’d go for is the kelvin cast (now the correct age for a TMP/WOK ‘legacy sequel’). otherwise its risk a new cast? (doubtful), TNG (nope), SNW/Disco (nope and nope)

To be honest, I really don’t think Paramount is all that concerned about the 60th anniversary. It’s not really a celebratory anniversary like something like the 50th of something is. Now that was a very special anniversary and we saw how well they treated that and what ultimately happened with Beyond.

And the truth is, outside of that one, the last time they really pushed to get a movie in theaters for a special birthday was the 30th anniversary and First Contact. Nemesis came out a year after the 35th anniversary and after that did so poorly no one even tried to put out for its 40th. A lot of fans thought Paramount would push to get the second Kelvin movie out in 2011 in time for the 45th anniversary to market the movie and anniversary more but no such luck. STID didn’t happen for another two years after that.

Don’t get me wrong, they may try to get a movie out by then, but I’m guessing it’s not going to be in any high demand if they still don’t have enough resources or backing to make it happen. I mean the 55th anniversary passed without anything as well so there is no guarantee this will be any different and how many movies were already announced by then?

And the clock is, once again, ticking.

None of the minor anniversaries 45,55 warrant much thought from even most die hard trekkies.But 60 is kind of a big deal (as seen with recent Dr Who)

As you say there wasn’t too much effort put into the biggie 50 (not as much as the other big ones 25/30). but obviously all that was around then was the Kelvin movie franchise (plus there was the celebration event, magazines etc) it could’ve been a bigger deal (for fans and probably general audiences) had it been the Orci/Shatner movie instead of Guardians of the Gold Key .. In comparison Dr Who had an incredible 50th episode (and more) and Bond had the iconic Skyfall

But now there’s multiple shows like the 90s so it should be more like the 25/30 with celebratory episodes and hopefully a movie (unless they planning to do the s31 movie for then and make it abit of a celebratory thing with Michelle Yeoh encountering events from Trek history Trials&Tribulations style and abit EEAAO)

But now there’s multiple shows like the 90s so it should be more like the 25/30 with celebratory episodes and hopefully a movie.

I can see them doing something with some of the TV shows like with SNW or Lower Decks assuming those shows are still around for example. But I really have zero faith they are that motivated to invest in a movie, especially considering how much of a bust the 50th anniversary ended up being. That’s the weird irony why we haven’t had a movie since because clearly Paramount doesn’t have any real faith in another movie.

Yeah Bond also had a movie out for the 50th, there was no real effort to get another out for the 60th either. They could’ve held the last movie back another year to coincide with that anniversary date…they didn’t. Yeah Dr. Who had a big anniversary, once again, for it’s 50th. I had no idea they did something for it’s 60th anniversary (never seen the show), but it’s a TV production, so it’s different anyway.

As I said, they may try and yes it would just be good to make a movie since it will be a decade since Beyond opened. But considering it’s 2024 now and just a few months ago Pine has said he has heard nothing, again, and the last director bailed nearly a year and a half ago, they are not exactly jumping on the ball to get things moving.

But we’ll see.

For Dr Who 60th they brought back David Tennant for 3 full length specials.

With Bond they couldnt hold it back any longer as it was supposed to come out end of 2019, had it done and they’d been no pandemic then maybe Eon would’ve started work on Bond 26 and made sure to get it out for 2023

With Patrick Stewart saying he’s about to get a movie script maybe thats a hint what they planning for 2026? (stream movie? featuring him and whoever else? maybe he’s talking about s31? or something else like a anniversary movie ..)

Maybe that’s what they are trying to do and make a TNG streaming movie for the 60th anniversary. Totally down for that.

That would make more sense and a lot cheaper than more JJ verse stuff no one is going to care about but other Trekkies and would probably bomb again unless they make it super cheap.

I guess I should make it clear I’m not saying I don’t think they won’t celebrate the 60th at all, I just mean I don’t think they will do it by putting out a $100+ million movie, that’s all. I mean, maybe, but at the moment, there is just no movement for a movie that would need to open in the next 2 and a half years to meet the anniversary. I guess they can stretch it to December which ironically when the last movie was suppose to come out in 2023. But I don’t think it’s a priority at all, especially if it’s not going to drive real profits.

I just feel if they do anything for it, it will be TV based. I did mention they celebrated the 55th anniversary with the live event on Star Trek day so I can see them doing something like that again. But with the word about the possible TNG movie, yes maybe that is a possibility as well although I have my doubts on that too.

TBH I think they should be. All of the “0” anniversaries should be celebrated IMHO. ESP after they epically messed up the 50th.

I agree, but how ‘big’ that celebration is will probably depend on the year and obviously how healthy the franchise is in general. The 30th was really the last time they celebrated in a big way with First Contact, a TV special and several shows directly making special episodes for it.

Now I will say they did make the 55th anniversary feel pretty special with the Star Trek day event, but that was obviously just to promote all the old and new shows on P+. But it honestly felt like the most special since the 30th IMO.

Well with Yeoh’s recent success I could see them doing a limited theatrical run for sure.

The new Rey Star Wars movie is supposed to start shooting in April, in three months, and that’s still not coming out until 2026. The way things have been going at Paramount, I would be shocked if they even announce a movie this year at all. And we all know how much their announcements is worth.

I do suspect the Section 31 movie may get a small release of some kind, so yeah that would count I guess.

I would love to see a more political show about how humanity evolved after world war 3 and first contact. How it has transformed from a fragmented world into a more or less united world, how it has achieved great milestones such as overcoming hunger, currency and hatred. A show that gives our time what Star Trek is all about: hope.
And Aaron Sorkin has to be the showrunner – because he’s the perfect match for it.

Reading the tea leaves here:

Don’t expect Starfleet Academy or any new series start to be announced until the merger thing either gets done or is killed.

I dunno. Those things can take years. Not specifically speaking of Trek here but Paramount can’t afford to put everything on hold til then.

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll play the “what’s on the chopping block” game if and when it happens, but in the meantime the show will go on.

Yeah unfortunately “what’s on the chopping block” seems to be a new trend in Hollywood started by Zaslav at WBD and it’s catching on faster than a virus and just as insidious. But it’s not going to stop them from making new stuff cause frankly they can’t.

IIRC Academy isn’t scheduled to even begin production until mid-2024, and there’s only a writers room at the moment. I think the issue that could potentially cause tax implications for the merger expires in April. If the WBD/P+ merger happens they may delay it until after that passes, but fingers crossed it doesn’t delay Academy. I do agree though any actual “new” Trek project announcement will not happen until merger is completed or killed.

And here something more ambitious:
For the first time, Star Trek has the opportunity to have a global, simultaneous launch.
That’s why it’s time for the first interactive, time-synchronous Star Trek show.
You can see the bridge, “Which course Captain?”, and then the community has the opportunity via app to decide where to go. To Planet xy? Takes 10 days…And during these ten days we see individual short videos from the crew , maybe live streams, an evening chat in the bar. Fans can communicate via chat.
Of course, the individual nodes have to be pre-produced and are only played in an indefinite order. But the connection between the nodes, these are interactive – that’s where the magic happens.

I think I would normally be tied for the excitement over Prodigy and SNW but with the near miss cancellation we got on PRO I am looking forward to that more. Bring them on!

No making-of books, no surprise there as it is going to take Ronan farrow to dig out the facts about dsc birth pangs.

I bet in the next 5 years we will get 1 or 2 behind-the-scenes books about Discovery’s production. Just seems like an unmissable opportunity for someone.

I think it is going to be a matter of access, and things are still screwed down pretty tightly there.

Looking forward to season five of Lower Decks.

Steward is talking about getting a Trek script this week. He might be the next movie following Section 31.

Denethor of Gondor?

yeah, typos are a thing that happen on the internet. It’s exciting stuff.

Anyhoo, Stewart was talking about Star Trek and talked about getting a new script this week. I imagine Trekmovie will have an article about it shortly.

Seriously, thanks for that info. I like to joke when a typo gives me a sf/fantasy reference to make, so it’s just all in good fun!

Ohh Thanks for the heads up. Do you know where he talked about it so I can go check it out?

Apparently on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast.

A few entertainment sites l’m apparently not supposed to name check here picked it up. Patrick’s a bit rambly but when he talks about getting a new script he does appear to be talking about Star Trek, near as I can tell.

Ahh ok cool thanks


Maybe a Legacy/TNG movie is in the works? I would certainly be up for it if true.

My hope is a Captain Worf Movie and the classified last mission of the Enterprise-E.

Legacy characters.

Legacy characters gave us Strange New Worlds.

New characters gave us Discovery.

I think Emily has installed a special bot that automatically posts when ‘legacy’ and ‘characters’ are repeated in a message. That would save her a lot of time.

There is a difference with Legacy Characters if they are being recast/reimangined with actors in their prime versus bringing in 70’s/80’s actors to play the same role…there is much more of a “legacy thing” when you go the geriatric-sentimentality route.


Fully agreed! But to be fair it was Discovery that brought back Pike and Spock to make SNW.

And I don’t care how many legacy characters show up. As long as they fit the story bring back as many as they can. And I would have Pike and Picard 100 times over Cry Baby Burnham. 🙄

Bad writing, bad casting and bad show-running gave us Discovery. not ‘new characters’.

I’m honestly only interested in Prodigy and Lower Decks. Depending on the era, I might watch S31. Michelle Yeoh is one of my favorite actresses snd she’s amazing to watch. Pass on SNW S3. S2 killed any chance of me coming back to the show. And pass on SFA. Not interested. I’m out.

I would like to see DS9 Remastered for Bluray.

I’ve said for ages the instant DS9 is remastered in HD I’m buying the Bluray.

Unfortunately since there seems to be no effort to do that I’m forced to conclude I’m in an extreme minority.

ML31, if it was worth it for Babylon 5 then surely there’s a business case for Ds9 and voyager.

If SFA is in the 32nd century, which I suspect it will be, it will probably end up being a pass for me too. Unless somehow Discovery season 5 changes my mind somehow.

DS9 In HD! That’s all I want, that’s all I care about. Please. God. Make it so

Amen to that.

Release the best Voyager and DS9 two partners as Netflix or Paramount plus exclusive movies of the week.


I might be wildly off the mark, but years ago when TNG and later ENT were remastered to Blu-Ray it occurred to me that keeping those shows on Netflix for casual viewing would hurt Blu-Ray sales. I don’t know if that was entirely the cause; in 2012 Star Trek was still airing daily on various cable channels. Perhaps if CBS/Paramount were to license DS9 back to Netflix (or Hulu/Disney) they could ask for 1/2 the cost to remaster the remaining two legacy series.

Well sounds like we’ll have a busy year! Maybe the last busy year? Guess we’ll see.

But what I’m most excited for from my most to least anticipated:

A. Prodigy season 2. Without a doubt. I think whenever this starts it’s going to get HUGE fanfare now. :Can’t wait to see Voyager A in all her greatness.

B. Lower Decks season 5. Cerritos Strong!

C. Strange New Worlds season 3. Great cliffhanger and can’t wait to see how they resolve it.

D. To The Journey. I almost forgot this was coming out lol. It’s been getting WWLB type of delays. But as a huge Voyager fan, very, very excited!

E. Section 31. Actually looking forward to this now.

F. Discovery season 5. Maybe the next trailer will get me more pumped, but yeah.

G. Ceti Alpha V podcast. I keep forgetting this is a thing as well lol. Not exactly losing sleep over it, but very curious about it.

But wow, four shows, a streaming movie, documentary and a podcast. Sounds like fun!

In all honestly I completely forgot what the SNW cliffhanger was.

Even though I do find that show sub par at best and pretty forgettable it’s not necessarily a knock on the show. It’s more a knock on these short seasons that have such amazingly long turn around time between their seasons. Out of sight out of mind for most of them. There were shows I’ve like a lot that had breaks so very long I forgot where they left off. Hell on Wheels comes to mind.

Yeah it is crazy how long these turn around take. And of course everything has taken even longer the last few years thanks to the pandemic and now the strikes. I do miss the days when a season ended around May or June and the next season started in September. Man we were so spoiled lol. As someone once said, those were the days! ;)

Your list is mostly the same as mine except I would reverse F. And G.

LOL, ouch!

Me too my friend…me too!

Is that Khan thing canon though? I wonder will incorporate the Khan changes from SNW? Don’t care either way just curious.

I’m most looking forward to Discovery S5, the S31 film and Prodigy. Discovery has been some of the best Trek since DS9 and i loved Michelle Yeoh in Discovery. Prodigy as been a really good show and i can’t wait to see Starfleet Academy too.

I also am looking forward to LDS S5 but i don’t enjoy the show as much as i did in S1-2 as i feel the humor has changed and not for the better.

Same with SNW i enjoy the show but for me the show isn’t as good as DS9/Discovery or the other shows old and new. It’s my least favorite Trek show but i do hope the show improves in S3.

I do appreciate that the writers ‘write’ SNW as a Hybrid show of TOS & Discovery but i feel they haven’t yet found the correct mix/style of writing that would make the show reach the high bar of quality writing that DS9/Discovery have set for Star Trek.

As for a Star Trek Legacy show I’m always interested in a new Trek show i just hope that if Matalas is the show runner for it that he doesn’t follow up on the writing style of Picard S3.

Don’t get me wrong i enjoyed Picard S3 especially with seeing the TNG crew together again and also seeing the Enterprise D again along with her getting a better ending than the one in Generations.

But i felt the writing in Picard S3 was weak and the amount of plot holes was staggering along side the huge amount of nostalgia that was used as a crouch (imo) to prop up the weak storytelling. So i hope Legacy doesn’t follow that and they decide to go boldly in a new direction.

They shouldn’t make any movie that isn’t based on this idea.

Here’s an incomplete novelization:

I need to know if Data still got physical super strength as he use to have or if he only got human physical strength now.. So I would look forward to get that question answered in what form ever (tv episode, movie, …)

Title: “What To Look Forward To From Star Trek In 2024”
Subtitle: “Star Trek movie news”
Contents: lol no

What to look forward to this year? It’s which company will merge with Paramount due to their financial woes.

I’ve been watching the Picard Season 3 Blu Ray with commentary. Terry Matalas states over and over again in those commentaries how he is still hoping for Star Trek Legacy to be green-lit. I think it is very possible and should be announced this year.

That is my number one wish for Star Trek by far. Other than Legacy, I am looking forward to the new seasons of Lower Decks and Prodigy. SNW probably will not come out until 2025 since Paramount does not have anything else ready to go yet.

The good news is that I can save money and cancel my P+ subscription for most of the year.

Why so desperate for Legacy? Is it the promise of Legacy characters in a show called Legacy? No one does legacy characters (and nothing else) like Terry Matalas that’s for sure.

Or are you that desperate to see more of Sidney LaForge and Raffi.

I want a series called “Star Trek: Legacy” on that Enterprise-G with Captain 7 of 9, “Crash” La Forge at the helm, Jack Crusher doing…something, and maybe an Admiral Riker giving missions. We would see the other TNG characters from time-to-time, but it would basically be a continuation of the TNG universe.

So you want the safety of nostalgia, fan service, and legacy characters so you can subconsciously remember a time when Star Trek was better. Got it.

I mean, I also like Matalas’ writing. If he is in charge and I have faith it will be good. Do stories similar to TNG, like how SNW is doing stories similar to TOS. I hope we can get a space station show again someday like DS9.

I am all for different, but so far no good. Disco ain’t it.

I still have faith (of the heart) we will get a Legacy show, but it’s probably years away at this point and how things work out with Paramount in the next few years. They obviously don’t have the capital to make that show right now and exactly why I’m not holding my breath on a theatrical movie anytime soon either.

Really excited for LDS and PRO as well! :)

Only two things pique my interest.

The con in Burlingame. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to one and I think I might want to check it out since it is so local for me.

The 2nd season of Prodigy. I liked the first half of the first season but the quality of the 2nd half dropped some. So I’m hoping it can recapture the elements that made the first season decent.

But if news comes at some point in 2024 that Paramount has cut all ties with Secret Hideout that would be the best news ever.

So, speaking of a possible merger of Paramount with WBD…

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest’s Anniversary edition issue has a special cover this year featuring William Shatner (NOT James T Kirk) along side Superman and Batman!

Bring on Prodigy, Lower Decks, To the Journey and Strange New Worlds!

The rest, yeah OK, but those are what I’m most excited for!

To be honest, my #1 thing I’m looking forward to expect from the Star Trek multiverse is season two of Prodigy on Netflix.

Same here.

There have been so many delays with To The Journey, I forgot about it. What We Left Behind was a magical experience in the theater, and again on Blu-Ray, so I can’t wait to see how TTJ plays out.

In the immediate future I am most excited about the final season of Discovery. This season sounds exciting, and I do hope the finale was reworked in a satisfying way to conclude the series.

Prodigy S2 I am very excited about. Just like Lower Decks, I was not expecting to like this series. The animation is top-notch, the writing/storytelling compelling, and the characters likeable. My guess is that Netflix will separate the remaining twenty episodes into two parts: Season 2, Part 1 and Season 2, Part 2, just like P+ did.

The third season of Lower Decks is the season that clinched my love for the show, and the fourth season put that love over the top. Everything I’ve heard about the upcoming fifth season excites me. I don’t think we’ll get a summer release, most likely late September/early October.

Strange New Worlds is now going to be the live-action flagship series once Discovery concludes. Realistically, they COULD finish post production on the first half of Season 3, and stream those five episodes in November/December. This has been done more than once with DSC, but that was when DSC had at least 13 episodes per season to play with. Personally, I would love that but I don’t see it happening. Most likely they will wait until all ten episodes are completely finished with post, and begin streaming in February 2025 (just so there is at least one full season live-action Trek to stream that year).

To me, it seems more realistic P+ will expedite post-production of the Section 31 film so that it’s ready for the 2024 holiday season. Even if they give a two/three week limited-theatrical run in November, it should be ready to stream in December.

As time goes by I find myself more excited about Academy. I know it’s being billed as a YA series, and that has turned a lot of folks off, but I really don’t think we’re going to get some CW-esque drama. IIRC the only thing set up right now is the writer’s room; actual production wasn’t scheduled to begin until mid-2024. So fingers crossed we see the first season in late 2025.

As for Legacy, like many fans it’s something I want, but I do think any announcement of any non-confirmed series or films will not come until we know the outcome of the merger.

That description of Disco as a having a more “fun” tone as they “uncover a mystery” makes me want to throw up. It sounds like corporate committee “peak TV” mystery box season-long snooze fests of terrible television. In some ways that’s exactly what Disco is – it’s all the worst tropes of streaming media, dialed up to 11. Oversized stakes, oversized emotions, oversized speeches. It whiplashes from one tone to the next, it’s so wildly inconsistent in its writing and style, it’s really a hot mess. This final attempt at mass appeal by making it “more fun” and “episodic” like SNW, with the obligatory season-long mystery arc about the fate of the multiverse, is so tired, so uninspired. I hope 2024, is the end of this really mixed bag era of Trek, and the creatives in charge regroup for the back half of the 20s with better stories. I want to enjoy Star Trek again, which, barring Picard S3, I really haven’t.

Also releasing this Khan project as an audio drama makes me wonder – is this going to be canon? It almost sounds like they’re releasing a podcast, which sounds like it could exist in the same class of canon as the novels. I think that’s one of the most interesting things in the works, but I’m interested to see what the fans have to say about all of it.

As an ex-employee of Quark’s Bar I certainly would like to see more ST projects especially when they are related to DS9.

Why has “To the journey” been delayed so many times, does anyone know? They stopped updating the campaign page ages ago, and their own website never got any updates to begin with! They also have/had a Facebook group I believe, but I’ve never seen it, so I have no idea if they used even that to tell people about the project’s status?

Anyhoo. I’d also like to hear news about any upcoming games. Resurgence was fun, and I think there’s a boardgame or something coming out, but there’s still so much potential left untapped…

I am so disappointed we didn’t get to see Seven actually on the Bridge of the Enterprise D… I get why they wanted it to just be the original cast, but she could have joined them halfway through the finale.

The idea of seeing her at a science station or even helming the ship would have been amazing.