Jeri Ryan And Terry Matalas Win Astra TV Awards For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – Watch Their Acceptance Speeches

It’s award season, and Star Trek: Picard is picking up recognition for its third and final season. We have video for acceptance speeches from Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas from last night’s Astra TV Awards.

Picard wins at Astra Awards

On Monday night, the Hollywood Creative Alliance held their third annual Astra TV Awards (formerly called the HCA Awards) in Los Angeles. Star Trek entered the evening with seven nominations for Star Trek: Picard and one for Lower Decks. In the end, Picard took home two awards.

Jeri Ryan won for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Streaming Series for her role as Seven of Nine in Picard. Ryan actually tied with Elizabeth Debicki from The Crown. The pair beat out Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale), Anne-Marie Duff (Bad Sisters), Emily Swallow (The Mandalorian), Eve Hewson (Bad Sisters), Genevieve O’Reilly (Andor), Lesley Manville (The Crown), Sarah Desjardins (The Night Agent), and Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale).

You can watch Ryan’s acceptance speech below where she talks about revisiting the “more fun and cooler” Seven 20 years after Voyager, thanking showrunner Terry Matalas and the writers for the “amazing character development.”

Speaking of Terry Matalas, he picked up the award for Best Writing in a Streaming Drama Series for the Picard season 3 finale “The Last Generation.” He beat out competition from Taylor Sheridan (1923), Tony Gilroy (Andor), Carla Banks Waddles & Daniela Gaj (Bel-Air), Logan Ritchey & David Reed (The Boys), and Peter Morgan (The Crown).

You can watch his acceptance speech below where he thanks his fellow producers, writers and his family.

Matalas was also nominated for Best Directing but lost out to Nelson Cragg (The Boys). Picard was nominated for Best Streaming Drama Series but also lost to The Boys. Sir Patrick Stewart lost Best Actor to Antony Starr from The Boys and Brent Spiner lost Best Supporting Actor to Jensen Ackles from The Boys. Finally, from Picard, Michelle Forbes was nominated for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series, but she lost to Regina Taylor (CSI: Vegas).

Star Trek: Lower Decks was nominated for Best Streaming Animated Series or TV Movie but the award went to Attack on Titan. Jack Quaid (Boimler from Lower Decks) was at the event as a nominee for The Boys as Best Actor in a Streaming Drama Series.

Jack Quaid on stage with his The Boys co-star Antony Starr at the Astra TV Awards 2024 (Shutterstock for the Hollywood Creative Alliance)

No Emmys for Picard, but Saturns are coming

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held over the weekend and Picard was nominated for two makeup awards, but lost out to Wednesday and The Last of Us. The franchise is set to dominate the Saturn Awards coming on February 4, with a total of 15 nominations for PicardLower Decks, and Strange New Worlds


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Very nice to see Picard S3 being recognised in this way.

For sure, and if Picard Season 3 was going to lose to anybody, it would have to be The Boys!

Great to be nominated, better to win. Hopefully this gets more eyes on this amazing season of Star Trek. I am sure Matalas will be picked up by another studio soon if Paramount doesn’t lock him down for Legacy.

Same with Jeri Ryan! If 7 of 9 is not captain for ST Legacy, I do not think it should launch.

I agree with you about locking Jeri Ryan into the Captain’s chair. It would also be nice to have a female led show with Disco leaving the air, but mainly, she’s just the right person for the project regardless of gender. I haven’t seen all those other shows, but beating out those two Handmaid’s Tale actresses for best supporting actress strikes me as quite a statement. Bravo!

“Same with Jeri Ryan! If 7 of 9 is not captain for ST Legacy, I do not think it should launch.”

Well, Legacy doesn’t exist as a project in the works, so it’s not going to launch. :)

Good. What made Picard S3 successful (fan service, nostalgia) can’t be a part of “Legacy” so I don’t even see the relevance of wanting this show to exist. I like Jeri Ryan but that’s it. And the new Enterprise looks like a garbage truck.

Legacy would be absolutely brilliant !!! Nothing can surpass the uplifting positive philosophy, and social connectivity that underpins Next Gen and Picard.

We have to disagree here ( bound to happen at some point lol). It would be the only 25th century Trek around and yeah Captain Seven. That’s already enough for me.

I wanted a Seven spin off show two seconds after she appeared in the first Picard trailer lol. Now we’re thismuch closer to getting it.

Ok we do agree on the Enterprise G. Still 10 times better than prom date ugly Discovery but that’s not saying a lot I know.

That’s insulting generations of prom dates!

PLANET OF THE TITANS conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie must be spinning in his grave (sort of like how this roulette wheel of a primary hull does, come to think of it.)

I really think the contemporary designers needed to evolve other styles of Fed starship, perhaps things that looked more DEFIANT like … always though the 1997 LOST IN SPACE movie JUPITER 2 was kind of in the DEFIANT vein, and liked the pop-out nacelles here better than the articulated ones on VOYAGER. I realize easy recognition is a big part of an approved Fed ship design, but even so …

Why is the Discovery an insult to what McQuarrie did on the abandoned TITANS project? It’s actually fairly faithful, and (in my view) a pretty unsightly and misguided design either way. (If you’re just referring to the spinning disk, we’re in full agreement.)

I’ve always thought McQ screwed up when expanding on the Ken Adam sportscar starship sketch, but even so, it still looked better than the Disco, which has some serious nacelle problems on top of (or below) the issues with the McQ.

Once the roulette wheel starts spinning though, it is just plain stupid-looking to the point of belonging back in the 60s on LOST IN SPACE, or perhaps 1980 BUCK ROGERS.

What was in, you could say, EVERY star trek series episode or film after the very first TOS episode? Fan service and nostalgia! In every next episode after “the cage“ along with new things they ALWAYS , ALWAYS brought back elements people knew and have seen in the first place! And here comes a very important question: WHY IS THIS A BAD THING??? People always complain about getting not what they like to see as star trek fans. So in regards to fan service; Why in heavens name is it a bad thing to SERVICE THE FANS?!?!? And nostalgia… Why is this considered bad? What is your favorite star trek show? Ds9 maybe or Voy? So with all new things that this shows contain, aren’t there things that are reminding you of something? Things like the hand phasers? the comunicators? the spaceships? the holograms? Beaming? Tractor beams? The federation? Starfleet? Alien species? THE LIST GOES ON… So all these complaints about fans are being served what they want to have and to see (fanservice) and what they love from past times (nostalgia) in PIC S3 makes absolutely no sense to me! In S1 and 2 people were screaming out that there’s nothing like they use to know so to say and in S3 they crying out that there are too many things they know and love from the past…

You are 100% correct. All those elements of Star Trek are evident in every episode. TOS brought back Harry Mudd for another episode, for crying out loud.

Legacy and nostalgia and fan service can work if done right. Best example of legacy and fan service was Lord of the Rings, IMHO. The sequel to The Hobbit.

It’s funny, I remember when TNG first went into production how much Roddenberry wanted to avoid call-backs to TOS. They wouldn’t even let Sarek say he is the father of Spock. But then TNG’s third episode “The Naked Now” is a direct spin off/sequel/homage/fan service of TOS “The Naked Time.” So, what gives?

Anyway, I like Star Trek.

They were short on workable ideas and needed something like NAKED NOW. Black was told by GR flat-out they were ripping off his NAKED TIME because it was needed, I guess to make reveals on the characters’ inner states. This was probably around the time GR was ruining Black’s JUSTICE notion with all the oversexed and infantilized PLANET OF THE DIAPERS trappings.

What killed me about early TNG (besides, obviously, the mostly terrible scripts and shots of the 2-ft E-D model) was how Planet Hell somehow looked even less credible than the TOS planetscape sets. It was like nobody knew how to shoot the distant mountain ridges from the right camera height, and they sure weren’t lighting it boldly enough to be anything remotely like convincing, despite the advancements of tech. I don’t think anybody got it right till director Dave Carson came on during season 3, and then later on when the lighting, combined with matte painted extensions, gave us something that looked vaguely better, like the planet in BOBW pt1’s teaser.

If memory serves they also got a new cinematographer for S3, and it was a change much for the better.

Well said Mr Data….At least we could say Picard season 3 was fan service to it’s own show and spin offs.
SNW is fan service to characters from TOS and the movies are a reboot of characters from TOS.
At least Picard is continuing Star Treks most popular timeline rather than going back.
More 25th century please and Jeri Ryan will be a superb captain..

Neither did Strange New Worlds… until it did.

Ah, the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association.
I learn something new everyday.

Award shows have become irrelevant, but this is ridiculous. Soon there’s going to be so many different awards and so many categories and sub-categories that everybody will win. Of course that’s the idea, failure is unacceptable. Gotta win anyway you can, even cheat! Failure is for losers! And this is why people today can’t deal with the most minor of life’s obstacles and crumble when things don’t go their way. They haven’t learned to fail.

On the other hand, Australia is a lovely place to visit in the summer.

Gotta win anyway you can, even cheat! 

Do you have any evidence that Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas cheated?

You didn’t understand my point. Forget it.

Read in context – if Matalas wasn’t selling a sequel, none of us would be reading about an obscure awards show in Australia.

Australia is a brilliant country that has always strongly supported Trek, but most loved of all has always been Next Gen and Picard rated brilliantly here. The positivity, the uplifting social context and interpersonal connectivity makes this series a beacon. Congratulations to a brilliant cast and production.

This has nothing to do with Australia. Please. Correct yourself.

The Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association has nothing to do with Australia. Got it. I stand corrected.

Winning in an awards show you’d never heard of is not the same thing as a participation trophy.

My post was commentary on the uselessness and irrelevancy of award shows, not to disparage the merit of Ryan’s and Matalas’ winning this award. In both cases it’s very well deserved.

Spoken like someone who probably doesn’t have much of a trophy case in their house lol

Well if you do, I’m sure most of them are for participation or cheating. You’re all about the attention and showing people how good you are, even when you have to twist reality to do it.

Says the dude having a public complete emotional meltdown here this week…lol

Yah, things got a little out of hand… I have to be more zen like you.

This has nothing to do with Australia! Goodness me!

Does this mean Australia isn’t a great place to visit during the summer?

Hollywood Critics Association, actually. It’s still not exactly the most prestigious organization, and it’s very new on the block.

Is this the right link? I didn’t see ASTRA on the list. I may have missed it….

First (but last as it’s 15 of 15) on the list. “Astra” is last year’s rebrand of their award show.

I learn something new every day….

Lower decks left at the altar again! Lol

The drinking game joke continues

And if I had a drink every time you found even the thinnest excuse to bitch about “Lower Decks”, I’d be checking myself into a clinic by now.

Alcohol poisoning

Here’s a little known fact: this is the one Star Trek series that DOES BELIEVE in the no win scenario!

;-) lol

Geez you are the absolute worst person on here.

“Oh, relax Cupcake. It was a joke ” ;-) lol

Congratulations! Jeri Ryan and Terry Matalas!

I’ve watched S3 Picard multiple times. I absolutely love it. I want to see more of Terry’s work in the future. Whatever show he does next, trek or not trek, I’ll watch it.

Unlike many fans, I didn’t much like S3 of Picard, but I thought Jeri Ryan was spectacular. Well done!

Why? It was brilliant, easily the best Trek since First Contact (or maybe s4 of ENT)

It was good, but I think SNW season 1 and all of Lower Decks have been better.

Comparing Picard Season 3 to SNW Season 1 is akin to comparing a Ford Focus to a Tesla.

Agreed. Aside from the third and fourth episodes I didn’t care for most of it, but am pleased to see Ryan get the recognition.

Very promising first four episodes, but then it degraded to a mish mash of lame story elements, until finally it further degraded into a Star wars-like ending. It was watchable though, unlike season 2, which was probably the worst live action Star Trek I’ve seen since Enterprise.

season 1 of Picard was certainly better than season 3 though, in my opinion. Season 1 had next generation like big ideas and intelligent people solving problems instead of just war, zombies and silly space opera.

Nah season 2 of SNW is the worse live action Trek since Enterprise by an absolute country mile, unless you want your Trek to be a sitcom or Disney musica that is.
How many more cringe worthy Spock comedy episodes do we have to look forward to in season 3.
I would rather go back and watch Enterprise (another prequel show) than more of that rubbish.

Happy to see this, I just rewatched S3 again last week. Cheers!

Absolutely shocking to see these as winners, especially Matalas.

Funny you call yourself Kmart, which here in Australia is considered the cheap shop, used by the disadvantaged lol. Your response is indicative of that substrata and certainly states a minority opinion.

Insulting someone because you don’t share his opinion is a good schoolyard bully tactic but it won’t get you far around here and please spare us your estimation of the popularity of his opinion. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Overdosed on the Vegemite maybe? G’day.

Glad to see that those who aren’t as financially stable/fortunate as you are at least treated with respect. Disgusting.

Thank you for making the observation that mine is a minority opinion. As to the rest … it has been noted and logged.

I had almost responded to another dubious post you made higher up in the thread, and now am quite glad I chose to let it slide by, like a ‘disadvantaged’ car on bald tires skidding its way off an icy road into the ditch that is your worldview.

Your opinion IS in the minority.

I wouldn’t be so confident of that. I would say it’s probably reasonably close to 50/50

I am confident of that. It’s just the usual whiners on here. Both Ryan and Matalas fully deserve their wins.

And this confidence is based on…? Repeating a dumb comment doesn’t make it more credible and from the likes of it you’re the one whining here.

People are allowed to have opinions without being whiners. Sorry if they disagree with you and you can’t take it like an adult.

No, I will leave the dumb comments to you, that seems to be your forte. Confidence in terms that they actually won the awards in tough competition.

How am I whining when I am backing up my statement with facts, not opinions. Whereas you, on the other hand…

I take exception to you calling people whiners simply because they happen to have a negative opinion. This is whining.

The awards were definitely deserved, but this doesn’t mean this show is universally liked. Award shows are just people in the industry patting each other on the back. Nothing of this demonstrates that the show’s detractors are in the minority. Your facts are just conjecture based on extrapolation, in other words, your opinion.

Just come back with a complete survey across the planet of the number of people who like this show (A) compared to the ones that don’t (B) and if A > B then yes, kmart’s opinion is in the minority. Otherwise relax and deal with it.

Firstly… if you are constantly complaining about the same thing is every new article… yes, that is considered whining.

Secondly… go back and reread my comment. I was directly responding to Kmart’s comment about how he was surprised to see the 2 win an award. I never said anything about anything else. Furthermore, I had mentioned, if you had actually read my comment, said that they won the awards because they were deserving and that the competition was tough.

So before you go spewing that I should get a global survey blah blah blah… actually read… and then reread the comment again before posting.

I have no desire to reread your comment. I did read it originally. You seem to think you’re making a point and I’m not above admitting that I may have misread, so in order to end this pointless back and forth, I’ll just say fair enough.

Not important, especially when people here use perceptions of a majority sharing their opinion to make theirs seem more worthy than others. It’s just Star Trek, not a political cause threatening our democracy.

Ain’t that the truth. Here’s a hard, fast rule: if you take a ‘60s TV space opera or its many spin-offs seriously enough to insult strangers in an online forum, you’re taking it way too seriously.

And yet, no one is rushing out to make Picard Season 4/Spinoff/Legacy. So there’s that….

Yet. Don’t forget that the strike just ended and that Paramount+ (as well as other streaming services) are rethinking their budgets.

Isn’t that what I said? I love tff too, and find Mccoy the most admirablè charactèr.

We got your back against that kind of personal attack BS.

That was unkind and uncalled for. And I also agree that when arguing about the quality of something, it’s childish to say someone’s in the minority as if that will win what’s already a subjective debate about something that shouldn’t illicit such strong ill-feelings. It’s just a TV show.

Gatekeepers are the dregs of fandom, and such elitism is not welcome here. Also, your appalling attitude toward the disadvantaged is disgusting and very un-Trek-like. Take your ignorant snobbery somewhere else. Thank you.

@Tabetha Awful, unnecessary comment. We get it, you liked Picard – but not all of us did, whether we’re in the minority or not (source of your worldwide fan polling, please).

“Used by the disadvantaged, lol”

Yeah, that’s hilarious. (/s)

Kind of sad that you have to make fun of a poster’s name just because he doesn’t agree with you…and then to demean poor people as well?

Epic fail!

If forced to choose one, The Last Generation would be next to last, only because episode six was a complete throw away….

Critics were pretty warm to the season, I am not surprised. And HCA is largely online critics, so they weigh genre a little more favorably.

And the award for “Most Fan-service Crammed Into a TV Series at the Expense of Everything Else” goes to…

The Crown ….

This comment retroactively wins the internet for December 2023!

Your prejudice against any sort of storytelling that involves bringing back elements from Star Trek’s past is not one I share, of course.

Fans of Farscape, Firefly, Space:1999, Lost in Space, Blake’s 7, Babylon 5, or Sliders would kill to have the unique “problem” you keep harping on about. We’re very lucky to be fans of one of a very very small handful of sci-fi franchises with a long, intricate unbroken continuity to uphold but also mine, one that spans decades. As far as I’m concerned a level of “fan service” is not only welcome, but required in order to keep it cohesive and moving forward with intelligence. I don’t need Moriarty showing up only to be used poorly, but I also don’t need anyone insinuating that every single callback, returning character, or enemy from Trek history is tainted goods.

There’s literally nothing else to Season 3. Just callbacks, references, easter eggs, cameos, Ro, Shelby, Tuvok, Q, the Borg Queen, the changelings. There’s *nothing* new.

Star Wars gets grief for doing the same but at least they’re telling new stories and adding to the franchise. Mando’s adventures with Grogu, Ahsoka’s adventures in another galaxy, Andor adding to the backdrop of a galaxy under the Empire’s rule, The Acolyte going 100 years in the past, Skeleton Crew a bunch of new kids lost in the galaxy, The Bad Batch telling the story of Clones being phased out.

You can push a franchise forward whilst also subtlely weaving in little easter eggs and references. Picard season 3 was literally ‘lets get the old crew and have them save Earth from the Borg Queen’.

But you use this same line of attack on Lower Decks and Prodigy which blatantly are doing exactly the same thing as those Star Wars shows, in their own ways.

As for Picard S3, that’s such a reductive way to look at the show, and ignores the character work being done for everyone, especially Picard and Jack. The season does explore what the galaxy is like is like post-Dominion War and the Borg post-Endgame, after examining the Romulans before that. The Changelings aren’t used to great effect in the end, considering the depth we know them to have, but there’s not an absence of world-building here, and it’s not been made in a vacuum letting us ignore the work of seasons 1-2 either.

Tit for tat, I could describe the plot as: “A conspiracy is unfolding with Starfleet having been infiltrated by two alien species who have been subtly manipulating it for years into a position where it can be wiped out, using a secret weapon that’s intimately connected to Jean-Luc Picard. Looking for answers, he must confront his past in order to save the ones he loves and safeguard the Federation’s future.”

“Oh, but those aliens are the Borg and the Changelings, sorry. And the past has TNG characters.” Oh no, now it’s ruined!

except that star wars is nothing but callbacks and nostalgia and cameos, etc. Only they tell the stories in log, drawn out, boring ways. Tell a story that could be told in a 1-hour special into hours of dredge. How many times do we need to see Mando cross a desert for half of the episode?

We get it. You had fan service. You hate nostalgia. You hate the references of shows past. Move on.

Picard season 3 is absolutely the best star trek written. Congratulations to Picard, a brilliant poignant and uplifting series. I really hope legacy has the opportunity to be made. The positive philosophy and social connective qualities of this series is unparalleled. An amazing series.

Uplifting? Maybe for a few minutes of fan service in S3 but besides that Picard was the most depressing Star Trek I ever watched. Positive philosophy may apply to other iterations of Star Trek but Picard is the darkest series of all.

Yeah, it turned out to be the antithesis of what the next generation has always been about.

It was fun to get some nice fan service closure for the crew, and the cast gave great performances, but that was really bad Sci-fi and Star Trek

Whatever that season was it was not the Star Trek The Next Generation that I remember and admired

I agree, and Picard wasn’t the Picard I admired either. Stewart was doing Stewart, and I have no desire to see that. Last good Picard was even before Picard S1, whenever that was.

There’s nothing uplifting about S3, grim.

Not really sure how most people can come to that opinion. They could have turned the lights up more, but Picard connects with his son, the TNG crew reunite and save Starfleet, Seven becomes a captain, Riker and Troi get closer, Geordi has a family, Data comes back, the Enterprise D comes back… Despite some deaths and the fact that these characters had drifted apart, it was uplifting to me.

Season 3 made me smile a lot. It had its nadirs, but I’m very grateful for what we got and the about face from how seasons 1 and 2 were handled.

Picard connects with his son… barely.
The TNG crew reunite, true, and Riker says “You’ve killed us all.” to Picard. Unfortunately I won’t be able to forget that awful and out of place line of dialogue in a hurry.
Seven becomes a captain… yay.
Data comes back… with awful acting and a reminder that they have no idea what they’re doing having just given him a “proper” send off.
The Enterprise D comes back… so dumb.

The whole season was just grim, apart from a couple of moments in the last couple of episodes.

I’ve always thought of myself as something of a pessimist, but I’m genuinely uplifted now to see there are some dark depths I will never plumb.

The last few moments of episode 4, with the birthing nursery in the nebula, were to my way of thinking uplifting, and very TNG. Otherwise, no.

Zombies, Star Wars-like, superpowers, cadavers, and cardboard bad guys….

Uplifting? Are you kidding me?

Ro was probably uplifted out of her chair when the shuttle blew, maybe that is what they mean.

Congrats Picard season 3. All the best for a Legacy movie or TV series.

I’m absolutely sick and tired of ‘fan service ” naysayers . Life is too short and full of pain . Something that has been brought home to me with the recnt passing of my mom. I enjoyed watching S3 of Picard. End of the day that’s what I care about

I hear you, my friend. But, as Granny always used to say, “birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, Trekkies gotta bitch.”

Your granny was a smart lady.

Star Trek fans are being trained to expect fanservice at every turn, to the point where that’s all they care about now. Now, when a new show is announced (Starfleet Academy), they just don’t care and just want more Seven, Admiral Riker, Star Trek: Legacy Characters etc

To be fair there is room in the Trek universe to be excited about Academy and Legacy (although I hope a Captain Seven series is given a more suitable name).

OK, you can have your Starfleet Academy, I can have my Legacy. We all win!

If you want to watch legacy characters, just watch old Trek.

I do! Why can’t I have that Legacy show as well? I don’t like Discovery nor the concept of a Section 31 movie, but I don’t care that other people do! If you like it, fine! Let people like what they like (as long as no one gets hurt).

Except Starfleet Academy will actually be on a streamer service. Legacy only exists in Terry Matalas’ not so fertile imagination….

We’re not circus animals. Your haughty condescension is unnecessary.

Awwww yeeeeaaah, Picard bringing it!!! 😀👍

Good to see, one of the best live action seasons since the days of DS9! Great to see Trek in its prime again! Well deserved.


Kurtzman isn’t the issue at the moment, whoever buys Paramount Global is. News is breaking that Skydance is mulling a cash offer, meaning there has been no talk about development of new shows. Assuming someone, somewhere is open to the idea, it’s years away, at best.

Jeri Ryan won for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Streaming Series for her role as Seven of Nine in Picard. Ryan actually tied with Elizabeth Debicki from The Crown. The pair beat out Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale), Anne-Marie Duff (Bad Sisters), Emily Swallow (The Mandalorian), Eve Hewson (Bad Sisters), Genevieve O’Reilly (Andor), Lesley Manville (The Crown), Sarah Desjardins (The Night Agent), and Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale).’

wow, tough crowd!

Liked S3. Wasn’t without issues and I’m somewhat of the opinion it has been over hyped in some quarters. In hindsight I think Picard could have worked better as a series of special streaming movies, concluding with essentially S3 (which itself could have made for a couple of terrific movies. I do like Picard – but like others so much of it was simply not that great. And there were some really bad moments at times too. S3 was a blessing at least. It could have been much worse.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Trek will never be nominated for any Emmy other than the creative awards.


Unless you count TNG being up for Outstanding Drama Series.:P