Coffee Table Book On The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Makeup Artistry Of Glenn Hetrick Coming In September

Makeup artist Glenn Hetrick’s work on Star Trek: Discovery has earned him many accolades, including three Emmy nominations and one win. Now Titan Books is putting together his work into a coffee table book.

See how the makeup magic happens

Titan has announced Star Trek: The Art of Glenn Hetrick’s Alchemy Studios, to be released on September 3, 2024. Here is how they describe the book:

Star Trek: The Art of Glenn Hetrick’s Alchemy Studios is the ultimate look behind the scenes. A large-format illustrated coffee-table book, featuring art and on- set photography, the book features interviews with Hetrick and his team at Alchemy Studios, where they reveal the journey behind the design and creation of aliens such as the Klingons, the Saurians, the Kelpiens, the Vulcans, the Romulans, the Orions, and many more!

Here is a first look at the cover…

Cover for ‘Star Trek: The Art of Glenn Hetrick’s Alchemy Studios’

The new book is being written by Joe Nazzaro, who wrote Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow. The Discovery coffee table book is 192 pages with full-color images taking you inside the makeup department. Here is a spread about the development of Saru’s makeup…

And here is a spread on Linus…

Star Trek: The Art of Glenn Hetrick’s Alchemy Studios is available for pre-order now at Amazon for $49.99. Or save some money and support your local bookstore and order it from for $46.49.

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hopefully it’s better than the Art of ST:PIC. The Star Trek art books have a tendency to be glossed over

The last time there was a Trek art book I liked it was the John Eaves Sketchbook for GEN and FC. It didn’t waste tons of space on pointless and overexposed stuff like movie posters, which was just one of the horrendous aspects to THE ART OF STAR TREK they did 30 years back. Though it did have a tendency to fall apart almost as fast as the DS9 COMPANION, which was awesome.

Outside of that DS9 COMPANION, the last time there was a making-of published that contained more than just puff was probably for STAR TREK V. Though there was the Piller volume about INS, but that was never officially published, just dumped out online after his death.

Paul Duncan, the guy who writes a lot of Taschen’s super-deluxe coffee-table volumes, like the ones on STAR WARS and JAMES BOND, told me a number of years back he’d love to do a book or two on TREK, but that he can never get TPTB at that publisher interested. I was seriously bummed.

I hope he addresses the scorn for the DISCO Klingon design choices.

I was thinking along similar lines. The artistry of the execution has been great. The design choices themselves (which maybe he isn’t even responsible for) – less so

Was a coffee table book of this sort ever released celebrating the work of Michael Westmore? Sure, under an HD lens some of the seams show, but that man still created SO FREAKING MUCH of Trek’s prosthetic vocabulary!

I was at the Galactic D&I Con in Philly this past weekend and Westmore was supposed to attend a gala to recognize his achievements, but he was unable to make it. How I wish I could’ve met him – what a towering figure of the craft!

Yes. 2017 I believe. I’m not 100% on the year though

I always really liked Disco’s Klingons. I had no problem accepting them as Klingon. I thought, like everything else about Disco and nutrek, it’s visually so impressive. I applaud them for all their reinterpretations of classic aliens. I also appreciate that they went retro for the SNW Klingons too – it’s a testament to their flexibility to be able to offer both. In the same way that the latest batch of series have added about a hundred different variants to the Starfleet uniforms (all of which were on display this past weekend at Galactic D&I Con in Philly this weekend), there are now fresh new and diverse takes on classic aliens and new ones alike that we fans get to enjoy.

I want a scene where there’s a big Klingon Empire meeting. And ALL the Klingons show up…TOS, TNG, Discovery…maybe a few more variations. Sure, most of them look like Worf, but the meeting brings in Klingons from every part of the empire. And they arrive in all the different ships.

That, would be very cool. I’ve sometimes imagined that myself. I wasn’t a fan of the DSC-era Klingons, but would be interested in seeing them again in what you’re describing. I did think the ‘coffin ship’ was a neat concept…

I loved the Sarcophagus ship

Is this who’s to blame for the awful redesigns? Including the anti-acting Klingorc makeup/masks? Strange when Picard got the creature designs/makeup so right. However, the original, non-redesigns were great though, like Saru.

Apologies for the tangent, but are there plans for an Art Of-type coffee table book for Star Trek: Prodigy? I’d dearly love something on all the visual elements of that show (not just the art direction / production design, but also the animation, virtual “camera” placement and movement, lighting, etc.). The visuals in it are beautiful, and I’d love to read about all the creative work that went into it.

Going into Discovery I was familiar with Hetrick from Face Off. I was surprised by how many alien make-ups, Klingons especially, went against the design philsophies that Face Off hammered into contestents week after week.

A case of ‘do as I say, not as I do?’

This guy ruined the Klingons. I’ll never gonna buy it.

He didn’t ruin the Klingons. He was told to redesign them. And he did.

Spock_y, my brother.. your pain runs deep. Let us explore it… together. Each man hides a secret pain. Share it and gain strength from the sharing.