‘Star Trek: Section 31’ First Look Revealed With ‘Academy’ Details, Plus Glimmer Of ‘Legacy’ Hope

The new Star Trek Universe of streaming TV launched in 2017 with the first season of Discovery. As that series is winding down with the fifth and final season arriving next week, it’s a good time to look to the future of the franchise. And that is exactly what Variety has done with an in-depth cover story sporting a weighty title: “The Future of ‘Star Trek’: From ‘Starfleet Academy’ to New Movies and Michelle Yeoh, How the 58-Year-Old Franchise Is Planning for the Next Generation of Fans.”

This includes a first-look image and details (and spoilers) for Section 31 and the upcoming Academy series. There is also a tiny bit of hope for Star Trek: Legacy.

First look, and a surprising character for Section 31

The piece in Variety is a comprehensive look at the Star Trek franchise covering a lot of ground, and that includes some insights into the upcoming Star Trek: Section 31 streaming movie, starring Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh, reprising her role as Emperor Phillipa Georgiou from Discovery. The piece includes this first look image from Section 31

Michelle Yeoh in Section 31 (Jan Thijs/Paramount+)

There was no context added to the image. Yeoh’s Georgiou can be seen wearing her familiar Section 31 black leather and she appears to be whispering to a character with a significant amount of technology fused to their head, giving off a particularly cyperpunk-ish Borg-ish feeling.

Yeoh has characterized the Section 31 movie as “Mission: Impossible in space,” and screenwriter Craig Sweeny talks about his approach, telling Variety: “It was always my goal to deliver an entertaining experience that is true to the universe but appeals to newcomers. I wanted a low barrier of entry so that anybody could enjoy it.” Sweeny also acknowledges how the dark world of Section 31 is “almost antagonistic to some of the values of ‘Star Trek,’” but explains:

“Famously, there’s a spot for everybody in Roddenberry’s utopia, so I was like, ‘Well, who would be the people who don’t quite fit in?’ I didn’t want to make the John le Carré version, where you’re in the headquarters and it’s backbiting and shades of gray. I wanted to do the people who were at the edges, out in the field. These are not people who necessarily work together the way you would see on a ‘Star Trek’ bridge.”

Before the Section 31 streaming movie wrapped last week, Variety was invited to watch some of the filming in Toronto and writer Adam B. Vary describes one of the sets as “an opulent nightclub with a view of a brilliant, swirling nebula.” He then then drops a big spoiler about a character not previously known to be part of the movie:

A few minutes later, dozens of extras in all manner of outlandish eveningwear file into the club, several of them made up as classic “Star Trek” aliens that fans might be surprised to see in this kind of swanky establishment. But I’m far more distracted by a different discovery: Georgiou is standing with a young Rachel Garrett (Kacey Rohl), a character first introduced on “Next Generation” as the older fearless captain of the USS Enterprise-C.

Rohl was announced to be part of the cast in January along with six other actors, but it was not known she would be playing a young Rachel Garrett, a memorable character played by Tricia O’Neill from the classic TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”  Garrett also got a notable mention in season 3 of Picard — a statue of the famous captain (aka “the red lady”) was a clue to a terrorist attack in the 25th century.

The inclusion of Garrett is our first indication of when the Section 31 movie is set, as the character was active in the mid-24th century. This could mean the movie is set between the TOS movie and TNG eras. However, it’s also possible there could be more time travel elements involved as Georgiou was last seen jumping back in time (via the Guardian of Forever) from the 32nd century.

(L) Kacey Rohl in The Wedding Veil Inspiration (Hallmark) and (R) Tricia O’Neill as Rachel Garrett in TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (Paramount)

Glimmer of hope for Legacy

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman acknowledges adding a character like Rachel Garrett is the kind of connection primarily aimed at Trek fans, saying: “You cannot create new fans to the exclusion of old fans. You must serve your primary fan base first and you must keep them happy. That is one of the most important steps to building new fans.”

Variety also confirms that Paramount+ and Kurtzman are still looking at follow-up streaming movies:

Should “Section 31” prove successful, Yeoh says she’s game for a sequel. And Kurtzman is already eyeing more opportunities for TV movies, including a possible follow-up to “Picard.”

Of course much has been reported about the idea of a “Star Trek: Legacy” followup to Picard which would include characters from season 3 and more “legacy” characters from the franchise. One way to test that concept would be to do a streaming TV movie, which could work as a backdoor pilot for a series. Speaking to TrekMovie last month, Picard season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas said he was open to the idea: “For me, I would just need this crew, I would need this cast, and as long as that was a possibility, we would figure something out…”

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Ensign Sidney La Forge, Mica Burton as Alandra La Forge and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

Setting confirmed and new Academy details

The new Variety piece also has a couple of tidbits about the upcoming Starfleet Academy series, which is set to start filming later this summer. One thing is that it officially confirms that will be set in the 32nd century, established by Star Trek: Discovery. Academy co-showrunner Noga Landau says this setting is helpful as it offers more freedom as the target young adult audience (like the characters) are new to this world, explaining:

“These are kids who’ve never had a red alert before. They never had to operate a transporter or be in a phaser fight.”

32nd century Federation HQ in Discovery “Die Trying” (Paramount+)

The Variety piece takes us into the Academy writers’ room at Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout offices in Los Angeles, where he also serves as executive producer and co-showrunner for the series…

Kurtzman tells the staff — a mix of “Star Trek” die-hards, part-time fans and total newbies — that he wants to take a 30,000-foot view for a moment. “I think we need to ground in science more throughout the show,” he says, a giant framed photograph of Spock ears just over his shoulder. “The kids need to use science more to solve problems.”

Immediately, one of the writers brightens. “Are you saying we can amp up the techno-babble?” she says. “I’m just excited I get to use my computer science degree.”

Section 31 was shot on the same stages used for five seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and now Paramount+ and CBS Studios are gearing up to use the same stages for the Academy show. According to the Variety article, this will include the largest single set ever created for Star Trek. Here is how it is described:

“In one of Kurtzman’s several production offices in Toronto, he and production designer Matthew Davies are scrutinizing a series of concept drawings for the newest “Star Trek” show, “Starfleet Academy.” A bit earlier, they showed me their plans for the series’ central academic atrium, a sprawling, two-story structure that will include a mess hall, amphitheater, trees, catwalks, multiple classrooms and a striking view of the Golden Gate Bridge in a single, contiguous space. To fit it all, they plan to use every inch of Pinewood Toronto’s 45,900 square foot soundstage, the largest in Canada.”

Starfleet Academy in the TNG episode “Time’s Arrow” (Paramount)

This tidbit also confirms that the series will be set on Earth, back at Starfleet Academy’s traditional San Francisco setting. In season 4 of Discovery, Starfleet Academy was still part of the space-based Starfleet HQ, but Earth was seen to be rejoining the Federation in the season finale. The Variety piece also reveals that the Academy show will not just be based in San Francisco, with Kurtzman and Davies refining the 32nd century starship design language. Looking at some ship concepts, Kurtzman is quoted as saying: “For me, this design is almost too Klingon. I want to see the outline and instinctively, on a blink, recognize it as a Federation ship.”

There is much more to check out in the cover story about Star Trek at Variety.com.

Neil Jamieson for Variety

Keep up with news for the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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s31 movie = Yesterdays Enterprise Origins?

OOoooo I like that idea.

This is probably be way before that.

Legacy episode references.

Yes certainly possible. I didn’t care much about the Space Nazi movie but with a young Garrett there I’m now quite intrigued.

For a second I thought you were talking about a movie adaptation of Patterns of Force.

Lol! Sorry. And that’s one of my favorite episodes. That would make an amazing movie adaptation. 😂

Very cool. I’d have preferred the Enterprise era, but I’m all for the Enterprise-C era.

She might just be passing through, trying to get ‘home’ to SNW time. The whole Rachel Garrett things might be a cameo. It’d be cool though if it’s set in the ‘unknown’ period.

Or maybe it will be like the Bill and Ted movies and she needs to collect historical figures throughout Star Trek’s history to solve a problem.

That would be a show called Star Trek: Relativity. ;)

Or “Georgiou’s Excellent Adventure”

that was actually going to be the movie after Nemesis according to Brent Spiner, the bad guy was going to collect all the big villains from the franchise and the Enterprise E would have gone back in time to collect their hero counterparts

Given the remark that this movie was not that expensive to make, I wouldn’t expect something as grand. I think they’re going to commit to that time period. Which fits well, I guess.

I mean it’s not that hard to do. Trek can do crazy time travel on a budget. Look at All Good Things.

That one recycled sets and casts. The action was contained within the same ship.

In all likelihood, they settled on an era between DIS/TOS and TNG in which the Mirror Universe is still close enough for Georgiou to survive without having to return there.

It also explains why Tyler won’t be in this.

Yes but the point remains it was still done on a two episode budget.

This is a movie. Yes a TV movie and I don’t think it means they can’t get more creative than AGT.

Now you’re probably right and it’s going to just stay in one timeline but I think it’s to soon to assume anything yet. Oddly this is the most news we gotten about it since it’s been announced

The thing is that if the premise of the series was “Georgiou, time traveler”, then it wouldn’t be a Section 31 movie, would it?

That’s an entirely different thing that relies on the Guardian of Forever being a continuing presence that keeps her leaping through time. It’s not like she’d just travel from one period to another at will, she has to step through the portal each time she moves through time.

That would make her an agent of the Guardian, which this is not it.

It’s more likely that she’ll arrive in Garrett’s era and go to work for Section 31 based on her having been an operative before during the DIS era.

She’ll likely be to Garrett’s era what Sloan was during the TNG/DS9/VOY era and Harris was during the ENT era.

Yeah you’re probably right. I’m just hoping for something a little bit more interesting. But Yeoh herself just described it as a Mission Impossible story so it will probably just stay in that time period unfortunately.

And I completely forgot about the Guardian lol. Yeah hope he at least shows up but they may cut to her already living in the 24th century.

Presumably, Georgiou should emerge through the Guardian of Forever on its unnamed planet from TOS.

Who’ll be there to pick her up? Maybe that’ll be where she meets Garrett? Maybe she’s part of a Federation science research team studying the ruins. That would be cool.

Actually that would be cool!

Indeed. I do hope they go in that direction.

I hate to spoil, but from her run in with the guardian in Discovery, the guardian isn’t stuck on its planet anymore and took the form of an older cigar smoking fellow named Carl because the “Temporal Wars” from the Enterprize series had people misusing it. Plus the guardian could always move people through time and space, so it could send her not only anywhen, but anywhere.

The Guardian moved planets long after Garrett’s time. In her time, it should still be on the same planet he was on in TOS.

But you are right, she could reappear anywhere and at any time, not necessarily emerge through the portal.

They can also waste it like in season 2 of Picard. I have seen worse time travel stories in Star Wars, and Indiana Jones but not many.

A young Garrett would mean she isn’t a captain.

Yeah. Not that it matters, really.

Actually it could be a multi timeline time travel story and she’s in the 23rd and 24th century.

Same here! There’s so much time AFTER TOS to explore!


Need more techno-babble!

This tells you at what level the writers are operating on…

It just sounds like the writers have a sense of humor and you don’t.

We all know what kind of humor you have, the kind where you think you’re being witty and funny, but that you would never have the nerve to say to someone’s face IRL, which is a good thing for you.

Oh I have the nerve. I’ve just never met a Star Trek fan in real life. I keep away from you guys the same way I keep away from the Taliban, bad vibes. BTW I’m a black guy with a shaved head, most of you guys are afraid of me.

“You guys”? How do you know we’re all Star Trek fans? Apparently you’re not and you’re here… So are you here just to troll? Anyway not all ST fans are socially inept nerds you want to keep away from. Most are just normal people with decent jobs and a good life.

I’m a married man. I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m battle hardened. I’ve also seen and done enough to not judge or be afraid. If people are afraid of you because you’re black with a shaved head, then shame on them. Stupid people come in all colors, races, genders, …

BTW, if most people were afraid of me or judging me for my appearance, I’d have a guarded attitude too. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind (stole that from a YouTube channel).

So you fear the comb.

I’ve been rocking the Sisko look since I was 19.

Dude you’re the biggest troll here.

And you keep saying how much you hate Star Trek fans and yet here you are lol.

For someone who keeps pronouncing you’re above all of this, you never go away.

And I’m black too who has met Star Trek fans from all backgrounds and races. None of them has ever been afraid of me.

Such a ridiculous and absurd comment. 🙄

Like I said before. You guys have no sense of humor. Try watching some Monty Python sometimes.

I grew up on Tom Lehrer and Lenny Bruce– compared to them, Python was if not second-rate, then at least second-place. (I do love me some LIFE OF BRIAN, and dig nearly all of Gilliam’s movies though.)

The end of the Time Bandits always made me depressed when I was a kid.

With parents like those, he didn’t need enemies, probably better off w/o ’em.

LOL true, still sad though.

When people have no context, humor especially in text form, will always be perceived differently than in person.

It’s funnier without context.

Wish that were the case for everything — and everyone.

Then your kick is laughing at people not getting your jokes, so it’s just funny for you.

I get it, you’ve been hurt and just need a hug but can’t express it any other way.

Hugs 🤗?

Well I wasn’t offering, but why not 🤗


Maybe you should try less trolling.

And if you have to insult people to be funny and no one is laughing maybe because your jokes are lame.

I’ve never trolled here. Just calling me a troll because you don’t like the words coming out from my iPhone doesn’t make me a troll.

The jokes are funny. You just wouldn’t get it. 🃏

You’ve done nothing but troll.

All you do here is bait people and be a constrain just to get a rise out of everyone. That’s trolling

And why are you coming off so bitter? You got news about Section 31 and SFA but still coming off angry about all the news.

I honestly have no clue why you keep coming here? Certainly not to have any meaningful discussions

I think you’re just really bored in your life..Why keep trying to have conversations with me when I have told you I don’t even like you and don’t want to have anything to do with you?

And yet you persist. 🙄

Well, I’m a white guy with a shaved head, and as far as I know, no one is afraid of me…:)

We would if you were wearing a tRump hat.

Well, it was funnier when I imagined Christopher Walken saying it. I didn’t mean to start anything.

I’m glad the setting will be on Earth, and not that weird pastry-looking space station that is Starfleet HQ as depicted in DSC.

Same! Sooooo excited. An Earth based show in the 32nd century sounds so different and exciting. This is truly what the base needs.

And not to take away from the subject but FYI you’re favorite sparring partner has been banned finally. I’ll leave it there.

Yah I saw. Say something rude and snarky so I can start it up with you now :) But no, would never do that. You’re one of the kindest posters here. Anyway this will lighten up the mood on the board.

It was just getting out of hand. There should now at least be 80% less trolling and arguments. I wish him luck but he clearly dug his own grave and he literally said in another thread he was willing to get banned over his actions.

Well he got banned.

And thanks! 😊

I just wanted to thank you personally. I saw you reported him and forever grateful he’s gone.

I was feeling so stressed by this person. I will happily move on now. But thank you Silvereyes.

Well you’re welcome. I saw that Kmart also reported him. And I think we all saw how he was really bothering you. He’s been doing this for a long time, but he went too far and it needed to stop.

I must thank Kmart too as well.

We had such a great conversation over TOS a few weeks ago and he disagreed with my love over Voyager.

I completely respected his views and we then moved on. That’s how it’s supposed to work and not be an overbearing jerk just because you don’t like my opinions.

He deserved what he got.

I’m flattered you remember that — too often here, all people remember are the fights!

Of course I did. In fact I enjoy reading all your posts. You’re a cynic like me lol but you’re also very well spoken, knowledgeable and polite to everyone here. You seem to be highly respected here.

What that other individual didn’t understand (and I know he’s reading this) is I would’ve happily had a meaningful discussion with him. I know my opinions are harsh and direct, I been a fan for over 50 years now of course they are lol.

But I am here to engage in conversation. That’s why I usually just respond to like minded people. I have never challenged anyone on their opinions since I been a Trek fan. I don’t talk to people who loves Discovery I just talked to the ones who hates it like me haha.

But of course I no problem debating the issue if that’s what you want.

But he didn’t want that, he just wanted to shove his opinions down my throat and argue with me. I saw that after just two days. When I told him to just PLEASE leave me alone and I had no interest about any of his thoughts about anything that’s when the harassment started.

But if he just spoke to me like a human being instead of some toxic nutter because he hated my opinions we may have been friends.

But as I saw obviously I wasn’t the only one dealing with his and I only been here two months..I still don’t understand how he was able to come back if he was already banned before.

And the way he attacked so many others was just appalling. And always wanted to question people like me but, um, excuse me I have never been banned anywhere so check your own behavior mister. You’re the one coming off like an elderly child when you don’t get your way.

But thank you Kmart. I appreciate you and others for standing up for me. I just felt so uncomfortable around him and he just wouldn’t move on.

No prob. Though I do have to admit that in certain circumstances, I feel standing your ground in a forum does require you go against the grain, even if it means getting banned.

Blu-ray.com has a rule about not mentioning politics at all that I felt was wholly inappropriate given that movies and tv deal with political issues all the time, and I got suspended there a few times. So I completely expected a ban there when I massively violated their policies regarding that THING occupying the White House a few years back. It bums me not to be able to interact with certain posters there, but if I hadn’t stayed true to my perspective … well, I guess as Kirk said, ‘the cost would have been my soul.’

Ditto for a ban at hobbytalk.com, though I think that was on a less sensitive matter (probably the most recent era of Bond films.)

I posted on trekbbs for probably ten years off and on and was constantly running afoul of one massively entitled poster who came off to me as a Paramount shilll and whomI came to regard and address as ‘false data’ — a reference to DARK STAR — and even though I was convinced to come back there a few times, I finally just decided it was unhealthy to be there (and my wife was livid after I got a death threat from somebody there that specified where I lived, which indicated a certain level of commitment on their part.) Also, nearly everybody I admired there is now gone from trekbbs, including posters who financially supported the site, so despite the volume of traffic, it doesn’t seem anywhere near as interesting place, based on my occasional look-ins. Unlike blu-ray.com, which I still read for information and wish I could submit corrections to on matters historical, I don’t feel bad for missing out on participating at trekbbs anymore.

I don’t know why the other now-gone poster here was going on the way he did with you, but I do get that sometimes you have to keep trying to get your POV across regardless of cost. But I’d say that what he did is definitely not the way!

Wow dude that’s some crazy stuff.

But yeah it probably happens to everyone at some point. I was also banned from a site based on my other nerdy hobby which are Disney parks lol. Been to every single one worldwide and was recently at WDW back in January.

Anyway it was about 10 years ago and I was on this Disney site for 5 years and got banned because I was caught using an alias because I was trying to avoid another member there who got a little too clingy with me and all this drama persued (we had met each other in person at Disneyland with others) and it just got too much.

I tried to explain to them why but they said it creates too many problems with people using different aliases to stalk others although I was using it to avoid someone who I felt was semi stalking me lol. When I always say we need ignore buttons here I always think about that experience lol.

It wasn’t a huge deal and me and that other person ultimately stayed friends later actually (and they got kicked off themselves). And you do get way too wrapped up into these sites and why I stopped doing social media years ago. Saved me a ton of grief and useless drama.

But yeah it happens. That other guy probably feels a little lost and angry right now (again ALL his fault and no one else to blame… seriously) but in the end it will probably be a good thing for him and he can stop obsessing over so much silliness and drama he caused for himself.

This stuff is supposed to be fun and he just came off way too miserable and angry most of time. In a few months he’ll probably realize this was ultimately a good thing and remember these boards aren’t supposed to be your life. That’s how I felt once I got kicked off that Disney site and realized all the silly stress I was giving myself to discuss theme park rides.

No the way he was always trying to bait you was disgusting. This was his problem and he was constantly trying to argue with everyone and then constantly play the ‘who me’ victim card.

He burned his own bridges long ago way before you showed up.

He deserved to be banned LONG AGO as he already was. And if he ever tries to show up again with another handle and try to stay under the radar I’M GOING TO REPORT HIM! His behavior was just too toxic and he seemed to think people shouldn’t be able to say what they wanted.

He was banned twice already. Three times is beyond ridiculous.

Yes he was. A toxic bully. I’m so thankful everyone here understood my side. I was honestly thinking of stop posting here because I knew he was going to keep harassing me.

Ok last I speak of him and ready to just discuss Star Trek with you great people!

Ding Ding Ding the troll is finally dead! Just saw that myself.

Good riddance. Nothing but a sad toxic loser.. He’ll probably end up back on a previous board every one hated him there too but we can block his nonsense there so no biggie.

The way he tried to bully you is why people hate him. I mean he claimed you were the one trolling and HE got banned over it lol. Karma.

He’ll never get it because he’s old. It’s always everyone else, he’s the victim although he instigates everything . I counted at least five people here told this guy to stop talking to them. He was told by everyone including Tiger2 who tried to knock some sense in the guy a few weeks ago to just calm down and stop being a jerk to people who thinks Discovery sucks.

Did he listen or change his behavior? Nope just doubled down on his toxic nonsense and now he’s gone.

And I know it’s killing him knowing you won in the end and all you wanted was for the lunatic to leave you alone. That’s the biggest irony out of all of this, if he simply minded his own business and just not be a psycho he would be here now talking about all this news.

Good riddance. The jerk deserved it. And thanks for everyone who reported him. We probably should’ve just done it long ago.

Well said. Ok I promised to stop discussing this individual but wanted to respond to you all. I know this isn’t the place for it but it really moved me to see others stand up for me, especially someone who only been here such a short time.

And you’re right, he’ll never get it, another reason people like that shouldn’t be on message boards with such inept social skills.

Thank you again.

You never did anything wrong. Not a single thing. It was ALWAYS him and exactly why I stood up for you.

And again what is so eye rolling is you wanted to report him a week ago but I was the one who talked you out of it because I know deep down he is a good guy but he just takes things to far.

I honestly thought after that he would just back off and just leave you alone for good and just go on with life.

Unfortunately even I underestimated what a bully this guy is when he decides he just doesn’t like somebody and try to make their life hell on these boards.

No more. This guy has been given way more chances than any other boards. He’s done for good. We’re sick of him and it was the right thing to do. He was just too toxic and the fact he never acknowledged it is why he’s gone.

LOL you did.

Because you are a very kind person and I know you didn’t want him to get banned but just to act like an adult and be civil.

But he couldn’t do that. And I know you were ignoring him so to confront him over someone you had just a few conversations with is admirable.

Ok this is the last time I promise. I always have a habit of responding whoever responds to me. I don’t want to keep this going. So this will be my final post on the subject.

The matter is now closed. Thank you everyone.

This guy is easy to recognize under any handle. When he changed it to TOS… I knew who he was after his second or third post.

No this guy is DONE!

He’s been banned 3 times now, it’s over. He always tried to weasel his way back and stay under the radar for a little while before his old toxic habits start to come out again. That’s always been his problem, he can’t stop repeating the same destructive impulses no matter what he does.

Dude I know about two dozen of his tells lol. We all do..I have never reported this guy ever despite all the trolling, spamming and abusese he’s done. Most of is just tried to ignore him and as seen that can’t even work.

No more. If he ever tries and get on this board again I’m reporting him. And everyone should do the same because we just want sanity again.

It’s time for him to find a new place where they will put up with his nonsense and hopefully have an ignore button. I wish him luck but the guy had more chances than anyone should. And after the crap he’s been pulling here lately just proves he should’ve been banned again long ago. And he KNOWS it.

I’ll alpha predator credit, when he was banned he showed integrity and stayed away.

Three strikes. Bye for good.

The last couple of days was a bit excessive, agreed.

Oh wow. Nice work.

I haven’t been this excited about an article in a long time!

Not one of the producers said anything that indicates they understand what makes Star Trek, Star Trek. Their characterization of the fan base reveals their bias. What they call the ‘toxic’ fan base, it’s really anyone that is critical of these drastic moves. There has been no meaningful effort to incorporate fan criticism, so if they listen, it goes in one ear and out the other. Their understanding of Trek is superficial at best.

If they understood it better, that would be held against them! That’s true in any job, at least in my experience. Tptb are great for exploiting underling smarts, but if they had to listen, their heads would explode as their egos crumpled. That’s a big reason why companies die.

The problem though, is it’s hurting the franchise. They speak in this article as if they can’t do it without the fans. Their response is to reference more old stuff. Not give it meaning and purpose. One example – Turning Spock into a bumbling idiot because his Vulcan DNA was removed not only hurts the character, but also shows they are either disregarding what has been established. Vulcans are not genetically predisposed to be emotionless, it’s a choice they made. Because it was more important to them to do a comedy episode, as opposed to respecting the character. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of Trek. Passionate fans that complain about that and similar are labeled “toxic”. Well.. we’re dealing with writers that don’t have the affection for the property that we do. They treat it with their own level of disdain and toxicity. If someone is resulting to personal insults, then I agree with you.. but I know plenty that aren’t. If this braintrust is listening, they’re disregarding after they do, because nothing they have “course corrected” on, is what they should be course correcting on.

Absolutely right, heyberto.

Not caring for the work of said writers is entirely fair, but a declaration that they don’t care about Trek as much as you do because you dislike their work definitely isn’t.

Did it make sense, in terms of genetics vs. training, when Spock reverted to the emotional state of his distant ancestors in “All Our Yesterdays”? And I wish I had a nickel for each time it was implied on TOS that his suppression of emotion was problematic not because it was problematic for all Vulcans, but specifically because he was half-human.

“Charades” was a one-off, comedic episode (and not, for the record, one I was particularly fond of). In the grand scheme of the franchise it registers hardly as a blip one way or the other, let alone being of sufficient impact to view it as some kind of grand betrayal of the Spock character. (To put this into context, back in the day many fans and D.C. Fontana herself regarded the rewrites on her script for “The Enterprise Incident” as a betrayal of the Spock character.) We all want great storytelling, but with respect this stuff can be taken way too seriously.

Why do past failures give latitude to forget 50 years of Trek mythology that has now been firmly established? Given that Vulcan history and physiology has been explored much more since then means the creative overlords can and should do better with those aspects. I don’t fault wanting to do a comedic take with Spock. We’ve seen that plenty.. but I’m not going to give them a pass when they have exhaustive resources (even if it’s just memory alpha) to know how this works. I’ll even take it a step further and say they probably inentionally ignored it for their own selfish purposes to tell this story. Just like with the Gorn, they were too lazy to try to work around it, so they just made up their own reasoning. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If they had gotten canon right, and come up with a better reasoning behind his behavior, I’d have been ok with it… but it’s also that this isn’t a one episode aside. They’ve consistently made Spock seem nothing like his future self. It’s pretty much impossible to believe that this Spock is the progenitor to the Nimoy Spock we see in TOS and beyond. They do not take this character seriously. That’s a big problem for me. Sorry if that’s something that bothers you, but what they’ve done with Spock on this show bothers me.

TOS did the same with Spock.

“All Our Yesterdays” had Spock reverting to a more primitive and less logical state like his ancestors were because he was 5000 years in the past. Which made no sense to me.

“This Side of Paradise” also had Spock behaving more like a human because of spores.

Edit: Oops sorry I just realized Michael already mentioned “All Our Yesterdays”.

But consider this…

Spock on SNW is supposed to be like the Spock we see in “The Cage”. I’m hoping as SNW continues, that we see him evolve more into the Spock of TOS.

But he’s not like Spock in the Cage. So SNW posits (along with Disco, where they gave Spock an unnecessary learning disability) that Spock as a character, has any indication of an exceptional hybrid of two races UNTIL somewhere between SNW and TOS? What is that sixish years? So we go from bumbling, awkward, and otherwise unqualified to one of the best Starfleet has to offer in that span? This is the problem. At this point in his career, I feel like we should be seeing it by now. I don’t believe that this character is the same guy he’s supposed to become. “I Want the Ship To Go!” It’s not funny, it’s sad.

Agreed. I wasn’t a big a fan of “I make the Ship Go,:” as others. It seemed (and no offense intended) that it was kind of a ‘special needs’ thing to say. C’mon writers, I know we need a catch phrase, but be better.

Yeah, we need that sooner than later, imo. He’s kind of a fool, now.

I have been saying this about SNW’s butchering of Spock for some time on here so agree with every sentence you write, I hate this version of Spock and like you it doesn’t even feel like Spock to me. The less said about the Gorn the better but If you are gonna do a prequal show centered around TOS then surely have some respect for it’s canon or maybe just not do a prequal show at all.

No, it doesn’t feel like Spock. Totally agreed. But at least we now know this show is in a different timeline, which gives the writer’s room latitude to change the character a bit. One of the best things SNW has given us is the solid message the timeline is now altered. Canon is now null. I am thankful for that. So, THIS Spock is a candy as$,, yup. And the Gorn, in this timeline, are much different.

There is a point at which not caring about one’s craft, and dumbing down a product from a high-quality one to cheap yuks, suggests not caring.

There has been really pretty awful writing for TOS characters in both movies and SNW. Hopefully it doesn’t get any worse.

Agreed, 100%.

It does very much sound analogous to a mature tech company being at the far end of the “S curve,” unable to innovate.

I just looked up that ‘s curve’ ref and I think you make a very relevant observation — it certainly clicks for my experiencem even though only a fraction is in tech.

Maybe you should ask for a job then. We can always use more janitors.

It’s that par needs to clean house, not clean floors.

The house is fine, it’s just the floors we need cleaning. Yesterday was take your pet to work day.

If we want to extend your post-game urinalysis to its logical end, then saying the creatives at Trek are ‘flat as a plate of piss’ would also be merited (credit to ancient Detroit Lions football coach for that assessment of piss-poor performance.)

I don’t watch sports, I no clue what you’re talking about.

Maybe you should ask for a job then. We can always use more janitors.

Wow. Just…wow. I assume “heyberto” indicates the poster is Hispano/Latino. If so, what a racist comment.

It’s ok. You’ll notice I have yet to respond to a post he’s made on this site. Even when I’m directly responded to.

Let me also say… I’m genuinely happy for anyone that likes these shows, and wants more. They have as much right to proclaim such. I’m not here to troll, but I’m going to share my thoughts. If anyone finds them offensive, well.. that says more about them than me. No shame. Love whatever you happen to love, content-wise. You don’t have to defend why you do… not really.

Wow, that says more about you than me that you posted something that disrespectful here. At no time was that sick thought running through my head when I wrote that joke. I also have few relatives that are Hispanic. Quite a few actually.

Do you like or respect any of them?


32nd century??????

Did you just wake up?

As much as I don’t like the 32nd century (the way they did it in Discovery), it makes total sense, if you read this article and the interview with Kurtzman posted here.

Exactly. I get why people don’t like it because Discovery did an AWFUL job with it. It doesn’t mean the new show can’t do something much more interesting and different with it either.

It’d be easier to believe if different folks were involved creatively this time through. The Ferengi didn’t really get interesting till DS9, only when folks who had nothing to do with their creation were running things.

You’re completely right. So I get the hesitation with it.

I’m just happy Michelle Paradise isn’t the showrunner at least, the WORST showrunner working on Star Trek today.

So for me at least, that is one big positive.

Why not?

A lot of people hate Discovery and it’s timeline basically.

Because it is the worst and least imaginative future for mankind ever depicted in science fiction history.

There’s also that. Hopefully season 5 will change that perspective though.

Because anything related to DSC needs to be as far in the future as possible.

I smell a Batman crossover – say hello to Space Bane.

As far as a Legacy movie goes, TM already set it up with Kirks corpse in cold storage. Thaw Shatner out, stick him in a transparent aluminum sarcophagus, transport him to Starfleet Command for the state funeral he never got. Then pack in the remaining ninty minutes with as many TNG era stars as possibe weeping over the body, with all the fleet museum ships in orbit rendering a 21 phaser salute. It’s a fan service wet dream come true. Shatner! Starships! TNG!! Oh, my!!

As much as I loved Picard season 3 the one thing that really rolled my eyes over was the whole Kirk fan service moment.

That really didn’t need to be there.

Yeah, it really made no sense to include that. The Genesis II device and then Kirk’s vault with “Project Phoenix” on the display. It only served to be a distraction from that whole sequence on Daystrom Station for me. The rest of the season I kept wondering when Kirk would appear.

They had a Self-sealing stem bolt on display also. Why?

A self-sealing stem bolt is as significant as Kirk? I didn’t even notice it.

That whole scene was full of stupid easter eggs. That was when I lost all respect for that show.

Project Phoenix has to be a reference to project lazarus in mass effect, how Cerebus brought back Commander Shepard.

The whole season was fan service.

Dude I’m in a good mood right now. If you’re just going to be bitter then direct your posts somewhere else.

No one is forcing you to be here.

And didn’t I ask you to ignore me for the 40th time a few days ago? Can you please just go away.

Yeah, and many, many people loved it. I’m sorry you were disappointed. (No, I’m not) :)

I liked it myself, but really don’t expect it’ll go beyond that. But, what do I know…

My first thought was that the “Space Bane” costume was inspired by the South Korea pavilion at the 2022 Venice biennale, which had an exhibit that looked a lot like that headdress/mohawk.

Please please please bring back The Monster Maroons Unrebooted. Update the fabric but don’t add or subtract anything. Make them just the same! Make them Prime Universe Monster Maroons! And show us the Excelsior and Ambassador classes and the end of the line Constitution II ships as they start introducing the Wellington class and other classes that made up the Wolf 359 armada. That would be GOOD fan service and give the show continuity we adore.

I wonder if they can for copyright reasons? Even when SNW brought them back they looked just a bit different. I too look forward to the ships etc in this time period.

Paramount owns all ST related copyright. The issue is with designers who can’t leave well enough alone.

An expansive article, but it only mentions Lower Decks and Prodigy in passing. Couldn’t get Mike McMahan, the Hagemans, Aaron Waltke on the phone? Acknowledge Prodigy suddenly getting yanked from Paramount+ and the fan effort to get it to a new home?

They don’t mention the sj Clarkson phase of unmade trekflicks either.

Probably because no one cares.

Now your responses are getting to be pointless as well as rude (for rude squared, see the crack you made to another poster upthread suggesting he get a job as a Paramount janitor.)

I don’t watch Prodigy and haven’t gotten into LOWER DECKS, but there is clearly a large percentage of trek devotees who love one or both, so your one-line snipe is not just stupid, it is demonstrably false, clearly and utterly false.

Still the majority doesn’t care. When I heard that Prodigy was canceled I just said “too bad” and moved on with the rest of my day. I’m not being rude.

That’s how most fans felt about Discovery when it got cancelled. 😂


The point of the article was that they were in Toronto, at the production sets. The fact that it mentions the animation arm at all, makes the article pretty expansive

OMG so much to unpack here!!!

I read the article before I saw this (BTW, thank you Kmart :)), but man I am SO excited about all of it.

And yes it looks like THEY HEARD The FANS and we’ll probably get a Legacy TV movie next. YES!!!!! Please please make it so.

But SFA sounds like it’s going to be amazing. And I was also (partly) right and been saying for a year now it will also be ship based but I’m excited it’s going to take place on Earth.

A 32nd century earth based show!!!

That sounds amazing to me! 😊

YES! More Sidney and Alexandra LaForge, zero chemistry Raffi and Seven and terrible cinematography! Can’t wait!

Great to hear you’re excited too Emily!!! 😃

You sound excited.

Sooooo excited! Yes! A Legacy movie and Earth based SFA!!

Can’t wait!!

Yes S31 and Academy will be Awesome.

And Legacy too!!!

And I’m really excited SFA could be in the years when Sloane was around. We may get him too now.

No. no, not that.

Yes yes especially that lol!

Why are you mad? You’re getting what you want, other people are getting what they want. This is a joyous day!

S31 and Academy are real, your legacy old folks home show is still a pipe dream I’m afraid.

For the 100th time, Seven is the only legacy character that would be confirmed to be in it. And all the bridge crew are in their 20s. 🙄

Yes I assume we would get another legacy character but they would probably just have a recurring role.

Oh I hope Sloan is going to be there. He IS Section 31 to me…

Same. It would be great if a younger Sloan showed up.

He will always be the real Section 31 for most fans.

As good a Discovery? because we need countless Discovery spin offs don’t we ;D

I am excited to see SFA but please be 100 times better than Discovery lol.

Seen as it is aimed at young adults I very much doubt it. I have pretty much zero interest in it. I am looking forward to this Section 31 movie though.

Discovery is amazing if you enjoy awful television.

Yeah, any spinoff of DSC I must be wary of. Sadly.

Variety asks “does Star Trek still matter?”

Nope, it’s now just generic grimdark dystopian fantasy, rather than telling optimistic stories with some science mixed in with the fiction.

I can’t remember the last allegorical story, aside from STID actually!

Trek stagnated the moment they became OBSESSED with legacy characters, references and easter eggs.


True, though that’s become a larger problem across much of popular culture. Look at the new Ghostbusters. And how about those teaser trailers for the new Alien and Beetlejuice? Yeesh.

And reboot movies and prequal shows. You think after Enterprise we wouldn’t need another 2 prequal shows and 3 prequal movies. There is also an Obsession with TOS and rebooting those characters.

Society is way too jaded and angry to be interested in optimism, professionalism and duty.

optimism, professionalism and duty.
Maybe that is why there’s never been a successful BUCKAROO BANZAI TV adaptation that actually made it to getting on the air. That might be what makes BUCKAROO so popular with Trek folks on the production side, too, that it embraces those particular aspects that embody the best of old Trek. The BUCKAROO movie was a colossal disappointment to me for the most part (except for the casting, the fantastic-looking ship-crashing-through-wall moment and the terrific end credits), but I’ve read the novel at least 15 times and found it a ton of fun.

I enjoyed the trailer for the movie, not the movie itself.

This is kind of sad though. I mean I feel like asking why? But this issue can actually be a good point for Trek to take a stab at. Trying to anaylze why societies get like this and how it can be solved or if it can solved by optimism or positivity.


Does star trek still anti-matter?

STID was the worst ST film. Just one fella’s opinion.

Ok so based on this news, all the POTENTIAL timelines we could be looking at:

New prequel movie (yeah I’ll believe it when I see it): Possible 22nd century

Section 31 movie: Possible 23rd century

Potential Picard/Legacy movie: 25th century

Starfleet Academy: 32nd century

That’s pretty cool. And obviously that doesn’t include SNW, Prodigy and LDS being in the 23rd and 24th century.

I say make it so!! Make it all so!! 😊

Oops the Section 31 movie sounds like it could be in the 24th century with a young Rachel Garrett being involved.

But yes it could be a multiple timeline story and jumps around.

Glad they aren’t just sticking to one time period. It will give the shows and movies more flexibility to do their own things.

Yep. I wanted something like this as far back as Voyager. I even remember back then after DS9 it would’ve been great if the next show went into the 25th century.

That’s why I do give Kurtzman credit, he sees Star Trek as a vast canvas. And assuming all of these works out we’re talking five different time periods AND the Section 31 movie officially being in the lost era which I didn’t compute until I seen a video today.

I don’t really care about the prequel movie but I’m OK with it. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me either but I’m guessing it’s Romulan war related.

Star Trek is being spread too thin again. It killed it once before, it’ll do so again.

Exactly. Who but the most diehard fan has time to dodge all this mud being thrown towards the wall?

Yes, but why can’t anyone handle it the way it should be handled? The franchise has been mismanaged for years.

Rachel Garrett in S31 both intrigues and worries me. But it’s just a one off so I am looking forward to see how it plays out (even though I’ve never fancied a S31 spin-off).

32nd century Discoverse teen Starfleet Academy series? Yeah, don’t have high hopes for this one unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong.

Good to hear we may eventually get a Picard or 25th century follow-up however.

I mean, God forbid that a spy movie imitate John Le Carre….

DS9 sure did … that INNA GADDA DEVIDA (sic) ep with s31 and Adrienne Barbeau is practically a beat-for-beat retelling of THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD in terms of major plot points.

 “Are you saying we can amp up the techno-babble?”

Lookit, I strongly favor a more grounded Star Trek. Too much of what we’ve seen recently (magic blood, red matter, spore drives) is sheer fantasy. But if the takeaway is “more technobabble”….egads. TNG was at its worst when it veered into technobabble.

Less technobabble was one thing ENT did better than TNG, and ENT was relatively grounded.

All these new shows have tons of technobabble lol. This is not a new thing.

Yes Enterprise definitely had less and a reason why my girlfriend enjoys it more lol.

This actually doesn’t sound so bad and really looking forward to a Legacy movie!!

Discovery ending already makes this a great year lol. But maybe what’s coming next could be a positive turnaround.

Wow when you’re this positive you must be doing something right lol.

And yes don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves with Legacy but it’s at nice someone just said it. 😉

Was Yeoh’s makeup always as extreme as it looks in that pic?

No. It is more dramatic in the picture. It looks to be in the style of TOS mid 23rd century (1960s) makeup.

Yeah, you’re right, it seems very Joanne Linville/EnterpriseIncident.

Always had a crush on that Romulan Commander… love the 60’s look.

…as did I. Joanne Linville. She was a total smoke show in that episode.

Just my opinion, but Mirror-Georgiou is a terrible character to build a story around.

Alex Kurtzman. “You cannot create new fans to the exclusion of old fans. You must serve your primary fan base first and you must keep them happy. That is one of the most important steps to building new fans.”

It is too bad that Fuller didn’t follow that adage way back in 2017 when Discovery was just on the drawing board. Things could have been so much different than those first six abominable episodes. They could have still introduced the same story, new ideas and characters without completely ditching what came before. IMHO, just making Michael “slightly” more typical Starfleet would have made a world of difference.

So excited to hear all these things in the Variety article. I was already cautiously optimistic about S31 and I can’t wait for S3 of SNW, but now there is plausible hope for Legacy and I am even looking forward to SFA. For now, I am not holding my breath, but let’s see what they deliver in Discovery S5. LLAP everyone!

Kurtzman was there ahead of Fuller and technically ‘over’ him so blame for DSC’s original sin needs to be shared to include him. And presumably he helped make sure none of Meyer’s ideas reached fruition on the show as well.

And recently I found out Meyer was still coming up with good ideas into the late 90s. His short-lived involvement with TOMORROW NEVER DIES flirted with the idea of Bond being seduced — not literally — by the baddie because the guy’s plan would ultimately save many lives, though require millions to die first in a couple of countries in order to make the subsequent paradise possible. It sounded like doing a large-scale version of CONSCIENCE OF THE KING’s backstory for 007 and of course the Eon people hated Meyer’s ego so he was soon gone, but … ‘if only … if only.’

Looks like SNW will only debut in 2025. I was really hoping for this year. Oh well.( The Hollwood murder mystery sounds intriguing though)

Yep as I been predicting for months now.

But we still got LDS, Prodigy, DIS and possibly the Section 31 movie, do it still is a busy year.

And yes the murder mystery sounds great. With Frakes in charge I’m already excited for it.

Yes, his comment about that made me hopeful.

Hopefully the cast and crew of SNW will get right to work on Season 4 as soon as work on Season 3 is done. I know the strikes are to blame, but these extra long gaps don’t do the series any favors.


Yeah I know it’s not official but this is a glorious day. They seen how much fans want more. Kurtzman isn’t crazy, he loves money, he knows what a slam dunk this is.

And I think the article is right and this is probably a back door pilot idea. Make it so Paramount!

The CW Academy show and Starfleet Academy: The Adolf Chronicles also sounds promising. I would love to see a young Rachel Garrett. I’m watching Yesterday’s Enterprise tonight now.

Wow I’m excited about the future now.

LOL I know you’re happy my friend!

Yes the thought of a Legacy movie sounds fantastic. And I also believe it’s basically a backdoor pilot as well.

Paramount obviously is scaling back but it’s nice to know the Legacy idea could become a reality. Again NOTHING is official obviously but we know how this works, that was dropped in to get the response it’s getting. This isn’t some anonymous sources type of thing, Kurtzman himself said this

I’m guessing we won’t hear anything more until after Section 31 premieres but yes a glorious day indeed! 😊

You know it!!! 😁

The fact that they are at least officially saying it’s on the table means a lot.

And bro you were completely right, just be patient lol. You been saying this forever now and have faith something will happen.

Yes nothing is official yet but as you said they knew what they were doing. The second it was mentioned they knew fans would latch on to it.

Now it’s just a matter of how serious they are about it and will it actually get the green light. I have no doubt it will. Unless the Section 31 movie just completely bombs it’s no way this won’t be next now.

“And bro you were completely right, just be patient lol. You been saying this forever now and have faith something will happen.”

Yep thank you for saying this! 😊

I have said I was 100% confident we are going to get Legacy something. It’s a NO BRAINER (how many times have we all said that as well).

Now per usual have to make clear this doesn’t mean it’s happening but what it DOES make clear is it’s on the table as I was always sure it would be. In the end they may decide not to go forward with a litany of reasons but OF COURSE it was going to at least be considered once they had to start thinking about what’s next.

And look at that, this is literally the first possibility they mentioned of what could come next. Again is that a coincidence that comes out in their splashy Variety article, of course not. I worked in PR and marketing for years, they want to get fans thinking about the possibilities now or if wouldn’t be there.

That’s why it was so annoying hearing people say to ‘move on’ as if there was anything ELSE to move on to.🙄

Short sighted thinking of the highest order. And they still could be proven right in the end but I have confidence this is indeed what is coming next because this is what everyone is talking about now lol.

Yep you said it but a certain someone (may his trolling RIP) would jump down anyone’s throat anytime people just discussed the possibility of it.

And most of these clowns who kept saying ‘move on’ were mostly people who just didn’t want it. Yeah they could’ve been right of course and it wouldn’t happen but why try and kill other fans hopes because you refuse to even consider it.

I mean I hated ideas like the Tarantino movie, JJ verse, Section 31, Khan show and SFA (wow I’m a big hater lol) but not once did I ever tell people to give up and stop talking about it just because I didn’t want it. Who am I to tell that to other fans? And yes I know those were at least in consideration at the time but that’s the entire point.

We kept shouting we want it so it could hopefully be in consideration as well…and now it is! 😁

Go fans!


Again this what is so frustrating sometimes. You don’t HAVE to want it. I certainly didn’t want the Khan show (ugh) and I said it many many times. But I would never tell others who did want it to stop talking about it.

And the difference was the Khan idea (ugh) like the Section 31 idea was a very mixed bag in terms of reception. They obviously knew that and changed course. The Legacy idea never was. In fact it was just like the Pike show idea and only existed in fans heads but the outpouring over it was amazing. And when executives saw how much they pushed for it is when they started to take it seriously and here we are. People kept saying they want it was the ONLY way people would ever even get it.

And Kurtzman had said months ago he HEARD THE FANS just like what he said about SNW. Yes it’s not 2020 anymore, there is not as much motivation (or money) to make five shows but obviously they are going to keep making more shows so yeah it was always possible that could be one of them in time.

But clearly they are nowhere near that level. I doubt the movie idea is more than just that, an idea. But it is great they understand the fandom and what fans want. That’s pretty obvious with Section 31 as well and including a well known TNG although she was only in one episode and died lol.

But look at the excitement over this one character? Now people who hated this movie idea are suddenly more intrigued. That’s just good marketing, period.

So we’ll see but I’m feeling more positive about the future than I was a week ago. I think I speak for everybody though lol.

The hinted at/alluded to Legacy film would be a great way to get ball rolling with Matalas and the writers, and get the cast locked up.

I know you’re not the biggest Kurtzman fan, but I think it’s clear he knows how to read a room. If it wasn’t for all the purse-tightening, I wonder how long ago it would have already been announced?

I’m very excited for the Section 31 film, the inclusion of a younger Rachel Garrett makes me think they’ve done some very interesting things!

Definitely my friend definitely. The second they decide to make the movie calling Matalas should be the first thing they do.

Let’s get the ball rolling and lock up the cast and writers now.

Bro I’m so excited about all of it now. This little nugget was the biggest excitement for me. But I am more excited about Section 31 and SFA too. The way they describe it sounds pretty cool.

I’m even very excited for Discovery now lol. And man please don’t overthink my issues with that show. I like to joke around a lot but I know how much you and others love it and it means you. I’m a jerk but not evil lol. I’m truly hoping I will feel the same way this season too.

When on IMDB, when you read what they Wanted to do on some of these films and episodes but couldn’t due to budget constraints, is amazing. Check it out. One example, TNG’s “Cause and Effect” was written as a CONSTITUTION class vessel coming through the rift, but budget-wise all they could do was redress the Reliant from WOK. Sometimes the vision, Most times I would imagine, doesn’t make it to the screen. How cool would that have been.

I remember reading that Ron Moore wanted the E-B to barrel-roll out of spacedock at the start of GEN, which might have been a nod to how Sulu has the Ent do victory rolls near the start of Diane Duane’s awesome THE WOUNDED SKY.

Any movie in the 25th century would do for me but would love to see a Klingon movie post Picard season 3. The have done nothing great with Klingons since DS9, Discovery made a complete mess of them in all honesty. They were ok in Enterprise but I loved every Klingon episode in TNG and DS9, really miss that in modern Trek. A Klingon movie involving Worf, now you’re talking.

Yeah the Klingons after the backlash they got in Discovery is probably what did it.

But we finally saw them again on SNW last season and obviously Worf in Picard. But I’m with you, I would love to see more Klingons in the 25th century. I would love to know if Martock is still the chancellor. It’s a little surprising they haven’t mentioned him in either LDS or PRO (besides the Ferengi rip off game the Lower Deckers play).

Picard referenced in his captain’s log in the TNG episode “Reunion” that K’mpec ruled the empire longer than any other chancellor, so it’s possible that Martok is still chancellor by the time PIC concludes. I am interested to know not only the state of the Klingon empire, but after 30 years how much have the Cardassians been able to rebuild?

I think Martock is still chancellor as well. Gowrom also lasted about 12 years which is probably long too and probably would’ve been one longer if Worf didn’t kill him lol.

Martock would’ve been one nearly 20 years now.

And I want to know the state of Cardasssia as well. That’s one of the things I was hoping we learn in Picard but Matalas is probably saving that if they got Legacy.

It’s time to dream big again my friend! 🙂

I really want to see more of Dorn being Worf. He absolutely nailed PIC s3.

I’m pretty sure Worf would be back in some capacity if they go ahead with a movie or a show farther down the line.

Same here. While I’d say Riker has been my favorite returning character (both for his Picard and Lower Decks roles), Worf really gave him a run for his money that season. Really hope we see him again, whether it’s on Legacy or somewhere else.

I would not have guessed early 24th century. I thought it would be either in the 25th century after Picard, and possibly feature Bashir, or in the 23rd century at around the same time as SNW, and feature Ash Tyler/Voq. It will be cool to see an era that hasn’t been explored much.

The technology on that guy’s head is more advanced than anything that was possible during Garrett’s time! OUTRAGE!

Variety also reporting Steve Yockey (The Flight Attendant) is writing Star Trek 4 and Paramount sees that as the final Kelvin movie.


Another writer??? OMG, the hilarity keep coming. Whatever. Maybe this isn’t another time waster like the last five times.

I had the same idea of Star Trek Legacy being a tv movie first before going into series.

Yep this is definitely the smart way to go first, especially if the money isn’t there for a full on show yet.

Establish Captain Seven, maybe bring in a few new characters and plot a course where the show could head into the 25th century.

I recall a lot of us thinking UPN should have commissioned TV movies like Star Trek: Excelsior. For years they did Shockwave Cinema/Thursday/Friday Night at the Movies which included a number of original TV movies, most of them sci-fi. I recall one starred Kate Mulgrew, even. Definitely cheaper than a Star Trek movie, but they’d have gotten great ratings.

“‘Star Trek’ fans, as we know, are very, very, very loyal — and not very young.”


He’s right. No one is watching any of these new shows but old fans. Most people I know has never even heard of Discovery, Lower Decks or SNW.

Everyone I talk to about Star Trek has been watching it since the 90s at least which is when I started watching it..and we’re the ‘young’ old fans. 😂

This is why Trek needs new fans fast.

Good luck. They tried that 15 years ago with JJ verse and all those new fans moved after the second movie, several of my friends included.

The problem is Trek just feels too nerdy for a mass audience but the second you try to change it up and make it Star Wars, Marvel or GOT then you lose the old fans.

They are just stuck in a hard place.

And it was easier to get fans in the 90s because it was free on TV and the franchise wasn’t that old like today. No one under 20 is paying for something they keep hearing their grandpa rave about.

They have to make Star Trek sexy. To get new people interested.

Only TOS knew how to do that. Eras have changed.

Yeah Star Wars died with Luke Skywalker for me personally, as a Gen X person there is very little good will left from me for Disney Lucasfilm. And i liked Ahsoka and somewhat like The Bad Batch, but i can’t forgive what they did to Han, Luke and Leia.

Exactly. Which is literally why we have shows like Picard and SNW today. Why Janeway is staring in Prodigy. Why LDS is a nostalgia fest. That’s the point.

They want new fans but it’s the old fans they can rely on again and again because the new fans just aren’t as committed. That’s also why the Kelvin movies imploded and Prodigy got cancelled because they were specifically made to attract new fans but had mixed results in the end although the Kelvin movies at least started out more promising.

I’m pretty certain most people who will be watching season 2 of Prodigy will be old fans and now on a much bigger site to draw them in.

What’s the life expectancy on those old fans?

Is this a real question?

Yes 🃏

I get it. It makes sense,

Tiger, I think A34 really has a point here. I know, that is Not usual. But yes, I think to grab kid’s interest the franchise has to go totallly dark for a bit, then come back as a kid’s show you and I and most of us would barely recognize. And yeah. For folks like us, that kind of sucks,

Ok well but haven’t they tried to make it ‘younger’ with the Kelvin movies? Weren’t those meant to attract a new and younger audience?

Not kids but at least teenagers.

As for kids what about Prodigy? That was designed literally for them and it was cancelled a year after being on Nickelodeon.

And SFA is meant to attract teenagers and young adults and it sounds it will be the most different show we had probably since DS9 since it takes place in Earth in the far future.

I guess I don’t understand what would the point be of taking it off the air for 5 years to get new viewers?

They can do something radically different now to attract them and doesn’t have to be aimed at us.

That may be because of the streaming service it’s on. Anthony, Laurie, and Brian discussed this topic on the podcast this week. They all think that on another streaming service the viewership might change. I am inclined to agree. That’s why having Prodigy on Netflix is a win/win. More exposure for Star Trek might encourage more fans to come aboard.

They all think that on another streaming service the viewership might change.

There’s no reason it can’t change, but what we need is some quality, thought-provoking science fiction. Not “watch this because you’re a teenager.” Not workplace comedies. Not hijinx. Not musicals. These are all gimmicks.

I actually agree. Paramount+ is a joke service to most people out there.

Hopefully they will combine it with something else.

I was too young to watch Trek in the 90s.

You’re definitely the outlier on this board lol.

Really. Well you come across as older, if that is helpful.

young at heart. Where it matters.

Old people don’t spend money.

If you’ve got nobody to leave it to and aren’t a mark for The Federalist Society, you will.

Buy me some bitcoin please. 🙏

Sorry, don’t speak emoticon or know anything of pseudo

You should learn about. I already financed my trip to Japan and Thailand thanks to bitcoin 👍

Sounds like a con job, like most too-good-to-be-true business ops. I’m sure tons of people get rich off them, but I’d feel too bad about exploiting the folks who fall by the wayside. Viewpoint probably contributes greatly to my being old and poor, but still retaining most of my ethics.

Yeah I was offered that once, seemed too sketchy for me. Cheers to those who make money on it.

Not that again…

Well apparently they spend money on Star Trek subscriptions and that’s what they mostly need.

Also, my experience is that flat-out isn’t true. Once he got to age 85, my grandfather treated himself to a new car for first time since his late 50s, a Mustang, even though his gorgeous old Ford Galaxie was going strong (with less then 80K on it after all those decades.) I know that older 300hp car was awesome, having taken it up over 100mph on a stretch of Lawrence Expressway in 1980 (and dusting a hotted-up ‘stang in the process.)

Yeah, I wrote this somewhere else here, Frakes said that. And that says a lot.

Rachel Garrett? This is going to be interesting.

It certainly is and I can’t wait!

And I assume we will get more TNG characters coming too.

I wanted to do the people who were at the edges, out in the field. These are not people who necessarily work together the way you would see on a ‘Star Trek’ bridge.”

Deep Space Nine showed us this. Voyager showed us this. Discovery showed us this. Picard showed us this.

The deconstruction of or wrench thrown in the utopia is no longer a novel twist on Star Trek, it is the baseline.

Patrick Stewart mentioned he was sent a Star Trek movie script in an interview late last year.Maybe a 25th century Star Trek movie is already in motion be it Legacy or something else.

Woah you could be into something. I forgot all about that.

Yes unfortunately he had very bad ideas about where he wanted to bring Picard. He wanted him to be afraid… of some nonsense like that. Stewart has been the single most important reason Picard hasn’t behaved or felt like Picard since Nemesis. Talk about hubris…

So agreed. Stewart ideas has been detrimental to say the least.

Totally disagree, Picard actually was different in First Contact than the series also. But in Picard season one he was much older and retired from Starfleet for an acceptable reason. Why would he be exactly the same when his life had changed so much.
Season 3 he was very much back to his same but older self and his relationship with Riker in that season was fantastic as they had built a real friendship over the years. I love what they did to Picard as he was put in situations where he was vulnerable, aged and not in the same control as he was before.
Hubris lol talk about some ridiculous vitrol on this forum
Very much feels like an older Picard to me unlike Spock in SNW who now feels like a sitcom character.

Spock IS a sitcom character in SNW. I keep waiting for the laugh track.

Yes, it’s a shame how they have written him, especially season two. A disgrace. Happily we know it’s a separate timeline. And in interviews Ethan Peck seems so psyched about it.

If you like the older Picard that’s fine. I just feel Stewart is making Picard into what he thinks the character should be, making him feel more like an older Stewart not an older Picard.

Yeah and don’t forget he’s an android now,,,ugh.

I saw that SNW decided to do another big swing in the form of a Hollywood murder mystery. Then again they did a musical so what else is there left to do? I do like the new science set although not sure putting all that water in was worth it cost wise. Sad we have to wait until 2025 but with all of the special effects not entirely surprised either.

Romantic opera

If any Trek director intimately familiar with the franchise can pull off a standalone story in “Hollywood murder mystery style,” it’s Frakes. Frakes gave us the Lower Decks crossover, so I trust he can pull this off.

I don’t want to alarm people but Goldsman literally referenced the Muppets lol.

I’m sure he was joking, but….

Didn’t Farscape have muppets? Maybe he wasn’t joking.

Never seen Farscape but now you’re scaring me lol.

…That was not lost upon me, Horrible, Please…Just, dont.

Claire Foy would have been better than Rohl.

I’m not surprised. This is the direction they are going in the future. No allegorical science fiction. No believable characters. Nothing to say. No verisimilitude. No aspirational characters. No depth. That’s how I’m feeling towards the franchise I have loved for years.

Me too. You are not alone.

That picture really disturbs me (unless Georgiou is creating Darth Vader, which would really disturb me) but the article in Variety is excellent. Well worth the read!

I remember reading that Bryan Fuller wanted to make Discovery an anthology type of show. I think with these streaming movies they are kind of doing this “Star Trek Anthology”. I think it is a good idea and probably more cost-effective than having full series all the time. And they can be used as a ground to test if they can be turned into Tv shows when the ones already on the air finish. In fact I think Trek needed to go into this TV-movie or Streaming movie business earlier. So for example they can do a Legacy movie next and then perhaps turn Michael Dorn’s klingon show pitch into another movie after that. And whichever one of these movies becomes the most successful can be turned into a full on series.

I love how there’s so much potential to explore different parts of Star Trek’s timeline, and that they’re actually going through with that with some of these projects.

Section 31 being set in the era between TOS’ movies and TNG is the most exciting thing they’ve revealed about the movie IMO. Though I’m also glad Michelle Yeoh seems to be so passionate about the show and character. This was the project I was more skeptical about, though the same was true for Prodigy and Lower Decks, so I did want to keep an open mind, and now I’m starting to get more excited for what they’ll do with the story.

I was more interested in Starfleet Academy, and am glad to see them going back to the 32nd century. While I know not everyone cares for it, I actually do enjoy Discovery quite a bit, and have been intrigue about this era since it was introduced. However, while I’ve liked what they’ve shown off on Discovery (other than not caring for the Burn explanation), I’ve felt like there’s much more they could do with the setting if it was used on a different series, so here’s the chance. And the idea for the show itself seems like a great way to explore Star Trek’s themes, stories, and universe in a pretty unique way.

Ricky thinks Captain Garrett was a great character and memorable, even though we only interacted with her in one episode. Discuss!

32nd century 🤮

I don’t hate the idea of Legacy being a TV movie. The concept might be a bit thin for a series, unless it was more on the episodic side (which would be wonderful). Just happy that the idea is still swirling around Kurtzman’s production offices.

Assuming they play Garrett to the actor’s age (32) this would possibly put the setting in the early 2330s, about 10 to 15 years before the Narendra III incident.

It’d be an interesting era to explore. Enterprise B or C would be in operation. Uhura is running USS Leondegrance as a training ship. Picard would be on the Stargazer.


Presumably, Georgiou should emerge through the Guardian of Forever on its unnamed planet from TOS.

Who’ll be there to pick her up? Maybe that’ll be where she meets Garrett? Maybe she’s part of a Federation science research team studying the ruins. That would be cool.

This news about Cpt. Garrett definitely made me a bit more excited about this Sec. 31 film.

Me too dude…me too!

It is cool.

If Kelley could show up in the first episode of TNG as Bones, the setting of this series affords the last living hold up, Koenig, the opportunity to appear in a post TNG series as Chekov.

Makes one wish this series could have been made before Nichols passed so she could have reprised the role of Uhura too.

Well George Takau as Sulu showed up in a dream sequence with Boimler in season 3 of LDS. Still counts lol.

Sulu showed up in Flashback with Janeway and Tuvok, so I count that as a valid appearance, even if it only took place inside Tuvok’s mind, heh. Same for Rand.

I don’t count Koenig voicing Chekov’s descendant in Picard. Unfortunately, Nichols having a cameo in a post TNG series will never happen now.

I think the cast is very good and exciting, can’t say much about the story. I mean it genuinely could be good this time, but section 31 was one of the worst things about Discovery.