X-Men Producer Simon Kinberg Reportedly In Talks To Oversee Star Trek Feature Films

There is big news coming from Hollywood, with a potential new producer shepherding the future of the Star Trek franchise on the big screen.

The start of the Kinberg Trek era?

This morning, The Hollywood Reporter is confirming an initial report from Puck that Paramount is in talks with British-born filmmaker Simon Kinberg to produce the next Star Trek feature film, as well as becoming the “steward” of the film franchise moving forward. Kinberg is best known for writing and/or producing several films in the X-Men franchise, starting with 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, and also directing 2019’s Dark Phoenix. He has primarily worked on genre films, including writing the 2008 movie Jumper. Kinberg produced the first two Deadpool movies and 2015’s The Martian, which garnered him a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Kinberg has also acted as executive producer on a number of television projects, including two X-Men shows (The Gifted and Legion), Star Wars Rebels, the Paramount+ Twilight Zone reboot, and this year’s Apple TV+ series Sugar.

Kinberg’s first Trek project would be the previously announced “Untitled Star Trek Origin Story” which Paramount recently confirmed as part of its 2025/2026 slate. Earlier this year, Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams had tapped Andor‘s Toby Haynes to direct, based on a script from Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie).

This would be Kinberg’s first step into taking a larger role in the Trek film franchise. According to Puck, “Paramount sees Kinberg as a franchise shepherd à la Alex Kurtzman for Trek TV projects, even though J.J. Abrams remains as a producer.” The reports indicate that Paramount may be looking to start a new era for the film franchise after almost a decade away from the big screen.

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A direct sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond remains in the works, but that film is expected to arrive after Haynes’ prequel, which is expected to have a new cast. The “Star Trek 4” Beyond sequel has been in development for almost a decade, going through multiple permutations, with a new screenwriter brought on in March for a new script, much to the chagrin of star Chris Pine.

Origin movie is about first contact?

The Puck and THR stories differ on Paramount’s release goal for the “Untitled Star Trek Origin Story,” with THR saying the studio hopes to get the film into theaters by next year and Puck reporting they are targeting 2026, the 60th anniversary of the franchise. There are also new details from THR about the Haynes’ origin movie:

The project is said to be set decades before the events of the 2009 movie that was directed J.J. Abrams, likely around modern times. It is said to involve the creation of the Starfleet and humankind’s first contact with alien life.

The creation of Starfleet and the events of humanity’s first contact with alien life, specifically Vulcans, is well established in franchise lore and explored in the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact as well as the Star Trek: Enterprise television series. Both Puck and THR use the term “reboot” as well. Of course, the three J.J. Abrams-produced films are set in an alternate parallel “Kelvin” universe, which was also portrayed as a reboot of the film franchise. It’s possible that the Haynes’ movie could establish yet another Star Terk canon universe.

Zefram Cochrane greets the Vulcan visitor to Earth in Star Trek: First Contact (Paramount Pictures)

UPDATE: Main timeline?

The Variety story on Kinberg adds a new wrinkle with this description of the film:

Insiders say the film is intended as an origin story for the main timeline of the “Star Trek” franchise (rather than the alternate, Kelvin timeline started with 2009’s “Star Trek”), set in the aftermath of humanity’s first contact with aliens.

In theory, there is space in the main (aka Prime) timeline to cover the events following Star Trek: First Contact (set in 2063) that leads to the events of the early/mid 21st century era covered in Enterprise. Although it is hard to see how the post-World War III 2060s of Star Trek could be described as “modern times.”

Of course, all of this development around the Star Terk feature films is happening while Paramount Global is in corporate turmoil. A change in management could see a change in strategy when it comes to Paramount franchises. In the short term, all financing is more challenging for Paramount Pictures, with the company laden by debt. Skydance, who have co-produced the recent Star Trek feature films, is still in talks to take over all of Paramount Global. Beyond that, they still have the option to partner with Paramount on the upcoming Star Trek movies, as they have for the last two.

This is a developing story and TrekMovie will provide updates as they arrive.

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So we’ll be up to four Trek universes if you count the Mirror? That’s a lot to keep track of. I guess they’re letting the original universe die of it’s own massive weight and officially say SNW is part of the latest reboot universe?

Four? LOL. There have been MANY more than four. We’ve seen an antimatter universe, a backward-time universe, and a TON of parallel universes–dozens at this point.

Okay, I should have said four main universes, or four heavily featured universes. I apologize.

If SNW is a reboot, then so is Picard since they showed a hologram of the SNW Enterprise in Starfleet HQ.

None of the streaming shows from the current era are reboots.

ENT, the USS Franklin, SNW, DSC, and PIC are all a part of the same tangent timeline created by First Contact. Lots of evidence out there to support it.

Discovery actually showed when the new “Burnham” timeline was created. Her mother appeared to Spock as the Red Angel to get his help to change history by saving Michael from being eaten by a creature when she ran away from home on Vulcan.

I don’t know if I believe that though. And why can’t they just put this new movie im the prime universe or even the Kelvin universe?

I think people are getting hung up on the alien life part. I don’t think it will be new aliens and it will still be the Vulcans that makes first contact as it’s always been. The press release just sounds like it was written to be as general as possible for non fans, that’s all.

It sounds like the movie will take place between First Contact and Enterprise. If so what’s the point of rebooting it?

Stop whining, good lord. This anger over an arbitrary dividing line between “old” or “new” is obnoxious.

Trek fans love to whine. It’s pretty pathetic.

Boooo. Not only has this guy been part of some BAD films, the story sounds boring and has been done. Thank you, next.

He’s been a part of some good ones, too. Is just kicking sand around a knee jerk reaction, or is there an actual point you’d like to make?

The 4 films Kinberg has written or co-written since Days of Future Past have an average Rotten Tomato score of 25%. We can call a spade a spade. A declining studio is nabbing a declining talent for a moribund movie franchise.

Cool story bro

How is that not Enterprise, though? Hopefully it will respect that series’ canon.

They won’t respect it like they haven’t respected most of the old shows canon. SNW might as well just be in another universe now in relation to how badly it aligns TOS and Discovery was so bad they moved it 900 years into the future because it didn’t feel like it was even in the 23rd century. STID couldn’t even get Khan right and sideline the Eugenics war completely. This will probably be as bad as those.

They will just continue to do what they want and just ignore canon.

EXACTLY what I said as I was reading this article. We have seen all this before

I dont see the point in going backwards, although I said that when ENTERPRISE was announced and that show finally ended up being as strong as anything that came before it (IMO), but we can not go back to that time frame again surely.

If they want to go back to this period just give us a 5th season of Enterprise??

It’s still ironic all the crap Enterprise got back in the day and it’s now easily the prequel show the most faithful to Star Trek canon. Discovery and SNW basically only followed canon when it suits them basically (and I really like SNW).

And I agree if you’re going to give us yet ANOTHER prequel no one was asking for them just do something more Enterprise related? That’s something some fans wants to see and been begging for for years now, me included.

And the Romulan War is just sitting there. That’s something fans always wanted (which we know season 5 of Enterprise was leading into) and would be a strong hook to get people interested. Why they don’t go this very obvious direction is beyond me.

The Romulan War would require finesse and imagination to pull off. The humans of the time aren’t allowed to ever see the enemy’s face or know the most important thing about them. How do those battle scenes work, exactly, without being constrained and repetitive.

The Vulcans…might know. Spock sure figured out the connection between the Romulan Commander and Vulcans with suspicious speed. Just because he had pointy ears? Can’t there be more than 2 pointy eared species in the galaxy?

Anyway the point is, it would take some effort to make a series work and to make a movie work, with the backstory that would need to be explained to the general audience, would be even more of a pain. The people running Star Trek now just don’t want to do the work. They want to spew out some lazy crap and expect us to cheer. A Romulan War series could be great, in the hands of competent people.

The whole “Nobody Ever Saw A Romulan” thing could be explained away as Section 31 hiding that Romulans and Vulcans had common ancestry from a young Starfleet that would no doubt be suspicious of non-human species in the aftermath of the Xindi Attack on Earth. The Earth/Vulcan/Andorian and Tellarite proto-Federation was dicey at first and the reveal of the warlike Romulan’s ancestry could certainly have ended the Federation before it even began.

All of this. All.of.this!

I don’t really believe they would’ve ever done that. I’m more than sure as they have done countless times now they would just run around it and then after it’s over sat it has to ‘classified’, they can’t tell the public they know what the Romulans look like for reasons,, everybody nods in agreement, the end.

Also SNW has had two time travel episodes where both Pike and La’an both know what the Romulans look like. Oddly enough neither has run into Starfleet to report this stunning development. I guess due to the Temporal Prime Directive blah blah.

But we agree they don’t want to do the work nor would they. But if someone one day decides they really want to do a Romulan war, see above.

It sounds like it will probably be when Starfleet was first being conceived. It may take place after Zefram Cochrane builds out the first warp engines on a massive scale with the help from the Vulcans and the first ships are now being produced. If so that will still be decades before even that show. Is there a date when Starfleet was officially established? My guess is early 22nd century.

If true, who will remotely care about this outside of hardcore Star Trek fans is beyond me though. This sounds like something I really hate about prequels and just filling into stuff we already know.

Enough with the canon, okay? Virtually the entirety of Trek doesn’t respect canon.

That’s not remotely true and you know it. Most shows bend over backwards to respect canon. Yes stuff obviously gets retcon from time to time or producers are human and make mistakes at times but that’s not the same thing as just ignoring it or not caring about it either.

That’s really insulting to all the writers and producers who painstakingly gone out their way to make these shows as canon as possible for decades now. Watch any scene from Trials and Tribblelations and tell me the people who made it didn’t respect canon.

And the current shows that go out of their way to a crazy level to respect it the most are the actually animated shows LDS and PRO. They have both done an amazing job trying in to canon. I can’t think of anything that either show has gotten anything wrong on.

I will say Picard has also done a pretty good job with it as well. Outside of maybe tiny instances I can’t think of anything that was so flagrantly out of bounds, can you?

The only shows where canon has been a complete mess is with both DIS and SNW. And surprise, surprise both the prequel based shows. 🙄

Which should tell you time and time again that maybe if you can’t simply make a prequel show or movie that’s more consistent with the time period it’s set in then maybe you shouldn’t keep making prequels?

One of the reasons I’m so impressed with Prodigy is just how faithful they have been to canon.

It’s very astounding how much they have adhered to not just Voyager canon but the franchise as a whole. I say that because this is a show made for kids who doesn’t know squat about Star Trek and yet they went out their way to make it almost a weekly lesson about the in and out about Star Trek history and aliens. I actually learned a few new things lol.

They treat that universe with the utmost respect which sadly the bigger and more popular shows like SNW and Discovery failed on IMO.

So I fully agree to say that people don’t respect canon is false. Lots of people do and they do their homework diligently. But as you say some are simply human and mistakes are made. That’s OK, I will always applaud the attempt they are at least trying.

I think prequels are harder to get it right because there is just too much story they have to contened with and while I love TOS it’s just too outdated. I don’t fault anyone from making visual changes and I’m OK with how they did it with SNW for instance while Discovery was just insulting. They didn’t even try. None of it looked like Star Trek, at least not the Star Trek I knew.

But being in the 32nd century it all fits fine now. Why they just didn’t have it take place post Nemesis from the start I’ll never know? But the fact they moved it there actually does tell they ultimately respected canon because they knew the show just didn’t belong in that time period and removed it. They should be applauded for that but it’s not the canon issues I had problems with alone, far from it, but I will digress here. 😊

Agreed. And I wasn’t trying to give Phil a hard time and he knows I sorta like him but that’s just not true. Not in the least. The people who work on these shows and movies, as far back as TNG has always strived to make canon fit but of course there will always be issues making it fit 100% of the time because it’s still just fiction and other factors will always come into play.

Berman got so much slack because fans thought he didn’t care about canon when it came to TOS but looking back on it now there was a very committed effort to make it all fit as much as possible both narratively and visually. Yes some things people questioned or they didn’t do enough of in some cases but as you said there was always the attempt. That was obvious. But yes it’s still subjective but they were always trying. And when you have so many episodes, seasons, movies etc it naturally gets harder and harder.

But the overwhelming majority fits fine. They have retcon many things over the decades but again out of just trying to tell new and interesting stories. A good example of that is what happened with Seven of Nine and the Borg.

They knew Seven’s backstory didn’t line up with when the Federation first originally encountered the Borg but thought her backstory was more important and just came right out and said that. And guess what they never got any flack for it because they were just honest about it and people understand they are just trying to make the best TV show possible.

Then of course later they retcon the Borg again on Enterprise and fans were livid lol. Just a slap in the face to their very existence. But they came out and said yeah we know how it doesn’t really fit but it’s explained in the story how it all fits via First Contact. People watched and realized yeah it works. No one remotely cares about those retcons today because they understood they weren’t just changing it to change it they were just trying to tell new stories but still tried to adhere to it as much as possible.

And yes most of the new shows are actually trying, really trying. And I’ll actually defend Discovery a bit here and will say I don’t think they were ever trying to ignore or disrespect canon. Not at all. I think the problem was, and I will die on this hill, is that Bryan Fuller just wanted to reboot the show completely. Just start anew in his image. But TPTB knew how much crap fans gave the Kelvin movies and wanted to make clear the new show took place in the prime universe. But Fuller probably wanted it in a new universe and the compromise became just reboot the show but still emphasize it was in the prime universe and we saw how well that went down lol

Now solely my theory, I could be wrong. But again you actually said it and ONCE they heard the complaints they did everything they could to make it fit into canon even removing the show completely and put it in another period because the Fuller stuff just didn’t work. It’s still a mess story wise lol but no canon complaints anymore.

Now there are obviously times when it’s obvious people DON’T care about canon at all, ie British Khan in STID, but those are more the exceptions.And again it’s not to say the Kelvin movies didn’t care at all, they cared plenty, but they prioritized what was more important in terms of telling its stories and just by being in another universe. And I think they had a director who got how important it was to the old fans but he always made clear his movies was prioritized to new fans first and we got what we got but they still tried regardless.

But trust me we’ll never see a white Khan again lol.

And it’s also why I knew the Tarantino movie was DOA because it was clear he also didn’t care and despite what people think about Paramount they knew that would’ve been a disaster and why they didn’t persue it even if they could use his name on it.

Star Trek is not a historical period piece so any prequels like dsc and snw do not need to be made to match the visual look of tos from that was made on a shoestring budget for spfx and vfx and had to work with the limitations of the mid to late 60’s which they did not have enough foresight to see that current computer and other tech might evolve way faster and way more advanced within only hand full of decades

as for the 3 examples of the 60’s sets being remade in part for 3 different berman era shows there was
limitations again for the first two both in having to match up to existing footage and early cg not being able to handle a digital replacement and even by then in the real world computer tech and other tech had moved into the digital age no longer had transistors and other stuff that analog tech relied on to run with

And the 3rd they had to shoot the with reduced lighting and weird angles cause of how bad the 60’s sets looked with mid 2000’s hd cameras and other production tools so if the 60’s set designs did not hold up with mid 2000’s level hd and lighting then it would never have held up visually with current hd cameras and lighting

No one ever said the prequels had to look exactly like TOS, simply some version of it, that’s all. Discovery completely ignored that direction and why it got the crap it did and sorry but RIGHTLY so.

Why say something is a prequel and say your show exists in the same universe if you just decide to ignore everything in it? Like what’s the point? That’s why I think Fuller never intended it to be a straight prequel and it was just going to be a very loose interpretation of the prime universe basically.

SNW doesn’t actually fit in visually that much either, certainly not the interior of that Enterprise minus the bridge. But at least it looks like a possible updated version of what TOS would look like today if it was made in the 2020s. That’s all most people wanted. What most of us whined about with Discovery. You would be nuts to drag out bare bones sets with the feel of a 60s looking sci fi aesthetic. No one was ever asking for that. Ok maybe somebody was lol, but they were in the vast minority.

And the old TOS sets on TNG, DS9 and ENT looked amazing (and someone told me DS9 just inserted the actors into a lot of the old footage although some sets were created). Only people like us who spend way too much time on this stuff would notice any differences at all. The very fact they went that direction and put in so much work to make it feel so authentic to the original is exactly the proof how much canon meant to them and did in fact respect it.

All that said I have no problem the SNW version of Enterprise has essentially replaced the look of the original in the modern era and why no one cared that Book and Burnham was on the SNW version of the ISS Enterprise this season. Most fans do in fact understand these are just TV shows and that some things can’t just be recreated from 60 years ago.

I’m still astonished they completely recreated the Enterprise D bridge in Picard. These are people who truly value what came before, especially when no one is forcing them to even do it.

“But at least it looks like a possible updated version of what TOS would look like today if it was made in the 2020s. That’s all most people wanted.”

I agree with that; most people don’t want a literal re-use of cardboard sets and 50-year old FX technology. But they want the general aesthetic to be recognizable and respected. The analogy I use is to consider TOS art direction to be a fuzzy low-res photo, and as technology evolves we are simply able to achieve higher resolution and see fuller details not apparent earlier. Same image, just in better focus, that’s what I tell myself.

No, what the shows make the effort is on continuity. Yes, the shows writers have done a great job with continuity over the decades.

Just one example: Back in the good old days of starship flying, it took time to fire up a warp drive. Ye canna violate the laws of physics (yes, you can, Trek does it all the time). Enter the funky party virus from The Naked Time, and it turns out you can, quickly, with a little time travel thrown in for good measure. So, several decades of episodes later, starships (apparently) start up cold, they haven’t been time travelings, and in Picard Season 3, along comes the Titan-A, and what do you know, it takes time to fire up the warp drive again. Becaue we needed the dramatic pause, apparently.

Continuity isn’t sacred, either. If you haven’t caught the last Delta Flyers podcast, McNeil, Wang, and Shimerman spent most of the podcast shreading the continuity in that one episode they were reviewing. They wern’t wrong, and that’s my opinion as someone who adores DS9.

Between respect for the continuity of the Trek universe, and resonable suspension of disbelief, all Trek is very watchable and communicates its message well. So when I see someone heave a digital sigh about more canon violations as though someone was taking a s**t on a crucifix, it’s just a bunch of melodrama. The casual fan doesn’t care at all, and for the serious fan, that’s just spending way too much time examining the brushstrokes instead of enjoying the painting.

Ok I get your point now and fair enough. But I still think for the most part the people making the shows cares or always try as much as possible. Or at least when people whine a lot about it lol. But of course there will be changes here and there because it is a 60 year old show and yeah it’s hard to keep everything that consistent.

The Klingons are the best example. They were obviously changed in the movies from what they looked like in TOS. I’m sure some people had an issue with it originally but people got used to the idea and that became their basic look and basically followed it when the new shows started. Yeah there are minor differences here and there but no one but hardcore fans noticed or cared but the look stayed consistent for decades.

And then came Discovery lol. However you feel about them personally the fact is they just felt so inherently different from anything we seen before and it bothered a lot of people. It was so bad they not only went back to the basic look of them in the later shows Discovery seems like it is scared to even show them again lol. So obviously they cared or they could’ve just doubled down on it. They didn’t.

But as I said on this thread my belief is Fuller just wanted to reboot the show in general. But same time if you say said show takes place in the same universe and time period of other said shows, in this case the show that started it all it should have SOME resemblance to that show. Discovery felt like it belonged in another time period and frankly universe. So why have it there then?

And I think what bothers people is when you tell them it’s all supposed to be the SAME canon when people have freaking eyes. Stop treating your audience like idiots. Just tell them why something was changed or just highlight it in the story and most people will get off your back about it. But when you present British Khan in your movie and LITERALLY pretend it’s supposed to be the same Khan we saw in Space Seed then you just insulted your audience and you lost them at the same time. Same with the Gorn in SNW. They want to pretend it’s the same ones from Arena. Why keep doing this?

That’s when people get upset about it. But most fans are actually reasonable. They understand things get changed for multiple reasons and OK with that. But don’t treat them like they are in the third grade either.

But again my argument is still the same as it’s always been. If you don’t want to follow 60 year old canon, F-I-N-E, then just put it in another universe or make clear it’s a reboot and do whatever you want. I and others have said this a hundred times now. Yes Trek is old and TOS is waaay outdated, so maybe it’s time to just redo it from top to bottom and start anew.

But no one wants to do that either so here we are. But as said maybe it’s just a mandate from the studio itself and the fear will stop caring about it. If so give your fanbase a little more credit. If you can still watch a show that jumped a thousand years into the future literally just to avoid canon I think people are OK with just saying other new stuff just exists in a different universe completely.

If someone were to film a new movie set during the civil war, the “canon” would be that Northern troops wore blue uniforms and Southern troops wore gray uniforms. A filmmaker might complain that being restrained by those blue and gray precedents would irreparably limit his ability to tell new, exciting stories, but I personally think such a claim would be ridiculous. Still, if he felt it essential to his creative integrity, he could disregard the fusty old looks and dress Grant’s and Lee’s armies in pink and chartreuse respectively. But then the film would definitely be considered an alternate history, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t it thus with the way Klingons look, and other Trek details?

The difference being the Civil War was real. It’s history so we’re just following facts or real events and so you would literally be altering history based on your premise.

Star Trek and Klingons are fictional so basically Klingons are whatever a writer says they are.And that can change with every production. And the fact is they DID change from the original show into the movies.

The difference was Klingons were only in a handful of episodes in TOS so it wasn’t that big of a deal. And Roddenberry always saw them as more exotic just didn’t have the budget to do more with them on the show. I imagine that was for most of the aliens.

But from the movies on Klingons stayed basically the same design for 30+ years and that design carried into literally over a hundred episodes and movies and two main Klingon characters Worf and B”Elanna carried it through on various shows and now iconic characters.

Imagine making the Vulcans blue with pink hair and Ferengi type ears now and that’s how Spock should look who is probably the most iconic character in the franchise and that’s what we’re talking about.

So that makes it trickier. If you change the basic alien design that means those very old characters would in theory have to change too and part of the problem.

So I get your point obviously but really goes to Trek being a very old property that has followed the same continuity for decades now. The fact it has never been rebooted like other properties after a certain period is why it’s hard to change anything.

Comic book stories are much older than Trek but they change up things every decade. That’s why there are so many versions of Superman even if the character looks and stays inherently the same. Those fans don’t have the same issue and expect changes eventually.

If there was multiple versions of Star Trek after 60 years none of it would probably be a big deal today.

But they have basically kept Star Trek through one direction, a few altered variations but still on the same track. And why it’s hard to do anything too drastically different now. Discovery learned that the hard way lol.

I can’t believe that some people still believe that Klingons are fictional.

Haha, this made me laugh.

And yes I listened to that Delta Flyers episode. They were talking about The Siege, the third episode and last episode of the three part series in season 2. And yeah I fully agreed with them as well and DS9 is my favorite show. It was funny how Shimerman almost sounded downright offended about it lol.

And look I obviously don’t pretend I don’t have my hang ups about canon and continuity issues but I don’t let them take away from my enjoyment of the show or movie IF I like them. I have said many times I have an issue with how SNW treats its canon or continuity at times but I don’t let that get in the way of how I rate the show overall. And I just tell myself it’s just in another timeline from TOS which it basically is now after last season.

But why they don’t just say it’s another timeline and save themselves the headache from the start I will never know. Do they think people will stop watching it?

What is “canon,” but merely continuity codified?

Don’t count on them respecting canon.
They don’t care. They don’t care about the shows canon except what they can steal and claim as their own. I know this is harsh and many others may not agree, but it’s what I have seen so far in post Nemesis movies and shows.

Gene did not care about canon even back during tos and definitely not when developing tng during tos and later tng he told writers to ignore canon if it got in the way of the story you want to tell and while developing tng gene decanonized a bunch of tos cause either it would not work with the story he wanted to tell with tng or cause he no longer viewed stuff in the same way as he did back during tos

Roddenberry very much cared about canon when making TNG. I wish people stopped this talking point. He simply wanted to update the universe a bit since it was 20 years later and not rely on TOS to carry the show but to tell new stories.

But not a single event or character from TOS was ever directly contradicted on TNG. I remember asking you to give me three examples on another thread and you couldn’t name one specific.

And oddly enough he avoided giving Spock an adopted sister out of nowhere nor pretended a Khan descendant actually served on the Enterprise either. Everything that happened to those characters and ship never changed.

Roddenberry telling people to ignore canon if a good story came out of it has been happening on every show since TNG. They just call them retcons. 😉

But if Roddenberry didn’t care about canon at all he could’ve just said TNG takes place in a different universe or timeline and not care about it at all, correct ? I think a lot of TOS fans probably would’ve preferred it at the time lol. The very fact he didn’t do that or frankly ANYONE has done that yet (minutes the Kelvin movies) seems to suggest they do in fact care about canon.

Or why keep attaching all your stories to it?

non of the new shows breaks canon
Most haters and gatekeepers of new shows that get to bogged down by the minutia constantly mix continuity up with canon visual stuff and the minutia of details are continuity which is where retcon term is connected to when updating or modifying continuity not canon and canon is the foundation the everything is built look at canon as the foundation of a house sits on and continuity is the house and when retcons happen it is the same as remodeling and additions to the house so the new shows are still part of the same prime universe aka the foundation but the new shows but are responsible for updates/additions and remodeling of the continuity of minutia that flesh out the prime universe

NuTrek has broken canon many times over. How is meeting the Gorn multiple times by the same ship and characters over five years before they actually met them in Arena is not breaking canon?

How does Chapel know who T’Pring is before even knowing she exists in Amonk Time not breaking canon?

How is a Klingon War even happening on Discovery when Kirk said in TOS they only had skirmishes with them prior not breaking canon?

How is Starfleet officially working directly with Section 31 when both Enterprise and DS9 said they were a complete secret in the Federation not breaking canon?

How does Discovery having some mushroom drive that can zip them anywhere in the galaxy when no other ship had this technology a hundred years later not breaking canon?

How is Spock and Chapel having a relationship on SNW when in TOS Spock never even had feelings for her not breaking canon?

How come Burnham was a mutineer when Spock literally said in TOS Starfleet never had a mutineer up to that time not breaking canon?

Why does Chapel not have her fiance yet when in TOS the reason she even joined the Enterprise was to find him after he went missing not breaking canon?

And canon is both what is said onscreen and what is shown onscreen. I understand some things just become out of date and so you make changes. I don’t think anyone is against that. But these shows have gone far beyond that in how they present certain events and characters. If you just want to ignore prior history and interactions then put them in another universe. Problem solved.

And can you please add periods to your sentences. That was very hard to read.

All that is continuity not canon

Ok I misunderstood you. My apologies. I always thought canon was both what you saw onscreen and basic continuity. I was obviously wrong.

But that said there are still lots of changes visually as I pointed out with Discovery. It didn’t even look like it belonged in the same universe and why I don’t care about NuTrek much.

LOL yeah I think there is some confusion too. I know people here are mostly discussing visual canon but I also think in terms of story continuity that’s a bigger issue too obviously.

But yeah if I’m wrong I learned something today as well.

Well I think the Discovery Klingons beg to differ lol

Look here is the thing. I don’t disagree with you that much. We’re not that far off because as I said I think the new people running it DOES care about canon and where I disagree with others here who says they don’t.

It’s literally why they put the Kelvin movies in another timeline or universe because that actually SHOWS you care about canon by respecting what came before and just doing your own thing. That’s why people who kept insisting they were ‘overwriting’ the prime universe were plain wrong. The only reason they went that direction was to tell people the universe WASN’T being changed. It’s exactly why they didn’t just treat it like a prequel and just did what they wanted; which they could’ve done.

You’ve already heard my peace over Discovery. But Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy have all tried to adhere to canon as much as much as possible. LDS on an insane level lol. But of course it’s easier when it’s animated and you don’t have to worry about building things from the ground up.

So we don’t really disagree that much. But people will see it differently. For some if you change ANYTHING it’s a slap in the face to everything holy. But most won’t be bothered as long as you give it SOME explanation like the Klingons for example. When you do something like that and give it zero explanations for a species that is so iconic even non fans knows them then you’re going to ruffle some feathers.

But once again the fact they changed them to their traditional look proves they in fact do care and wants to get it right.

Discovery just went too far off the reservation for some. But as I said if they just came out and said ‘yeah we’re rebooting the show and it looks different because it’s supposed to look different’ then most people would’ve accepted that. Maybe many would’ve balked at first but most would’ve came around. But they constantly treat fans like they are in elementary school and tell them their eyes are deceiving them and it’s really supposed to be the same as you always saw .. just different.

This is where you really start to insult fans instead of treating them like adults.

In two years it’ll be 10 years since the release of Star Trek Beyond, which will be the same span of time between the cancellation of Star Trek The Original Series in 1969 and the release of Star Trek The Motion Picture in 1979.

Those reboot movies were a failed experiment.

That was mostly their fault. How you run something with at least decent potential so fast into the ground is, sorry, beyond me.

They bungled it so badly after a pretty strong start. I bet Bob Orci is laughing manically somewhere for the last eight years now.

Probably what they are aiming for Beyond-ST4 now, the same time difference between end of TOS-TMP.

The question is, do they go for TMP style grey pyjamas or TWOK style military Santa uniforms?

They made three of them. That is not really a failure.

I think he just means turning Star Trek into a big tent pole franchise like Mission Impossible or Transformers. That’s ultimately the experiment that failed regardless how people feel about the movies themselves.

They basically spent the same as those franchises and never made anywhere close to what those made. And probably why they been stuck in limbo ever since.

The Transformer and MI movie have both stumbled lately but they are still going steam ahead with making them. There has been a total of six movies made between them since 2016 and zero Star Trek movies made.

That says a lot.

ST movies still don’t have a big enough worldwide appeal at the box office.

Obviously I’m not the one you need to tell that to lol.

I said it as far back as 2013 that it was obvious these movies were not going to be the Marvel size hits they expected and it was time to make the third film both a smaller budget and more intimate film. And the cast were already contacted so the salaries weren’t going to be out of control.

I kept saying based on how STID performed the next one would probably do even less, not more because it was obvious the domestic BO had slowed down and while internationally it did better it was mostly just thanks to China and that was still a very small bump box office wise in a HIGHLY unpredictable market. So they should scale back at least a little. Nothing too drastic but around $140 million or so.

Instead they did the opposite of that and made another jumbo size movie with a nearly $200 million and it blew up in their face.

There used to be one guy here suggesting to make yet ANOTHER $200 million movie which was even more absurd and just tells you people don’t understand BO like they think they do. These movies never should’ve been more than $150 million because none of them, NONE, made any real profit in the theaters.

And if Beyond was made for $140 million the movie would’ve made a profit and we probably would’ve had another one long ago.

And now even that is probably too much when you see bigger IPs struggling to make the money they once did. I don’t think the next movie will do anything more than $300-350 million tops. And that may be too generous.

I mean lets be honest, Trek was never gonna make a billion dollar box office. That desire from the producers was short-sighted and wrong. From the beginning they needed to understand this. Trek has always been a niche franchise when compared with other bigger franchises and tends to be a bit more smarter than stuff they do with Michael Bay’s Transformers films or Cruise’s Mission Impossible. They overestimated the box office potential of Trek and it cost them in the end.


I understand every product is supposed to make as much money as possible in a capitalist society but most products do in fact have a limit of some kind.

Star Trek has always been profitable but it rarely exceeded over a certain amount of money and a much lower threshold. They did actually push the reboot movies into more money than they ever made but at what cost? We got three big budget glossy movies I probably watched all of them maybe twice at most. But we also only got three movies in the last fifteen years and counting because they over spent on them and now too afraid to make anymore because they never made the money as hoped. They made them in seven years which is OK but we have waited even longer for the next one that still hasn’t arrived.

Compare that to the TOS movie era that gave us six movies in twelve years or the TNG movie era that gave us four movies in eight years. We basically had ten Trek movies for over twenty years in their run. That’s very impressive.

Now it’s dried up like the Mohave desert. Big flashy but shallow over budget movies isn’t worth it if it means it kills off the franchise for what can literally be over a decade the minute one of them fails spectacularly as the last one did.

They failed because they were too busy trying to turn it into Star Wars for teenagers instead of trying to make a halfway coherent story with thoughtful Trek messages.

When all your stories starts with angry villains who just wants to destroy planets and your main characters are running or jumping off things every twenty minutes you’re really just trying to make bloated action movies with Star Trek in the title basically and very little else.

At some point the fans got bored and moved on.

“Star Wars for teenagers”…
Star wars already is for teenagers

Ha great point!

And why it’s so much more popular than Star Trek sadly.

I still remember watching First Contact in the theaters on opening night in 1996. When that Vulcan stepped out of the ship and took his hood off, revealing his Vulcan-ness while Goldsmith’s score swelled, I was profoundly affected. Yeah, it was a cheap writing device, but it got me. As a life long Star Trek fan, it just hit me right in the feels. For the first alien species humans meet to be the Vulcans made a whole lot of sense, even if it was a little cheesey. And the fact it helped to shepherd in a new era of humanity along with the inventor of warp drive was really the beginning of Star Trek.

Now there is a new Star Trek movie coming out that will show “humankind’s first contact with alien life” seems it will retcon or totally dismiss that monumental scene. Bummer. I am glad I still have the Blu Ray.

I wouldn’t read too much into the marking copy. Those guys don’t know anything about Star Trek. They are just given a brief summary of the idea and get all the details wrong (at best).

To me it sounds like this “origin” story will cover the years post-First Contact leading up to ENT season 1. Going from actual first contact with the Vulcans to humanity’s first “dealings” with alien life and the creation of Starfleet (which already existed in ENT season 1, though it was pre-Federation Starfleet).

That was always my favorite unexplored idea from ENT – that season 1 would have originally been entirely on Earth and about the creation of the first starship/starship crew/the idea of what a Starfleet ship and mission should be, and that they ship wouldn’t launch until the season 1 finale (or thereabouts). I thought that was an intriguing idea, until the suits deep-sixed it in favor of getting into space in episode 1 and instead just giving us another TNG clone with just antiquated-sounding technology but with most of the setting being largely like any later-set series. A missed opportunity.

Yeah, you are probably right. That was my knee-jerk reaction. In the article, they refer to “the Starfleet.” It seems weird to put the “the” in front of Starfleet, so it shows their ignorance about the franchise.

The Inglorious Treksperts have been saying for a year now that the next Star Trek movie will be about the Romulan Wars and other pre-UFP stuff. This seems to track with that.

I wonder if they will have Zephram Cochrane as a main character.

This sounds as exciting as a new Star Trek series set in a Starfleet shipyard on lunch break.

well it is called “STAR TREK” after all….

Yeah. Do you remember the 1st pr announcement on st I’d? It speaks of the villain “”detonating the fleet”. Still waiting on that …

I was envisioning some cheap dodge, like an alien blob lands on earth and wreaks havoc years before first contact with Vulcans. If the alien isn;t intelligent or from a civilization, mayyyybeee they can get away with it but I don’t want that and anyway what does that have to do with founding Starfleet, which the Vulcans must have been involved in.

Star Terk aye?

i’ll believe it when i’m sitting in the theater and the sony logo pops up…

and they throw the word reboot out so much it’s literally lost it’s meaning…

have they ever had anyone in charge of the movie side of the franchise? it’s been like 50 years of “hey you take a shot at this”…

and this guy’s list of movies is not exactly screaming wow… with so many talented directors or producers who love trek they go with a guy who made the worst x men movies? his credits are a lot of big budget (a few good some bad) mostly unremarkable movies.

Sony deal is dead so is the Apollo deal and so is the wb/discovery deal which for those 3 I can say that is a good thing especially the Apollo deal nothing good would come out of them getting it and if wb got it would be the end of trek as it has been as zaslov would either choose to do a full reboot and Start fresh then after a couple new movies and shows he would then reboot it again in a different way or he would just lock the franchise away and take a tax write off and now the skydance deal is on hold for the time being so paramount and cbsViacom are going it alone

I think the closest Trek got to having anyone in charge of the movie side was Harve Bennett in the 80s. And he was smart, he lowered the budgets of the movies and even got TV people working on them. We need another smart producer like Bennett. I don’t think Kinberg is that guy.

To be fair Harve Bennett didn’t decide to make the movies cheaper, the studio did. And they picked Bennett because he was a was a TV guy and therefore knew how to make movies cheaper and faster.

I still remember a quote he said when he was asked to make TWOK and one of the executives joked about TMP ‘Can you make a movie that’s $30 million dollars cheaper?” and he laughed.

Jesus Christ… Just stop with the prequels and reboots. Continue the story in the Picard era or the Discovery era. Smh

Thank you. Why do they keep making prequels when most fans are asking for the opposite?

Who was asking for a Starfleet origin story???? When has that ever even been a thing lol? They are utterly clueless.

COMPLETELY agree 100%

It doesn’t seem like it will be recognizable Star Trek. Pre-Starfleet sounds really boring to me.

Maybe they’ll make it more interesting by inserting something like a . . . a temporal cold war or something. That would be neat, wouldn’t it?

Don’t love the idea of rebooting a well made universe, does Star Wars do this to tell stories on its timeline? Hope this is all just speculation.

Star Wars continues on. They dont recon CONSTANTLY like Star Trek.

They’ve got the bug too, with Acolyte and (erk don’t blame me for this name) Jedi Prime. It’s a contest to see whose franchise can get screwed up worst fastest.

This is not exciting news….. Boldly going where we’ve gone before.

Star Trek: Days of Future Past. Oddly enough it really does fit.

Pretty much my feeling as well. This could be the first film in the franchise where I wait till it hits the small screen to see it. Time will tell.

So it’s prequel to Enterprise then? That’s something fans have been really begging for and to know how Starfleet started… not. 🙄

Enough with prequels and reboots already. This sounds as exciting as watching Vulcans meditating.

Paramount has been totally clueless with the movies and just throwing random ideas up in the air over and over again.

I’m glad it’s not anymore of the ridiculous and insipid Kelvin movies but even those sound better than this. Maybe whoever ends up buying the studio will actually come up with real ideas what to do with the franchise because this isn’t it

What a get! They’ve ran through every hot name and now they have to settle for the mercenary. Also, what a concept! The future is yesterday! No, not that yesterday. Before that!

Simon Kinberg, you must be joking? Is someone determined to ruin Star Trek

Shari Redstone is secretly the Borg Queen.

There is no way a movie is coming next year lol. The idea feels ludicrous seeing how long it took the Kelvin movies to get made.

It obviously wouldn’t be a summer film since that’s basically a year away now and they don’t even sound like they are in preproduction. It will probably be 2026…or 2027…or maybe 2028. Really who knows because I don’t think really Paramount does either.

The post first contact story just sounds like something most people doesn’t remotely care about. This sounds like something you do as a Paramount+ streaming movie and not some big theatrical film. But it’s probably going to be pretty cheap. I really can’t imagine spending anything over $100 million for this idea that’s only going to attract mostly hardcore fans.

But we’ll see I guess.

And here I was thinking it isn’t meant to be for hardcore fans at all. They want to reboot it and are going to the beginning to do it.

But who cares about the early days of Starfleet except Star Trek fans?

Do you see a mass audience really intrigued with the first warp ship heading into space with brand new characters? And I keep hearing from fans a Star Trek movie only works on a bigger level if you bring in known or legacy characters like Kirk or Picard or forget about it. I don’t personally believe that but I don’t know if this is the right approach either.

I’m actually glad it will finally be a movie with brand new characters finally, but still don’t see it grabbing anyone but older fans.

Now maybe the story itself will be action packed and they will get a big enough name actor to lead it and give it a bigger hook.

But when even STAR TREK FANS sound pretty hon hum on the concept as we’re seeing I don’t think new fans will be anymore enticed by it.

Fans are clamoring for the Romulan Wars but it’s a no-go for the general public. What do you mean, the characters are fighting an enemy and they can’t see their faces. And they’re really like the Vulcans but nobody knows that? When are they going to find out? Never? Why do we have to wait for Kirk and Spock! Aren’t they dead now?

I don’t think the general public cares either way. Honestly it’s a big shrug no matter what they do. Most will just decide depending on how fun the trailer looks. When and where a movie takes place makes no difference to non fans. Ask me do I care when and where Dr. Who takes place? Since I never seen it the answer is the same, I don’t.

I get the idea they may want to start fresh with new characters and build up a new story to get new audiences involved but wasn’t that the entire point with the Kelvin movies? They even moved it to a new universe so new fans don’t have to feel like they needed to know any backstory and start fresh. And with the oldest and most iconic characters in the franchise.

Look how well that turned out.

I don’t envy Paramount. They know they have a very well known IP, but one they been having problems expanding from its admittedly aging fanbase. But they have been trying literally since Enterprise. None of it has worked on a massive level. Yes the Kelvin movies have easily been the most successful but even they gave up on the idea its created anew legions of fans because it hasn’t. They realize that after the merchandising failed after the first film and the hype died after the second one.

So honestly I don’t know what they can do at this point? There are five new Star Trek shows on now, a few really popular. But I dare anyone to tell me if they know someone whose never seen Star Trek before are watching any of them? Based on my own experience anyway the answer is no one is.

At this point, I don’t think another movie is going to suddenly turn things around on that end. They been trying for 20 years now and yet I bet everyone reading this or posting has all been watching it since the 90s the latest.

It’s always been very ironic to me this site was literally created for the Kelvin movies but all this time the overwhelming majority of posters was never new fans to the franchise but just mostly old fans even in its early days when the hype was huge.

It just a microcosm of the fanbase and how loyal and committed old fans always are but always been harder to attract new ones beyond the peripheral.

Next Gen finally hit its pop culture peak midway through season 4 after it had long-since committed to doing what it wanted to do and do it very well. And it had a lot of interesting visual elements to go along with it. I am sorry to sound so old, but the new stuff is largely rehashing the same characters and setups along with the same music and visual language.

The movie franchise needs **imagination** and a commitment to the core premise of humanism & exploration, not a focus on making sure it looks, sounds, and feels like something else that has been successful (which is inarguably the corporate edict with the property along with being JJ & AK’s entire bag: riffing on other people’s original ideas).

That might be what’s going on here. They just think Star Trek should be reset from the beginning and we show the leap from NASA to the Enterprise, or whatever. Enterprise: Good Version.

You are so right. What Star Trek has lost since 2009 is any real human curiosity or people truly trying to understand the unknown. It’s all mostly just trying to take down the next villain.

Discovery season 2 was the perfect example of that. It started as a sense of real exploration and mystery only for it to end up trying to take down the crazy robot who wants to wipe out all life in the galaxy. It’s like both Abrams and Kurtzman can’t pivot to anything else. It’s the same set up nearly every time. I hear Discovery is better this season and there is a sense of wonder and people’s place in the universe.

But based on some of the the reviews I seen anyway once again it has fallen to the same old trap and they are trying to stop the Breen who wants to use some device as a weapon to wipe out their enemies. Why I don’t miss this show.

Why is this always the same tired option they go to? I understand old Trek featured lots of villains trying to take down the Federation too but it wasn’t instilled in every story line either. There was actual stories about just trying to understand other people. Stories about the dangers of technology and science that didn’t always have a villain hiding behind it. Stories about characters having internal conflict but not with induced melodrama and constant crying.

The Star Trek today just misses the boat on so many of these things. I really loved Picard season 3 but it still was just more bad people running around trying to destroy the galaxy. But it at least felt like real adults working through a crisis again and not the emotionally stunted children we gotten in the new shows and movies.

I just miss stories like The Inner Light, City on the Edge of Forever, The Visitor, Twilight, Far Beyond the Stars, Darmok, Similitude, Duet, Timeless, Amonk Time or I Borg.

NuTrek just feels more superficial for some reason even when it tries to go deeper.

Let me just ask one simple question: Does anyone here really think that modern Star Trek can do something like Star Trek The Voyage Home where the plot is basically a search for whales? I think the answer is obvious. (I wish it could)

That’s actually an intriguing question and I also think the answer is no. It’s a shame because it at least showed the films could be a little more dynamic back then.

Now it’s the exact same premise in every movie and the same ridiculous high stakes. It’s gotten so boring and predictable.

Sorry, don’t want to go backwards….boring

My fear is that it’s Starship Troopers without getting the joke.

Star Trek: Dark Phoenix

There is literally no point making it for the cinema few will go see it the franchise is dead theatrically…Kelvin Cast Beyond sequel however would be worth making otherwise keep it on streaming!

Yes but that bombed… hence why still no Kelvin movie today.

It’s very simple, if Beyond at least broke even, we probably would’ve got another years ago instead of the development hell they have turned into.

So they are probably going a much cheaper way now and probably easier to get investors onboard.

I like Kinberg, even though I had problems with the Xmen films The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix. Two tries and he just couldn’t nail the Dark Phoenix story. : (

I really really wish they’d just drop this whole prequel film and go on to just do the ST4 for the Kelvin films. I want to see that cast again. I thought they were great and I enjoyed all 3 Abrams films (despite some qualms with Into Darkness).

My only real guess is it simply comes down to money. The Kelvin cast is now way more expensive to make a movie with and it’s probably too hard to make a lower budget film in general but keep the same level of spectacle as before. Again they obviously keep trying but this was all made clear back in 2018 when they refused to pay Pine and Hemsworth the original pay they were promised when they thought Beyond was going to be a bigger hit

At the time most people thought it was just going to be a small bump in the road and the movie would get back on track.

Six years and about five failed attempts later and look where we are?

The reality is Paramount probably has no faith in this franchise anymore. None. That was made clear back in 2018 and it obviously still very true today. But same time it’s still one of their biggest and well known IPs so they keep trying to do something, ANYTHING with it. And we seen the same pathetic results.

I don’t have any faith this movie will get made either. I mean you have to be nuts to take them at their word these days lol. Many think all of this is just to tell the next buyers they have something in development they never actually plan to make.

But IF this one gets made my guess is because it will probably cost half of what another Kelvin movie would cost with young freah faced actors and a story on a much smaller scale and FX.

I would be shocked if this movie costs anymore than $100 million. It could be even cheaper.

Wow was it that long ago when that movie got cancelled? It sounded like an awful idea anyway and I really like Chris Hemsworth.

But if Paramount really wanted another Star Trek movie they would’ve made one long ago.

I don’t believe this movie will happen either but if it does probably because it will be much cheaper as you said. The studio is in bad shape, making another Star Trek movie is a recipe for disaster if the next one performs as badly as the last one did.

Yeah time flies lol. And I remember people saying at the time this will blow over fast, Chris Hemsworth apparently really really really needed the money so that guy will buckle fast.

Yeah not quite. But as I said it really spoke to a bigger issue, one I don’t think has changed at all and that they no longer had any real faith in this franchise. I don’t think a few million dollars difference is what stopped the movie from happening. It was probably always a big question mark if the movie could really succeed or not.

Again I don’t blame them for having doubts where to go next. They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars and years on these movies and when the last one failed as it did it will naturally give you pause.

I just didn’t realize it would be an 8+ year pause lol.

I have to wonder who this new movie is for. I’m finding it hard to believe you can get existing fans excited for this premiss. It’s been done. Why revisit it?

Kinberg ran the X-Men movies into the ground. He sounds like a horrible choice to oversee Trek movies based on that evidence.

However, given the rate at which Trek movies die after being announced, this may not actually be anything to worry about…


Humanity’s first contact with aliens and the establishment of Starfleet? Mmm, sounds familiar. Wait, that’s right, there was the very good and commercially successful movie Star Trek:First Contact that covered a lot of this. Not to mention the underrated TV series Star Trek:Enterprise that explored this, too. Of ALL the stories to be told in the Star Trek universe, why re-tell this one? Will they cover the time between First Contact and Enterprise, maybe? Or, why not something entirely different? Romulan War anybody? With the Daedalus class? That could be early story of Starfleet. Or maybe the Lost Years between the end of TOS and the first motion picture? Just why do they think the well-told first contact story needs a reboot? Why is everything a reboot? How about a new story?

Yes both First Contact and Enterprise covered this ground literally over 20 years ago already. Why do we need to go back to it?

And if you must go backwards for the fifth time why not go to a period fans actually want to see like the Romulan War as you brought up. That’s actually a part of history that matters. And that could be a way to finish Enterprise and show how the Federation was formed. But that makes too much sense I guess.

Bring back some of the Enterprise characters and recast if you have to. As much as I love Scott Bakula I would be OK if they recast Archer if they wanted that character as part of the Romulan war since he’s in his seventies now. Om

But how many people out there has said they wanted a story about how Starfleet formed??? Who has been asking for that in the last twenty years?

The Romulan War would have to be a series and aimed at the core fanbase because the general public would be annoyed and frustrated at a war story where the good guys are never allowed to see the bad guys’ faces or know the most important thing about them. They’d have to remain a cypher thru the whole thing.

Creative writers could make this work but are there any on the Star Trek staff anymore?

That’s true about not being able to see the bad guy’s faces. It could be told from each side’s perspective without either side seeing each other, but that can be a tough sell to the Studio. It’s a difficult way to tell the story.

Ech, hack. However the saving grace is that unlike Star Wars fans, Star Trek fans reward big-screen drivel with financial failure. So bring on the next box office disaster.

When first heard Enterprise was coming out always thought the pilot should be Earth warping around in Phoenix class ships trying to pick up a distress signal from Cochrane only to instead find a Vulcan science ship in distress. The logical Vulcans choose not to save the crew captured by a automated Vegan Tyranny outpost, a race that once destroyed all life on achieving warp drive which disappeared in the last thousand years. Vulcan high command logically chooses not to mount a rescue given the superior technology of the output and that mission could lead to a Tyranny outpost back to destroying all sentient races in the region
Earth however feels it is their duty to mount a rescue (it’s the human thing to do) and they go for it with the primitive Bonhomme Richard. An outcast Vulcan science officer who has family on the science vessel chooses to join the mission to study the outcome.
My thought is that the rescue would be a success though the Bonhomme Richard would be lost (the humans would use their quickly crippled ship as a decoy for boarding the construct with spacesuits). The Vulcans would find worth in these primitive humans leading to more cooperation and as a thank you for rescuing the science crew the Vulcans would allow humanity to keep the starship (the first Enterprise ring ship).
I think this would make an awesome movie and into to Trek.

Please not Kinberg. Please?

Slight tangent, is the Twilight Zone reboot worth checking out? I saw only the first freebie episode and it didn’t do anything for me. Did it get better?

I watched a few episodes and found none of them particularly worthwhile. I gave up after sampling those episodes.

Okay, thanks. That’s a shame. I had high hopes for that one.

I just checked Paramount+ and it looks like they have removed the new Twilight Zone. I’m not sure where else it can be seen.

They wished it into the cornfield.

This is an absolutely ridiculous report.

Ok one thing I don’t really understand. If this movie happens is this just supposed to be a one off thing or will this be a new series of movies and maybe it lead up to when the NX-01 launches although that’s probably too far away..

If it’s just one movie I really just don’t see the point?

I’m more than sure if this one succeeds the plan is to make more of them.

I think right now they are just keeping expectations low for OBVIOUS reasons lol. But Star Trek has always just announced one movie at a time. It’s never been something like Star Wars or Marvel where they announced a trilogy or as a set of movies. It never been big enough to make any long term announcements but the plan is always to make more if the last one succeeded.

And if this isn’t another troll job then they may have some ideas where the story will go in this time period; but yeah that’s probably getting a bit too ambitious for Paramount lol

Yes that makes total sense. And what’s the point of announcing multiple movies when they have trouble making even one movie these days so you’re right it’s smart to just take it one at a time.

I guess I gotten used to all these big comic book and Star Wars announcements

Yeah unfortunately Star Trek is not Star Wars in that way at least. But as we also seen prematurely announcing movies is just a PR disaster when you just constantly cancel them after the fact as what happened with Star Wars and all the Obi Wan and Yoda movies got shelved.

While Star Trek has annoyingly cancelled movies for years Star Wars has actually cancelled more of them overall. They now have three films in development but yeah we’ll see.

I still don’t understand why not wait until you’re 100% sure you are going to make something before you announce it because it would’ve saved us 8 years of frustrations so far lol.

Is it a rite of passage that these writer-producers can only be given the keys to controlling Star Trek after they fail spectacularly at directing a big budget feature film? Paramount executives saw “The Mummy” and “Dark Phoenix” and said, “Perfect, we’ll take them As Is!”

On a more serious note, like Kurtzman, Kinberg has his notable achievements amongst the misses. Star Wars: Rebels ended up being pretty spectacular, as did X-Men: Days of Future Past.. As a producer, his track record is quite decent, as a writer it’s more mixed.

Transformers Prime is easily his best work. Sooo good.
Made no sense what happened with Into Darkness; hard to believe same person.

So basically they went from potentially a guy like Tarantino, to Kinberg? That’s like wanting a Ferrari but ended up getting a Volkswagen Beetle. I don’t know if he is the right pick for this. His X-men films don’t inspire me with confidence, although some of his tv shows are better. I also don’t like them throwing around the “reboot” word. Whenever this word is used, huge drastic changes usually come with it. Lets hope if they do this, they at least try to keep the Star Trek heart of it.

The concept for a Star Trek movie is literally the opening monologue to TOS and TNG. Scientists in space exploring and encountering the unknown. Throw in some humanism and run with that concept.

The only movie to actually do that was TMP. And that film was a smash hit at the box office.

And that movie actually made me a fan of the franchise in the first place. It was the first time in my life where I could truly see an exploration of the unknown on the big screen as a spectacle with awesome visuals and it made my imagination go into overdrive.

And no other shows have approached the popularity of TOS and TNG. However, to expand the franchise, they are forced to water down the concept to avoid repeating themselves. STIV didn;t have much space travel, or the Enterprise, but they had the original cast.

ST is becoming Dr. Who

How so? I haven’t been keeping up on Doctor Who, so I am not sure what your comparison is.

Absolutely ridiculous – I am so bloody sick of Star Trek reboots and prequels. I hope this doesn’t happen at all. Oh and Dark Phoenix was terrible, too. Awful, awful news. I bet 99% of the fandom do not want this garbage.

you sound like doomcluck and midnightsludge and the other fandom menace youtubers and other internet hatters and gatekeepers who think they are the majority and try and speek for the fandom when they are a very vocal minority like the maga nutjobs here in the us
and these fandom mence gatekeepers and haters do not represent the majority of any fandom

I don’t understand why most of the comments on every post on new trek productions are toxic haters and gatekeepers repeating that same crap the fandom menace YouTubers like doomcluck and midnightsludge and mecharandomidiot and stevefarts89 all spew from their mouths on YouTube for the past 7 years and all of their gatekeeping hate has been lies debunked by real fans that are not blinded by nostalgia and have a open mind and know that things change and evolve and can accept it

Yeah, it’s particularly strange when we have so little information here. This seems like an interesting era in Trek history to explore. It could be good…or not. We’ll find out! It seems like some fans are creating a bad movie in their heads and then getting mad about it.

Many just hate prequels in general and I’m one of them. But yes it could be good and interesting so I’m remaining open minded for now.

And I actually hope the story is back in the 22nd century and helps expands on Enterprise.

But it’s basically a prequel to Enterprise essentially no matter what.

Well said, Tiger2.

I guess for three reasons. A. Most fans just hates it’s another prequel in general while others seem to think it’s another reboot like the Kelvin movies (I don’t think it is personally). But yes most fans want to keep going forward, not all of them but yes most.

Now although I agree with that generally, I am curious on the angle and excited we could finally be going back to the 22nd century. And frankly I’m just happy we will finally get a Trek movie with brand new characters and DOESN’T involve more TOS or TNG characters for once. So I’m staying open minded but yeah would’ve preferred a movie in the 25th century or something with new characters.

B. Others have doubts over the new producer. I’m pretty neutral about it personally. Yeah I didn’t like some of the stuff he’s done but liked other stuff so have to wait and see. However…

C. I think many just doesn’t believe it’s even happening and can you blame them lol. I don’t really think this will amount to much like the last 12 announcements but I will be happy to be proven wrong.

Mate, people like you are why franchises are failing. Why settle for poor, half-arsed output? Plus, blinded by nostalgia? That’s what another bloody prequel would be! Is this really you, Kurtzman? Kinberg? Q forbid fans don’t want endless rehashes and reboots.

We want the prime franchise TO MOVE FORWARD. The 25th Century is there to be explored! New crews, new stories, new everything! It’s not hard to comprehend. Though, you definitely sound like a Paramount plant.

i am not paid by cbsviacom or paramount.
i also don’t get nostaligic over anthing that is not under my control or does not have a familiuar connection to me
plus my first trek series was enteprise i was still a little kid when it came out and did not know about any other trek shows or films till 2009 when local walmart had the dvd complete series of tng,ds9 and voyager in the clearance section for 20 dollars a series box set and the 4 tng films on dvd in the 5 dollar dvd bin
i am more of a general sci-fi fan i am not loyal to just one sc-fi franchise
i like star trek ,star wars ,b5,andromeda,modern doctor who,the 3 stargate series ,EUReKA,warehouse13 and modern lost in space
i also like both five-0 series and the 2016-2021 macgyver series,ncis los Angelas,ncis new orleans, ncis hawaii , also like most of the scooby doo series and the pokemon anime and gilligan’s island and mchale’s navy and hogan’s heroes and the M*A*S*H tv series and original knight rider
i like the pirates of the caribean movies and the fast and furious movies



If we take the logline’s meaning literally, it says NOTHING about space travel.

A possible interpretation would be that the movie will be set entirely on Earth and deal solely with the creation of Starfleet as United Earth’s military and exploration agency, and how humans react to Vulcans settling up on their planet.

It could take place any time between 2063 (First Contact) and 2151 (Enterprise).

It could show how the Vulcans helped Earth dig itself out from the wreckage of World War III. How the United Earth came into existence.

Space travel is not entirely necessary.

It’s, essentially, the exploration of a strange new world and a new civilization from the point of view of the Vulcans. To them, EARTH IS THE ALIEN WORLD!

But what about UESPA?

According to Variety, which gives a slightly different report than Puck/THR that is probably worth noting in the article:

“Insiders say the film is intended as an origin story for the main timeline of the “Star Trek” franchise (rather than the alternate, Kelvin timeline started with 2009’s “Star Trek”), set in the aftermath of humanity’s first contact with aliens.”



The NX-01 was the first Starship powered by a Warp 5 engine, which allowed it to travel deeper into space than prior vessels.

That does not mean that, one, previous vessels powered by previous engines (warp 1, 2, 3, and 4) could’t and didn’t also travel through space, just not as far, and, two, that humans didn’t explore space aboard Vulcan starships.

This movie would be about a Warp 1, 2, 3, or 4-powered Starship or about humans aboard a Vulcan Starship.