See Worf’s Crew Fight Giant Interdimensional Space Bugs In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Defiant’ #16

The final issue of the sci-fi horror “Hell is only a Word” arc for the ongoing Star Trek: Defiant series arrives this week. Defiant is written by Chris Cantwell with art by Ángel Unzueta. We have a preview and the covers for issue 16.

Star Trek: Defiant #16


It’s now or never for the Defiant crew if they are to survive the parasitic infestation on the isolated Section 31 outpost Starbase 99. But with B’Elanna still connected to both Borg ally Hugh and the parasite hivemind, Nymira nowhere to be found, and a giant portal connecting their reality to a horde of hellish bugs just itching to burrow into each of their brain stems, things are looking dire at best. The third arc of the critically acclaimed series ends here!


Cover A by Angel Unzueta

Cover By by J. K. Woodward

RI cover by Judd Mercer


Five-page preview: 

Defiant continues on Wednesday… New arc starts in July

Star Trek: Defiant #16 arrives on Wednesday, June 26. You can order issue 15 or upcoming issues at TFAW. Or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

On July 24, Defiant begins “The Stars of Home” with issue 17. You can see the covers for the next three issues below…

New Defiant collection

The “A Piece of the Action” arc was released last week and is available now at Amazon in hardcover for $24.99.

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Trek comics are so good right now. I love this series.

Don’t know anything about these comics, but that image of Worf and the thing looks like what I pictured when reading a synopsis for PLANET OF THE TITANS, when Kirk kills a bad alien spider by thrusting up ubti from below it’s belly with a sword.