‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Drops Hints For Each Season 5 Episode

The fifth and final season of Star Trek: Discovery arrives next week, on April 4, with a 2-episode premiere on Paramount+. The titles for all 10 episodes were revealed in January and now we have some more clues for each, thanks to Michelle Paradise.

Final season episode clues

Star Trek: Discovery is the cover story for the new issue of SFX Magazine and it includes interviews with executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise as well as star Sonequa Martin-Green. There is also a bonus section where Michelle Paradise offers clues for each of the 10 episodes which you can see following the episode titles below. We have added official early preview images that have already been identified with specific episodes. For episodes where we don’t have an official image, we did a little guesswork using images from the most recent trailer.

Episode 1: “Red Directive”

“Launching the mission. The mission is a red directive. An exciting mission that launches us onto our season, and it’s super-secret.”

Sonequa Martin-Green in “Red Directive” (Paramount+)

Episode 2: “Under the Twin Moons”

“A lovely Burnham and Saru episode.”

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Doug Jones as Saru in “Under the Twin Moons” (Paramount+)

Episode 3: “Jinaal”

“Culber like you’ve never seen him before.”

David Ajala as Book, Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Wilson Cruz as Culber in “Jinaal”

Episode 4: “Face the Strange”

“Mind bending and exciting, and a heck of a lot of fun.”

Is Burnham experiencing some mind-bending in this shot from the trailer?

Episode 5: “Mirrors”

“[Long pause] I’m trying to think of something that won’t be spoilery! Surprising encounters and surprising new information about our heroes.”

Could this trailer shot have a big “Mirrors” clue? [hint: look at console behind L’ak]

Episode 6: “Whistlespeak”

“Oh, classic TOS-style adventure!”

Anthony Rapp in “Whistlespeak” (Paramount+)

Episode 7: “Erigah”

“Tense and unexpected.”

This trailer moment could certainly be described as “tense,” could it be from “Erigah”?

Episode 8: “Labyrinths”

“Oh, just an incredible gorgeous location, incredible scope and a singular journey for Burnham.”

Does this trailer shot have a “Labyrinth” vibe?

Episode 9: “Lagrange Point”

“Discovery in a location where you’ve never seen her before.”

This trailer shot with USS Discovery between what looks like two black holes could be from “Lagrange Point”?

Episode 10: “Life, Itself”

“Part of me wants to say the end of an era. But that just sounds so sad. I don’t wanna say that! Hopefully it’s all the things that Discovery has always been. Action, adventure, heart, family, love, sci-fi wonderfulness, beautifully acted, beautifully directed, production values, gorgeous VFX. It’s everything we have always had in Discovery in one episode.”

This trailer shot shows the USS Discovery heading off for another adventure, could it be from the finale?

The fifth and final season of Discovery debuts with two episodes on Thursday, April 4 exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Austria. Discovery will also premiere on April 4 on Paramount+ in Canada and is also expected to be broadcast on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. The rest of the 10-episode final season will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. Season 5 debuts on SkyShowtime in select European countries on April 5.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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Yeah OK great. As long as it doesn’t end with Riker shutting the program down or a crying Kelpian kid did it then it’s already a positive in my book.

It ends with Chef (Shatner) turning off the mirror-verse

LOL. BTW, I liked your posts a couple of days ago on the Shat. They have totally blown the opportunities to bring him back for a closure cameo of some time over the last decade. Now he’s 93 and the clock is really ticking…..

Yeah they could still do it (preferably in the next movie for 60 anniversary/CG deaged) but really the ideal time was for the 50 Ann/Beyond :(

The fact he was supposed to be in the last movie before they fired Orci and scrapped his script that was literally meant to honor the 50th anniversary basically tells you how much Paramount wants Shatner back lol.

But I always said it was such a missed opportunity and his appearance could’ve gave both the movie and anniversary a real jolt to get fans excited.

But as been proven for over a decade now, the people making the decisions for these movies have been utterly clueless and sadly it’s Beyond’s BO failure why they are in the state they are in today.

It’s a shame it looks like they can’t make something for the 60th anniversary because they spent too much money on the other ones and they ultimately failed.

Hopefully whenever they do make another one it won’t be a movie with the characters acting like teenagers and silly comic book villains. I hope they start over and actually make something mature and thoughtful again.

More Star Trek less Marvel.

It’s possible they can have a movie for the sixtieth but not holding my breath either. It’s probably not going to be with the Kelvin cast or they would be lining them up now to at least start production by this year and it’s crickets.

I’m guessing at this point the soonest one will come out could be 2027? Maasaaybe?

I just never seen a studio butcher a franchise so quickly but then again the DCEU exists lol.

2027? , So they miss the 60th ann but hit the Star Wars 50th! lol that’d actually make slot of sense for these movies ,

They really did code zero zero zero..destruct!..zero’d the movie franchise in a big way from such a promising start (ST09s huge domestic numbers/critic, fan & general audience adoration), the massive 4year gap between 09/ID due in part to JJ going full Spielberg for Super8 , then scrapping the promising sounding Orci/Shatner ST3 (a plot that seemed a natural progression from the events of ST09) in favour of chasing Guardians/Furious box office!

Well the new Variety article that just dropped claimed the new prequel movie could start production the end of this year. OF so then yeah it’s possible to have that out by the sixtieth at least.

But it’s no way it will be the Kelvin movie now because they just hired yet ANOTHER writer to make that movie lol. So that’s probably at least a year away before production of any kind starts.

So I predict 2027 now for that at the earliest.

They killed him off 30 years ago. How much more closure can they provide than that?

Remember Picard Season 3? Kirk still has a heart beat.

I missed that part. Maybe Picard Season 4 could be Captain of Reanimator, starring Jeffery Combs……


Ha! if anyone could do it, it’s Combs!

For the same reason that TNG got a much better sendoff with Pic S3 — because Nemesis was a piss poor ending. Likewise, Kirk’s “bridge on the Captain’ death was a lame and inexplicably piss pour ending for Kirk.

also the Kelvin cast need their ‘Pic S3’ as well as Shatner, as Beyond was their absolute Nemesis! (or more aptly their Insurrection as it felt and looked abit like that movie)

To be fair that is Shatner’s fault. He is notorious for not liking to do cameos. The only reason he did in the last season of Big Bang Theory is because he is friends with Kaley Cuoco.

Maybe. I think it’s more likely that the studio didn’t want him to pay him what he thought he was worth to do the cameo.

That could be true too. I’m not in the industry so I dunno. But to hear him at conventions, he hates cameos.

To be honest, I am 90% sure I’ll be disapponted so I’d take a Ryker cameo. Even if the reason is bad, can’t be worse than what I expect 😜

This will probably be the right answer if the last four seasons are any indication.

I’m trying to stay open minded but yeah.

lol you’re scaring me now!


It’s funny, last week I get crucified for preemptively predicting all the negative posts from the usuals on any Trekmovie DSC article…yet as anyone see in a bunch of the posts in this thread, that is what we always get here anyway. Lol

I don’t know what you wrote, but I wouldn’t crucify you for saying that, because it’s true! lol The only difference between you and me is that I think the negativity is deserved and you don’t. But the fact remains: we ARE being negative lol

I’ve been lurking on this site since the first Discovery season and tbh the thing that makes me not post often is just that: I would be negative against Discovery and say the same things over and over again. So I do it sporadically, and if I can find a kind of funny way of bashing the show :P

Don’t get me wrong, I liked some of it. Or rather, its potential: the mirror universe story in the first season was good, I liked Lorca. I liked Pike in the second season. I liked the move to the future. I like Book. So that’s why I am being negative and still watch it. I always get my hopes up and get disappointed by the bad writing and mostly by the crying at the wrong time (I don’t mind the sharing of feelings, but on the bridge, while being attacked not a good time lol). And the worst thing is when they repeat the theme of the season and do a speech about it EVERY.SINGLE. EPISODE. I can’t hear the word “connection” without spacing out since last season! :P

But don’t take my opinions as making fun of those, like you, who like the show. We don’t want or need the same things in a show. That’s fantastic. I just happen to not like what you do. That’s fine too. I am not saying Discovery is so bad nobody can like it. It just doesn’t jive with what I like. And I honestly am hopeful every season that this will change. I just hate hating Star Trek shows, I guess lol

I don’t know what you wrote, but I wouldn’t crucify you for saying that, because it’s true! lol The only difference between you and me is that I think the negativity is deserved and you don’t. But the fact remains: we ARE being negative lol


But don’t take my opinions as making fun of those, like you, who like the show. We don’t want or need the same things in a show. That’s fantastic. I just happen to not like what you do. 

Sure, no worries. It’s actually refreshing to find a critic of the show like you who just fully owns their dislike of the series without having to dance around it for 20 posts that are like, “I’m really hoping for a better season, but…” and/or provide long, drawn out “term papers” that slam it using reasons that they disingenuously won’t apply to other Trek series that they like. Thanks!

Everyone has owned up their dislike of the show over and over again lol.

What are you talking about? I have said for YEARS now Discovery is my least favorite Star Trek show…out of 11 shows. How much clearer does this needs to be lol?

I don’t think it’s the worst show on TV or anything, far from it, but when compared the other Trek shows it’s definitely the worst IMO.

And to call me disingenuous is the reason I don’t like talking to you in the first place.

Get over yourself. Seriously.

I wasn’t talking about you specifically — I’m talking about a general theme with some fans who criticize a series — and also complimenting this dude for just being direct about his dislike of DSC — I find that so refreshing!

I’m not going to get in another tit for tat waste of time with you this week. And yes, we all know that those other two will be doing the “piling on” thing to your posts here soon. I’m not going to respond to them either.

Enjoy your evening. That’s it from me on this thread.

Again this your problem, always the victim. And you pile on ALL the time as I pointed out to you in that OTHER thread. You start these silly arguments and then shocked when people push back on it???

Get over yourself.

And what other two are you talking about?? People who agrees with me? I assure you it’s more than two people.

Hey no fair! LOL! I’ve always said exactly why I am not a Discovery fan. if it was any other show than Star Trek I would have liked it so much more. But TPTB just threw out canon without even a second thought. And I know writers just *love* to say canon is hard to adhere to but it’s really not. You’re paid to be creative so get creative!

The fact the canon issues have mostly been resolved and people still complain about the show tells you while that was a big issue early on it was far from the only issue as well.

And I guess you must be one of the two people who agrees with me but as I said obviously looking at this thread it’s way more than just two people lol.

Lol, yeah, fair enough! And to be clear, I have never had any issues with the way you have shared your opinions on DSC — you’ve always been direct and mature with you takes.

Oh yeah we have spent years together slagging off Discovery canon issues. 😂

But that’s not the only reason people hated it either but certainly a big one.

It’s been said many times including very recently if the show was just better in general more people could get over it.

SNW is the perfect example, people complain about its canon issues as well including me and you but we both still like the show at least.

SNW certainly proves it and I been just as hard on that show as I been with Discovery when it comes to its canon issues so I can’t be called a hypocrite.

But yeah I just feel SNW gets things way more right in general. But to be fair it was the fifth show to come out by then and the producers knew what NOT to do at that point lol.

And I always say while it’s a spin off of Discovery it almost feels anti-Discovery in it’s approach. Look at season 1 of Discovery and then season 1 of SNW and they almost feel like two different groups of people are making them.

Again SNW shows what A. Listening to the fans really looks like and B. Actually having a good and competent showrunner who just understands Star Trek.

Yep so true! And Michelle Paradise is just an awful producer who should be making more CW shows and not trying to turn Star Trek into one. 🙄

SNW is still a bad show to me because it railroaded TOS with the Gorn nonsense and everyone acting like children but it’s still heaps better than the Discovery rubbage.

SNW simply belongs in its own universe and not the prime universe.

Fair enough. Like Discovery I have my issues with SNW but I just find it a better made show on every level.

But yes the canon issues bothers me as I said. I just don’t understand they made three prequel shows and and they all been heavily criticized for not feeling prequel enough… but they just keep making them lol.

I think Enterprise is probably the best one in terms of how well it lines up with canon and I remember how much fans thought it was almost blasphemy…then we got Discovery lol.

Again it was up to me it would be no more prequels at all. I think most of us have gotten our fill at this point especially when they continue to butcher canon.

Yep, love the show. Just don’t call them Gorn, ok? HAHAHAHA

I agree with all of this fully!

Oh and I forgot the most important thing that I like, probably because we don’t get enough of her: Jet Reno! I could watch a whole show of her just harassing people, with no plot at all. Just her being the most Jet Reno she can be. That would be great :P

Well said, Reboot. I wish we had more of her on the series!

Yeah Jett Reno is great, unfortunately she’s entirely wasted on this show. But I would love to see more of her for sure.

Ya I wish there was more of her too. She’s friggin hilarious but in a good way.

She is. I assume she’s in this season of course but I don’t remember seeing her in the trailer.

I really wish they just made her the chief engineer or something.

Ya I wish there was more of her too. She’s friggin hilarious but in a good way.

Yeah, I think it’s been a missed opportunity not using Reno more, but I do understand that she had some travel constraint’s during COVID that spanned two seasons I believe.

Yeppppp totally agreed.

LOL, no worries. Although, season two is among a few things I love best about Discovery, I’m more hyped about that of Prodigy than the former’s final season, as the latter is my #1 current Star Trek show.

I am with you on looking forward to Prodigy — and I really hope we get an update from Netflix soon. We’ve seen the potential of it making the Kids Top 10 on Netflix. I’m hoping the the new eps are more focused on the kid crew and less on the VOY fan service — if we are to have a shot at Netflix funding future seasons, it’s going to be because of the expansion of the audience to new kids, not us old Trek geeks. :-)

The funny thing IMHO is I think Prodigy is the one Trek show that all of us can agree on. Fact, I think Prodigy is canon a) because Paramount says so and b) that line from Geordi in P S3 where he says we can’t get the Enterprise E IMHO directly relates to the ship getting pounded on in Prodigy season finale. Ok, just my $0.02

The funny thing IMHO is I think Prodigy is the one Trek show that all of us can agree on. 

Yeah, except for a couple people who I think mentioned that they don’t like animation or shows directed at kids, I agree!

I have to be honest, I’ve never Ben an animation fan. But these shows changed my mind.

No you were crucified for ATTACKING people over it and literally called out someone who had A. Asked you to ignore them previously and B. Didn’t even post in the freaking thread.

And I can’t for the life of me understand how it’s any different than what you do with Lower Decks? You pounce on that show any time it’s brought up so explain the difference please?

Dude I don’t know what to tell you at this point but you are just too thin skinned to be here. No one is forcing you to read any of it, correct? People are just giving their opinions on a TV show, good and bad. I think Discovery is a truly bad show. If you think it’s a great show great.

And once again I’m replying directly to you because this is clearly what I posted. You have to get over it. No one is breaking the law giving their opinions about a show that’s been on for 7 years now. It’s all baked in at this point.

And there are plenty of places where the criticism over this show is much more harsh and you know it.

Wasn’t talking to you. Please stop being so triggered

You clearly were since I was the one who started this thread. 🙄

Again you’re the one who keeps starting these ridiculous calls out posts but then when people call you out then you want to move on.

You can’t have it both ways. And if you want me to ignore you then IGNORE ME, not this high school passive aggressive posts you keep throwing at me and others. I have let it go in the past to keep the peace but I’m getting really sick of it now.

And I notice you didn’t disagree with any of my points. That’s for a reason.

And I would love for you to show me the difference what you do with Lower Decks please?

You can’t because there is no difference and why trying to have a conversation with you is utterly futile.

Convenient answer, but do answer his question about how your incessantly negative posts on Lower Decks are different than the negative posts on Discovery you keep whining about.

And by the way, you’re the one who keeps bringing back past arguments, and then accuse others for calling you out.

Time to change your handle again I guess…

Now I’m finally sick of it.

Again if he IGNORED ME then I wouldn’t be here but here he is pretending like it’s not about me when it clearly is.

And yes he’s such a hypocrite because he does this with LDS time and time again. Am I bothered by it, no, because I understand not everyone likes the show and expressing themselves over it.

And I love Lower Decks and can’t think of a single time I got on anyone’s case about it.

But he can’t let people do the same thing here. It’s annoying, hypocritical and comes off like an attack because he doesn’t want to hear negative opinions about a show that people have been giving negative opinions since it started.

If he is still moaning about it then he should simply either stop reading them or go someplace else. He’s not the only one who likes the show here and plenty of others who hated the negativity left long ago. That’s how it works.

I love Lower Decks as well. It’s my #2 current Star Trek show between my #1 Prodigy and my #3 Strange New Worlds.

I’m right there with you on Prodigy and SNW.

Actually Prodigy is my favorite show as well! Incredibly excited about season 2. 😀

And I don’t have to hope that season won’t suck lol.

I go back and forth with Lower Decks and SNW in terms of my ranking because they are basically tied for me. But I will say LDS currently edges out SNW. That may change with their next seasons.

I didn’t think I would like Lower Desks. the idea of a Trek comedy scared me. But they do it very respectfully so I am on board.

If that’s a respectful version, I would hate to see what a disrespectful version of LDS would like like. ;-)

I would respect LDS more if it was good comedy set in the TNG timeline, watching LDS made me just want to turn it off and watch Futurama.

I can respect that! You and my girlfriend would probably be best friends lol.

Lower Decks and Prodigy are actually tied for me. I love them both to death.

I’m mostly a 24th/25th century fan and my top shows in order are:

Picard season 3

Last few years has been some amazing Star Trek for me and really looking forward to LDS and Prodigy this year! 😎🖖

I have not seen any of the animated shows but I will be giving Prodigy a try in its second season, especially with the fabulous Janeway. Happy to hear you like it so much.

People does say it’s really good.

The hypocrite will never answer you because he knows it’s true. He is the small LOUD and vocal voice complaining about that show constantly what he constantly says here about people who criticize Discovery.

I know it eats him up inside that Lower Decks is actually very popular in the fandom while people think Discovery legitimately sucks.

Too bad! 😂

I will admit it still shocking how much people like LDS and I include myself in that lol.

I don’t know if I thought I was going to hate it but I never really thought I would love it so much either.

I think it was truly the first show I loved since Voyager went off the air.

I think for a lot of us what helped was having super low expectations lol.

I really did expect to hate it for so many reasons. For one I’m not a big animation fan. And when I heard it was the guy who made Rick and Morty (which I never even heard of at the time) I went and watched a few of those and instantly hated it. It was a reminder how much adult cartoons just wasn’t for me feeling so crass and cynical.

And finally after the dumpster fires of both Discovery and Picard season 1 my view of NuTrek was beyond low by that point. If I couldn’t like Picard it was no way I was going to like this thing.

And I couldn’t have been more wrong lol. LDS was the first show that brought me back to why I loved Star Trek in the first place. The characters were so likable (ok minus Mariner lol) and optimistic. It wasn’t about end of the galaxy stakes or fighting another super villain. It was just the daily adventures of lower Deckers with a lot of fun and sweet side stories.

It was something Trek needed at a time the franchise just became overly dark and cynical with overly convoluted plots.

The show for me not only reenergize my love for Trek but made me feel more positive about what was coming after it, which I also loved in the end.

Agreed. I think the show came at a perfect time when both the franchise and fans themselves were feeling more cynical about Star Trek. And Lower Decks was just feeling like Star Trek again with people going out exploring which haven’t been done since freaking Enterprise.

It just gave people a warm and friendly vibe again. I know the comedy aspects and the goofiness certainly put some people off but I fell in love with those elements right away.

The show manage to hit all the sweet spots for me. 🙂

“It’s actually refreshing to find a critic of the show like you who just fully owns their dislike of the series without having to dance around it for 20 posts that are like, “I’m really hoping for a better season, but…” and/or provide long, drawn out “term papers” that slam it using reasons that they disingenuously won’t apply to other Trek series that they like. Thanks!”

So you’re saying with a straight face this wasn’t aimed at me?

How many years now have you insulting me by calling my posts term papers?

Own up to it! 🙄

Again you can never admit any wrong doing and now want to act like I’m the one with the problem.

TOS continues, or whatever your name is this month, stop attacking people because you can’t be an adult and just disagree with them.

No one cares about your whining. If you are so miserable because people are being honest about their thoughts with this show then LEAVE! Find a place where everyone loves the show so much and never complains about it. Good luck.

Or take other people’s advice, get a dog or something. You are way too hung on a message board about 30 people even post on these days.

All of this! 👍

I can can be very critical of SNW season 2 and for reasons I feel justified. I did enjoy season 1 so mainly peed off how downhill SNW has gone.
But to read Discovery articles of people saying how much they hate it in every single article is overly negative and I have to say tiresome and probably not healthy for a Star Trek fan based site. Personally I quite like it despite it’s many flaws and I think season 5 looks really good.
I could point out a lot of bad things about the show but there are also a lot of good things also.

I will admit season 2 of SNW wasn’t that strong but overall I still really enjoyed it.

As far as people being negative this has been one of the most divisive sites since 2009 lol. It was so bad then I just lurked for years.

Again this has to be pointed out, the guy who created it doesn’t seem to have a problem with it..Any of it.On Reddit these days if people are too negative the mods will censor things and why I post less there now.

Nothing is going to change obviously because it’s been like this for at least 15 years now. I don’t even think Anthony even reads it anymore lol. OK I did get a response from him a few weeks ago asking why do I agree with Laurie more than him so I guess he at least reads the podcast articles.

Matt was another moderator and I don’t think I seen him in over a year now lol.

But this is why we need an ignore button and the thin skinned people can just ignore who they want and the rest of us can just discuss a TV show without hurting anyone’s feelings or having the same tired back and forth arguments. Seriously. But that’s been ignored ironically lol.

I remember you pointed this out in another thread.. Yeah this has to be the least moderated board I have ever been on. 😂

Well technically all of YouTube message boards are not moderated at all and even I, former NuTrek hater stay away from that place. It’s savage. Even I was called a Discovery apologist once there lol. And I think I was defending Tilly out of all people. That’s like me defending Neelix.

But these boards are actually pretty civil IMO when you don’t have triggered people like the resident troll going around attacking everyone. But even other people here who likes Discovery don’t have a meltdown over it. They say their peace about the negativity and then move on.

I wasn’t around here in 2009 but I remember being here in 2013 when STID arrived and OMG did people lose their sht lol. I made a handle at the time and commented with the other fire breathers lol. But I think I was only here a month at the time and bounced but you’re right these boards today is nothing like it was back then. It was a daily drag out fights for the soul of Star Trek. It was nuts but a lot of fun lol.

But that’s probably because they had more than 18 people commenting here like today. 😂

Yeah YT is it’s own entity lol. And yeah there are REAL Discovery/NuTrek haters there but they probably do it more for clicks than anything. When NOTHING is ever good and you have to find a way to be negative on everything it’s probably because you have a captive audience and want to keep them.

I post on the more neutral and balanced places like Trekyards, Trekculture, etc. You get more balanced posts like here and less mouth breathers there lol.

As for this board I do like Anthony’s hands off approach but yes it NEEDS to be moderated when you got individuals constantly starting fights with everyone and derailing threads (although I derail threads all the time like I’m doing right now so I should probably be the first to go lol).

But Anthony is truly the biggest Trek fan around. Every time I listen to his podcast it’s obvious how much he loves everything. But he’s also an adult and truly believe in letting people just have their say. I truly respect that and why I enjoy posting here. And most people here are fun to talk to.

If you can’t follow his lead and just let people say what they want without whining about it then you probably shouldn’t be posting here. Again it’s not our problem. I can care less as well as Anthony obviously. I just love talking about Star Trek. 🙂

I truly love discussing Star Trek too even the things I hate haha.

You are very kind and easy to talk to. I have never seen you get upset about people being negative over any show and you seem to like them all or am I wrong on that?

Yeah I pretty much do love them all minus 1 or 2. With the classic shows the only show I didn’t take to right away was Enterprise. Others started a little rough like TNG and DS9 but honestly was a fan from the start. Enterprise was the only one I didn’t think I was ever going to like. And a big part of that was just it being a prequel.

Today I absolutely love it! But that wasn’t overnight lol.

With the modern shows Discovery is the only one I still have major issues with (as been discussed lol). I thought Picard was actually worse and was my worst show but season 3 was a huge improvement IMO. But the show is still my second least favorite and season 2 of that show is my worst season out of all of Star Trek. Season 1 isn’t great but it’s Ok compared to the dumpster fire of season 2 lol.

But I actually came across someone on another board who says Picard is their favorite show and season 2 was their favorite because how much they love Q. Proves we’re not a monolith, everyone like what they like and good for them.

I loved Enterprise from the start and it’s my third favorite show after TOS and TNG.

But that wasn’t a very popular opinion at the time lol. Today it’s very different and now everyone I talk to loves it. Maybe that will happen for Discovery someday too..

I do love all the classic shows in the golden era but they all have their problems too..I love both TOS and TNG the most but they both definitely have plenty of weak spots.

It really is s amazing how time can change hearts and minds. Not everything I still think Nemesis is awful lol… but I like it just a little more better with every watch.

And I been saying since 2017 Discovery will probably get way more popular in the future. When it comes to nostalgia and genre stuff fandom becomes more kind to something more as it ages.

Again not everything obviously but it does show people are willing to take a second look at things like Enterprise today.

And no I don’t get triggered because someone truly hates DS9 or anything lol. And there was a time many people did including some of my own friends.

They weren’t wrong, the station really didn’t go anywhere lol.

I had a friend who refused to watch DS9 because she said it wasn’t real Star Trek. I think many people didn’t like the show when it started. I liked it but I was also a little upset the station didn’t move haha.

We had to get out of comfort zones a bit with that show.

Nope doesn’t surprise me. There are still people today who doesn’t consider DS9 real Star Trek because of the war theme. They are obviously in the minority but it’s their view to have.

But you’re right DS9 wasn’t comfort food Star Trek like all those other shows were. I would argue neither was Discovery. But just like DS9, every show after it became more comfort food again, SNW being the most prominent. It’s as comfort food as you can get.

And that’s probably why it has around an 80% audience score on RT while Discovery has around a 35% score lol.

But in 20 years it will probably be around 80% too. DS9 is 89% today lol.

And yeah the boards were much bigger then. Hundreds of people were around back then and why you got thousand plus posts the first few months after a movie opened.

Now it’s just a few dozen people here who post regularly. I think this place is pretty chill today but I guess because I get along with pretty much everyone and probably agree more with people than disagree, yes even Discovery lol.

It is not just Star Trek or this site, internet forums are full of people hating a TV show and watching every episode, so they can go on a site and crucify it each week.
Personally if I dislike a series I will stop watching, Tbh I am in two minds that I will continue watching SNW , I stopped half way through season 2 of LDS and will probably give STA an episode.

For sure Riker will be present, this time behind the cameras! :D

For sure Riker will be present, this time behind the cameras! :D

My thoughts exactly, dude! :-)

Yuppers! The best thing I love about Frakes is that he is not only a face of the franchise he is a true fan! He’s just the bestest.

Yeah, I have met and talked with him in person — what a great person and outstanding ambassador for Star Trek!

Yes Frakes has become my spiritual guide for all things Star Trek.

Loved him since his first season on TNG and love him even more today.

He literally grew the beard for Star Trek LOL!

OMIGOSH it so can lol

Knowing Discovery it will probably just end worse than both of those. 😂🙄

Oh yeah it’s certainly possible. And while I thought the Riker and Troi inclusion on Enterprise was bad it’s still nowhere close to how bad the Kelpian kid thing was because they didn’t build up an entire season to do it as a payoff like that was.

You could literally just avoid TATV and you lose absolutely nothing in terms of the show itself. You can’t say the same for the freaking Burn.

Ok that was a rant lol. Sorry. Anyway hopefully Discovery will end on a great note but most fans who felt they been (no pun intended) burned for four seasons now are skeptical for a reason.

Burnham wakes up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette…

Or maybe she finds Prime Georgiou in the sonic shower.

Six of Nine?

(groan…OK, that was really bad humor…lol)

It worked great the first time. 😉

That was one of the best series finales of all time (with Bob Newhart, not with Burnham).


Ha! That’s excellent.

Riker turning it off would be a good way to go.

Can’t disagree with this!

Actually, Riker shutting down the program and finding out Discovery was just a holo-program written by the Doctor or Tom Paris (Or anyone, really) would be perfect for me. Makes it easier to ignore as a whole.

I see your point but isn’t the fact the show is centuries away from all the other shows already makes it easy to ignore?

Good point lol.

But s much as a bad show many think Discovery is I don’t think it should be erased or anything. It has its fans..all 12 of them! 😂

I tease because I love. In all seriousness the show shouldn’t be erased because it’s just as part of the franchise as everything else.

This is always the right answer! 👍

Omigosh the less we remember the crying death baby the better!

Yeah no, it wouldn’t be right for it to be Riker as he had closed out Enterprise with a historical re-creation.

Now Reg Barclay on the other hand…

Yes, he would be the right person to end Discovery’s program. He has the history of holo-addiction fantasies. ;)

Just kidding… maybe.

Lol Reg would be awesome!!

But honestly it was just a silly joke and didn’t think anyone would get triggered over it. If I knew what I said was going to derail things so badly I would’ve just said “THIS ALL SOUNDS SO AWESOME!!! DISCOVERY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING THIS SEASON!! 😆❤️🥰👍😎🖖🤩

And went about my day.


They might as well spoil #5. The title alone pretty much tells us what it’ll be about.

Might be misdirection.

‘Face the Strange’ is a pretty goofy title, even by Trek standards ‘for the world is hollow and i have faced the strange.’

Are they any good angles on this ship?

I like the top angle — they don’t use it enough.

The worst was the NX-01 — looked like incrementalistic/compromise design shit from any angle. The D only looked good from the front/partial downward/slightly to the side angle.

It’s Discovery…. what do you expect?

I grant you that, yeah.

Or maybe it’s based on David Bowie and lyrics “time to face the strange ch-ch-changes”. So maybe it’s an episode about changes.

So it is like titling a show ‘from whose bourn’ and expecting people to know it is a Shakespeare reference?

It’d be goofy if it weren’t a reference to David Bowie lyrics and were the first time this phrase existed, but it isn’t. I’m sure it’ll make plenty of sense in-context.

It is but there has been goofier ones lol.

I still don’t like the ship much but it has grown on me at least after 7 years lol.

Does Lagrange Point gets us into the world of Calypso?

I might be wrong but I think they said they would address that.


My ONLY REQUEST is that this season feels more like a science fiction show and less like a workplace drama/ Grey’s Anomony in space. Please no slow music end of episode montage where everyone moves in slow motion with a log entry telling us all what we learned today.

Yes for sure.



Michelle Paradise

Looking forward to this all. Thanks for the coverage Trekmovie staff.

Sounds interesting. Wonder if we’ll see this or Prodigy season 2 first, now that it released early in France; hopefully it’ll force Netflix to release it very shortly.

France? What?

Ok I found what you were referring to
That’s crazy the entire season is already released there.

I’m trying to stay strong and not look for any spoilers but I don’t know how many hours that will last lol.

It’s shocking TM hasn’t mentioned it yet but maybe they don’t know yet either.

It was not part of any plan that had been agreed to and Paramount is trying to do damage control. Trek sites have actually been asked not to publicize it.

Yeah I read that too. It is pretty crazy how stuff like that happens..

I did find a few spoilers but nothing too crazy and won’t repeat them here.

Hot flash. I’m moving to France LOL

So much negativity in this thread. I get it – a lot of you don’t like DSC. Maybe give the first couple episodes of the final season a chance, go into it with an open mind and open heart, before condemning it. I love DSC … is it perfect? No, no Trek series ever has been. But DSC has always tried to be different. Also, love it or hate it, but if not for DSC we would not have PIC, SNW, LDS, PRO, or the upcoming S31 film or the ACA series. I am very excited about this fifth (and unfortunately final) season.

I’m happy you like it iMike. Hopefully you’ll be right. I’m personally very cynical about it but hoped to be surprised.

But I remember saying that about season 2, 3 and 4 as well.

That’s a misleading argument as if DIS was the only potential series to be able to spawn other series. I am sure a more traditional approach would have been far more successful.

I kind of agree with this. I don’t believe in the argument that if we didn’t have Discovery, we wouldn’t have gotten other shows. Star Trek is a very creative and neat concept that would never die out fully. Maybe we wouldn’t have gotten them as they are now but we would definitely have had some kind of a Trek show.

Kurtzman had said in an interview they were already planning on new shows several weeks before Discovery even premiered.

And look I’m not saying iMike is wrong but unless the show just took a total nose dive more Star Trek was coming regardless because it was the only big IP on All Access at the time and they knew how hungry fans were for more shows being off the air so long. And they had to keep them subscribing longer than three months.

But yes I can agree Discovery certainly influenced the type of stuff we got like PIC, S31 and assuming SFA.

Yes, agreed. I said as much on another thread here recently. And arguably, better shows in general.

That is the one positive, no matter how divisive Discovery is itself people have seem to like the later shows more even if there are some who will never like any of them.

Wishful thinking from a fan on record as not liking the show. DSC S2 DIRECTLY LED to SNW. DSC DIRECTLY led to the S31 Movie. DSC DIRECTLY led to SFA.

And by it’s success, you can damn well bet it set the stage for the greenlighting of LDS, Picard and Prodigy — I guarantee you that none of those would have happened if DSC hadn’t been successful.

Yeah, the negativity of many fans is overwhelming at times, but I am a a glass half full person that lives by the old adage of trying to be positive about most things. Sadly, it seems like many people are simply a lot less happy about things in general. Fortunately, this is just a TV show, even though it is a part of a beloved and storied franchise.
IMHO, after a very rough start, Discovery was much better for the 2nd half of S1 and most of S2. S3 was very up and down. I really liked some of the standalone episodes like the back stories for Georgiou and Adira, but the overall S3 story thread was extremely disappointing and the ending poorly conceived by the writers room. S4 was pretty much meh, nothing to really like or dislike.
I too am hoping for a good S5 to conclude an inconsistent journey of the starship Discovery and her crew. We shall see how it all plays out.

Per usual agree DeanH.

And I always try to look at things as glass half full and probably why I truly like most of the new shows than don’t. Discovery has been up and down for me to say the least but I have liked the first half of the last three seasons. It seems to get into trouble for me in the second half mostly.

And sure I get how frustrating people can feel who does like the show always reading negative posts of a show they like. I can safely say we probably all been there before not just with Star Trek but with other shows obviously.

It has never really bothered me that much personally (a huge Voyager fan speaking here ;)), but I also admit I just like hearing all sides of an argument even if I fiercely disagree with it.

But this is also TM, which has been pretty infamous of how negative people are here literally since the first Kelvin movie premiered..As I have pointed out many many times people were much more bitter back then and there were drag out fights between posters that went on for literally years. Nothing ever gets erased here and you can spend hours reading all the heated rhetoric.

The irony is this is probably the most positive this board has been the last few years lol.

Every season has been meh for me. It shows a hint of promise but always deflates so quickly. Season 4 was so bad I stopped watching after episode 8.

Everyone I talk to says it’s not even worth finishing.

 if not for DSC we would not have PIC, SNW, LDS, PRO, or the upcoming S31 film or the ACA series

That is simply untrue.

In what way? How? It all sprang out of Disco doing well. We fundamentally have Disco to thank.


I think it best to simply say, Discovery helped spawn Short Treks, SNW, Picard, Prodigy, LDs and S31. Regardless of how things go in S5 (cautiously optimistic), that is the lasting legacy of Star Trek: Discovery with more to come.

Well said!

No, and not even close.


And by it’s success, you can damn well bet it set the stage for the greenlighting of LDS, Picard and Prodigy — I guarantee you that none of those would have happened if DSC hadn’t been successful.

Is it? Strange New Worlds is a direct spin-off of Discovery. Sir Patrick Stewart had to be convinced to do Picard; do you think that convincing would have been successful if his show had been first? Section 31 is also a spin-off of DSC, and likely so is Star Trek: Academy.

Hi iMike. Anything with “Star Trek” in the title will always get a chance from me. As always it is nice speaking with you.

Thank you for the post!

So much negativity in this thread. I get it – a lot of you don’t like DSC

Lol, yeah, and a very loud few can get unruly, repetitive and vindictive — and then watch out for the group-think when they all respond to each other like it’s the end of the freaking world when you call out their cut-and-paste BS on them — just freaking hilarious, and so, so predictable (but never predict it in advance…oh no, they don’t want to hear that…but then they do the DSC belittling anyway after bitching about how dare you predict it…lol)

…if not for DSC we would not have PIC, SNW, LDS, PRO, or the upcoming S31 film or the ACA series. I am very excited about this fifth (and unfortunately final) season.

You are100% correct, of course. But as you can see in some of the responses, some of the negative nellies would like to explain that away since it’s not convenient to their DSC sucks agenda…lol

There’s no way you have friends in real life.

Well the friends I do have aren’t oversensitive little babies who just respond with personal attacks when they’ve got nothing else left.

And respond to this if you must, but this is all you get from me today. Have a nice afternoon!

“Well the friends I do have aren’t oversensitive little babies who just respond with personal attacks when they’ve got nothing else left.”

Wait did you just say this with a straight face?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

The biggest baby here who personally attacks EVERYBODY is calling out someone else?? It just shows how utterly clueless to your behavior is even when it’s been called out again and again and again on countless boards. How many people keep calling your behavior out?

You’re having a meltdown because people are saying a sucky TV show sucks lol.

Look in the mirror. You’re the biggest oversensitive troll on this board.

Seriously get a cat or something. Get several.

Right on schedule — as I said elsewhere here today:

— and then watch out for the group-think when they all respond to each other like it’s the end of the freaking world when you call out their cut-and-paste BS on them — just freaking hilarious, and so, so predictable….. — they always got another 10,000 words of negativity ready to go, along with a sleeve full of “atta boy” responses ready to validate each other’s comments.

So predictable…lol. Bye bye…have a great day.

Bro your entire trollish behavior is as predictable as the sun coming up.

Who keeps calling out people like an insulin little child every time you don’t get your way or don’t like their opinions?

How many people keep calling you out here? You had the nerve to say Silvereyes is being am oversensitive baby and here you are doing it daily. 😂

Remember a few weeks you tried to get others to attack me but instead everyone just kept calling you out? I remember.

Get some help already. You just keep embarrassing yourself because you get triggered like a 9 year old and go on a trirade about it.


You have no one but yourself to blame bro. Seriously. Look in a mirror, yeah you did it to yourself.

When you go crawling back to the other site, and you will, luckily will be blocked from me as you have been for years now so I no longer have to deal with your bullying and toxic behavior anymore.

One last parting shot: Adolf

Buh bye for good loser.

I view this as like going to the dentist. I just want to get it over and done with so I can move on to better things.

Then don’t watch it. Problem solved.

Lol, exactly!

Kind of like for me when I see your name on a Trekmovie DSC article — I know what’s coming and I am hoping he used enough Novocain.

VERY curious if any of these episodes establish how/why/when “Calypso” happens —

Also I am VERY sure the series finale will have Michael giving a speech about family and friendship being the real journey.

If they planned on doing a cliffhanger season-ender before getting cancelled, it would only take adding one scene and spending a lot on getting permissions to do something where angel mom will take a dying Burnham into an adjacent reality where she gets to meet NimoySpock before she croaks.

Exciting! Super-secret! Fun! Surprising! Tense! 

Her description of episode 1 is about on par with the writing on this show.

The finale is going to be off the scale amounts of love, crying, hugging, adoration. Lots of characters looking at each other and smiling, declaring their love and respect for each other.

Couldn’t agree more. It sounds like it will be more of the same… unfortunately.

This season still sounds like it will be just as awful as the last four.were. You can’t keep putting lipstick on a pig

MODS — please review this post as SPAM/TROLLING. Thank you.

Leave me alone you obsessed creep.

Take your meds..

I clearly addressed my post to the MODS.

I have zero interest in communicating with you

The biggest troll on the site is whining about a post which is in no way trolling.

Trolling is all your posts on LDS.

Trolling is posting first on an article, predicting people will post negative comments, before anyone has posted anything at all.

Trolling is referring to other posters by name in posts, which is literally the online equivalent of talking behind someone’s back.

You are literally looking for trouble, and when you get it you whine.

The issue is not people complaining about DSC, it’s you b*tching about people expressing themselves about DSC. That’s gatekeeping, you do know that right?

All I said was the show still sounds bad. How can someone be so triggered over it? And I have never attacked anyone like he does constantly here.

I have asked him to stop harassing me several times now. All he does is fight with everyone here. Didn’t you say he was banned before? Why is he allowed to still be here?

He’s nothing but a control freak with serious personality issues. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live with this loon.

Every board he’s on he’s arguing with people having utter meltdowns over a TV show. He sounds completely miserable.

He was banned at least twice. Don’t know why they still tolerate him. He acts like an insecure child. He just wants attention. Best thing is to ignore him. This is what I should do to.

Which I did but as you pointed out he made a post about me personally… for someone I didn’t even know.

He just creeps me out..I don’t get his bizarre and creepy fascination with me? As if I’m the first person who has been critical of Discovery.

If you are that bothered just keep scrolling down. I scroll down all this creeps messages because I don’t care about his opinions and all he wants to do is argue with everyone.

I’m going to let this go again. I think it was Tiger2 who told me not to report it last time. But if he does it just one more time I’m going to screenshot everything this loon has said to me and especially all the times I told him to back off because I’m feeling harassed by this creep. And when I send it I hope they ban him again.

The same individual following me around because he didn’t like I made a two sentence post on a message board. Like WTF? How much of a control freak weirdo do you have to be in real life? 🙄


And he’s back.

What is wrong with this person? I’m tired of being harassed by someone I asked multiple times to leave me alone.

He’s such a sick human being with clearly nothing in his life but this message board.

I warned you about this guy long ago. He’s the resident lunatic for a reason.

And it’s hilarious the biggest troll here and who attacked you when didn’t even post in the thread or knew who he was is calling you a troll.

You can NOT make this up. 😂🙄

And yes he was BANNED here before…gee I wonder why?

This guy is an absolute psycho lol. There is a lack of medication somewhere to have these constant meltdowns.

You did but then he had a different handle and I don’t even click every link.

He seems to think I have some issue with him although I couldn’t care less about him. I tried to be nice. I’m direct with my opinions but I leave everyone alone. I’m not here to make enemies just give my opinions and then go about my day. I’m surprised I’m still typing here. It’s been almost two months. It’s a record for me haha.

He on the other hand is an elderly child and needs to be told when someone tells you to back off you BACK OFF!

Final warning.

I remember telling you after this psycho went after you the last time that he will probably do it again in four days.

Looks like I was wrong and it took five days lol.

He just can’t help himself. Everywhere he goes he just derails boards with his nonsense and he knows most people hate him.

I think he only stays here because as sad as this sounds this is probably the only place this guy has any real connection to people both online and real life.

A place that banned him twice already lol. But that’s probably why he keeps coming back because there are probably few options for him. He can change his handle and ‘start over’ but as proven time and time again it never works out because he just reverts back to his old ways.

I guess I don’t really understand it because I don’t really spend a lot of time on message boards? I am on social media more because I mostly interact with friends or family. I do have a few Star Trek friends I met online and we usually have a good time and we don’t agree on everything. And my life isn’t constantly on social media either but I’m an old fart lol.

I don’t want to psychoanalyze this person but if they been banned twice, always changing their handles, being told by various people (including me) they don’t want to have anything to do with them, constantly tries to control others thoughts (like me again)and find ways to fight with individuals here everyday…but refuses to leave no matter how miserable he clearly is here, he probably doesn’t have many friends in real life or even online.

And I don’t think anyone would be that surprised the way he conducts himself here. It’s like a 9 year old acting out only he’s 60. It’s pathetic.

Maybe I would empathize with him more if he wasn’t an overbearing jerk. This is the last time I will speak about this person…. unless he keeps harassing me. The next person I will talk to will be the moderators when he does.

It makes no sense to keep banning someone but then let them come back to cause the same issues as he clearly does.

Can anybody hint at what his previous aliases were? Am genuinely curious.

Upper decks Lower Necks

I think it was UpperDecks-NormalNecks, and also One Lion…

Yes it was. And thankfully he’s now gone… again.

True or false, you were already banned here before? According to multiple people here you were. Keep harassing me you pathetic troll and I’m going to make sure you will be banned again.

Take your meds and LEAVE ME ALONE!

I was going to report you before because you won’t stop harassing me but someone convinced me not to.

But now I see what an utter nutter you are so if this persists, I will.

Take your meds!


You are freaking nuts because I never addressed you. In fact, I was reporting you to the moderators. Here’s a clue for you — when someone begins a post saying “MODS — please review…”, That should clue you in that you are not being being addressed by that person, like DUH!

You need to stop addressing me and take your meds. Again, I never addressed you here whatsoever and you know that. Stop this facade where you were claiming I was talking to you. It’s completely 100% false and you know it.


Please leave me alone because again I never addressed you whatsoever here and you know it. — and I have zero interest in having any sort of conversation with you whatsoever

You have been banned here twice correct?

Why do you keep coming back. You must not have a life to be so desperate to be on a small board where no one likes you.

I wish I could feel sorry for you but I feel sorry for your family. You’re overbearing with some serious personality deficits.

Leave me alone and stop harassing me. You been banned twice creep. 🙄


“TOS Continues 2027
March 20, 2024 11:39 am
Queue up that five dude cabal to cut and paste their negative comments on the last five DSC articles on Trekmovie into this article. Lol

I’m especially looking forward to another one of Legacy’s intellectually disposable two sentence comments that say it sucks and nobody watches it. ;-)”

This what you posted to me on a board I haven’t posted in at the time. This was 6 days ago. Did you already forget this old man???

If you claim you don’t want to talk to me then why did you post this you SICK CREEP!!



“TOS Continues 2027
March 20, 2024 11:39 am
Queue up that five dude cabal to cut and paste their negative comments on the last five DSC articles on Trekmovie into this article. Lol

I’m especially looking forward to another one of Legacy’s intellectually disposable two sentence comments that say it sucks and nobody watches it. ;-)”








“TOS Continues 2027

Reply to Legacy
March 26, 2024 11:46 am*








This has gone too far. You know full well you’re the one that needs to be reported, and I will. You’re calling others liar when you’re the one lying. Right after Legacy’s post, you posted to the mods to flag her post as trolling. Do you not get that this is in fact addressing her? What’s wrong with you? You don’t need to post to someone directly to address them, and you do this all the time by naming posters directly in your posts. Stop blaming others for the things that you’re the one doing. Get a life and leave people alone.

Knock off the BS. She lied over and over. I never addressed her. PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT.

Bye bye

You directly replied to her post, flagging it as trolling to the mods. That’s addressing her and you know it.

Even lichen’s evolved into moss. What are you waiting for?

Again thank you. He’s completely bonkers and obsessed with me.

This is is literally why I didn’t want to even interact with him because I saw the warning signs a mile away and told him to simply leave me alone. Turns out my instincts were right.

And now he keeps saying I’m lying when he says he didn’t respond to my post when everyone can see he responded to my post lol. What is wrong with him?

And on top of that if I’m actually trolling the mods doesn’t need this person to alert them. They can read it on their own lol.

And as you stated he didn’t have to actually respond to me at all. He could’ve just reported it directly and linked it to therm like every message board.

He knows what he’s doing. Everyone reading this knows what he’s doing. Just a vindictive and spiteful little boy who wants attention, nothing more.

I have had never had someone so desperate to seek attention from me on an anonymous message board before. It’s beyond creepy and weird.


Thank you! Truly. I was feeling so harassed by him. I asked him to simply leave me alone and he couldn’t do that.

Thanks again.

Thank you. This creep is so obvious and transparent. He’s such a child. Everyone knows he’s simply doing it to bait me.because he doesn’t like me and just trying to get a rise out me. 🙄

This moron knows nothing I said was trolling or spamming. The same individual who spams every board with his nonsense and constantly confronts and attacks people when he doesn’t like their opinions is just obnoxious and vindictive.





That’s what this is really about. He’s so vindictive because I simply REFUSED TO TALK TO HIM. Because he’s clearly just a control freak with obsesses over tedious things and want to constantly control everyone here.

I have not once EVER responded to this person first. I just want to talk to people who I can generally have a CONVERSATION with and not an ARGUMENT with and this creep only does the opposite here.

If he doesn’t like my opinions then simply do what I do with him and KEEP SCROLLING instead of this childish and spiteful behavior.

But he refuses to do that and wants to be an elderly child instead of a mature adult as evident on every board he posts on.

He called me out on another thread because I made a TWO LINE POST once and he was confronting me as if I just abused someone.

This is just unhealthy behavior and he really deserves to be banned over it.

I just want him to LEAVE ME ALONE! 🙄

Thank you Silvereyes for reporting him. I am so appreciative of you right now and the mods.

I just wanted to be LEFT ALONE! He wouldn’t stop harassing me and now he’s gone.

He has no one to blame but himself. His toxic behavior should have been banned long ago. I never had any problems with him, I just didn’t want to interact with his bullish toxicity either.

This comments section is tiring. Why can’t discussion be able the contents of the article above? For those that forgot, it’s about episode hints for the upcoming season and definitely doesn’t involve any sort of creative writing prompt for shitting on things. This is truly the most boring application of one’s fandom I can imagine.

Honestly? There really isn’t much to discuss over the things you’ve said. I mean…. they are hints but really don’t tell us much… so I guess it just veers off track into related topics. The most I got out of it is where to expect some of the stuff we derived from trailers will pop up in the season. That’s all I’ve got.

Still though, just watch across this season though when we will in fact get articles with more meat — I guarantee you that that small cadre of loud, repetitive fans will still be shitting here daily in force — 20+ posts each, with many of them just reinforcing each other’s stale, tired negative schlock that we’ve already been reading from them, season after season after season. Those dude’s are like ‘DSC Hate Groundhog Day” — they always got another 10,000 words of negativity ready to go, along with a sleeve full of “atta boy” responses ready to validate each other’s comments…and woe betide anyone who tries to push back on their little clique of DSC malaise. But the sucky thing for the rest of us is, for their DSC Hate Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil is forever going to see his shadow.

My only point is.. people want to come on here and talk. Positive, negative.. whatever. So it’s not a reflection on the content or lack thereof… This is what we do because we love Star Trek, even if we don’t like this iteration of it.

It’s better than nothing but yeah.

I feel it’s just going to be more of the same. The trailer did nothing for me.

For those that forgot, it’s about episode hints for the upcoming season and definitely doesn’t involve any sort of creative writing prompt for shitting on things. 

Lol, that ain’t this place. But I commend your positivity!

They sound OK at least. But it all so vague though.

I will say I have seen a few videos of people who have seen the early episodes and one did say episode 4 is a huge episode with a big twist. At least I think it was episode 4 lol.

So per usual sounds promising but yeah.

Nice! 👍

Can we please have this series end with Riker saying “Computer, end program!”?

I would love that haha.

It would be more fitting this time around and Riker needs to make an appearance. I’d rather see the 25th century as current Star Trek.

LOL yes!

Yes, but even better “Computer, end and delete program”.

lol. The perfect twist a la the Dallas shower scene in the 80’s.

“Computer, end and delete series”.

LOL even better!

new article in Variety on state of Trek, you can find it on their main page.

Warning: if you post in a way like I do (critical), don’t expect your post to actually show up, Variety has either removed my responses or not even allowed them to show up every time I’ve posted there in the last couple of years (this article included.)

And all I did was point out how with a writer’s room this dumb, it is no wonder trek is messed up worse than ever. Example: Kurzman suggests they need to make science more important on the show, and a writer asks if this means she can increase the amount of techno-babble.

edit addon: There is a SPOILER in the story concerming S31 movie, a character we’ve seen before who reappears here at a much different age. Just so you know.

Coming from Variety, are you surprised?

It was a decent article for what it was. Yeah, interesting spoiler, there.

Every time they quoted Goldsman, I cringed. ‘’Muppets,” “black and white slapstick.” Ugh. I wish that guy jettisoned from the franchise.

Not too thrilled to hear the writer of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is working on a new Trek film script. I thought that movie very weak.

Anyway, it seems they’re doing their best to make the franchise exciting and draw in new fans. Good luck to them. Interesting how Frakes said he hardly ever meets any New fans.

That was a good read.

According to the article, the origin story movie will be for the prime timeline and not the Kelvin-verse. While I’m not thrilled with the idea of a prequel movie, I’m at least glad it will be set in the prime universe.

Yeah, ANOTHER prequel story. Perfect. 🙄

These creative haven’t demonstrated they deserve to get to play in the prime verse.