IDW Celebrating 500th Star Trek Comic With Big Era-Spanning Anthology

IDW has been publishing Star Trek comics since 2007 and their 500th release is coming this fall with a special anthology issue chock full of Trek characters from across the franchise.

IDW’s 500th

Star Trek #500  arrives just before Star Trek Day in September. The issue features seven different stories and includes one that sets up a crossover event IDW is planning for Star Trek comics in 2025. Writers for the oversized issue include Trek comics vets like Chris Cantwell (Star Trek: Defiant) as well as new writers like Mags Visaggio (Star Trek: Celebrations) and actor Patton Oswalt.

The celebration issue includes four different covers, from artists Joëlle Jones, Jake Bartok, J.K. Woodward, and Chris Fenoglio.

Cover A by Joëlle Jones

Here is the official blurb:

Celebrate IDW’s 500th issue of Star Trek comics (and an early Star Trek Day!) with this landmark oversized anthology issue! This collection of seven short stories spans through fan-favorite eras of the beloved franchise from Lower Decks to Strange New Worlds, legacy characters from The Next Generation and the original series, written and illustrated by Star Trek comics veterans and new voices alike. Plus, don’t miss out on the prelude to 2025’s big Star Trek and Defiant comic crossover event written by Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Christopher Cantwell!

Cover B by Jake Bartok

IDW group editor Heather Antos previewed Star Trek 500 (via Nerdist):

“The sending to print of any single comic is a feat in and of itself. To hit a landmark like 500 issues with any franchise is a true accomplishment to be celebrated. This Star Trek Day IDW is excited to present not only a look back at some of our favorite characters and series from over the years, but also a look forward on what is to come in the future for our Eisner-nominated Star Trek and Defiant series. If you’re only getting one Star Trek book this year, this is not one to miss out on!”

Cover C by J.K. Woodward

It was just two years ago that IDW celebrated their 400th issue of Star Trek, showing just how much they have increased their output of Trek comics recently. Writer Jackson Lanzing weighs in on this new milestone:

“In Star Trek #400, we began a journey that changed the face of Star Trek comics and carved out a whole new line for readers of every generation. I don’t think any of us could have imagined what would follow. From all the incredible interlocked series to the first Star Trek summer event to the first Eisner nominations in Starfleet’s history. Now, one hundred issues later… it’s time to push things even further.”

RI cover by Chris Fenoglio

Star Trek #500 arrives on September 4, 2024. It isn’t yet available for pre-order but you should soon be able to reserve a copy at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

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Absolutely no love for Star Trek: Enterprise apparently. Not one of the 4 covers acknowledges it in any way. Even the case with the crew figurines from all of the shows leaves them out. Pretty egregious misstep IMO.

I stand to be corrected, but I don’t believe that Enterprise ever featured in the comics?

Enterprise appeared in comics in MAD Magazine in 2002.

Star Trek: Enterprise was featured in IDW’s Star Trek Waypoint #4. I think this was Enterprise’s first appearance in a comic.

It’s the forgotten show. Seems to get very little coverage which is a shame in my view. I’d take it over Discovery by quite a bit (with exception of Season 2 when Pike et al showed up).

…when I quit DSC at the end of S2 I went back and revisited ENT. ENT is vastly superior, imo. Shame it wasn’t added here.

I did a complete re-watch during lockdown and enjoyed it quite a bit. The HD visuals were good for the era and generally the show looked great.

Yeah, noticed that. Really bad form.

You can blame Scott Backula for that – he won’t let his likeness be used…I wonder why – he had no problem in the early 1990’s for the QL comic…

The only thing oversized there is Picard!

Wow, they have Captain Georiou who was Captain in two or three episodes and Captain Shaw on the cover, but no Captain Archer that had an entire series?? Huge disrespect.

I also noted that in the recent Peabody award summary, they went to the trouble of naming all the Captains from Kirk through the Berman era with exception of Archer. As I said in my post above, it’s the forgotten show which again seems very unfair and I agree, somewhat disrespectful.

They have ____ but not ____! Verily, I am outraged!

oh look – another era spanning series…how original.

What’s with the Borg Corgi? What am I missing?

That was from the DS9 series a while back set during the Dominion War.

The Dog of War….if you really want to subject yourself to it



It seems to be the World War 1 of Trek shows. Regrettably forgotten.

Yep. See my post above about the Peabody award Star Trek summary. It’s as if Enterprise never existed.

I actually quite like Enterprise, but I genuinely think the ending was so hated that people have erased it from their personal canon. That finale killled the whole series!

the craptastic theme song from the very first episode killed that series

Lest we forget!



Didn’t we have issue #400 not so long ago?