See Captain Sisko Meet A Familiar Face From ‘Picard’ In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #20

This week IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series continues the 6-issue “Pleroma” storyline with part 2 of the new arc that delves into the issues of divinity that have arisen since Sisko’s return from the celestial temple. Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing co-write the series with art by Megan Levens (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Starsigns). We have covers and a preview of issue 20.

Star Trek #20


Having revealed their true godlike identity, T’Lir is relying on Captain Sisko to help repair Kahless’ damage to space-time and save their species from extinction. Despite the Prophets’ eerie warning that Sisko is forbidden at the Pleroma-a meeting place for god-level species at intersecting space-time coordinates-he and his crew head to the Utopia Planitia Federation Shipyards for a retrofit to the Theseus in preparation to boldly take on the unknown. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure from Section 31 approaches Lily with a mission, claiming the Federation’s future is in her hands..


Cover A by Megan Levens

Cover B by Taurin Clarke

RI cover by J.J. Lendl


Five-page preview:

Star Trek #20 available Wednesday

Star Trek #20 arrives on May 15. You can order issue 20 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

The new “Pleroma” arc continues through the summer. You can see covers for the next two issues arriving in June and July below…

The J.J. Lendl retailer incentive covers for “Pleroma” fit together to make a stained glass-style piece of art. Each cover features different “gods” from Star Trek history. You can see how all six Lendl covers fit together below…


Six covers by J.J. Lendl for “Pleroma”

Star Trek annual coming in July

The 2024 annual issue of the Star Trek series arrives on July 3. You can pre-order the digital edition at Amazon/comiXology. Here is the synopsis and cover:

With no one but himself to blame for his brother’s sudden escape during the Klingon Day of Blood, Lieutenant Commander Data sheds his Starfleet uniform for an ensemble inspired by none other than Sherlock Holmes to track down Lore’s whereabouts… and figure out what sinister plans he’s been scheming. With the one and only Miles O’Brien as his Watson at his side, there is no mystery that Detective Data can’t solve!

Cover A by Rachael Stott

Star Trek collection

Last month IDW released a hardcover collection of last year’s “Day of Blood” crossover of their ongoing Star Trek and Defiant series. The release collects Star Trek: Day of Blood, Star Trek: Day of Blood–Shaxs’ Best Day, Star Trek 2023 Free Comic Book Day issue, Star Trek issues #11–12, and Star Trek: Defiant issues #6–7. You can order now at Amazon for $27.99 or get the Kindle eBook version for $9.45.

Keep up with all the Star Trek comics news, previews and reviews in TrekMovie’s comics category.

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Wait, Shaw doesn’t geek out on meeting Scotty?

Honestly I don’t think Shaw would be a fan of Scotty’s admitted penchant for inflating repair times as he mentioned in Relics and in the movies.

Shaw described his career as pretty boring before the events of Picard Season 3. If they give him too much action in this comic, could undermine that.

We need a Shaw / Titan-A show/cartoon/comic/podcast whatever

All the Shaw. 24/7. Please. What an enormous mistake knocking him off at the end of the season. He could have easily carried a very successful Titan series. Just a big waste of a terrific character and actor playing him, thrown away in favor of an ephemeral nostalgia squirt in service of an outgoing cast. Bah.

Why not a TV show? I want the Captain Shaw Chronicles. Start from his time at battle of Wolf 359 and go all the way to his days on the Titan. We know how the character ends, but we can still see how his journey was until he reached that end point.

Great to see the classic Connie.

Yes indeed! I’m sure Utopia Planetia had one there as a momento of their distinguished past glories. Arguably the most famous line of ships in Starfleet history.

Shaw should be court-martialed for that line about ignoring orders from Starfleet Command.
And “we don’t have time to help a god. Oh nevermind, I wasn’t actually saying you were a god or that I cared”

What terrible writing


Also, “spent most of time, poking holes” – just like in PIC S3 !!
Engineer my skidplate, guess he can only be useful when there’s an emergency that requires HIS specific skills, and no one else. Otherwise, he pawns it off to that vulcan assistant of his.

It had me at the “2001” reference.