‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 4 Filming Set For 2025; Anson Mount Thanks Fans For Patience

Star Trek: Discovery may be coming to an end tomorrow, but Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will live on, for years to come. The new anchor show for Star Trek on Paramount+ wrapped up production on its third season last week. Now we have the first indication as to when the crew will be returning to Toronto for season 4.

Beaming back to Canada in spring 2025

Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount is back in the USA after finishing up over five months of work on season 3, which is filmed at CBS Stages Canada in Mississauga, Ontario. On Tuesday Mount posted a message on Instagram praising Canada, thanking the country for its hospitality. He added, “We’ll see you again in the spring when ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ goes back into production for season 4!”


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Paramount officially announced they had ordered a fourth season of the series last month. It looks like the soonest cameras will start rolling on again on Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise would be late March 2025, the official beginning of next spring. While ten months may seem like a long hiatus, that is the same amount of time between the end of production on season 2 in July 2022 and the originally planned start of production on season 3 in May 2023. However, the double strikes of 2023 extended the hiatus until December.

Mount thanks fans for their patience

Speaking of that extra-long hiatus between seasons 2 and 3, Anson Mount has a message for the fans. After our report that filming on season 3 was going to wrap up at the end of last week, Anson Mount took to Instagram to make it official. He filmed himself exiting the studio, announcing “That is a wrap on season 3.” As he tried to keep “stuff going on” out of the shot to avoid spoilers, the actor thanked fans for being patient following the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, saying, “Thank you for sticking with us and understanding our need to fight.” He talked about how he is also a fan and was thankful he gets to live out his dreams.


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Paramount has already announced season 3 of Strange New Worlds is set to debut in 2025, likely in the first half of the year. As for season 4, no target has been set, but with a spring 2025 production start, it could show up on Paramount+ (if the streaming service is still called that) before the end of 2026.

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I’m sorry it will be so long before they start filming Season 4, but I guess the writers need time to think and write, and of course Paramount isn’t in great financial shape at the moment.

To the cast, writers, directors, costumers, prop people, set makers, lighting folks, camera operators and all the rest — thanks for all your hard work, folks; we fans surely do appreciate it!

I’m curious why it takes so long for season 4 to start production. Any thoughts? Is another production using their sets?

The new Academy series would be my guess. It’s a working studio so I would guess they don’t just leave the sets standing. they break them down and store them so the stages are available for other work or even rented out (hey, it’s money.)

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. There was a reason why they brought that old-ass ISS Enterprise to the futue. LOL

So confused by the financialization of this situation. The strikes pushed them into being a 2023-2024 preproduction/production/wrap show. And now they’re going to wait until 2025, indeed, nearly an entire calendar year, to start this all up again? Surely, it’s cheaper to film 20 episodes in a 12-month span and pay for storage, wrap, and setup just once? I guess this is a cash flow issue. Paramount has the $ for a season at a time? Seems inefficient to an absurd degree. Then again, given the parties involved, far from surprising.

Yeah, I’s sure they had another 10 completed scripts (and all the cash/financing available) to just start right up. I mean writing a good script doesn’t take time – it just springs into existence fully realized…

Oh, wait…actual film production doesn’t work like that…

True, but the timeline is a bit wonky there. Were they not all set to begin filming one year ago but everything stopped because of the two strikes? It really takes 20-ish months (May 2023 to early 2025) to write ten more episodes? Yet the NCIS or Chicago franchises can crank out 50-ish in that same amount of time? I suspect there is more going on here than we’re being told.

Renewal for season 4 was only announced publically a few weeks ago. It’s possible that work on season 4 didn’t start before the producers knew they would actually get another season (although they may have learned before the public announcement)

While filming these episodes they could’ve been writing the next batch of 10. Have fun watching your dunk attempt fly off the backboard, redshirt.

No, it’s clearly a sign of financial limitations. In the past, 26 episodes were written and filmed within a 12-month period. They ran a tight and efficient ship (no pun intended). Modern showrunners and studios just don’t seem to have the same level of financial level-headedness.

I’m glad for the upcoming seasons of SNW. Mount is a solid Captain Pike and seems like a genuinely smart, humble, friendly guy.

I just hope we do actually get season 4 and it isn’t scrapped due to business shenanigans after the impending sale of Paramount, whenever that happens.

I imagine movies and TV are still handled quite differently, but we’ve had 8 years of promise after promise, announcement after announcement, change after change with plans for the movie franchise—and nothing to show for it.

We thought for sure we were getting a season 2 of Prodigy on Paramount+ and, welp. (Thankfully the show itself lives on.)

There is absolutely no need for all these announcements so far in advance that significant things can change, as in ‘oh sorry, that thing we talked about is not actually happening.’ Doesn’t Paramount realize this undermines trust and hurts their brand rather than helping increase streaming subscriptions? Then again—it’s a failing company, so… we’ve not had the brightest officers at the helm of Paramount Global, one assumes.

Anyway, we’re being well trained not to count our Trek chickens before they hatch. I’ll believe it when I can stream it.

sadly anson is a zionist propaganda spewer and beliver and he was called out for it on twitter by most snw fans and alor odf general trek fans and started blocking fans for even trying to show him the facts that the zionist propaganda was all lies by the israilie government and that they were infact commiting genocide and war crimes

Wow that’s allowed to be posted, and when I mock Kurtzman it is banned.

It is truly a pleasure to read your entries. :)

Five misspellings, at least seven incorrect capitalizations, and no punctuation. Or as michelle might write: 5 mispelings, at least Seven incorrect capitalizations and no punctuation

what ever grammar nazi

i type with one hand my left hand and generally on my refurbished early 2015 model MacBook Air so no autocorrect and i am generally watching something while i type or i am pacing around my house while typing so plus my mind runs fast so i have to type out quickly so i do not loose what i want to say

so at least you can read it well enough to get the gist of what i saying

I for one am relieved that the time table suggests a more “regular” interval between seasons (just hoping that SNW will run for more than five seasons). Some seven to ten months to write all the scripts and begin pre-production doesn’t seem exaggerated, even though it would be kinda nice to have SOMEWHAT longer seaons – 12 episodes maybe… but that’s just wishful thinking.

5 seasons and its done.

I think I figured out the Mount hair thing — he is trying to subtly suggest himself for The David Lynch Story.

That’s funny (and true), Kev! :)

My hair tends to fly up in the front too, but since it’s thinning fast, it reveals my shiny head under the white hair! If you remember my dad, my pate looks a lot like his! Now where’s my baseball cap? ;)

Other Kev

His hair is turning into its own Star Base.

i lost all respect for mount and anything he says when he started spewing zionist propaganda that the israilie goverment and military were not comming genocide and other war crimes on Palestinian civilians in gaza and when snw fans and general trek fans called him out on it and tried to show him that what he was beliving and saying was lies and that there were war crimes and genocides being done by the isailie military and goverment he just blocked the fans

well now i have another actor i will be replacing the name of with the character’s name in the opening titles and ending credit much like i have to do with andromeda and the lead actor who is a maga nutjob blacklisted hasbeen

Thanks for sharing

I hope there is a time jump between season 3 and 4 and season 4 opens up with pike now fleet captain stationed at Starfleet head quarters on earth with just a video call to una in the first episode and that is for the rest of the series and una is now captain of the enterprise with James t Kirk as her first officer and the new assistant chief medical officer is Leonard McCoy and the replacement for Sam Kirk is a ensign sulu and then another time jump between seasons 4 and 5 and we see Kirk take over the enterprise from una and McCoy becomes kirks cmo and Spock his first officer and Scotty his chief engineer and the second episode of season five is a remake of the second pilot and the 3rd episode has a newly promoted to lt sulu take over helm officer and uhura is also promoted to full lt and then new episodes for the rest of the season and that leads to snw being retooled into a much needed visually updated remake of tos and the episode prior to the menagerie will have a mid credits scene of pike being burned and crippled by radiation and being placed in his chair

Season 4 and 5 will be the last. They better stretch it out. LOL

I miss the days of TV seasons that started in the fall. Back then, a show either got cancelled or renewed between seasons, but if it got renewed you pretty much knew it would premier in the fall. Oh well, times change.