Star Trek Event Coming To ‘World Of Tanks’ Online Game – Watch Mission Preview

The popular World of Tanks massive multiplayer online game is usually all about tank warfare, but they just announced a game event that will let you compete in Starfleet “rovers.”

Call to the Final Frontier

The “Call to the Final Frontier” event will run in World of Tanks from May 2 to May 13. It is themed around the 2009 Star Trek movie and Kelvin Universe. Here is the mission synopsis:

A mysterious alien Object stole the antimatter straight from the warp core of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Use your vehicle combat skills while competing with other crewmates to recover the antimatter and research the alien Object. Help the iconic flagship resume her five-year mission!

For the special event players put aside their usual tanks to drive rovers to collect antimatter fragments to get Star Trek-themed rewards. Players can compete in daily event missions to earn new styles, decals, inscriptions, and 3 new Commanders with unique voices (Kirk, Spock, and Uhura). There is also a special “Orion Lockbox.”

This video provides your mission briefing…

Trekify your Tank!

One of the 3D styles you can get during the event is called “Emissary,” transforming your regular tank with a Starfleet theme. Here is the teaser from World of Tanks:

“Found this one when we were looking for that T95 we lost during field trials. The ground ’round the thing was…strange, wrinkled. Like it had been fried or something. And what a remarkable piece of equipment, this tank. Looks a bit like one of ours, right? But I heard Doc getting all excited about the ‘improbable alloy’ it’s made of—after he managed to chip a bit off the lower plate. Hope his ravings can stir up some of the top brass to get the tank outta our depot and into some fancy top-secret lab. Because I’m telling you, it looks like it can fly—or even more. You know, the little green men that built it—just for fun, inspired by our exotic designs—they might find its remote control and press some buttons.”

Check it out…

For more info on the Star Trek event or to start playing World of Tanks visit


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scrolled down and legit thought for 1 second that ST4 was being announced with surprise new movie poster

Isn’t that the Enterprise-A from the end of Beyond? That’s an interesting choice to use in the marketing for this.

They use the first Kelvin-prise at the beggining of the video, then they change it at minute 1 with the Kelvin-prise A.

This seems pretty silly. It would be nice to get a single player adventure game, but I’ll keep on dreaming. Star Trek: Resurgence isn’t terrible, but it’s not the open world exploration RPG I’d rather fawn over.

My two complaints for Resurgence are that the “video game-y” parts of like the little mini games or flying the ship are a bit clunky, and that also sometimes, for me personally, it goes just a little too far on the lets put you in stressful situations sort of thing (I know that’s kind of the point of the game, so that probably is just part of it and not much to do about that but it just felt like it was constantly trying to make me feel bad about making choices). But in terms of getting to feel like you are part of an interactive Star Trek story they did a wonderful job with the look and feel and lots of great writing.

If there’s one thing that makes me thinks of Star Trek, it’s heavy artillery.

Agreed, was just about to post this sentiment.

I’m at a loss to explain why this was greenlighted. Star Trek… with military tanks? Someone was asleep at the wheel.

I’d surely hate to think that during the Dominion War that when it came to ground forces that the Klingons did all the heavy lifting.

The same logic that had Starfleet borrowing a Romulan cloaking device for the Defiant instead of developing their own: let others do the distasteful work so we can keep our hands clean.

they’ve also done collabs with TMNT, it’s not meant to be treated as some super serious in universe Trek event

the reaction to this event is so overblown and silly, IP crossover collabs are the current “it” thing for big online games

Star Trek New Worlds

At long last, the next Transformers and Trek crossover I was waiting for.

Age Of Tanks paid a licence fee…

Enjoy the game kids because this is probably the only thing you will get to getting more JJ verse. It certainly won’t be another movie at the rate things are going. 😂

…another mismanagement of the franchise, imo. Imagine if Rockstar put out a Trek game, aka RDR/GTA.

It’ll never cease to amaze how big an influence Mass Effect has had, not just on games, but on sci-fi in general.

You’re right, those tanks totally look like they’re straight out of Mass Effect

Brought to by the same brilliant folks who put Wrestling on the SciFi Channel.