‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Set Pix Show The Return Of Christina Chong’s Dog And An Adorable Vulcan

Filming for the third season of Star Trek: Strange New continues as can be evidenced by more photos shared from the Toronto production, including Christina Chong’s dog (on a return visit) and the daughter of a producer getting her Starfleet debut.

Runa returns

If things remain on schedule, the Strange New Worlds team should be close to wrapping up filming for the fourth episode of the 10-episode third season. TrekMovie has confirmed that Star Trek vet Jonathan Frakes is directing episode 304.

This morning, actress Christina Chong (La’an Noonien Singh) posted an image on Instagram featuring her beloved dog Runa on the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise set, in Pike’s ready room. The post comes from Princess Runa Ewok’s own Instagram account (cross-posted to Chong’s Instagram story) with the message: “In the Ready Room ready for the day.”


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It’s unclear if Runa will appear on camera again as she did in the season 1 episode “The Elysian Kingdom.” Runa is just starting her career, but she does have her own IMDb page.

Christina Chong as La’an with her dog Runa in “The Elysian Kingdom” (Paramount+)

Producer’s daughter gets Starfleet welcome

Producing director Chris Fisher has also shared an image of a loved one at the production today—in this case, his daughter Poppy in a Starfleet uniform. The photo shows the nine-year-old with pins on her uniform and the message “Poppy’s first costume fitting… ” along with a message of thanks to costume designer Bernadette Croft.


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Additional video from Fisher’s Instagram story show Poppy was also fitted with some Vulcan ears. However, this isn’t for an SNW version of “Rascals.” Fisher confirmed Poppy isn’t appearing in the show, only getting special attention for her visit to the set.

Character sketch for Chris Fisher’s daughter Poppy (Instagram/Chris Fisher)

Production on the third season of Strange New Worlds began in early December, with Chris Fisher directing the first episode. Originally filming was set to start in May 2023 but was delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. After a holiday break, production resumed in early January, and work on the second episode (directed by Jordan Canning) wrapped four weeks ago. Paramount has not yet set a release date for season 3.

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Glad they’re filming; can’t wait to see it!

Poppy Fisher is a lucky girl!

I’m sure she’s a great kid, and I’m glad she got her dream day on set. But not on film, thank the gods. One “Rascals” was more than enough.

Rascals is great! But yes, we probably don’t need another.

Star Trek meets Home Alone. It’s brilliant. Had to be done.

In terms of wacko premises that somehow still managed to play, TNG didn’t need to do RASCALS any more than DS9 had to do ONE LITTLE SHIP, but I’m glad that both exist.

To preserve everybody’s opinion of me, I still haven’t gotten through SUB ROSA, and it took something like seven tries to get through THE ROYALE.

I’ve rewatched TNG multiple times, but I always skip Sub Rosa. The stupidity of that episode actually makes me angry. It also makes Crusher look like an idiot.

As far as The Royale, that’s also a bad episode but not as bad as S7 Emergence.

Is EMERGENCE the one where the ship is a train that wakes up? Cuz I’ve never even gotten through half of that. I probably ought to figure out how many others I’ve never completed, I know LOUD AS A WHISPER is one, and the Data’s mom show, plus the Geordi’s family show, and the Worf’s brother one. There are at least a couple of shows with kids that I gave up on (one with Alexander and Mrs. Troi.) Not big on FamilyTrek I guess (not counting episode FAMILY, which I have seen a lot of times.)

The other day I was looking at some old family photos of a visit to Castle Howard in Yorkshire — which was, get this, the stately home of the Howard family. In England, not Scotland, as “Sub Rosa” would have had it.

Patrick Stewart had to have known about this when filming.

There is nothing stupid about a train trip to New Vertiform City!!!!

(well, okay, maybe a few things…)

I love Rascals, One Little Ship, The Royale on the same level as A Piece of the Action.

Sub Rosa on the other hand, nope. A hard nope!

Yeah, no SNW “Rascals,” please! :-)

That was my first thought when I saw this, too. No thanks!

Poppy looks like the younger version of T’ Pol.

The story with Poppy reminds me of the TOS behind the scenes video of Adam Nimoy visiting his dad on set with Vulcan ears.

Bring back the candle! If not on SNW then on Lower Decks! But bring back that candle and light the sucker up!!!