Star Trek Merch: ‘Lower Decks’ Moopsy Plush And ‘Search For Spock’ Anniversary Steelbook Available For Pre-Order

This week’s Star Trek merchandise update has two exciting items just now available to pre-order: one to cuddle, one to watch.

Moopsy plush!

Since Moopsy appeared in the season 4 Lower Decks episode “I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee” last fall, the adorable bone-drinking monster has been a sensation, inspiring memes and more fan-made creations. Now, finally, an official Moopsy plush toy is on the way from Master Replicas. The new plush measures 10 x 5 1/2 inches and is priced at $24.99. Moopsy arrives on May 13, and you can pre-order now at

Search For Spock 40th Anniversary Steelbook

This year is the 40th anniversary of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Paramount Home Video is celebrating with a special limited edition Steelbook release of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition of the movie. The set comes with a translucent outer sleeve and a foldout case featuring spacedock. There is a product page on Amazon listing a release date of May 28, but it’s not yet available for pre-order.

Walmart has an exclusive edition that comes with a poster and mini booklet. That is available for pre-order now for $24.96.


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I like the idea of the steelbook, but I bought the collection, and the poster is folded. Can’t really display that.

I’ve seldom seen a disc boxed set were any of the small posters come unfolded?

Both are quite tempting. Moopsie is a good gift for friends’ kids though. Just can’t show them where it came from for… awhile.

I have all the Trek films on disc, and see no need to replace any of them anymore. I do however, still absolutely love that movie, and revisit it a couple of times a year. A classic.

This movie definitely does NOT deserve the disdain people have for the odd-numbered Star Trek movies, because it’s a good one. I love the “caper” feel to the movie; Leonard Nimoy’s time on Mission: Impossible served him well there. And Spock’s remembering Jim’s name before his own … just lovely.  

Well put. Honestly, I think I’ve watched TSFS — and enjoyed it — just as many times as TWOK and TVH. It’s a wonderful trilogy.

Yes! It’s an essential part of the story and really quite good.

You’re right ST III is a good movie. Last time I checked, it’s 78% Fresh on RottenTomatoes and I feel that’s the right call. It’s so enjoyable.

Honestly, I think all the TOS movies are classics except ST 5: The Final Frontier. I like STTMP because, even if it’s not the greatest story for the characters, it’s an excellent science-fiction movie and the practical sfx are just amazing. The Enterprise and all the miniatures look great and the Jerry Goldsmith score is one of the best ever written.

TFF, though, has some very nice character moments, but the script is bad. Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett were right about it, but Shatner did not listen to them. He should have. I’m a TOS fan first, but TFF is the worst of all ST movies, probably, imo, followed by Generations.

Shatner was great as Kirk, but putting him in charge of the story is SO not a good idea. Leonard Nimoy’s autobiography didn’t come right out and say this, but reading between the lines, it seemed that Shatner wanted to make Kirk a lone hero, prevailing without the help of Spock or McCoy, all for his greater glory. Sorry, Shat, but that’s not Star Trek!

‘Eh, excuse me but what does God need with a starship?!!?’

kirk would not have prevailed if bones and spock had not rejected sybok’s influence.

Script was unfinished due to writers strike in ’89 but still has some great lines in it.

I think a Moopsy plushie would have sold well if it had been available when the episode dropped. I’m not sure how much demand there’ll be, all this time later.

Still, part of me insists on saying, “Moopsy!” :-)

And Moopsy is canon – he’s part of the Star Trek future history timeline.

Here we go… was just waiting to see when the old ways would return…

Moopsie is part of the Star Trek timeline — that’s a factual statement, and I am not offering any judgement on it whatsoever.

Nor did I offer any judgment on your post. But the underlying meaning of your statement is clear. You didn’t have to write it out. And it’s fine. I’m just being a brat.


After buying the golden six on 4K, I promised my wife, I wont buy anymore copies of the Star Trek films. The steelbook looks cool though. I love spacedock.

Never understood the spacedock love, really wished somebody kamikazed into it. It just seems so terrestrial-minded with the literal doors and the big-is-cool approach as opposed to doing a spaceframe dock or something like Epsilon 9. And even though it is roundly denied, the interior of spacedock looks like they just redressed the reactor of deathstar2 from JEDI. There’s a general ILMification of Trek starting in this film, since they were designing instead of working from Mike MInor and Joe Jennings concepts, with that company even designing the tricorders to no good gain.

TSFS has some good moments, but I generally get hung up on how bad the snow looks and the GREEN ACRES look of daytime on Genesis. Plus there is the whole nonsense of the story, which seems to hinge on repurposed moments from TWOK with slight twists (Kirk shoots first this time, then is saying you’re going to have to bring us up there instead of you’re going to have to come down here.)

But it does have its heart in the right place, like TFF (though I like TFF a whole lot more.) McCoy’s monolog in BoP sickbay is my favorite De moment in all the movies, right up there with his best stuff from the series.

TSFS does have the merit of the best line in all of ST “You did what you had to do, what you always do, turn death into a fighting chance to live” or something like that… It’s a toss-up between that and “Brain and brain… what is brain?!”

I got all 10 of the TOS/TNG films on 4k, even though I don’t yet have a 4k player because they came with upgraded Blu-Rays. I agree, the steelbook looks cool but not sure I could justify that again. I have the first two seasons of SNW and all three seasons of PIC on blu-ray steelbook.



Such an underrated Star Trek movie.

Absolutely! Indeed, its my most-watched of the TOS movies on disc, but always puzzled by the lack of behind the scenes material, deleted scenes or shots, etc. The best score of James Horner’s two ST soundtracks by far, from lush and sweeping to quietly sensitive, to stunning action pieces, and so on. And IMHO a very solid, serious, non over-the-top Vulcan femme portrayal by Robin Curtis. My most viewed of the TOS films, and most beloved.

My go-to.

eh…Horner’s work on STIII is imo a prime example of him just plagiarizing himself. Granted – it’s a direct follow on to the previous film so of course themes will be shared, but it’s not very different all IMO from the Khan score. Even still – I hope La La Land Records has a remaster / release of this score as well. They’ve done TMP and Khan…makes one w/ a completionist bend a little anxious

I thought there was already a complete 2 disc set of SFS. How else would I have heard on youtube that 60s/LostinSpace/Williamseque-sounding cue with Klingons roaming the Enterprise right before it blows? It sure wasn’t on the original vinyl, which wasted a whole second platter on a silly ‘dance’ version of the main theme.

EDIT ADDON: While SFS sounds more sweepingly symphonic, I greatly prefer the complex or busy orchestrations in TWOK, which make it seem very rich and pretty much offset most of what would be huge complaints from me about it sounding so much like BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS with lifts from GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY/PATTON/list any Goldsmith military cue. Geez, the Spock going down the stairs bit in TWOK is still just beyond awesome, and I’ve heard it well over ten thousand times by now (no exaggeration, it’s part of my regular rotation that includes TMP, TFF, BREAKHEART PASS, the FLINT and Bond scores and the heroic stuff from WHERE EAGLES DARE.)


Also, I already have ST:TSFS on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K. Do I really need another version? Don’t answer that, of course I do. But I’ll save my money.

But, Moopsy!!!!!!!

Star Trek III makes Star Trek 3 look like Starship Troopers 3

Unless it has Atmos sound or unreleased deleted scenes i can’t justify buying it again.

the steelbook is OK.. Considering the whole 4k boxset sold last year I wonder if there is much demand for this

I didn’t buy the box set because it didn’t have the new TMP 4K director’s cut in it, and I don’t think I’m alone for not buying it for that reason. So there is a market.

Well, there also was no blu/4k combo of the director’s cut. They made you purchase them individually; the extended cut of ST TMP was only in 4K in an expensive box set. VI as a director’s cut was also limited to 4K no blu-ray. Some of that kind of irks me. Also only the directors cut of 1 was redone in Atmos sound. None of the other films have theatrical stereo 2.0 audio, and also weren’t redone. the 7.1 mixes are loud on sound effects and music but you can’t hear the dialog. if you want to downmix to stereo or listen with a soundbar and don’t have a proper system good luck. They were poorly mixed in 2009 and were never redone.

Yeah, all that too!

I have the TMP set with the 4K Director’s Edition, but would be open to getting the rest as I “only” have the older blu rays. Do I really want to take the risk of trying to build the 4K movie collection based on the hope they’ll still be releasing steelbooks like these until 2031 to at least cover TUC? Any bets on the odds of that?