Podcast: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Co-EP Aaron Waltke Joins All Access To Talk Season 2

All Access star Trek podcast episode 189 - TrekMovie - Aaron Waltke interview, Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2

Fresh off the release of the first trailer and more details about season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy, which comes to Netflix on July 1, Tony and Laurie are joined by co-executive producer Aaron Waltke. He breaks down the trailer and gives us insight into how the new season was crafted, what we can expect for our familiar characters as well as new ones (including the USS Voyager-A), his thoughts on the 20-episode all-at-once-drop, and more.

We wrap up the pod by pointing fans to some fun YouTube videos with Star Trek model mashups and Deep Space Nine transformed into the sitcom 30 Rock. We also reveal who won the Master Replicas golden Enterprise-D giveaway.


Watch: First ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Classified Mission And A Time Paradox

Hailing Frequences, Aaron Waltke’s Substack

Holograms All The Way Down [YouTube]

Star Trek: Prodigy writers room on Twitter/X

First Ships Revealed For New Star Trek Starship Collection Of Die-Cast Models Launching This Fall

Everything Must Go In Final Master Replicas Sale Of Eaglemoss Star Trek Ship Models

About Aaron’s shirt in the picture at the top of this post [Instagram]


Anthony: Star Trek Galileo shuttle model franchise mashups from Tested [YouTube] and the Mashup Challenge Facebook Group.

Laurie: Deep Space 9 – but it’s 30 Rock [YouTube]

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Generally I’m not a fan of mash-ups and re-imaginings of opening credits (because people just CAN NOT get the people in the proper order), but this 30 Rock mash-up was 90% flawless (see the above credits order gripe). VERY well done.

Always love hearing interviews with Aaron. You can always tell how passionate he is about the show, and he knows just how to get you hyped up without revealing too much. This and the trailer itself has me excited to see what’s to come. What I love about this show is how balanced it is. Between appealing to young and old or Trekkies and newcomers, and the balance between episodic and serialized stories (my ideal Trek format, which it shares with my favorite Trek series DS9). And by the sound of it, the writers are taking a lot of that and raising the it to a new levels. I love how complex it all sounds, and it will be interesting to see how they pull it all off. But I know that if anyone can, it’s these writers.

And yes, the statement about the whole season having that Aaron Waltke element to it has me excited, since “Kobayashi,” and “All the World’s a Stage” are two of my favorites from season 1.

Really nice interview!!

Aaron, carefully avoiding spoilers like the Big D navigating through the Orelious IX debris field.

I’d been planning to just watch one episode per week, buuuut I like the sound of the schedule y’all are going to use in reviewing them. I think I’ll just follow along!

Wow great interview. Aaron Waltke is so passionate about Star Trek and you can see that passion in the show itself. There were some great stuff in this interview and I’m extra piqued of the ‘grand unified theory’ episode. I still can’t believe this is a show aimed for 8 year olds because every time he talks, it always feel like a huge deep dive that the most hardcore fans really gets excited for. I can’t wait for it all. It sounds like it’s going to be an amazing season.

Oh and did someone say Star Trek TV Mashups?

I love these things so much to the point I made a playlist of my favorites and put them in chronological order the year the shows premiered. If anyone is interested in looking at the history of TV openings from the 1960s through present day with Star Trek, here is the link to the playlist. It starts at ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and goes all the way through Picard premiering. I been making it for for over 5 years now. I know how sad that is but it’s fun to watch lol.


I know Anthony won’t click but I’m betting Laurie will. And I added that video to my playlist. Actually DS9 really has the best mashups in general although Voyager seems to have the most overall.

I clicked! But I got a 404-not-found. :(

Hey Laurie,

Yeah I actually figured out the link was broken after I sent it. But couldn’t edit it because it went to purgatory once I sent it. I guess link posts automatically goes there now.

But I made another post with the fixed link but that went to purgatory too lol. But it’s still there.

I think Anthiny assumed it was the same link and so didn’t post the second one. But hopefully he will see this and post the other one soon.

If not I’ll try and post it again but I know that one will go to purgatory too but hopefully will be released.

But I promise it will be worth it!

Ah great you managed to get it. 😀

It’s a little frustrating all links automatically gets censored but understand why it’s done of course but difficult to edit.

Anyway hope you and anyone else have a watch. I’m sure you seen many of them but there are probably a few surprises. Some has only gotten a few hundred views but well done.

Hi Laurie. A bit off topic but I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had last week when I attended a 40th anniversary screening of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock here in the UK. You may be aware that UK artists have also created a poster for this release which IMO is superior to the original poster art. Presumably there will be a US release but regardless, I thought that trekmovie would have covered this event.

I wish they’d had screenings here! I would’ve taken my 20-year-old, I took him to Wrath of Khan when that was in theaters, and Voyage Home too. I did see the poster, it’s beautiful!

I’d be amazed if the US and Canada didn’t get a release at some point. Wrath of Khan was in some select theatres here a month or so ago and I’m told that The Voyage Home will also get a similar treatment later in the year.

Lol now I want to see them too! Hopefully you can fix the link. I like watching them alot. Be fun to see some done in order. 😀

DS9 and VOY have a lot of fun ones but I like watching most of them.

Looks like Laurie got the link. And yes they are incredibly fun to watch. I’m always on the look out for new ones to add to the library!

OK that was fun!! 😄

It’s pretty incredible how many of these things there are. I assumed I have seen most of those but I only seen a third of them. I loved the Law and Order, 90210, Baywatch, Parks and Recs and Full House the most since I grew up watching most of those.

I even loved the ones that remade other Trek openings. The Piacrd/TNG one is just beautiful.

Anyway thanks for that. It felt like reliving TV history through Star Trek. 🙂🖖

Oh cool glad you watched it! Yeah so many fun ones. I might see if I could find more current ones past Picard’s premiere date. And that one was done exceptionally well.

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Haven´t had time to listen to the episode yet but SkyShowTime just removed episoes 10-20 here in Sweden. I´m getting really tired of these sites doing this, and it makes me worried they won´t have season 2.