Everything Must Go In Final Master Replicas Sale Of Eaglemoss Star Trek Ship Models

Last year Master Replicas began selling the remaining stock the Eagelmoss Hero Collector Star Trek ship models, picking up after Eaglemoss went out of business in 2022. But Master Replicas only had a license to sell the Star Trek ship models until this year and that all comes to an end on Tuesday, June 18th. Master Replicas is launching a brand new sale for their final weekend of Star Trek ship models.

Everything must go!

Despite their financial problems, the extensive Eaglemoss Hero Collector line of die-cast Star Trek ship was very popular, and for years they were the most prolific Star Trek licensee, releasing new ships every month. Master Replicas still holds much of what’s left of their stock. And starting today (Thursday, June 13) at 8 PM BST (3 pm ET, noon PT) MasterReplicas.com launches their “End Of An Era” sale. The more you buy, the more you save, up to 60%. Here is how it works…

  • Spend $100 save 20%
  • Spend $150 save 30%
  • Spend $200 save 40%
  • Spend $500 save 50%
  • Spend $1,000 save 60%

The sale will run until their license runs out at 9 am on Tuesday morning UK time (4 am ET, 1 am PT).

There are hundreds of different die-cast ship models still available from all across the franchise from the classic TV shows, the movies, and the new Paramount+ shows as well. This includes a few dozen different XL-sized ship types, but stock is dwindling fast.

This clearance only applies to the Eaglemoss products at Master Replicas. They will still be offering other Star Trek products. The recently released (and quickly sold out) a Lower Decks Moopsy plush and they are promising more fun releases to come.

TrekMovie is giving away a golden Enterprise

One of the ship models still available is the Gold USS Enterprise-D (which sells for $66). We will reveal how you can win this special ship during our weekly All Access Star Trek podcast, which arrives on Friday morning. This week our special guest is Laurence Luckinbill (Sybok), just in time for the 35th anniversary of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Golden Enterprise-D

To learn more and take advantage of the final sale of Star Trek ship models, visit masterreplicas.com.

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So, what’s on everybody’s wish list?

I would love to get the Defiant, original Jeffries Enterprise, TMP Enterprise, and the Enterprise E.
And maybe a D-7 or Romulan Bird of Prey.


No K’tingas either…. I fear Qo’nos is preparing for war.

Reminds me of when there were cute rubbery-plastic Micromachine replicas to collect back in the day.

I have a box of those! Borg cube, Romulan warbird (TOS and TNG), Klingon BoP, D7, Excelsior, Enterprise TOS,

The fat ones? Nobody wants those.

Ha! Good one.

If they want to shift this junk, they need to lower the prices. Apparently, there was a glut of unsold DSC ships.

Otherwise they’ll turn into dust

Who can tell what any of the other ships on Discovery look like! All the space scenes are muddy, overly contrasty and blurry. There’s almost no starship p0rn on that series.

agree! so disappointing!

For real, that show is an absolute joke when it comes to space VFX. Can’t see or appreciate anything happening with these ships, so it’s not wonder at all that Disco models didn’t sell (which I knew when they made them larger and at a higher price point than the standard ships).

No F? No NX? Still it looks great.

Thank you..

Master Replicas lost me when they introduced the Collectors Club, which only benefitted the price gougers on eBay and made the really desirable ships harder to get hold of.

this did not apply to the trek ships that were on the site before. their rules applied to only new products to the site. wasnt member, but almost got everything i wanted.
Anyway this was a good exercise in scalping. if youre fast enough, buy two of what you wanted. UK is outside EUs customs zone and not everyone in the EU wanted the hassle. I often scored two of the XLs i liked and sell one of it at inflated prices on ebay to a market that doesnt know or care about masterreplicas, covering my costs (price + customs/taxes + delivery) or even turning a profit. I had lots, sold a B XL, C XL, D XL, E XL, F Fed Livery, even bought Voyager-Js on a drop they werent listed out of spite because what i wanted was gone in seconds, bought two of them and sold both.And i always stayed under the insane prices of the commercial sellers who tried to sell a voyager xl at up to 400 Euros. I sold at 200. So only half insane. Dont get mad, theres surely some Rule of Aquisition covering that so its fine.

Also got me some BSG Vipers (Mk I,II,III) on a discount, but they seem more plastic-cheap than trek. Was a fun year.


Glad this is happening, I have over 60 of these little things and there are still more that I wanted, namely the shuttles and the XL versions. I just spent 400 bucks 😰 but I saved 400 bucks too, honestly can’t believe I got this stuff for so cheap. I’m gonna have the entire damn Starfleet on my bookshelf (or in boxes if I can’t find the room)