Netflix To Release All 20 Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 In July; Also Coming To SkyShowtime

We have a quick update with a few more details following yesterday’s breaking news that the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is set to arrive in July. We now have some more specific info from Netflix and other international releases.

All of Prodigy season 2 arrives in 4 weeks

Today we were able to confirm with Netflix that all 20 episodes of the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy will arrive on Netflix on Monday, July 1. Releasing all 20 episodes at the same time is quite different than the first season, which was released weekly in two 10-episode groups; the first half streamed on Paramount+ from October 2021 to February 2022, and part two ran from October to December 2022.

The USS Voyager-A in Prodigy season 2 promo

Season 2 coming to SkyShowtime, Canada TBA

The season 2 Netflix release includes the USA and the countries where Prodigy season 1 is available. Like with the first season, the second will not be available in Canada and select countries in Europe where SkyShowtime is available (the Nordics, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Central and Eastern Europe). TrekMovie has also confirmed that (as with season 1) SkyShowtime will be streaming season 2, but they have not confirmed a release date. As for Canada, we are still trying to confirm if season 2 will be treated like season 1 and air on CTV Sci-Fi, also available on demand via the CTV app for subscribers of CTV Sci-Fi.

Note: Prodigy has been licensed to broadcasters around the world, including countries where it will stream on Netflix (like on France TV). We hopefully will be able to provide updates on more local broadcasters, but for now we recommend checking local listings.

Creators hype the new season

After our report yesterday, co-creators Dan and Kevin Hageman took to Twitter/X to confirm the news and talk up all the hard work that went into season 2.

This is a developing story. We will provide updates as soon as they are available.

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Was hoping for a more staggered release but obviously not surprised. But yeah 20 episodes all at once, that’s going to be a long but fun binge.

Can’t wait!

It will be a fun binge or two or three. Alternatively, 20 weeks of one-a-week would have felt like a real slog, imo.

Yep so true! I don’t think the weekly idea was remotely in the cards anyway. I know some people are disappointed this will all be released at once but if enough people binge it we may get a third season out of it. I know there will be fan campaigns to encourage as many people to watch it ASAP!

And I’m going to binge season one again now. This will be my fourth time watching it.

…about to embark on my third!

Nice! 👍

Maybe, but two blocks of 10 like Netflix usually does for animation would have been easier for those of us who don’t have time to binge – especially since the July 4 pseudo-long weekend is right then, and realistically many people won’t have a chance to watch until after. It’s a choice between avoiding fan spaces for a long while or being spoiled.

The gf and I are treating ourselves to a mini staycation over that long weekend, so a Prodigy binge is sounding pretty good…

That sounds AMAZING! I’m thinking of taking the day off and just binge it as well. I have a girlfriend who is a casual Trek fan who adores Janeway (her favorite character) but can’t get into this show. Not into animated shows unfortunately.

But she may be convinced to watch it with me if we make a fun day out of it, order lots of food and beer as long as I can promise Janeway is in every episode lol.

Aw, that’s a shame. I never did understand not being able to deal with animation as a medium for storytelling, but to each their own. Hope you have a good time with the show, though! But yeah, plan is to grab some favorite snacks from the local shops, breakfast stuff and entrees from Costco (because no cooking unless the spirit moves us to do so), and just have a big, relaxing geek in. I have been informed, however, that if anything even mildly unpleasant happens to Rok-Tahk, my gf will be nailing a manifesto to the doors of the Paramount offices. 😝


Yeah she’s never been into animation. She’s watched Pixar movies and things like that but to watch a weekly show is different.

But maybe she will surprise me and want to do it. She knows how much I love it. Either way I’m pumped and will be a fun day! It’s funny to be so excited about a kid’s show but here we are.

No one is going to watch this but the diehard trek chronics. We all know this. This show would have been more successful as a Star Wars cartoon on The Disney channel.

Any possibly that you could stop trolling (in other words, act like a human being); or, failing that, just go away? Pretty-please?

Thank you Michael. We just banned one troll not to long ago and the boards have been so peaceful since. I really wish he will just leave me alone or just go away. I’m not even sure why he wastes his time and ours?

I’m sick of it. And I think I speak for a lot of people.

This is one troll that keeps coming back. I am sure if he gets banned, he will just create another name again. I am sure he’s already been banned under another name or names in the past.

All true. And he was banned before. He came back and started the same nonsense. Just some lonely lonely nerd with no life if this is what you do to entertain yourself.

I just want him to leave me alone and I am thinking to get the moderators involved. He shouldn’t be here at all.

“We just banned one troll not to long ago and the boards have been so peaceful since.”

Tell me about it! 😂

These boards have been paradise since the former resident lunatic got bounced. No more passive aggressive ‘Its funny how SOME fans here hate such as such show that I really really like but really love Lower Decks?” Or basically insult you in your face but just because he doesn’t say your name seems to think it’s OK to do without repercussions. Or the constant call out threads and then when people surprisingly responded the lunatic started to play the victim and say everyone should just move on now. Or how about the time he tried to censor the board by telling people not say anything bad about what an awful showrunner Michelle Paradise is but then make 20 posts a day slamming Terry Matalas.

And my favorite part when he had the nerve to proclaim others as bullies when he trolled, attacked or harassed anyone he disagreed with.

I have never seen such strange behavior from anyone over the age of 12.

As for A34, that guy is just insecure too like the former resident lunatic was and gets triggered over everything too; he just does a better job of not coming off as a nut case about it. But it’s a defense mechanism to try and just trigger others anytime he’s triggered first. He seems to really really like Discovery and feels threatened because people seem to like other Trek shows more like this one, LDS and SNW. Where do these people come from??! 😐

The fact he keeps harassing you has struck some kind of nerve with him or as you say just looking for a fight because he has no life or friends.

Lol I can’t disagree with any of this

I have never seen people so defensive over a TV show before. Certainly passionate about it but to the point you’re so angry how random strangers talks about it is something I will never get.

And yes A34 just uses it as a defense mechanism. That’s a great observation. And what I mean by that this is someone who constantly goes out their way to tell us what an amazing show Discovery is, how much everyone obviously loves it, it’s highly watch and so on because it seems to bother him of the many critics it has over it.

And all that’s fine, I don’t care. But then he seems to constantly put down all the other shows anytime someone seems to suggest they like another show over DIS like SNW for example. He finds any way he can to put that show down or suggest it’s not as popular as DIS which is an absolute joke. You can totally hate it, no one cares but you can’t spin reality either. Every metric out there SNW is far more popular than Discovery. He literally comes off as being threatened over it. It’s just bizarre.

And here he is telling everyone that PRO got cancelled because not enough people watched it which I not only fully agree with but said for months I was worried not enough people were watching it and could get cancelled.Anf sure enough…

But then he can’t just admit Discovery was most likely cancelled for the same reasons lol. It was just too costly and was probably losing viewers. He keeps saying Discovery wasn’t actually cancelled…it was just ending, although everyone from Michelle Paradise to all the actors said it was cancelled. They were literally working on the next season when they got the notice.

But he wants to pull a Trump and lives in an alternate universe of alternate facts where that isn’t true.

Shows gets cancelled. It happens 99.9% of the time. Why it’s so hard to admit this common and obvious fact I can’t tell you, but he keeps denying it just the same.

That’s why it’s just a waste of time to deal with him. He’ll find every argument he can to convince us the other shows are failing on some level but wants to pretend Discovery hasn’t had its own set of failures for some reason. Many even the producers have admitted themselves.

You can absolutely love the show. But when you’re trying so hard to spin things in the most ridiculous ways possible then maybe you’re a little too invested in it then you should be.

As always you state it so well my friend! 👍

Some of these guys are just too wrapped up in this stuff. I love LDS, thinks it’s awesome, but I don’t go around attacking others who thinks it’s bad nor do I put down other shows just to prop it up like these insecure fans do. Why would I do that? Whoose mind am I changing about it if people thinks it sucks regardless.

And I can fully admit both Prodigy and LDS got cancelled due to fewer views just like Discovery was probably cancelled for the same reason and those two are my favorite shows in NuTrek.

I’m hoping season 2 of Prodigy will get enough viewers for a season 3 but I’ll be OK if it doesn’t because it’s just a TV show. Life goes on either way. I’ll do everything I can to help make it happen but still move on if it doesn’t.

Trying to clamp down on other people’s excitement about a show they love just because they don’t do the same for yours is just bitterness seeping through. Nothing more.

Strikes me as strange how people are so bothered by someone who doesn’t like PRO and posts about it when every article about DSC for the past seven years has been absolutely flooded with comments by people with nothing positive to say about it. If all the DSC lovers had to just accept everyone hating on the show they like, surely PRO lovers should be expected to do the same?

Uh no, that’s not remotely close to the issue and don’t pretend otherwise.

The guy is just trolling and looking to get a rise out of me, period. He’s been doing it for literally years now.I do not remotely care about his opinion about any show, Prodigy, SNW, Discovery or otherwise. I really can care less.

And he knows it. Notice he didn’t actually give his opinion on the show itself but just responded to me trying to start a useless fight. I would actually have a tinge of respect if he could give something longer than a three sentence answer of any issues he has over it and say why. That would actually be something interesting for a change.

I don’t know why I trigger this person so much that he’s obsessed with what I say here but he’s obviously very bored in his real life because this is all he does and follows me around trying to get my attention like a lost puppy. I have asked him over and over and over and over again to leave me alone. It’s creepy, obsessive and weird.

And he goes around constantly trying to bait people because he seems triggered people like something he doesn’t.

And no offense I wish people like you can stop turning everything into an either/or argument. I’m pretty sure there are just as many people out there that likes both Prodigy and Discovery. I know, SHOCKING but I’m sure they are out there just like I’m sure there are people who think they both suck.

And not a single person here has mentioned Discovery here so why bring it up? Same time if you don’t like Prodigy please give your thoughts on it. I’m going to guess 99.9% of people here won’t have an issue with it. Trust me when I say I won’t.

But can we please stop turning everything into a childless fight and making everything so personal? One guy got banned very recently because he seemed to think anyone saying something negative about Discovery was somehow a personal dig at him. Just bizarre and obsessive on an extreme level.

We’re just discussing TV shows, seriously. Stop making it so personal or it’s some slight towards people who like them.

Wow. Sorry to have upset you so much, that was not my intention. You’re someone on here that even when you have a differing view to mine is still always respectful in stating it.

That said, this is exactly why I don’t really come to the comment section here very often anymore. The way I have obviously made you feel today (for which again I am sorry) is exactly how I have been made to feel here (by others, not you!) as an enjoyer of NuTrek.

I’m sorry I snapped at you. That wasn’t my intent but this has NOTHING to do with Prodigy or Discovery. Nothing.

The guy is simply a troll. I don’t even think he likes Discovery all that much to be frank about it. He just likes to be a contrarian because it gets him attention. And I say that because I can’t tell you a single post where he’s given any in-depth thoughts about the show in seven years.

Put it this way, it’s the final season that just ended and you probably won’t find a single post in any of the episode threads giving his thoughts on it.

But you can find MANY threads of him responding to me with the same useless posts . 🙄

But I get your point I do. No one should feel attacked for liking a show. That’s different. The ONLY thing I can say when people do that then REPORT it. Seriously. People like that shouldn’t be here either and thankfully there are less of them today.

But I guess I just don’t get it. There is some people who either wants to feel slighted because people don’t like a show as much as them or attack others who just doesn’t feel the same way as them one way or the other.

Then there is the rest of us, just want to have a well rounded conversation about it. And maybe there is something I’m not seeing that you do but I thought there was a good balance of people discussing Discovery this season? In fact there seems to be very little fighting over it one way or the other. This was probably the most civil I seen discussing this show… like ever lol.

But again maybe I’m wrong? But for me, most people seem to be pretty positive about the season from what I can tell. And the ones who didn’t like it just gave their own opinions about it. You know how civil things are when no moderators are threatening to ban people for acting out lol. I don’t think it happened in one review thread I read this season.

Agreed. The mentality that people can’t enjoy something you don’t baffles me. Which as I said is largely why over the last two years I’ve dipped my toe into the comment section less and less and just read the articles.

Sorry if I misread the interactions above and contributed negatively in any way.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on future Treks, PRO included (should I be brave enough to delve into the comments lol).

No I did overact because I’m just tired of it. He won’t leave me alone and it’s creepy and weird. I think I’m going to have to get the moderators involved. And he’s been banned before.

As for your issue, of course I get it. Discovery has been a show that hasn’t had the most positive fanfare for five seasons now. And I don’t have a problem discussing my issues with the show or any show. That’s why we come here. No one I know in real life cares about any of these shows lol. Most people I know has never even heard of Discovery. So for most of us we come online to either vent or be excited for something. And yeah Discovery has certainly got more the former than the latter.

So I understand that. And I don’t understand why people have to put down others who like something? I don’t get it but sadly that’s a lot of fandom today. I just wish we can just talk about these shows without making people feel bad over it. We’re all waaay attached to this stuff lol.

And I understand people can be over sensitive and don’t like hearing negative things about something they like. But that’s how it works. I been a Voyager fan for 25 years now. I remember hearing every put down on that show for decades lol. I still hear it at times but yeah it’s very different today, hence this thread lol. And I do think that will happen with Discovery in time too. But I have never gotten on anyone’s case about it because I understand why message boards exist.

And then there are others trying to shame people for being negative about something they like. Those people shouldn’t be on a message board anymore than the people who attack others who like something they hate. All of it is just insecurities on a wide level.

And which is why I really wish there was an ignore button. But most of us has been saying this for way too long and it’s never been addressed…ever lol.

But please accept my apology. Just miscommunication on both our ends. And I want to hear your thoughts too. So please try and interact a little more. But I get it.

Thanks Tiger2, in total agreement with everything you just said. LLAP

You as well! 🖖

Tiger, you’re making my ears burn. Cut it out buddy. 😉

You are so incredibly tedious. Go away.

You be Blessed

It has nothing to do with my feelings towards PRO, which as I’ve noted elsewhere are pretty neutral. A couple of people in this thread were sharing their excitement at the prospect of bingeing the season when this individual inserted himself into the conversation by rudely asserting that no one besides them cared. It was completely uncalled-for, even if you make the judgement (as I do) that the DIS-bashing has sometimes been pretty harsh. There’s a world of difference between stating why you don’t like something and outright taunting others for liking it.

Hi Michael, from my conversation with Tiger2 above I’ve gleaned that I’ve misread a situation here, but seeing as though my initial comment was a direct reply to you I guess I owe you directly the same apology I offered to Tiger2.

I have no knowledge of A34 outside of their comment above, which I took to be just an innocuous comment from someone expressing that they don’t care much for PRO (a sentiment that many here have voiced here about other Trek shows at some point) and then having people call them a troll for having a different opinion.

I am of the firm belief that we should all be able to express our enjoyment or dislike of any series/character/storyline without being labelled as a troll simply because it is a differing opinion to the majority.

Obviously there was more at play in the dynamics here and I have seemingly misread the situation and regrettably let my own negative experiences here and in other places colour my interpretation.

Yes, definitely. No one should be made to feel that they need to apologize for what they like, or what they don’t like. I’ve been posting here, on and off, almost from the time the site’s been active, and during that time I’ve been critical of stuff that mostly everyone else seemed to like, while then feeling obliged to defend shows I liked that others didn’t. That’s what the forums are for: to trade opinions, so long as it’s done with respect.

Funny how you will always write something that goes against 99% of what people on the board think, just to get a reaction. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Be nice for a change, you’ll get a much better reaction.

Considering that Prodigy got cancelled for low ratings, I doubt your views are very mainstream. Most of the views here are in the minority. In reality the show fail to attract the demographics it was made for and has been swept aside and the episodes are to be burned off on Netflix. I apologize for being a realist.

Really? Iseem to recall that when they put up season one, viewership was just fine. It actually demonstrated that making Trek available to a wider audience increased viewership….

Shows with “fine” viewership don’t get canceled after the first season.

They do get cancelled if it’s during a once-in-a-generation restructuring of the TV landscape (ie. The end of the prestige TV era and the end of the lets-pour-everything-into-new-content funding model). The trades all agree (and I haven’t seen you post any evidence to the contrary) that Prodigy was cancelled (and removed from Paramount’s catalog immediately) as a tax maneuver. If it had just been cancelled for normal ratings issues season 1 would have remained available and they probably would have even waited till season 2 had aired since the vast majority of costs for that season had already been expended.

But I don’t know why I am even responding to what is clearly another trolling post. I guess I just don’t want someone out of the know to read your post and think it in any way reflects the reality of the situation.

If the ratings was great Nickelodeon wouldn’t have canceled it. Posting the truth doesn’t make me a troll BTW. Don’t be so insecure.

Bro you’re one the most insecure guys here. 😂

I don’t think you know the meaning of that word. You be blessed.

You get triggered every time someone says Discovery sucks. With the 35% audience score it has on RT (even Nemesis has a 49% audience score lol) I can’t blame you I guess. 😉

I will always selfishly prefer a full season-at-once drop. I get why others like the weekly release, but no effin’ thanks, man.

LOL, no worries. And for the record I usually don’t mind when something gets dropped at once either but I guess 20 episodes feels a bit daunting lol. And besides the fact that conversations about shows dries up much faster when it’s all dropped at once I also worry people will be spoiled for any possible legacy cameos or plot twists that happens which means you have to try and watch it ASAP and not everyone can watch that many episodes that fast.

But this is going to be a lot of fun. And it’s nice it’s happening in the summer.

If they don’t air it in Canada on a streaming service I won’t be able to support and watch season 2 of Prodigy. I refuse to subscribe to cable for CTV Sci-Fi. I would have to subscribe to cable to even get access to the CTV app to watch the episodes. I had hoped Netflix would get the rights to season 1 and 2.

Trek has a relationship with CTV that goes way back. I don’t see it streaming on Netflix in Canada at all. Will more than likely be on CTV Sci-Fi again. You could always use a VPN and switch over to watching Netflix USA.

So, all twenty eps are dropping at once, huh? I’m now visualizing all the contributors to Memory Alpha and Ex Astris Scientia getting together for an all-hands all-nighter, with vast quantities of coffee, pizza, and Chinese take-out to get them through editorial crunch time…

That sounds incredibly fun!

i’ll be there. was surprised how good it was season 1. thought it was gonna be more a teen show but it’s appeal is far beyond that… the deeper it went into season 1 the more addicting it got.

Not a surprise, but I wish it was spaced out more. I don’t mind binging too much myself, but I feel like this method hampers the fan discussion, which is one of the great things about Prodigy IMO.

But either way, I’m just excited to finally be able to watch this.

On the one hand…yes, another summer of Star Trek!

On the other hand…20 episodes in one day?

Well, if the weather isn’t great over the holiday weekend, I know what I’ll be doing.

It’s going to be interesting how all the review sites like this and the Trek YouTube channels handles this now.

Sadly there probably won’t be many reviews when they know probably half of the fans are going to consume it on the first day.

…was wondering the same thing.

Wow dropping 20 episodes in one day! I’m definitely down for it! I agree with others I wished they scattered them out at least a little but I’m watching all of them in one day.

This is the show I’m the most excited about this year.

And I’m rewatching season one again before it starts.

Awesome. I will take a weekend and. Inge the whole season. I truly LOVE this show.

I am definitely chucking a sickie on 1 July.

Interesting, as far as I know this has been the biggest binge in probably the history of Netflix in terms of dropping all episodes at one time. I knew they did it with 13 episodes before but never heard of 20 episodes at the same time. I just hope this doesn’t mean that they want to just burn off the remaining episodes and cancel the show. I would love to see more seasons as I believe this show has been very good overall and isn’t at all as childish as it was originally advertised at.

I’ve heard of them dropping as many as 26 episodes of something at once. For one, Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters – an animated series for kids that’s part of a larger franchise and on which the Hagemans and many other writers who’d go on to do Prodigy worked – has a first season of 26 episodes, all dropped together on December 23rd 2016.

I thought they did 13 + 13 for that? Hmm bad memory I guess.

I’m gonna have to wait for the Blu Ray to drop.

That fits with the second Season of the 90s Show, so July is a good month to reactivate my Netflix account.

This is really good, it’s been available for a while with English subtitles online. It will be awesome to hear the English voices however. Oh and for everyone who might ask I am a Netflix subscriber. Just not to the French version.