Nog Is Faced With A Ferengi Existential Crisis In Preview Of ‘Sons Of Star Trek’ #3

This week IDW continues its new miniseries all about the kids. Sons of Star Trek is a 4-issue spinoff of IDW’s Star Trek: Defiant series that takes a closer look at the children of Star Trek’s heroes. The new series is being written by first-time Trek writer Morgan Hampton (Cyborg) and features art from Trek comic vet Angel Hernandez. We have a preview of the third issue, out this week.

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #3


In a-SNAP!-turn of events, Q Jr has kidnapped three of Starfleet’s eldest sons and transported them to an alternate reality.By way of a bold maneuver with Lieutenant Jadzia at the helm, the U.S.S. Avery crew finally avoided being turned to shrapnel by the Breen… for now. But the crew now face a new challenge: The infamous Curzon maneuver has left them sitting dead in space, and the Breen have already begun infiltrating the ship. To make matters worse, QJ’s powers have stopped working. It’s do or die for Jake Sisko and the crew of the Avery-for real this time!


Cover A by Jake Bartok

Cover B by Aaron Harvey

RI cover by Andy Price


Five-page preview: 

Sons of Star Trek continues Wednesday

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #3 arrives on Wednesday, June 5. You can order issue 3 and other Trek comics at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

The mini-series wraps up on July 3rd. Here is the cover for the final issue…

The paperback collection of all four issues will be released in November. You can pre-order that now at Amazon.

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…funny? joke but would you really have to pay for Starfleet Academy?

Trek has had trouble committing to being in the future. Money keeps creeping in to the Federation. It’s also why phasers keep becoming more like guns and less like phasers.

I don’t think variant covers are canon, folks. 🙄