Podcast: All Access Star Trek Celebrates The Best Of 2023 And Looks Ahead To 2024

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 169 - TrekMovie - looking back at 2023 and ahead to 2024

Anthony and Laurie are joined by TrekMovie’s Aaron Bossig, Dénes House, and Joe Andosca plus Ann Marie Segal of Virtual Trek Con and The 7th Rule to talk about everyone’s Star Trek favorites of 2023 and what they’re expecting in Trek in 2024. Categories include best episodes of the three shows that had new seasons last year, best merch, best return of a legacy character, best podcast, and more. As for 2024, topics includes new seasons of current shows, the final season of Discovery, the arrival of the Section 31 movie event, books, comics, cons, and more, as well as some speculation on possible new shows and what might happen with a Star Trek feature film.

Our guests:

Joe Andosca

Aaron Bossig

Dénes House

Ann Marie Segal


What To Look Forward To From Star Trek In 2024

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Who’s this “we” of which you speak. I’m perfectly happy that the TNG crew’s ship has sailed.

I very much agree with no more prequels, though I doubt that wish will come true.

Agreed! I want a live action 25th century show. Pass on prequels and on the 32nd century.

The Legacy ship has sailed.

Starfleet Academy isn’t a prequel…….

But I agree with the rest: the Berman era is over (Lower Decks is firmly the McMahon era), the TNG crew is well, well, well past their prime, and Paramount got what they needed from Terry (somebody who could produce a contractually obligated third season of a streaming show to put on their soon to be dead service) and his services are no longer sought after by the company. Time to move on.

I would hope that means with new ideas, but since TV is stuck rebooting recent hits like Glee and NCIS, I don’t think we’re getting originality any time soon. If Strange New Worlds somehow survives in a post Paramount Plus world, I would expect it to evolve into a reboot of TOS or else they’ll jump to a reboot of TNG.

100% with you man! 😎🖖


My favorites from each series in 2023

PICARD: “No-Win Scenario” (Ep. 4)

STRANGE NEW WORLDS: “Those Old Scientists” (Ep. 7)

LOWER DECKS: “Empathalogical Fallacies” (Ep. 5)

“Empathological Fallacies” was one of my front-runners for sure!

David Soul (“The Apple”) has passed away at Age 80.

I saw that. He lived here in the UK for a long time. I recall in the late 70’s him being mobbed “beatlemania” style when he arrived at London Heathrow during the launch of his musical career. I read that he had quite a difficult journey during his early years. May he rest in peace.

In Very Short Treks defense, it did hold a mirror up to some of the very human centric bias that’s been on display in Trek forever – Trek tends to hold up First Contacts as clean introductions with lots of love for tolerance and the Federation utopia. Worst Contact gets my nod because it really forces Riker and Crusher to choke back on the gag reflex on an advanced society with horrendous hygiene practices, which was funny to watch.

I’m partial to the Robot Chicken Trek segments as well, for some context.

The Robot Chicken Trek segments are fantastic. “Night crew!! – Beer me!” (Picard, voiced by Patrick Stewart even!)

I felt that Holograms All The Way Down was one of the weaker Very Short Treks. There weren’t really any jokes in it. My favorite was Holiday Party. It was funny because he usually has legs.

Thanks for this weeks podcast and discussion and nice to hear from some other contributors. Please bring your guests back on future podcasts as I really enjoyed listening to their comments.

As someone who greatly enjoyed Picard S3, I personally found it gratifying to hear it being acknowledged so prominently in your rundown. In particular, I had a huge smile on my face when Tony mentioned the “breaking the beam” sequence in Episode 2, when the Titan zoom’s to the rescue of Picard et al and disrupts the Shrike tractor beam. When I first saw that scene accompanied musically by the triumphant rendition of the Titan theme, I knew that for me at least, this season was something quite special. If I were to call out a feature of S3 that really took me by surprise it was the score, which I thought was wonderful.

I’m hoping for a Remastered DS9 on 4K for 2024. Or maybe a 4K TOS release.

Heck, I’d be satisfied with DS9 remastered in HD.

Great podcast this week. Thanks to all who were on it this week. I would second that fact that episode 4 of Picard S3 was the peak. I think Frakes did a terrific job directing that one, and he does deserve much of the credit. The scene at the end with the jellyfish creatures being born, and the moment of awe at this new life, really brought the wonder of Star Trek to me.

I would have added, in the category of best merch, Andrew Robinson’s audio version of A Stitch in Time as the best of 2023. That book is so personal to him, and many of the ideas in there are what he used to shape his portrayal of Garak, that I would consider it “near-canon” for Garak. In the audio version, he isn’t just reading and narrating, he IS Garak again, and I thought it was the best ST audiobook that I have ever listened to. Definitely a highlight for me.

I’ll throw in my favorites:

Picard Season 3: Episode 4 (followed by 10, 6, 1, 5, 9, and the rest. The whole season was the best Trek I have seen in a long time).

SNW: Those Old Scientists (followed by Subspace Rhapsody, only because of the courage to do that musical. And the songs are great)

Lower Decks: The last two episodes together. Favorite scene between Marnier and M’as (sp?) the Klingon in the cave.

2023 was a banner year for Star Trek, perhaps the best since 2005 (Ent Season 4) or 1998 (DS9 season 6).

TBH: I do not have high hopes for Trek in 2024, but we will see….

Actually, after thinking about it, there are some things to look forward to in 2024 with Star Trek:

A Legacy announcement, maybe
Prodigy season 2 (or is it 3, 4, idk, but new episodes!)
Next season of Lower Decks
Maybe the Khan podcast from Nick Meyer

If those happen, then I think 2024 could be a decent Star Trek year, but not as high as 2023.

Items from 2023 I need to do yet:
Read Patrick Stewart’s memoir
Play ST Resurgence