Connor Trinneer And Dominic Keating Launch ‘D-Con Chamber’ Podcast; Season 3 Of ‘InvestiGates’ On The Way

InvestiGates with Gates McFadden / The D-Con Chamber with Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating

Some big Star Trek celebrities are making moves in podcasting. Star Trek: Enterprise stars Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating are returning with a brand new video show, kicking off with the biggest Star Trek guest. And Star Trek: The Next Generation (and Picard) star Gates McFadden has lined up a slew of guests for season 3 of her podcast. Here’s everything we know about these two Trek celeb-hosted podcasts.

Trinneer and Keating launch The D-Con Chamber with Shatner as first guest

Fans have been wondering if Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating would be reviving their podcast after they (separately) announced they were leaving their previous show. Wonder no more: They are back with a brand-new podcast called The D-Con Chamber, named for Enterprise‘s famous decontamination chamber, where Starfleet crew members stripped down to their underwear and rubbed gel on each other. It’s produced by David Zappone, Joseph Kornbrodt and Lolita Fatjo of 455 Films (the company behind What We Left Behind and the upcoming Voyager documentary.)

“Connor and I are very excited to pair up once again on our new show, The D-Con Chamber, to chat at length about the lives and careers of both Star Trek screen icons and honored alum behind the scenes,” said Keating in a press release. “We are also excited to connect with and showcase illustrious individuals who, having been inspired by the phenomenon of Star Trek, have gone boldly on to turn fiction into our reality.”

Their show will be available as an audio podcast as well as on YouTube, and premiered with an interview with William Shatner. Here is a clip…

Their second guest was Terry Farrell (Deep Space Nine), and upcoming interviews include Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Chieffo (Discovery), Scott Bakula (Enterprise) and more Star Trek captains, as well as scientific advisor Andre Bormanis, who consulted on multiple Star Trek series.

Here is a promo for The D-Con Chamber

InvestiGates lines up Todd Stashwick, Sonequa Martin-Green, and more for season 3

Gates McFadden is ready to talk to more Star Trek celebs on the upcoming third season of InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are? from Brian Volk-Weiss’ Nacelle Company.

“Intelligence, imagination, empathy, love of science, pretty darn funny, and a belief that the future may be better than we thought. Those are the qualities of my podcast guests for this upcoming season. Lucky me!” says McFadden in a press release. Four guests have already been announced: Todd Stashwick (Picard), Sonequa Martin-Green (Discovery), David Ajala (Discovery), and Michelle Hurd (Picard).

McFadden will start recording the new season this summer, and episodes are expected by the fall.

Guests from the previous two seasons include both of her “space sons” (Wil Wheaton and Ed Speleers), William Shatner, Anson Mount, Michael Westmore, Nana Visitor, Jack Quaid, and Kate Mulgrew, among others. She talked about her experience on the All Access Star Trek podcast and will be coming back to talk about the new season. You can listen to previous seasons of InvestiGates wherever you get your podcasts.

Other Trek celeb-hosted podcasts include The 7th Rule, hosted by Cirroc Lofton (Deep Space Nine) and Ryan T. Husk, The Delta Flyers, hosted by Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill (Voyager), and The Well, hosted by Anson Mount (Strange New Worlds) and Branan Edgens.

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I’ll look forward to watching this, Connor and Dominic are great hosts and very engaging.

I like the Investigates podcasts, but the audio quality is very erratic across episodes – and not just for the “call-in” guests. It may be fine if you’re sitting in a quiet space with nothing else going on, but if you’re listening in any non-optimal environment (like driving – which is where I listen to most podcasts) some of the interviews are tough to follow. The volume disparity between Gates and her guest is often quite problematic, and it could use a bit more audio engineering.

Still hoping InvestiGates will get Patrick Stewart. He is the only TNG cast member that wasn’t on that podcast.

So happy to hear the guys are back in a new podcast! Nice catch getting Shatner as their first guest.

And excited to see the Stashwick interview with McFadden. They both killed it in Picard last season!

I hope McFadden interviews Diana Muldaur.

Oh, that would be, JUICY!

I recently reached out to her at the animal shelter she works at in Martha’s Vineyard. I was trying to get her to be a special guest at Trekonderoga Star Trek set tour this year. I left a voicemail not expecting to hear anything, only to have her call me back – it was such a surprise! She didn’t seem very interested in the event, however. I mailed her the TNG continuity script from the episode The Child, which I purchased at auction last year, which also happened to be her first episode on TNG, and in it there’s a Polaroid picture of her in uniform for probably one of the first times. I asked her to return it to me in Ticonderoga – instead she mailed it back, without any note or anything :( I guess the message I took away is that she’s not super interested in doing Trek stuff right now, but maybe that will change in the future, I sure hope.

Her time on TNG was by all accounts not a very happy one. She was not treated well by the cast from various reports over the years so her reaction to what you sent her is no surprise at all.

I enjoyed the Shuttlepod. Why did Dominic and Connor quit?

Evidently there was a really big falling out with the producer, Mark.

I’m surprised that Shatner tolerated Keating interrupting him as much as he did. Keating then talks about his phrasing. Please let the interviewee speak. Connor needs to be able to contribute more to these conversations.

Dom has improved greatly in terms of not interrupting. The early Shuttlepod Shows were very stressful to watch. lol Love to Dom of course, I think he just gets excited.

You’re not a celebrity if you don’t have a podcast. That’s how it feels these days, at least. Such a glut of content – but it’s great that there will be all these interviews with info to draw from and to hear these great stories from great people

If they’re starting with Shatner, Farrell, and Bakula wow, they’re going to have some mighty guests… not that Michael Dorn, Levar Burton, Todd Stashwick, Jonathan Frakes, and others on the Shuttlepod Show weren’t impressive.