First Ships Revealed For New Star Trek Starship Collection Of Die-Cast Models Launching This Fall

Last year it was revealed that Fanhome would be picking up the baton of making new die-cast Star Trek ship models, after Eaglemoss went out of business in 2022. This morning Fanhome revealed their first releases and more details on the collection coming out later this year.

New Star Trek Die-Cast Collection

Fanhome is launching their new official Star Trek Starships model collection in November, with a new die-cast model starship being released every month. The collection will cover all the modern Star Trek series including Picard, Strange New Worlds, Discovery, Lower Decks and Prodigy. They have confirmed that the first three ships will be…

U.S.S. Titan NCC-80201-A

Captain Shaw’s Constitution III-class ship from Star Trek: Picard.

USS Titan (Fanhome)

U.S.S. Stargazer NCC-82893

Rios’s Sagan-class ship, which featured in season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

USS Stargazer (Fanhome)

U.S.S. Farragut NCC-1647

The ship that a young James T. Kirk is serving on during the Strange New Worlds era.

USS Farragut (Fanhome)

All the ships will be crafted from a combination of die-cast metal and high-quality resin, and the typical model will be between 7” and 9” (180-225 mm) long. Fanhome are working with Paramount Global to ensure the models are as accurate as possible and they will all be based on the original visual effects models that were used to make the effects for the show.

Each model will come with a 16-page magazine that provides an in-universe profile of the ship and explores the design process with exclusive art and brand new interviews with the production team. The project is being supervised by Ben Robinson, who previously oversaw Star Trek ship models and products for Eaglemoss.

The first three ships from the new Star Trek Starship Collection (Fanhome)

The ships are exclusively available from individually and via a subscription program. Individually the ships are priced at $64.99 each, discounted to $54.99 as part of a subscription, with an extra discount for the first issue. Subscribers will also get a unique variant ship and other exclusive gifts.

There will also be regular, higher-priced XL-sized models for major ships that will be approximately 11” (280 mm) long.

To register your interest visit to sign up for updates including the exact release date and when you’ll be able to pre-order.

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It’s a shame that they aren’t making these in Eaglemoss’ original standard size.

True, but to be fair, those weren’t all to scale to each other. Not that these will either. Still a smaller scale, closer to the original Eaglemoss size would have been nice too, especially for those on a tighter budget or less space to display their ship collection. The bigger the ships the more space you need. Hopefully, Fanhome will only make ships that are more desirable versus trying to make almost every single ship ever seen on screen that a lot of people don’t care too much for. From the original Eaglemoss line, I only ever bought Starfleet ships.

Scale is important. It doesn’t make sense to display the Enterprise-E next to the Defiant when the models are of comparable size whereas in “reality” the E is 4 times larger…

As any kid who collected plastic animals knows, scale consistency will price you out pretty fast — or leave you with a little tiny fox or whatever so you can afford a blue whale. It does “make sense” to display them together b/c you know they’re models. You just have to let them be models. If you’re going to be doing realistic photography than you will have to digitally alter them to be in scale.

If I did buy these ship models (and I don’t), I would not consider them as models per se, but rather my own miniature Starfleet… So the scale would be an issue for me. For practical reasons though, you make a valid point and maybe it’s my view that doesn’t “make sense”.

Same, I have almost every Starfleet ship and shuttle from Eaglemoss, especially thanks to the recent blowout sale

Well they did go bankrupt.

At least they are starting with the ships that we didn’t get as oppose to another TOS USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and TNG USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, which I am sure that they will make new versions of too, but I imagine that most collectors will want to get these new ships first.

Just a shame the new ships are ugly af compared to the classic designs of TOS/TNG/DS9 era Trek.

I agree, I really am not a big fan of most things Nu Trek, particularly the ships. That Farragut is so ugly, very strange nacelle struts. The Titan is an abomination frankly, which Junkball Media on YouTube called an “ugly duckling” of almost kitbashed parts, but it has grown on me the more I see of it. I do appreciate a general consistency among the fleet in terms of the nacelles themselves, though. Picard S3 gave us a lot of interesting variant classes that might be worth seeing together on a shelf…

Great point! While I’m not a huge fan of these newer designs, it’s good to see them getting proper treatment.

Hope Fanhome makes a USS Enterprise-A from the end of Star Trek: Beyond. I’m not a big fan of the new movies and new ship designs, but Beyond was actually a personal favorite of mine and I actually liked the new Enterprise-A design over the original Kelvin Enterprise designs.

The new A was an interesting design from the little we saw. I was bummed that Eaglemoss never did it.

The ‘A’ actually came off reasonably well in the few seconds of screen time allotted to it — but, man, before getting too excited check out Sean Hargreaves’ side profile artwork sometime. One word: ugh!

Yeah, it’s definitely bulky. Not my favorite, but it’s an interesting permutation on the classic Enterprise model.

I agree I think it’s very oddly proportioned, not a huge fan of the nacelle struts. I really liked the Kelvinprise personally, especially the first 2 movies and less so the refit from Beyond with smaller swept back nacelles.

To each, his own. I vividly remember when the first images of the Kelvinprise were released online not that long before the film’s debut, and the lurch I felt in my gut on seeing those fat nacelles and shoved-forward engineering hull. I thought from most angles it was just dreadful; an oversized, ungainly mess.

It’s true it has some really awful angles. I remember that time too, right here on Trekmovie lol. But there’s a charm to it, maybe because it was in such a fun film that, in retrospect, is really kinda awful, hasn’t held up very well over the years, although at the time it was such a breath of fresh air. So while I will never consider the Kelvinprise a favorite, I at least appreciated what they were trying to do with it, and I think it worked, despite a mixed legacy since.

Also, TREKMOVIE, did you see that is selling pre-orders for new bendy FleXfigs Star Trek action figures of Captains Benjamin Sisko (seasons 6 & 7 of DS9 uniform), Jean-Luc Picard (TNG seasons 3-7 uniform), James T. Kirk (TOS), and Christopher Pike (SNW)? The figures are made by The Canadian Group and are for sale at $10.99 USD on the BigBadToystore website.

why start not even one ship that would get people interested in the line?

Are you kidding? The Titan is literally the one ship I have been waiting to get a model of.

Oh yeah sure, let’s start another model line with the same constitution and galaxy-class models that every single company makes.

I literally gasped aloud seeing the Titan. I don’t even collect these! I’m getting my first one, an Enterprise-D, from a giveaway — and even I’m like “I might need that Titan”.
Like, dude, just b/c YOU feel a certain way doesn’t mean everyone else does. I wish fans would learn to just speak for themselves.

i mistyped the original comment and can’t fix. I meant to say, why start the line without at least one of the more well-known ships to get more casual, first timers interested. The Titan is cool but without a bigger name ship, I’d be concerned that it will fizzle.

Also – I would take it as an axiom that of course I’m just speaking for myself. Just like you are…. eyeroll

I see your point, but don’t rule out the popularity of the Titan-A and the Stargazer with fandom and ‘new’ fandom.

Well at least you can tell who the intended audience is for these. It makes sense to be that they’re sort of “taking the baton” so to speak from Eaglemoss who didn’t stick around long enough to make these newer ships. I’m just frustrated they have to come in the larger size and with the larger price tag. I got no room for these behemoths.

These are the wrong ships to be launching with. I’ll get the Titan if the quality is good enough.

I remember getting the Enterprise A XL from Eaglemoss and looking at it in disbelief. It was so badly made.

Yeah, I read an article describing all the mistakes on that ship. There was just no excuse for them at all, especially at that price.

The Diamond Select ship was far far better.

and now the A XL goes for 250 to 500 on ebay. Masterreplicas didnt find anymore before removing the ships but interestingly real merch had them in stock shortly for like 80 bucks, after everyone thought there arent any left.

also does the A XL look so bad from 12 ft away?

I don’t look to bad from 12 feet away, but you don’t want a close up. Trust me.

No, it’s fine. It’s just that there are some blatant details, especially on the saucer, that are all wrong and there’s no reason for them to be.

It’s the awful seams that I hate.

Hello Beautiful. Love that Titan.

They have a Dutch website as well, but nothing about the new Trek ships on there yet.

They only can be shipped to US, UK and Germany. To other countries shipment is not possible.


The Constitution III-class and the Farragut look pretty cool.

These are just not in the price range I am looking for. Why can’t we get a return of Star Trek MicroMachines or better yet something like the Jazzwares Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron ships?

The Fanhome website shows the Enterprise F as well. YES!!!

I’d buy the titan. I don’t collect post modern trek items, but I’d make an exception for Captain Shaw’s ship.

When wasn’t Trek postmodern, I wonder? The TNG era was a textbook exercise in postmodern art. In my head I call that the “reverent Trek” era – the time when the franchise took itself seriously and honored its roots. Everything post Kelvin to me is the “irreverent Trek” era – let’s just blow sh*t up and do our own thing without any respect for what came before.

Generally speaking I’m a huge starship geek, and thanks to the recent Master Replicas sale of Eaglemoss overstock I have a model of just about every Starfleet ship. I’m not the biggest fan of the ships we’ve seen on screen since Discovery premiered – there were a few from Disco’s 23rd century that grabbed me, but we didn’t get a good look at most of them anyway thanks to the terrible VFX shots. Picard’s 24th century ships were a lot better looking imo, and I might pick up a Titan even though I consider it a shameful nostalgia bait-y design that makes zero sense in universe.

My only concern is that, like with the Disco and Picard Eaglemoss ships which were so unpopular (cuz the series were so unpopular), they’re making these things too large. Who at this point has room for more 8 inch models on their shelves? I loved how Eaglemoss made XL versions of classic “hero” starships, but never made us fork over 60 bucks for, say, an 8 inch Freedom class. But that’s exactly what they did with the Nu Trek designs, and that’s why I didn’t buy them, and it’s why I’m very skeptical of this new line making such third rate designs like the Farragut in the same size class as the Titan. These ships just aren’t that good or important to justify it, and I doubt they’ll ever sell in quantity.

I would love a collection of enterprises all in the same scale. I’m sure many others would too, but I also understand how it might not work so well in the bigger marketplace.

Perhaps they could consider doing a Kickstarter like circumstance, where we pre-pay, and they base the manufacturing and volume based on that. Kind of like Tomy didwith their big Enterprise. I wonder if that would be viable?

Great news! Especially Ben Robinson’s involvement…

But dang it, they’re going to make us wait to get the Titan with 1701-G labels aren’t they…

i wonder if the stands will be the same as eaglemoss. if fanhome wanted to makes some fast money, sell replacement stands for the old eaglemoss line. my XL ENT-A stand broke while moving and the XL Prometheus stand never worked from the beginning. i got 3rd party stands on etsy but i prefer the eaglemoss stands.

i’ll order the Titan-A but dunno about any other ones. i completed my collection of ships i wanted with eaglemoss during the master replica sales. the only one i might want is if they do a large ENT-F