Podcast: All Access Listens For “Whistlespeak” With Commentary From Mary Wiseman Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

[Discovery 506 review starts at 21:39]

With Laurie away on vacation, Shuttle Pod’s Matt Wright joins Anthony to talk about the Trek news of the week, starting with the chaos at Paramount Global with the CEO leaving and competing bids to buy the company. They also catch up on Toronto’s new “Star Trek Stage,” get an update on TeakTrek from PanCAN PurpleStride, and consider the value of Star Trek teaming up with World of Tanks. Matt and Tony also take a look at fan efforts to support (and maybe even save) Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Turning to Star Trek: Discovery, they play some audio from Tony’s new interview with Mary Wiseman talking about Tilly’s adventure in this episode and her potential future. The podcast then rolls in Tony and Laurie’s previously recorded review of “Whistlespeak” where they agree it is a rich episode that is a bit of a throwback to classic Trek.

Matt sticks around for bits of the week, where we take a look at Laurie’s European adventure with Little Riker and wish veteran Star Trek director Ralph Senesky a very happy 101st birthday.


Paramount Global Boots Bob Bakish as CEO, Names New Leadership Team of Three Execs and Sony Pictures, Apollo Offer to Buy Paramount Global for $26 Billion in Cash  [Variety]

Toronto Stage Used For ‘Discovery’ Renamed “The Star Trek Stage” By Pinewood Studios

Fan call for May 25th “Stream-A-Thon” To Support LowerDecks.

Star Trek Team Was Top Fundraiser For Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 2024 Charity Walk

Star Trek Event Coming To ‘World Of Tanks’ Online Game – Watch Mission Preview

Interview: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Writer Carlos Cisco On Unmasking The Breen And Revisiting The ISS Enterp

NOTE: Look for the full new Mary Wiseman interview on the site soon


Anthony: Follow Laurie (@floobish) and #LittleRiker’s European vacation on Twitter

Matt: 101st birthday card for TOS director Ralph Senesky and his site senensky.com

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Nobody talking about Sony’s $26B offer for Paramount?

It’s one the first things we talk about in this episode.

It was literally one of the first things they talked about. Scroll up, it’s the first link on the list….

Well it looks like the Skydance deal is crumbling, but Variety is reporting the Sony/Apollo offer also probably isn’t happening — too many regulatory hurdles, and Shari Redstone doesn’t want to sell to a private equity firm.

Class B shareholders may revolt, but that’s mainly because they’re Ferengi in their thinking (short-term profit above all).

Because nothing else matters to them. For them, companies aren’t made up of people or history And what they do is completely irrelevant.

For those guys, it doesn’t matter if the company becomes the next Apple or utterly implodes. Because all it is is a financial instrument to milk cash from.

No idea if it’s practical or ideal, but the selfish part of me wants it to be Amazon buying Paramount/Star Trek. Already have prime and I do busines with their webstore. Netflix 2nd choice. Then Disney ( unlikely), Apple, last preference is any terrestrial cable network.

We already have too much consolidation in the entertainment industry, it would be great if they don’t sell to anyone.

Per Variety, that’s the way things are looking now.

Paramount’s board will review the Sony/Apollo offer to fulfill their fiduciary duty, but it too looks unlikely.

You know it’s funny when the corporation consolidated into one unit again with Star Trek just being under one umbrella and Paramount+ was born out of it I think most of us thought things were looking up. And this was around the same time they announced the Kelvin movie (again) at the now infamous shareholders event.

The narrative then was Paramount was so flushed with cash we’ll probably get many Trek projects coming our way. A year later all that talk had changed. Now it was ‘belt tightening’ talk. Not only did the Kelvin movie didn’t happen it basically got cancelled yet again lol, as much as they pretended otherwise. Four of the five Trek shows have been cancelled and who knows if Paramount+ will even be a thing a year from now?

They put on a good front with the splashy Variety article, announce yet another movie blah blah but the reality is Star Trek’s future is once again up in the air. I’m certain we will get the Academy show and Section 31 is already shot but I don’t expect anything else to happen until the new overlords arrives. I think another theatrical movie is just another PR ploy sadly. Would like to be wrong but all things considered….

BTW to answer the question has Paramount+ had any shows go longer than five seasons the answer is yes. It was The Good Fight and the only show that got six seasons.

I do think more shows will go over 5 but I highly doubt it will be Star Trek. Probably one of the Taylor Sheridan shows as suggested.

Regarding the Denobulans not checking in on the planet: wasn’t there a thing about Denobulans not being part of TNG when Enterprise was on the air? Someone was questioning it in a canon kind of way. And I seem to remember someone from production saying: “There’s a reason for that”. Hinting at the fact that the Denobulans might have pulled back and secluded themselves. Not interacting with any outsiders anymore. Not likely, but that could’ve been the reason they didn’t go back anymore.