Podcast: All Access Won’t Be Silenced In The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Library For “Labyrinths”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 185 - TrekMovie - Star Trek: Discovery "Labyrinths"

[Discovery 508 review starts at 15:17]

Laurie’s back from vacation, just in time for Anthony to fill her in on the latest about Paramount’s attempts to find the right buyer. There’s not a lot of other news this week, but they catch up on a comic book milestone and some Eisner nominations for IDW. They talk about Star Trek: Discovery‘s first appearances on the Nielsen charts and play some audio from Tony’s recent interview with Doug Jones (Saru), then launch into their review of episode 508, “Labyrinths” with bonus commentary from co-writer Eric J. Robbins. Tony and Laurie agree it was an excellent episode that nicely wove in Burnham’s character deep dive with the Breen plot action. They wrap up with updates on some local Star Trek conventions.


Sony rethinking its bid for Paramount [Reuters]

IDW Celebrating 500th Star Trek Comic With Big Era-Spanning Anthology

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Debuts On Nielsen Streaming Top 10

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Climbs Streaming Top 10 Chart

Inside How ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Transformed A Toronto University Library Into The Eternal Archive

Watch: Sonequa Martin-Green And Tawny Newsome Talk Representation And Star Trek Celebrating Black Women

The Delta Flyers podcast recaps and reviews DS9’s “The Siege”


Anthony: Creation Entertainment calendar of upcoming “Trek Tour” cities and dates

Laurie: Trek Long Island (Don’t forget the ticket giveaway!)

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I’m so accustomed to reading bad news about the entertainment industries lately that for a split second I interpreted the title as though someone is actually trying to silence you

Great podcast as always.

Laurie, I remember being wobbly for days after coming back from a week-long cruise. Hopefully it subsides.

In the episode, it would have been funny if Michael was marking her path with quadrotriticale instead of sand, only to discover a tribble eating it up.

Sensors are detecting a tachyon anomaly in Secausus!

Welcome back Laurie!
Agree that the series is setting up a potential Kweijan revival at some level. But I think they have also been setting up a similar circumstance with Hugh and his beloved abuela. But while Book and Moll would likely use the technology without much hesitation, Hugh has been profoundly wrestling with the meaning of life, death, and existence and I believe he will ultimately painfully (and dramatically) decide not to use it to resurrect his grandmother. In fact, he may be the one to destroy the technology.

In the end, the treasure hunt narrative will turn into a reflection on what it means to be alive and how death provides the context that makes us human. A story about our relationship with god is a script Roddenberry would have loved!

Interesting idea! It would nicely tie Hugh’s story in with the rest of the adventure.

Thank you for another great podcast. To be honest you would be talking for an hour about 12 ways to cook cauliflower and I would enjoy it. Laurie don’t worry about this floating impression you still have. I’ve been around boats for years but in the beginning, when I was in a boat just going out on the dock I would feel this way. It will pass soon enough. Boats always move slightly even docked so your body adapts to it, especially if you spent many days on the boat. So now you just need to adapt back to dry land. The remedy is just to wait for it to happen. No neurological disorder is involved.

Thanks for the hopeful words but I do have Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, and yes it’s a neurologic disorder! This isn’t just “land legs” or something like that. But I wish you were right!

Mal de débarquement is the literal French translation to what I was describing (French is my first language)… But yes I looked it up and they do say it’s a neurological condition, and that walking, jogging or biking can help (but not on a stationary bike or carpet)… Of course the best remedy is to go back to France and live permanently on a boat, but then we would miss you on the podcast!

Hope you feel better soon!

My husband and I have been joking that the only solution is to go live on a boat in France! So yes, we are thinking along the same lines. I like this idea. They had Wi-Fi, I could still podcast…

Just finished the podcast….
With the exception of the Pepto Bismol Klingon blood in TUC, Trek has always been really antiseptic when someone is dispatched. If you’ve even singed the hair on your arm cooking, I’d think that even vaporizing someone with a phaser would leave quite a stench….

I’m thinking Rayner will die the heroes death sometime before the end of the show.

I feel you on the bobbing horizon, Laurie. I’ve had that happen after a fishing trip, but it usually clears up after a few days.

I caught the “Delta Flyers” episode where they were shredding what Trek tech could, and couldn’t, do in any given situation. It’s hardly new to Discovery, though, Trek is littered with examples of some fix that saved the day and was promptly forgotten. The Kelvan’s juiced the Enterprise to get her through the galactic barrier and back to the Andromeda galaxy in a timely manner. Yet, along comes Voyager, and hitting double digit warp speed turns everyone into lizards. Those who die on the canon hill are always gonna get an eye roll from me.

Exactly. That was my point in bringing it up… these issues are throughout Star Trek (and probably almost all scifi). It’s hard to find the defining line of when it matters (distracts from the story) and when it doesn’t (helps move the story along without too much babble). FYI I don’t think Rayner will die because I think he gave an interview early on saying he was going to be on next season! Not sure.